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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Had to chuckle at the mischievous lion cub in the photo.
    Rave: Had another super-productive morning, fueled by insomnia.
    Rant: Insomnia.

  • I Was Gifted These Pickles

    Rave: This picture!!!!!!!
    Rave: The babe let me sleep until 6:30 this morning. Sweet Jesus πŸ™‚ A year ago, someone waking me up at 6:30 would have been a major rant. It’s funny how things change!

    • I hear you! Though yikes that 6:30 is “sleeping in” for the babe. I consider myself *super* lucky that my daughter is a relative night-owl and is totally fine going to bed around 8, and waking up sometime in the 7am hour. I count my blessings regularly & hope that #2 (if there’s a #2) will adapt to a similar schedule…..

      • I Was Gifted These Pickles

        I am jealous of your 7am call time! My husband is out of town, so it’s just me and the babe. We’ve been waking up at 4:45 for the past few mornings and it’s been brutal. He’s 9m and has just learned to stand, so he pulls himself up, shakes the crib, and yells at us. Not crying, just a loud ‘hey wake up and come play with me’ kind of scream. It’s cute at 6:30 or 7. Not so much at 4:45!

        • Oh man, that’s tough! Hopefully it’s just a phase and he’ll go back to sleeping better more regularly as the novelty wears off. The crawling developmental stage was brutal for us, and part of what drove us to sleep training. More frequent night wake-ups plus early morning wakings made for tired and cranky baby & tired and cranky mommies. I hope the “later” wake-ups continue at least until your husband gets home and can share the mornings!!

    • It’s a mixed blessing when they can climb out of bed and come into your room. Great because you don’t have to get up and get them. Terrible because then you have to worry about their potentially treacherous trip in the dark to your room.

      • That’s what nightlights are for.

        • Haha, isn’t that the truth. We got a few after my son banged into a wall. It was like *pad pad pad* *THUNK!!* “WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!”

          Only thing now is he climbs in our bed every night and neither one of us has the energy to fight with him.

          • I don’t look forward to that stage, especially since we have a set of stairs between my daughter’s room and ours. I think baby gates will be our friends until she can safely traverse the stairs in the middle of the night.

          • Get a baby gate that screws into the wall. I think we’ll take the baby gate at the top of our stairs down when he’s, oh say, 16.

          • I Was Gifted These Pickles

            How old was your son when he started climbing out of his bed? Crib or bed? Just trying to gauge when our son will start trying this too.

          • We moved my son to the “toddler bed” form of his crib (with a guard rail installed) when he was about 18 months old. He was an early walker, so by that time he was really unhappy in his crib. He’s pretty good at crawling out of his bed and (now with nightlights) getting down the hallway to us.

          • Fortunately, we already have baby gates at the top of both stairwells that screw into the wall. So while she could potentially get into the hallway (and possibly our roommate’s room if she’s still living with us then & the bathroom), she can’t get down the stairs. Fortunately, she hasn’t shown any interest in climbing out of the crib yet, but she’s only 13 months old, so we’ll see…. I’m hoping to keep her in there for at least another year, maybe close to two if we can pull it off! But I may be overly optimistic πŸ™‚

        • I Was Gifted These Pickles

          I put nightlights in for myself years ago. Nothing worse than turning on a bright light to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

          • I used to rent a house that had a dimmer switch on the bathroom light. At first I thought this was weird, then I realized how useful this was for nighttime trips to the bathroom! It will be one of the first improvements I make when I buy a house.

          • I Was Gifted These Pickles

            We have dimmers everywhere else, but I never thought to put one in the bathroom. Brilliant!

          • My partner likes to sleep in complete dark, so it took some convincing to get him to agree to nightlights. When my son ran into the wall, though, I insisted.

  • Rant: I’m already getting burned out from babysitting 15 hours a week this summer.
    Rave: I get to go to the spray park every day
    Rant: I haven’t been brave enough to wear my swimsuit since no other caretakers do so, so I just put my feet in
    Rave: I get placed in a school on Thursday!
    Rant?: I was getting all excited to move back into my house after the renovations are done but my roommates seem to think that the estimate he gave us for rent is too low for the neighborhood and he may raise it even more. I haven’t found a whole lot of data points to compare my house to.

    • Maybe you could ask the landlord to put something in writing for you. Explain that you’re not sure who is staying or not, and the certainty of the amount of rent would be helpful for planning purposes.

      Good luck on Thursday!

      • That’s a really smart idea.

      • Even if it’s in writing is it legally binding? I guess it’s better than nothing but it’s not much of a guarantee if the landlord isn’t obliged to stick to it.

        • Accountering

          Agreed it is likely not legally binding, but if LL is willing to put it in writing, to me that says a lot. As much as it sucks having to trust people you don’t really know (yikes!), in this situation, absent OPs willingness to exercise her rights in a serious way, I think this is likely her best bet.

          • But how can I exercise my rights in a serious way? Can’t the LL increase the rent as much as he wants post-renovation? How am I protected?

          • I’m not clear that you _are_ protected — what you’d be returning to would be a substantially different property from the one you left.
            Best to call the Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA) and get the definitive information from them.

      • That does sound like a good idea. I’ll ask him about it once we’ve figured out our move-out date, which may be pushed back.

        • Last time you mentioned the amount (I think $800/mo.?) that the landlord was planning to charge post-renovation, it sounded like it was still a pretty good deal (although not as spectacular a good deal as your current pre-renovation rent).
          I guess it depends how much further he’s thinking about increasing the rent, but I think there’s still a sizable buffer before it gets to the point of “bad deal.”

          • Right now the whole house rents out for about $2750, I believe. He said that it would go for 4200 – 4600. And I can afford to pay my share of $4600/mo rent. I know that even a bit higher than that isn’t really a “bad deal”, but there is only so much I can afford. I want to stay here, but I don’t think I can afford to spend $1,000/mo. I’m thinking $950 is the max, and I’m okay with moving to a smaller room (right now mine is the 2nd largest in the house), but at a certain point, I may just have to move on.

  • Rave: That pic
    Rave: I roasted the most delicious chicken last night. Organic really does make a difference in the flavor.
    Rant: I have so many small projects going on at work. I’m letting details slip past me.
    Rave: At least I’m being productive in the past few weeks.
    Rave: Yoga tonight.

  • Rant/Rave: Couldn’t sleep well this morning, so I was able to go for a long run
    Rant: How is it 80 degrees at 7:30? My work shirt is already soaked :-/
    Rave: More rain this afternoon (and watching tourists duck for cover from my desk)
    Rave: Teejay is making up ground in the TDF!

  • Rave: That photo!
    Rave: Great run this morning – a little muggy but still fun.
    Rave: Sunny view from my desk – never gets old watching the planes take off.

  • Rant: Renting out rooms to interns. This is a not a dorm room. Why can’t they slide the chairs back under the dining table, turn off the lights, keep dishes out of the sink..never again!!!
    Rave: Living for free while they are here, allowing me to buildup savings after going furniture shopping crazy.
    Rave: It’s only shorterm.

    • Accountering

      Well, they are interns. I know it isn’t a dorm room to you, but to them…. It is basically a dorm room πŸ™

    • Yep, been there done that. Never again. I would have never lived like that when I was their age!

    • That is not just an intern thing. That is a roommate thing. I struggle with my 30 year-old plus roommates and their inability to turn off lights and keep dishes out of the sink.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Random: Dreamnt that there was a Popville cook-out by Andie’s house on the lake. Most of the regular commenters were there.
    Rave: Get a new work badge soon! Hopefully a decent picture to go with, since my current picture makes me look like I have no teeth.
    Rave: No rants!

  • Rant: Is it monsoon season? Does that happen here now?

  • Rave: After weeks of anxiety-induced waking in the middle of the night I finally slept solidly for 8 hours last night. My first time taking unisom – i think it did the trick.
    Rant: I feel like my body is made of lead this morning. wonder if that’s the price of taking unisom?

    • Yes, it can be. I take 3 mg of melatonin every night and wake up pretty refreshed. 1 mg wasn’t enough, 5 was too much – I woke up feeling hungover.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Melatonin gives me freakishly vivid dreams, so sometimes I still don’t get restful sleep when I take it. Why is sleep so difficult?!

      • I find melatonin helps me fall asleep, but after I wake up a few hours later, it doesn’t help me fall back asleep.

  • Rave: Awesome time at the Sara Bareilles concert last night! And the kiddo had a great time running around with the babysitter’s daughter – and got so worn out that she didn’t wake up until nearly 8am!

    Rant: Babysitter stayed over but forgot clothes for her daughter, so they had to leave bright and early at 6:30 this morning – getting up so early after a late night wasn’t so fun. But well worth it!

    Rant: Babysitter goofed and just put on a diaper cover without a diaper underneath – so we had to throw the crib sheet, pjs, sleep sack, etc into the wash this morning. Oops. But hey, my daughter slept through with no problem and was no worse for the wear – no harm, no foul πŸ™‚

    Rave: the predicted weather the next two days! I didn’t make it out running this morning (late night last night, etc) – but I may try both tomorrow and Thursday morning! Looking forward to nice and cool running weather!

  • RAVE: It’s looking like we may have found a no-kill shelter in PA that can take the dog (Gilford) featured in yesterday’s comments (the one set to be euthanized this Friday). Keep your fingers crossed!
    RAVE: All this rain means no garden watering, which is a good thing.
    RANT: Stuck working on my birthday next week.
    RAVE: Everyone else will be out of the office so I can wear a party hat without anyone noticing.

    • Great news about Gilford!
      I realize this is a long shot, but I have a friend who has a friend desperately trying to find a place for his father’s pit before his father turns him over to the shelter. Don’t suppose you or your friend who works in pit rescue could pass along some ideas/resources for where to turn? We’re really trying to help and it’s a difficult situation.

      • Sure. I have a friend who works with a lot of rescue groups. They generally need a photo of the dog, it’s name and age, info on if it has a rabies shot, etc, and info on whether it gets along okay with other dogs, etc. I’m at allisonjhazen(at)gmail.com. Feel free to send over info and I can put your friend and his/her family in touch with some options. Do you know the time-frame for how long the dog has before they plan to give it up?

        • I think the time frame is ASAP, unfortunately. Let me put either my friend or my friend’s friend in touch with you. They can provide many more details. And thank you SO MUCH!

    • Update on Gilford: The no-kill nonprofit in Penn has agreed to take him. So, he’s getting picked up this week and will not be getting euthanized. Great news!

      • Accountering

        Hooray! This is great news! Normally I am not a big fan of PA (Flyers, Penguins, Eagles, Phillies, fans of the above, residents of the above) but today they pleasantly disappointed! Congrats PA, today, you weren’t horrible!

  • Rave: I’m going on vacation soon.
    Rant: I hate humidity, and every time I leave my house I kind of feel like I’m drowning.

  • skj84

    Rave: Despite the heat I was able to sleep with just my fan on last night. I don’t always love blasting the AC.

    Rant: At risk of sounding mopey and cliche, the feeling that I’m never going to find “the one.” It seems like this past year most of my friends have coupled up. Everyone is settling down and getting married. Even my sister has a boyfriend, who I met last week. On the one hand, I don’t care. I need to focus on myself and getting my shit together. On the other, I miss companionship. It’s not a huge huge deal, but for some reason loneliness has hit me hard this week. I mean I really like my independence which may be a major issue. I don’t want to compromise. It’s weird, I never really cared about being in a relationship that much when I was younger, but as I get older it’s starting to feel like a priority?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I always get mopey like that after I see my family. I think of all the things I’m supposed to have (house, yard, dog, car, husband, etc) that I don’t normally care about. I think it’s just an extension of missing my family and New Orleans. Then I go to my sister’s house and I’m like, yeah my itty bitty apartment is just right πŸ™‚

    • Guessing (maybe incorrectly) by your posting name including 84, that you’re just now turning 30. If that’s the case, it’s totally normal to wonder and stress out a little about settling down (when, with whom, will it happen) around that age. I’m in no place to dole out advice, but after a string of bad relationships, at 35, I opted to take a year off and not worry about it. I just hung out with my friends, had fun, and did my hobbies. Almost at the exact date when a year was up, I met my current boyfriend (possibly eventually more; we’ll see) who I’ve been with for 7 months. Good luck; I’m sure you’ll be fine!

      • skj84

        Yep! Hitting 30 next month. I’ve been a bit angsty about it. Reflecting on life and all. I mean it isn’t a huge huge deal, bit it is a milestone.

        • My 30s are waaaaaaay better than my 20s, IMHO. Then again, I’m a single dude.

          • Agreed. I can’t remember if I was anxious to turn 30, but I can say my 30s were much better than my 20s.

          • Same here! It may have taken me a little longer than usual to grow up (I like my fun). But, I have to say that dating in my 30s is more drama free and enjoyable than in my 20s. Not to mention that career tends to go a lot better, finances are better, etc. You’ll hit that inevitable part where you family is getting older and having health problems. But, aside from that, the 30s are definitely something to look forward to!

          • I just turned 30 and it was great to read these comments πŸ™‚

        • Same age, same exact feelings. We’ll make it through this. I’m sure of it.

          • saf

            You will. And your 30s will be great. And then, the same thing will happen at 40. Really, things change, but IMO and IME, they get better.

          • skj84

            I’m taking my time growing up as well. While I’m a bit freaked about not reaching my goals before 30 I realize it is a chance really change things. And deep down I am looking forward to my 30s.

          • Look at it this way: Instead of settling down, you’re living it up!

          • I echo everything on this thread!

  • Rave: Love getting back to yoga, especially when yoga => deep, long, refreshing sleep. Goodbye insomnia?
    Rave: Peppers, cucumbers and edamame from my garden
    Rant: Back problems are back, seeing my ortho MD today after having an MRI yesterday, anticipating a round of shots into the inflamed area. Ouch.
    Rave: Although I pay dearly for it, I have good health insurance

    • Jealous of your first rave! I so need to get back into yoga myself.

      • skj84

        Same! I used to take classes at Yoga District. I need to get back into the swing of things.

      • My motivation – John Schumacher, founder of Unity Woods, is subbing for another teacher this summer at the Woodley Park studio. Convenient location, good time (Monday pm) and, most important, an amazing teacher.

      • Neat! I used to go to Past Tense several times a week – it’s very close by and I’ve always loved the classes. But then I had a baby, and I haven’t made a point to work it back into my schedule yet. Going for a run takes less time, so I’ve been easing myself back into running instead. But it would be nice to start doing yoga again.

  • Rave: San Francisco. Thanks for those who recommended El Farolito–finally some decent MEXICAN tacos.
    Rave: A weekend in Santa Cruz filled with sailing and gorgeous weather. Incredible.
    Rant: Flight delayed three hours and stepping out into a sauna at midnight.
    Meh? Second time meeting SO’s mother and father. Some awkward moments, but mother seems to be warming up to me–still doesn’t seem to know what to do with a gay daughter, but is clearly making an effort.

  • That’s a terrific photo.

    Rant: I wish I had seen the goings-on in that photo in real life.

  • Rant: Sweaty walking to the train, sweaty riding the train to work, sweaty at work. All before 8 am.
    Rave: Had a good painfree annual appointment with OBGYN. My last one was 3 years ago and it hurt like hell! This time was with a new doctor with just a little discomfort.
    Rant: I need to lose about 30 lbs but between my plantar facilitis and my own laziness, I can’t seem to get motivated to start. Also, I’m 38 and I know this weight is probably stuck to me like glue at my age.
    Rave: It’s very air conditioned in my office today even though I know by 3 pm, it’ll be cold enough to hang meat in here.

    • Too sweaty going to work and trying to lose weight… have you considered biking to work? Then shower / change into work clothes once you get there.
      I sometimes forgo biking because it’s hot or rainy, then regret it because I’m getting sweaty or soaked anyway on the way to / from work.

      • I can support biking to work. I have a 9.5 mile ride each way, and it took me a little while to work up to doing it every day. However, it wakes me up and keeps me exercising without having to work it into my day. I haven’t done it the past couple days cause of the rain, and I am missing it already.

    • I encourage you to try biking, even stationary, to get exercise without irritating the pf. Or swimming.

    • RAVE: Driving my scooter to work and not having to sweat at all.

    • I can hear you on the tough to motivate for the gym, but the first 5 pounds are the easiest and then it just melts off. I found my diet was the easiest change, not going on a diet, but changing my habits so things were permanently removed because I just don’t need them weight or health wise. My two main things, no sweets/chips as snacks and no sugar drinks coke, juice etc made a world of difference. Good luck and get started, you’ll see results in the first few weeks!

      • But please don’t be discouraged if this “easy 5 pounds then they all follow” scenario doesn’t play out for you. I think Mintwood is a guy, and possibly quite a bit younger, so it may well not be as easy.
        But I think the no snacks advice is a good one. I find that if I just have some self-control for the half hour I’m buying groceries, then I don’t have to show very much at home because there just aren’t any goodies to snack on.

        • Accountering

          I do this too. I just don’t buy crap, because once I am hungry at home, willpower goes out the window. Conveniently enough, if I don’t have chips or cookies in the house, I don’t eat chips or cookies! πŸ™‚

          • My problem is that I like baking. Sure, I don’t buy cookies at the grocery store, but I keep all the ingredients around and can whip them up pretty quickly. I have 3 different kinds of homemade ice cream in my freezer right now. I just really like making stuff (not just food, I sew too), that’s my problem.
            I could get rid of all my ingredients, but I like to bring baked items when friends are having parties/potlucks/etc.

          • Accountering

            I don’t know if this shocks you or not (it shouldn’t – haha) but I am not a big baker πŸ™‚ So no worries there!

      • Whenever I hit the gym after work, all I want for dinner are fresh vegetables and fruits. My body actually craves it. When I’m not working out, I eat garbage (lots of carbs) and I don’t want veggies at all.
        There’s definitely a synergy between working out and eating better. The more I work out, it easier it is for me to eat healthfully. My body and tastes crave healthier food. It’s weird, but it keeps me on track!

  • Rant: I have been in my apartment (in DC) 2 years. The lease is expiring and my landlord wants me to sign a new 1-year lease. I’d prefer to have more flexibility, and asked about going month-to-month, and my LL said she couldn’t do that.
    Rave: I’ve read (http://ota.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/ota/publication/attachments/Tenant_Survival_Guide.pdf) that in DC when a lease expires it goes month to month by default, and that a tenant can’t be evicted (without cause) even though the lease expired.
    Q for Popville: Does this mean I have the right to go month-to-month, and I don’t have to sign a new 1-year lease if I don’t want to? I realize I would be running the risk that my LL could just raise the rent by any amount she wanted (it’s an individual LL, apt not subject to rent control).

    • IANAL but in my experience and reading of the tenant survival guide, if your landlord accepts rent beyond the term of your lease (ie accepts your check for August and your lease is up in June) then you have created a month-to-month lease by default. But — BUT! — read your lease carefully, there’s no reason your landlord has to accept the rent and could instead initiate eviction proceedings. Regarding raising the rent I would refer you to section 7.0 of the Tenant Survival Guide.

    • Yes, she has to have a reason to evict you, and wanting to sign a different kind of lease is not one of them. She can effectively evict you however, since on month to month she could raise the rent with a month’s notice.

    • Yeah, don’t do that.

      First, the LL can seriously raise the rent on you. Second, the LL can terminate the lease by fulfilling the notice requirements in your lease. Then, you can be evicted.

      You might buy yourself a few months of month-to-month, but in the long run you are creating a huge headache for yourself and the LL.

      • Accountering

        No, she can’t terminate the lease. There are reasons to terminate a lease, and they are very strict, and this certainly does not fall into one of those reasons.

      • You’re dead wrong.
        And on a more general note, can we please stop giving advice on landlord/tenant law that’s clearly based on no knowledge of DC law whatsoever? DC law is different from VA, MD, NC, or whatever state you came from, so just stop. As for the OP, call the Office of the Tenant Advocate and get accurate advice. Don’t rely on anything you read here.

    • Accountering

      This is pretty much the loophole big enough for a MD driver to drive their Suburban through (recklessly and with utter disregard for human life of course!).
      You have the right to go month-to-month. She is dead wrong is saying that you “cannot do that” With that said, she can raise your rent from the current say $1600/month, to $2600/month, and then you would likely leave. Now, if this were me, and my LL did this, I would seriously consider taking it personally, and stop paying rent completely – putting in my standard $1600/month + reasonable increase to say $1700, into escrow, and tell her to go pound sand, knowing it would take her 6 months to evict me.. πŸ™‚
      Presumably, you don’t want to do this though, so I would weigh whether you are willing to extend for another year, and if not, then you are probably stuck looking for new living arrangements, because things are going to go south.

      • what about raising the rent verbally (i.e. no written agreement)?

        • Accountering

          Not certain if you wanted to reply to me, but raising the rent verbally is pretty the much the same as heading to the bar and grabbing a pint. You didn’t accomplish anything, though it may have made you happy at the time.
          To raise the rent, and provide proper notice, it certainly needs to be in writing πŸ™‚

    • Maybe worth pointing out that having a good, reliable tenant (assuming you are) for as long as possible, even if it is less than a year, is really to her advantage.
      I do think this seems short-sighted of the landlord, though maybe she has her reasons. Because really, even with a year-long lease, you’re only on the hook for last month’s rent and maybe a security deposit, it’s not like it’s really a guarantee to her that you’ll be there for the whole year.

      • Actually, while signing a lease doesn’t I guarantee that you will stay for the entire term, I do believe it makes you liable for paying rent for the entire term of the lease. You can always break your lease, but you are on the hook for the balance of the rent subject to the landlord’s (or your) ability to find someone to replace you as a tenant.

      • “even with a year-long lease, you’re only on the hook for last month’s rent and maybe a security deposit,”
        That’s wrong – you’re on the hook for the whole lease term. THe LL has to make reasonable efforts to rent the property, which may limit your exposure, but you absolutely owe the entire amount.

    • Thanks for the advice everyone!

    • As a LL I see where he/she is coming from. When you have month to month tenants you are worry that they could leave any time. Especially in winter when it is hard to find someone to replace them. I always ask my tenants to extend for one year for the same price or I increase the rent and they go month to month. Tenants always choose the 1 year lease option because they can always find someone to take over their lease when they move out. It is just less headache for the Landlord and cheaper rent for you. Win/Win.
      So just don’t think about yourself here. Unless you want really bad reference and headache, sign a new lease or move out or negotiate a “fair” month 2 month price.

      • +1 It kills me when people complain about slum lords etc, but then you have a good LL who is trying to protect their interests/investment yet some renters feel entitled)not saying the OP in this case) but why create problems for the LL instead of just looking for another place etc? Why do people like to live in conflict?

        • Accountering

          I don’t agree with this one bit. DC has seen fit to institute strong renters rights. As a TENANT, you pay for these rights, in that supply of rentals is lower, and you pay a higher rent as a result. You are paying every month for these rights. DC decided it is not reasonable to force someone to uproot their entire life and move, when they are holding up their end of the bargain (basically, paying rent on time, not messing up your place)
          I don’t think by asking the LL to follow through on their legal rights and obligations, that you are creating problems for them… Strong rental protections are a cost of being a LL in DC.

          • Well, by that same token, DC has seen fir to allow LLs on a month-to-month lease increase the rent. But upthread, you took umbrage with that. What’s sauce for the goose . . .

        • I can see both the tenant and the LL point of view, but in this case it seems like the landlord is doing more to create the conflict. The law is clear, and the tenant can go month to month, but the LL wants more.
          As for the “just move” advice, moving creates problems for the tenant, too. It costs a lot of money, it eats up time, it’s a disruption. Maybe the tenant has something happening in the 6-month timeframe that makes a 1-year lease a burden (job ending, moving in with partner, waiting to hear about grad school, whatever).
          I can see the landlord wanting some stability, but the seasonal dynamics for renting apartments are not driving things anymore. If they’ve got a nice place at a fair price they’ll be able to fill it later instead of now, and in the meantime they have a known quantity of a tenant and no lost month of rental income.

          • Thanks, I agree with all of this. If she were doing what Mona upthread does — offering 1-year renewal at $X, or month-to-month at $X + 10% (or whatever, within reason, to compensate for the fact that month-to-month is less advantageous for the LL) — that would be fine.

            It’s the presenting month-to-month as entirely not an option, that I take issue with, AND not consistent with the law.

        • I find it really hard the LL would have an issue with the tenant NOT signing a lease knowing that they could and probably would raise the rent to offset them not signing a years lease. So either the tenant should be OK with not signing a lease and prepare for a rent increase or just move. I can see a tenant having issues if the LL refuse to fix/maintain the property, but it doesn’t seem so in this case.

  • Rant: The interns all seem to have issues with their mothers this week. Oh and one intern has really bad cramps so that may be her reason.

    Rave: A friend of a friend is moving here and may rent my 3rd floor for a few months.

    Rant#2: Trying to order Bi-bab with a lip injury.

    • Bonus Rant: I just discovered that ever since I got my new phone I’ve been uploading new pics to my rarely used Google+ account. Yikes! Nothing really bad just saw awkward selfies as I was trying to look smoldering.

      • I would check to see if they’ve actually been posted of or they are “ready to share.” I believe on most (all?) Android phones Google+ will give you the “courtesy” of backing up your photos, but you have to actively share them for them to display to others on Google+.

      • skj84

        I wouldn’t worry about them actually being posted on Google+. Like Jeslett said they are just being saved, but not posted. I get paranoid sometimes too! Not that I’m taking pictures of anything nefarious, but still. On another note am I the only one who really likes the Awesome pic edit feature on Google+? I will turn your pics into GIFs! I have a few from the bachlorette party that I can’t wait to see in GIF form.

    • Emmaleigh504

      No pregnancies scares? Boring.

  • RAVE: Bill 20-749 for the 2015 Fiscal budget that was veto’ed by the mayor passed yesterday. I watched the council meeting steaming and it was more interesting than I though. This bill had a lot of things in it, but what concerned me was that DC breweries will now be able to apply for permits to sell alcohol to be consumed on premise.

  • Rave: Ice skating tonight (hopefully I don’t bite it…my middle name is definitely not Grace)
    Rave: Seeing the parents this past weekend
    Rave: A bunch of us appearing in Emilie’s dream!
    Zero rants πŸ™‚

  • RANT: Gables Residential. I reported mold in my A/C unit- something that happens unfortunately frequently in this humid climate. The mold is under the grate in a PTAC unit (a unit that handles both heat and cooling). The maintenance guy dared to call me at work and say he was not responsible for it, since my two cats’ fur is causing debris and leading to mold. Last time I checked, we’re allowed to have cats. Also, last time I checked, mold is a health issue, and DCRA requires all landlords/property management companies to respond to mold!! I contacted our property manager, who keeps all of the tenants at arms-length, and still hasn’t visited our small property, and told him to address the problem. What recourse do I have if they continue to give me nonsense? (The maintenance guy is begrudgingly fixing the mold today, but he said he won’t keep cleaning the unit every time I complain. I think the last time I complained was back in April. DC’s humid. Deal with it).

  • RANT: Our building developers are worthless Aholes taking over 2 years to fix a problem they have agreed is theirs to fix and continues to convince my HOA to extend the stay on our lawsuit despite zero progress

    Rave: definitely this picture

  • Accountering

    Rant/Rave: Fell asleep on the couch last night while watching the seriously rain delayed Home Run Derby. Woke up at midnight and headed home.
    Rave: Had a place to head home to πŸ™‚
    Rave2: When you update your IOS last thing before bed, it turns off your alarm, and you get to sleep in. Slept in until 8:45am!
    Rant: When you update your IOS last thing before bed, it turns off your alarm, and you get to sleep in. Slept in until 8:45am!
    Rave3: Fun night planned tonight, more moving with textdoc (who I am still wildly impressed with her memory and intuitiveness/ability to read WAY between the lines) tomorrow, and then Brew at the Zoo on Thursday. Found tickets for $50/each, which I think is even cheaper than the FONZ price. Score!
    Rave4: Going to NYC next weekend I believe. Quite excited!

    • Farragut

      What’d you think of the format this year? I was really disappointed by Giancarlo Stanton. I was totally pulling for him to smash everything.

      • Accountering

        I thought the format was a cool. Liked the three swings bit. didn’t get to see the end, again, as I fell asleep on the couch πŸ™‚

  • Last week I asked for some suggestions of salons to get a super bad dye job fixed (I just wanted to cover up some gray, but instead my hair is a crazy bright orange, and now with dark roots). I forgot to write those names down. So a repeat request for names of good colorists! Bonus if the person would also do a great job cutting short hair (like a pixie).

    • Parlour on 15th and U is awesome. I had an awful, awful color situation – my blonde highlights came out orange and with a good quarter inch of roots (after the salon!) and Billy worked a miracle. Everyone there is good though.

      BTW -when I called the first place, which shall remain nameless but rhymes with Lubbles, they had the balls to tell me that my hair is so thick it pulled the foils out of whack and that’s why I had roots. Funny that in years of getting highlights that never happened before.

      • I second Parlour. When my daughter couldn’t get the green out of her hair after a summer home dye job (you’d think a bleach home bleach job and then a little brown would do it, but no) and her Catholic School wouldn’t let her into class until she fixed it, they did a fine emergency procedure. Not cheap though.

    • Carrottop — Did you see your post last week. I love my stylist Navan at Progressions Salon in Rockville. He is great! I don’t dye my hair — but I know he provides this service. I first went to him when I wanted a drastic hair cut — was mid back length and walked out with chin length. That was 2 years ago and I have loved every hair cut since! The salon is walkable from the metro.

    • Progressions Salon on Nebel Street is fantastic! i have been going there for a long long time and they can do anything and everything. I would recommend that you see one of their master colorists for a color correction Leti or Robin would be my recommendation recommendation. Neither of them cut hair but there are tons of stylists that can give you a cut (which includes a blowdry) after your color. Navan is young and hip and could probably do a great pixie (just assuming, as i have never had my hair cut by him)

  • Rave: Did not drop a new roll of toilet paper in the toilet this morning like I did yesterday.
    Rave: 3.75 day work week + trip to LA to visit family.
    Rant: Going to miss California weather in DC.
    Rant: Can’t seem to turn my early morning insomnia into productivity like some of you.

  • Heads up anyone who loves baby tigers…the Natural Bridge Zoo currently has 2 baby tigers. For $50, you can hold one and get your picture taken with one. Up to 5 people can be in the picture. I think I enjoyed it more at 31 then some small kids this past weekend.

    I know it’s a ways away for DC folks, but so worth it if you’ve forever wanted to hold a tiny tiger cub.

    For $300 you can have a 30 minute playdate! I did not do this in an effort to not give them all my money to play with a tiger forever.

    • Accountering

      Holy crap that is a ways away. From their website, I saw Lee Hwy and thought maybe this was doable.
      Interesting fundraiser. Good for them for figuring out a way to monetize a baby tiger like that. Presumably the money goes to pay for operations and such, which I imagine is not easy to come by for a zoo (or any non-profit type thing) in Southern VA.

    • Ha, they do this in China at a lot of the zoos. Most zoos in China – including the world renowned Woolong Panda Reserve – are criminally underfunded. So they resort to allowing the tourists to play with the animals and hold them.

      • Emmaleigh504

        One year for my birthday a friend arranged a backstage tour of the Audubon Zoo’s rhino exhibit. I had photo ops with the rhinos, got to pet the friendly rhinos, and got to feed the baby rhino bananas. It was amazing and free! The rhino keeper thought we were weird, but she was really happy to tell us all about the animals she took care of. One of my favorite days ever.

    • That webpage claims: “The Baby Tiger photos process is not a session to engage recreationally with the tigers, rather a session to support the tigers and mountain lions in acquiring new habitat with many points of enrichment.”

      • For the photos, one person can hold it for the picture (as directed by the caretaker) and then the caretaker will hold it and let everyone pet him/her briefly.

        The play session it seems they do let you play with it/interact, though they disclaim that if the tiger wants to to sleep in a corner during your session, that is what it is going to do.

    • skj84

      Tinder users rejoice!

  • Came here to say exactly that.
    Also there is no defined “checklist” of things you should experience before marriage. I don’t know why people see marriage as this penultimate thing that means you cease to exist as an individual. Sure you probably won’t be able to date new people once you’re married but it shouldn’t mean you stop experiencing new things…

    • It’s not just marriage, but serious relationships. To many friends and myself included have fallen trap to inviting the SO as your plus one to everything. It means, you stop developing your friendships and stop seeing other people regularly outside of family so those friendships become superficial or die. A contributing factor on-top of only hanging with the SO, people see you entwined with your SO and interactions are less likely. Case in point, I go with my buddy to a bar post Caps game and we meet a Caps fan, we can talk all night; same bar (if we even go out post game) the guy sees me with my SO and we high-five “Go Caps!” then walk away.

      • skj84

        Yeah, I definitely have some friends who basically disappear once they couple up. They can’t go anywhere without their SO, or even worse don’t want to hang because they spend all their time with the SO. I think independence is healthy in a relationship. It’s good to have separate interests.

  • I am curious as to why you think you “should” date someone of a different race before getting married. The way you have worded it, it seems as if you’ve decided that you will only marry a person of your own race, and that dating (or perhaps I should say “dating”) a person of another race is a box to check before you turn your attention back to the pool of people you will consider for marriage.

    And secondly, there are a range of experiences and personalities in every race. It sounds like you happen to be meeting people whose experiences and personalities don’t mesh with yours. But that’s not necessarily a racial thing.

  • RAVE: Heading to Burning Man next month! Will be sure to bring my PoPville shirt for a fun photo shoot! πŸ˜€

  • Rant: My car or rather cost of repairs to car. Probably to be expected as 12 years old, but still ugh. At least I have work travel in August so will make some money from per diem.
    Rave: Free food at work from nearby restaurant.
    Rave: Landlord did not raise my rent. I’ve already been there 2 years with no rent increase.
    Rant: Summer if flying by. Was on vacation for half of June so I just feel like I looked up and summer is half over.
    Rave: I can go to the Popville HH finally. YAY πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Nervous if our tenants will renew the basement lease for the next year (two month notice coming up). This has been our first try as landlords and they’ve been very patient with us (and repairs). I can’t help but feel responsible when things break.
    Rave: Palm Springs in <24 hours. 5 days of pool, drinks, repeat.

  • Rave: Houses on our block selling for 50% more than we paid for ours 2 years ago! They’re in slightly better condition but not much; and we already planned on some updates for our house.

    Rant: The crazy sale prices have got everyone in the neighborhood talking about selling, and I don’t really want that much turnover at once – we like our neighbors!

    Rave: Great weekend out of town planned. Saturday can’t get here fast enough.

    Rant: It’s only Tuesday.

    • Guess that neighborhood! Eckington? Trinidad?

      • I seem to recall the OP stating something about Bloomingdale?

        • Yep, Bloomingdale. It’s pretty crazy – SFHs are now getting 800s easily, even a couple reaching the 900s or above. I think it’s a bit of a bubble to be honest… Unless the McMillan stuff really does take off. But, what do I know.

          • Accountering

            I just don’t see there being a bubble on SFHs… There are some pretty strong factors in DC that I think will prevent this.. Namely:
            1. Supply of SFHs steadily dimishing (housing being chopped up for condos)
            2. Huge job inbalance – way more jobs than residents
            3. Ton of very well paying jobs
            4. Increased foreign investment… I think we are starting to see on a small scale in DC what is happening in London, NYC, Seattle, SF, Miami etc, with foreign money buying up supply to use part-time.
            5. Increased trend of people my age and into their 30’s wanting to live in the city.
            With all of these factors, I just don’t see how prices drop. I think we should start to see them level off, but there is a TON of demand, and just not THAT much supply.

          • Re: a DC bubble.
            There was an article in the WaPo the other day which said that inventory is the highest it has been in almost a year. And the number of days on the market is increasing. Maybe not a bubble bursting, but perhaps some air being let out of the balloon.

          • The WaPo just had an article about how foreign invenstment is declining sharply in DC.

      • jim_ed

        I think at this point it might be easier to list the neighborhoods this isn’t a possibility in.

  • Rant: I hate Comcast. I’ve had RCN for 6 years and finally had to switch over and got a bill for $365. Dreading calling them and dealing with their customer service.
    Rave: Smitten with new guy. Sigh.

    • Same one from your date that ran long and friends were cautious about? If so good for you!

      • Yep, same one! Thanks! Some friends are still being downers but I’ve decided not to care anymore. πŸ™‚

    • Comcast is the worst. We need some trustbusters to crack skulls and break these guys up. The FCC is utterly corrupt.

  • Rave-Yoga Heights in Park View. I have committed to going at least twice a week since it opened and I love it. All good instructors and I love Power Flow at 7:45-I sleep so much better. and its an easy walk from my house so no excuses!
    rave 2- a coworkers just commented on how she can tell I have slimmed down. No small feat after gaining 40 plus lbs while pregnant but got it off in a year (and I knows its dumb to brag about that on FB, so will brag about it here…)
    rant-rewriting a bunch of work from consultants who are paid a ton and should be doing a better job.

  • Rave: Our landlords. I love them. Our a/c was on the fritz and they fixed it within a few hours.
    Rave: Anniversary date Friday…hmmm where to go, what to do….I’d love to try a new restaurant – any suggestions?
    Rant: Dry eyes, oh man, so terrible.

  • Rave: I passed another cert for a fed job in Norcal!
    Rave: My supervisor was just contacted to provide a reference for that job
    Rant: It would be a $14K paycut (I’d go down two grades)


    • Just some garbage about how they’ve never dated someone outside their ethnicity and that they feel like they will be “missing out” if they don’t try it before they (eventually) married. It’s extremely navel gaze’y and casually racist.

    • I think it was:

      Oh, my bad. The fox said that.

  • RANT: The seemingly endless (OK, only three months so far, but given the amount of banging, sawing and now ear-splitting scraping noises, it seems endless) construction project at All Souls Unitarian Church on 16th Street. Any church members who can tell me a)if the light is at the end of the tunnel and b)how what I assume is an environmentally conscious congregation feels about the workers chopping down one of the beautiful and healthy cherry trees that formerly flanked the church entrance?

  • Becks

    Rave: Working for home rocks! I love being able to cook a healthy hot lunch!
    Rave: Lady Carlotta loves mommy being able to play ALL day!
    Rant: I can’t play all day! Stupid work!
    RANT: Bad neighbors are hanging laundry on back fence now. Their clothes just got soaked in the rain. Should I feel guilty? I feel like I should feel guilty since there is a part of me that is glad.
    Rave: Tomorrow at 7:30 at Lyman’s, Game night! I have two games (Sorry and Mission: survival), but feel free to bring any other games you want to play!

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