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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Shufflers. Pick your damn feet up when you walk!
    Rant: Politicians
    Rave: Germany
    Rave: Ouidad deep treatment

  • Rave: was offered ridiculously cheap temporary housing ($550/month including utilities) in Brightwood.
    Rantlet: they want me to move in a little earlier than if prefer to but with such cheap rent it’s not such a big deal.
    Question: If I’m only planning on staying in this place for 5 months while my house is being renovated, what do I do about parking? I have a zone 3 permit but this place is zone 4. Would I need to change my license/registration or is there some way to get a temporary permit?
    Rave: I went on a nice hike yesterday…I didn’t realize there were some steep hills on the trails in Rock Creek Park.
    Rant: I’m in worse shape than I thought. The hike (only 5 miles) took a lot out of me

    • KSB

      Re: Question – might be worthwhile to walk into your local (new) police precinct and ask. They may be able to give you a six-month temporary permit on the spot, or let you know how to go about parking legally for the duration.

    • Accountering

      As a Brightwood/Brightwood Park resident, I can say with certainty that there are a LOT of blocks up here with unzoned parking. My block in particular (5000 block of 7th st NW) is unzoned, and there are plenty others. I would take a lookt at the new place, and if it is zoned, the next block over may not be. Paying one block away for 5 months would not be the end of the world.

      • Unfortunately my block, 1400 of Van Buren, is zoned but I’ll have to check out the ones nearby.

        • You should be fine with unzoned parking (plenty of it exists), so long as you have DC plates (it sounds like you do).

        • Accountering

          The other thing to remember is if you come back after 6:30pm, you can park in any of the zoned parking. It is only when your car is going to be there all day that you need to worry.

    • Any recommended trails?

      • I believe we just did the Melvin C. Hazen, Western Ridge, and maybe one other trail. I was with a pretty large group. We went from Cleveland Park to the Nature Center and back, but we went back a different way than the way we came there.

  • Rant: Possibly broken finger. If its true may have to change my commenting name.
    Rant: Could only get in to see a primary care doctor today – not sure if its even worth going? No idea if they have quick access to XRays but I want to get this checked out ASAP before it sets wrong and causes pain for months
    Rave: Was still a wonderful weekend with lots of outdoor time!
    Rant: Cover letters 🙁

    • Try the urgent care clinic at 2nd and L NE. They could probably see you quickly and maybe do x-rays. I would call to make sure, but I have been a few times and they’re great.

    • My primary has an X-ray at her practice. You can call and ask if yours does.

  • Rant: the heat all weekend
    Rave: did all sorts of bike stuff in spite of it: ride along C&O tow path to Great Falls and back. Brompton social bike ride and then watched the race.
    Rave: great World Cup final.
    Rant: four years until next one.

  • Rant: USAJobs

    • Becks

      +1000! I have applied for at least 80 jobs over the last few years and haven’t gotten a call for one! Even though I KNOW I am qualified.

    • It’s a horribly broken system that rewards those who lie on their questionnaire and tailor their resumes to match each job, even if they don’t have the proper qualifications and experience.

      • Ugh yes I’ve applied for so many and never heard back from a single one. Yes there are a lot of qualified candidates, but I’ve always gotten the feeling they promised the position to someone internally and the posting is just a formality

        • Yep. We used to do that at my agency. The whole hiring system is horribly broken!

        • Yep…this is usually the case (job geared toward an existing employee). I lucked out and got hired on as a fed over the internal person who had applied, but I think that’s the exception to the rule.

    • Humans don’t read all of the CVs and questions. They are first scanned by computers, and the computers are looking for certain buzzwords. You can figure those buzzwords out by reading the KSAs. Actually, someone who was trying to beat the system (and kuddos to him because the system sucks!!) just wrote the KSA questions over and over again in the space for answers. The system flagged him as the top candidate and he didn’t even answer the questions, just copied the question over and over in each answer space. Ridiculous!

      • justinbc

        Very few jobs that I’ve applied for actually use USAJobs as the filter point. Almost all of them redirect you to each agency’s own internal hiring website. The system is only failing if the position doesn’t get filled, or the person hiring winds up not working out. If they can adequately perform the job then theoretically the hiring process “worked”, even though the subjective “best” person didn’t get the job.

        • My first job when I moved to DC years ago was working as a recruiter for a federal agency. We used both direct applications and USA Jobs. The candidates that got through from applying using USA Jobs were much lower quality than those who we humans screened. We used to pull files from applicants that just used the same buzzword over and over and over – they didn’t have great qual’s, but knew how to get through the system. It, like many of the federal government systems, are not optimal. But I guess you are right, it works to fill seats.

          • justinbc

            A lot of it depends on the level of job the person is applying for. Lower tier positions are going to get significantly more applicants than supervisory roles, which undergo a lot more scrutiny. (Which can affect the applicant’s perception of how the system works greatly.) A friend of mine who does HR at DOL told me one of their GS9 basic accounting positions got somewhere near 30K applications. There’s no way anything other than an automated system could sort that out.

      • That sounds like an urban legend because that is not at all how it typically works. I am an HR Specialist for a Federal agency and all of the agencies I have worked for and heard about do not use a computer to ‘scan’ the resumes. Applicants are sorted based on their responses to the vacancy questions and then an HR Specialist reads the resumes to determine whether the applicant is qualified.

        • Well it’s good that things have changed, because when I worked as a recruiter for a fed agency, it went through a computer screen first. That was 2007.

  • Inquiry: Anyone have an eye doctor rec? I’m long overdue. Haven’t seen one in 7 years, figured it is about time I get a check-up and new glasses.

    • I don’t have a specific one, but I’ve had pretty good experiences with the ophthamologists at GW’s Medical Faculty Associates. I’ve been there several times for routine eye care.

      • Does your insurance cover seeing an ophthalmologist (rather than an optometrist) for a regular eye exam?

        • When I was on Aetna, I never had any problems (I think the rule is you can go every two years). When I go this fall, I’ll be on BC/BS. I hope that it isn’t a problem. I will say that I once had an opthamologist code me as coming in for “floaters” to get past insurance requirements when I was a teenager. I’m not sure why insurance wouldn’t cover biennial visits for this very basic form of healthcare. Why would it be any different from a dermatologist check-up every two years?

          • I get the impression that — depending on what kind of insurance you have — insurance companies generally don’t want to cover regular eye exams, unless you sign up for a separate “vision plan.”
            I’m supposed to see an ophthalmologist every year or two for a retina check, but I’ve never attempted to have an ophthalmologist do my regular eye exam. I guess I could look into that… but I imagine I’d have to pay out of pocket for whatever contacts/glasses I got.

          • I have an eye condition that requires me to go every 6 months. I highly highly recommend GW.

          • I don’t know what version of BC/BS you’ll be on, but BC/BS federal does not cover regular eye exams unless there is a separate medical reason for them. You’ll want to check your individual plan (some versions of BC/BS do, some don’t).

    • Tommie Lee at For Eyes at the Metro Center.

      • I second Tommie Lee at For Eyes at 1304 G St NW.
        He is very nice and professional. Bonus: you don’t have to spend the rest of the day with dilated pupils because he has a machine that scans the back of your eye without dilation.

        I do not have vision insurance and paid out of pocket, maybe around $100 for the more detailed eye exam (about 1 year ago).

    • I really like Dr Miller at MyEyeDr in Farragut.

      • binpetworth

        I second MyEyeDr in Farragut. The staff there are great, and they always give me a better deal than what my insurance pays for.

      • +1 Dr. Miller is great!

      • Dr Miller gets rave reviews on Yelp, but the sales side of the office is heavily criticized. Makes me a little hesitant… But sounds like you all have had positive experiences.

        • binpetworth

          Dr. Miller’s was the one place I found did not try to upsell things I didn’t need. In fact, he told me that my 4-year-old glasses prescription hadn’t changed that much, so why waste my money on another pair unless absolutely necessary. I wish all health care providers thought that way!

    • I go to Dr Barbour near American University. Or you should check out zocdoc..I’ve found the reviews there pretty reliable and you can schedule all of your appointments online

    • do NOT go to Visionworks on K St. I went once 4 or 5 years ago and again this year, and their exams are so cursory I doubt they would notice if you were totally blind.

    • I really like Washington Eye Associates in Farrugut.

      • I agree. I go there and never have a long wait. Their glasses are expensive but they were not pushy on the sales side. I just got the script and bought Warby Parker glasses.

    • I had a good experience with Dr. Miller at Mr. Eye Doctor on L Street. They have good salespeople and a nice selection of designer frames as well. I have eye care reimbursement – I don’t know the details for their insurance carriers – and I used a Living Social coupon which helped knock down the overall cost.

  • Rave: Fun gig last night.

  • Spent the weekend in Williamsburg, took my niece to Water Country USA, great time and it was nice to get away from the city for a couple of days.

    • How crowded was it? I’ve always wanted to go down there but i’m worried it will be too packed to make it worth my while.

      • It wasn’t that crowded, the most we waited for a ride was probably a half hour, and this was on a Saturday afternoon.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: espadrilles caused me a foot problem, I have flat feet.
    Rave: inserts with gel and arch support are helping a lot
    Rant: I’ve been pretty busy with work lately, my regular job plus photography work
    Rave: I see a little window of freedom in the near future before the next wedding photo gig
    Rant: didn’t watch the game yesterday because of photo editing
    Rant: I only had one cup of decaf yesterday instead of my traditional 2-3 cups of regular coffee, I didn’t get a headache, but I was sleepy all day.
    Rant(ish)/Rave: I’m addicted to coffee, but I’m justified since I come from a family of coffee farmers.

  • Rave: Got a nice guided tour of Fort Washington (the actual fort, not the town) this weekend. I’ve lived in Maryland most of my life and have never been there before (unless I went on a field trip as a kid.)

    Rant: Another out of town gig cut short by rain. We should offer our services to places suffering from drought – pay us to show up and we will guarantee it will rain!

    Rave: Got home at a reasonable hour last night.

  • Rave – A friend came into town this weekend and we had a great time hanging out

    Rant – The Heights. I rarely go out to eat and haven’t been since they change their menu ages ago. Some of my friend’s friends decided to eat there this weekend and it was just not good.

    Neither here nor there – had to drive to work today. Protesters were blocking the garage, so I called my boss from the line to wait to see what happened (if they’d move or not) and he let me drive home and telework.

    • What’s being protested — do you work for the IMF/World Bank, or is this one of those construction-related protests?

      • Not IMF/World Bank and I’m not sure what is being protested. I was too far back in the car line to see the signs.

    • I had brunch at the Heights this weekend and I really liked it. They also did a nice job accommodating our large party with no reservations. What meal did you go for?

      • We went for dinner. One friend’s chicken was not fully cooked. Another friend and I both had a veggie burger and it was tasteless (their previous version was delicious). I can’t remember what the fourth friend had, but he said it wasn’t good. We went at prime dinner time and weren’t at all surprised that it was fairly empty on a Saturday night. Even though I rarely go out to eat, I’m sad that it seems that what was a pretty decent neighborhood restaurant has gone downhill and (at least based only on this one random Saturday night) does not seem to be good enough to stay busy. Maybe their brunch is better.

        • I thought the brunch was good, especially the wide variety of options they had and that it starts at 9am, unlike most other places. I ordered the french toast with pecan caramel sauce and I really liked it. It came with bacon, which is great because I need some protein with my sugar fluff and also with hash brown potatoes, but I subbed out for fruit. I thought it was excellent and bacon was good quality.
          My brother in law had the fish and chips and liked the fish, but thought the chips were underwhelming. Everyone else was pretty happy.
          To Accountering’s point below, I wasn’t paying so I didn’t closely look at the prices.

    • Accountering

      Can share your Rant: RE The Heights

      I tried going there for brunch, and everything was comically overpriced. They wanted $30 for a 750ml of champagne… Seriously? We went over to Wonderland Ballroom and the same was $9. If you are marking things up 233% over another restaurant, there is a problem.

      • 750ml of champagne is an entire bottle, I assume you’re talking about something else? $30/bottle seems rather reasonable?

        • Accountering

          Yes, I am referring to an entire bottle – mimosas are cheap in this town – or normally they are. There are tons of places to get bottomless mimosas for $10-$14.

          • justinbc

            Those unlimited mimosas aren’t made with champagne though. It’s usually some kind of cheap California brut. If it’s actual champagne (from the namesake region) then $30 seems very reasonable.

          • Cassandra: I don’t believe I’ve ever had French champagne before…

            Benjamin Kane: Oh, actually all champagne is French; it’s named after the region. Otherwise it’s sparkling white wine. Americans of course don’t recognize the convention, so it becomes that thing of calling all of their sparkling white “champagne”, even though by definition they’re not.

            Wayne Campbell: Ah yes, it’s a lot like “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. In many ways it’s superior but will never be as recognized as the original.

          • Accountering

            That’s fair. I should have prefaced by saying that for the type of brunch I am looking for, I would not ever consider The Heights again. I could see it being an appealing place if you are looking for something fancier/place to take parents etc.

          • Hah, for the type of brunch I’m looking for I would not even consider Wonderland. I’m glad to see they’re (maybe?) no longer making High Life and Tang mimosas, though. Maybe things have changed in the last 4 or 5 years, but I’m scarred from some pretty horrendous brunches there.

          • justinbc

            Highlife and Tang, bahahaha, that sounds like a high school science project gone awry!

        • jim_ed

          High Life and Tang? Sounds like a poor man’s Brass Monkey (malt liqour + orange juice), which sound disgusting but are a shockingly tasty way to AM drink outside if you’re not the mimosa type.

  • washington20009

    Question: Looking for the best tamales in DC… made with fresh masa, wrapped in corn husks, etc. Any suggestions?

    • Becks

      I want to know too!

    • Tacqueria DF on 14th Street in Col. Hghts has great tamales but only on weekends.

    • The taco el sabor ( I think) table at the COlumbia Heights Farmers market every saturday. Love the tamales!!

      • That’s a great question, washington20009. I liked the ones at Super Taco in Adam’s Morgan. It’s been a while and I can’t remember if it is only a weekend thing or not. Has anyone tried the Tamale Cowboy guy that PoP featured a few months back? I’m curious to know how the tamales are and how ordering/delivery went.

    • I like the tamales at Super Taco in Adams Morgan.

    • The vendor at Columbia Heights Farmers Market on Saturdays sells some great tamales.

  • Rave: I took my parents to DC Reynolds for brunch and they really liked it. They’re not really bar brunch people.
    Rave: I think we’ve finally all sorted out how to do the parents visiting thing to everyone’s liking. It only took ten years, the three most recent balancing grand kids/my nieces.
    Rave: my house is so clean. I have two new mirrors up thanks to some advice from my dad. I tried to drill for anchors for a heavy mirror, but it turns out there’s an interior masonry wall. But my dad came up with a solution- 100 pound picture hooks.
    Rave: turning down the freezer fixed my ice cream making woes and I made the best coffee ice cream I’ve ever had. Now you can all stop listening to ice cream musings.
    Rant: still working to fix my dented rental car issue from May.

  • Check out the Post story on the Park Southern housing complex and Bowser’s connection to that mess. Just wow.

    • Accountering

      She is the worst… The absolute worst. The fact in 2014 DC is still going to likely wind up electing this empty suit makes me hurt inside.

      • +1000 it completely scares me she will be elected mayor. Her inactivity has the potential to send DC back to berry era incompetence.

      • I think the sad (or really, pathetic) thing is the victims in all of this- those living in the Park Southern complex- just shuffle from one bad “leader” to the next. They’re getting ripped off and scammed, left and right. Either that status quo suits them just fine or they’re too ignorant to figure out how to escape the yolk of these corrupt yahoos. Sometimes I think it’s a banana republic over in Ward 8- it is so far removed culturally and politically from the rest of the city.

        • It IS sad. Not everyone has the resources or the knowledge base that you have. Not everyone has access to the resources and/or the knowledge base that you have. Which doesn’t mean that the “status quo suits them just fine” — it means that not everyone has access to the resources and the knowledge base that you have. So yeah, it may be “ignorant”. It may be lack of political and economic power. And it is, indeed, sad. So perhaps when you’re done berating people about their complacency and ignorance you can suggest some resources that might help the “victims…escape the YOKE of these corrupt yahoos.”

    • Ugh, Bowser is getting scummier by the day. I can’t imagine 4 years of her.

    • Can’t wait for the next experiment in affordable housing to come online on Spring Road.

  • Rant/Rave: Wife got a job offer in NYC, so I just had the uncomfortable conversation with my boss about whether I’ll be allowed to work remotely (answer: maybe). It seems like this won’t do my career any favors, and I said I’d never live in NYC again, but it feels good to be supportive of her opportunity.

  • skj84

    Rave: My flights went smoothly on Friday. Even after leaving Minneapolis late we landed in Atlanta 15 minutes early. Flight from Atlanta landed 30 minutes early. Despite a snag with super shuttle I was home before 2am.

    Rant: Physically and emotionally drained from last week. Between Fourth of July stuff, traveling, and a bachlorette party I attended Saturday I really haven’t had time to decompress in almost 2 weeks. It’s like all the stress hit me this morning. I don’t want to get out of bed and I have work to do.

    Rave: PoPville brunch will be at Roofers Union on July 19th. Sign up through the group! https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/popville-brunch-group

    • Thanks for scheduling the brunch, skj84! I’m looking forward to it.
      Glad to hear the return flights were less stressful than the outbound ones.

    • Accountering

      Glad the flights worked out! Brunch sounds fun, I have never been to Roofers Union for brunch, so may have to join. Was thinking about heading to NYC this weekend, but $250 round trip Amtrak tickets put the kibosh on that. Roofers Union sounds like fun, and is a big spot so should work well. Mintwood and I love Roofers Union. Though most of the time we are there is in the AM, not the afternoon, but this should be fun.

      • Rave: Usually I hate mornings, and Mondays, but this is the best Monday morning I’ve had in a long time.
        I woke up at 6 (after not going to sleep until 1ish) and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up, got dressed, and got a bunch of things done before leaving for the office.
        It’s possible that the adrenaline/caffeine will wear off this afternoon and I’ll crash, but until then, life is good.

        • Oops, this was supposed to be a posting unto itself, not a reply to Accountering.
          The reason it ended up as a reply is that I was going to ask Accountering if he’d considered taking Megabus to NYC. Maybe not as fast as the train, but I’ve been pretty content with it when I’ve taken it.

      • what about vamoose? it picks up in bethesda and arlington.

        • skj84

          I love Vamoose! It’s slightly more expensive than Mega but worth it. More space to spread out, overhead space for luggage, cleaner and they give you newspapers and water bottles occasionally. Buses are clean and usually efficient in getting into the city. Knock on wood, I’ve never been late on a Vamoose. Oh for every 4 trips you take you earn a free ride! Also the stop is within walking distance of my house. I’d rather pay the difference than metro into the city and jam on a Megabus. Megabus does offer more travel times though.

          • me too!! thats why I suggested Vamoose. I live down the street from the arlington pick up point so its not too shabby. 😀

      • Take the train Friday and bus it back on Sunday, when there’s less traffic. If possible, I try to grab a 2pm Friday train and telework for the ride (the Wifi is very consistent between NYC and DC).
        That’s my secret to NYC weekend jaunts. The bus on a Friday can easily take 6 hours.

        • Accountering

          My travel companion is coming from Capital Hill. Perhaps they could meet me in Bethesda and Vamoose could work. I am actually at 270/495 near Rockville. Damn suburban companies.

          Other issue is it sounds like we are staying near Newark, so the bus to Penn Station isn’t a great option. I did take a chinatown bus to Penn last time, and it worked out really well. Hadn’t thought about train up on Friday, and bus back on Sunday. That may be the option, even with the staying in Newark, can just bring our stuff with on Sunday. Thanks for the suggestion!

          • Bolt Bus has a separate route between DC and Newark Penn station, so that might work well for you. Still, with the traffic I wouldn’t bus up on a Friday. It is really easy to get from NY Penn to Newark by NJ Transit train if you take Amtrak up. The prices are painful, but not as painful as I-95 weekend traffic.

    • I’m looking forward to brunch too. Thanks for arranging it!

    • justinbc

      Have a conflicting affair that date, bummer, still haven’t tried Roofer’s Union.

      • msmaryedith

        No loss! It was mediocre at best and terribly overpriced. I wrote a somewhat critical review and their manager reached out to me to ask some questions about my experience. I wrote a long and thoughtful response–never heard back.

        • skj84

          so I’m assuming you’re not joining us on Saturday. 😉 I’m still looking forward to brunch, hopefully they will have their act together.

  • Becks

    Rave: Nice relaxing weekend.
    Rant: Thought it was a work from home day. Got to the bus late. Got to work late.
    Rave: Still got here before my boss.
    Rant: Bad neighbors had a bender last night, and there are beer cans, liquor bottles and snack bags all over their front yard, sidewalk and in between the houses! Bad neighbors! Bad! (bops on nose with rolled up newspaper found between the houses!)

    Question: Who wants to start a board game night in Columbia Heights? Maybe Monday or Wednesday nights at Derby or Lymans?

    • Me! (RE: Board game night) Sounds like fun. What games are we talking here?

    • I’d be up for a board game night on Mondays (if I can make myself get out of the house to go meet strangers). I LOVE board games.

      • skj84

        there is a game night at the Pinch every third Monday. It’s a lot of fun, we play board games and interactive games as well. Really cool group of people.

        • Ooh I should check that out. I need more excuses to go to The Pinch, I love it but I sometimes have a hard time dragging friends there if they don’t already live in the area.

    • We host a monthly board game that meets all over the area, if you’re interested and up for meeting some strangers, email whitney.picard on gmail. We play all kinds of games but our favorites are Settlers of Cataan, Agricola and some of the classics.

      • ever think of considering games like cranium? etc I might be interested if other games were thrown into the mix.

    • Becks

      Let’s meet this Wednesday night at 7:30 at Lymans. I have Sorry and Survival. Survival is a National Geographic game where you are asked multiple choice questions based on survival in order to advance through the game. Such as: If bitten by a snake you should A. Suck out the venom B. Put on a tourniquet C. Cut open the bite and push out the venom. D. Kiss your butt goodbye

      Feel free to bring any other games. Scrabble would be good.

    • I’d love to do board game night!

  • Rant: Project at work that makes my head want to explode.

  • Rave: fun weekend included two play dates for the kiddo (and adult chat time for me!), trying out the new bike seat (not sure if it’ll work though 🙁 ), and a run with the kid.

    Rant: storms tonight – managed to sort out babysitting & tickets to Sara Bareilles tonight, but the tickets are on the lawn. If it were just going to rain, I wouldn’t worry about it (I won’t melt!), but not so keen on sitting outside in stormy weather. Trying to secure seats in the pavillion, which seems feasible but ugh. What a pain.

  • justinbc

    Rave: More free sky water.
    Rant: Too much sky water has pushed painters’ schedule back and now house painting won’t be done until partner deploys. Between that and all my painting inside the house it will look drastically different by the time she returns.
    Rave: Great vindaloo last night at Le Mirch. Other dishes were hit or miss. Service was a little spotty due to wild World Cup fans celebrating and taunting other opposing fans throughout the entire meal.
    Rave/Rant: I wanted the story of Messi winning yesterday, but I’ve got lots of friends in Germany so I was happy to see them win (and justifiably as they were the best team all tournament).
    Rant: Retrospectively, looking back at all of Brazil’s matches, it’s hard not to think FIFA encouraged the refs to call matches in their favor. Fortunately for the other teams they didn’t have the talent this year to win even with a little too much help.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Our crops are saved!

    • I still haven’t repaired my backyard faucet yet (burst during the Winter when I accidentally left a hose attached), so I am very much loving free sky water!

      • justinbc

        This winter was particularly brutal on DC pipes. Are you using an old fashioned bucket instead?

      • Same here– I turned off the outdoor water supply and opened the faucet to let it drain last fall, but still had a burst pipe when I turned it back on this spring. I’ve been lazy about fixing it so I’m really grateful for all this rain!

        • Yep. I’d drained the line and shut off the water…thought I did everything right. Came home to a flooded house when the water pipe burst inside the wall. It was even a faucet specifically made to prevent this. The issue, apparently, was leaving an empty water hose attached to it. Enough condensation builds up that the ice actually backs up into the house!

          And, yeah, using a budget/watering can until I get around to fixing it. A dove next in my back yard cut back on the gardening I would have done this year anyway (didn’t want to disturb the next), so it hasn’t been too bad to water manually inbetween rain storms.

  • Rant (that could turn into a Rave about you):

    The rescue I foster for is super full and has had no luck finding a spot for a Gilford, a cute 2 year old bullybreed in Manassas, VA . He will be put to sleep on Friday if we can’t find him a home. We’ve already contacted local bully rescues – all full and have been for a while.

    Anyone looking for a sweet pup to foster or adopt before Friday?

    • Going to forward this to my friend Paul. He’s involved with a lot of dog rescue groups.

    • Alex, my friend Laura also does a lot of work with rescue pitt groups and is happy to get in touch with them about Gilbert. She had a quick question regarding Gilbert: “oh no! can you reply to the post and ask if he’s dog-friendly or dog-reactive (and, for that matter, how he is with cats)? once we have a little more info, i’ll forward it to my rescue contacts.”

    • Hi Alex, heard back from aforementioned Paul. Can you provide him/me with a picture and the approx weight of the dog so he can try to assist? I’m at allisonjhazen(at)gmail.com

  • Rave: That was a hell of a goal
    Rant: The heat. It makes it very hard to just go outside and get some fresh air.
    Rave: Queens of the Stone Age concert later this week
    Rant: It’s at MPP. It took me two hours both ways to drive up there last time for a concert on a school night because the traffic was so bad. I love QOTSA, but I can’t justify four hours in a car just to see them.

  • Rave-Germany!!
    Unsure- Heard a rumor that there is an effort to Draft CAthy Lanier to run for Mayor. That never would have occurred to me but she is practical, smart and can actually make decisions even if they are unpopular. In light of the latest scandal in the making with the low income housing, we need to seriously look at our options. I am truly undecided. Wasn’t Williams also drafted to run as well and he did an awesome job.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      She also has five rescue dogs including blind and deaf “Special Ed”

    • Ugh, I hope she doesn’t run. It will basically guarantee a Bowser victory.

    • From Wikipedia, it looks like there was a movement to draft Anthony Williams, but he was never actually drafted because he decided of his own accord to run for the Democratic primary and won the primary:
      “In January 1998, local media reported that Williams was considering a run for mayor in that year’s election; he quickly dismissed the notion, but a ‘Draft Anthony Williams’ movement began building nonetheless. When Barry declined to seek a fifth term as mayor in the spring of 1998, Williams finally entered the race, resigning as CFO to campaign. Williams instantly assumed frontrunner status in the race, and in September won the D.C. Democratic primary with 50% of the vote in a 6-person race, then won the November 3 general election by a 2-1 margin…”
      I’d imagine that drafting Lanier would (unfortunately) just further dilute the anti-Bowser vote and increase Bowser’s chances for victory.

    • Why are people looking to draft another candidate? I thought Catania was the great antidote to Bowser.

    • signed the petition to get Carol Schwartz on the ballot this weekend!

      • Why? All she’s doing is siphoning Catania votes and is waaaaaaaay behind in having the financial resources to compete. She’s this election’s Ralph Nader.

  • Rave: My department is moving 7/28 and I selected a cubicle as far away as possible from the interns.

    Rant: I just found out that this current group of interns leaves 7/27.

    Rant: I picked a cubicle next to my boss. I don’t think she’s aware I’m on an informal flex schedule.

    Confession: At the work party in Ashburn Friday night I may have been overly amused at Indian Americans living on Navaho Court.

  • Rant: The girl I share an office with is so awkward. She randomly starts talking to me about nonsense while I’m working. Glasses and headphones mean don’t interrupt me to tell me about something a guy your brother in law knows said. And the 10 ‘likes’ in every sentence makes it so hard for me to like tell what like you are like talking about. How do I nicely tell someone to shut up????

    • justinbc

      Over-liking, only marginally worse than over-sharing.

    • Are you the same person who complained before about a co-worker trying to be friends with you?
      I wonder if maybe she has some form of autism spectrum disorder and has difficulty reading social cues. (I’d imagine your wearing headphones would be enough to deter most people.) It must be annoying, but try to cut her some slack — it’s possible that she can’t really help it.

      • No, that wasn’t me. I wouldn’t immediately expect her to be on the spectrum, but she’s mentioned that her mom works with autistic kids. I just think that she’s young and insecure, so just rambles nervously about anything that pops into her head. She also asks a lot of questions like this… “like this form like says that it like requires a signature – like do you like think i should like get it signed?”

      • I think that might have been me. Or it just sounds like that was me because my coworker, who’s fine, but not someone I would be friends with, feels the need to tell me about the most mundane stuff like it’s cool. Or those stories where you know where it’s going, but she needs to tell the whole thing anyway…in painful detail.
        So either that was me textdoc, or you read my mind and it was someone else.

        • Jeslett — I don’t think it was you. Hmm, now I am tempted to test my Google-fu to see if I can track down the RRRR with that post…

    • Sharing offices is the worst. I used to share one with a girl who would be talking loudly with our coworker in Farsi for at least 6 hours a day. I could never drown them out with music. Cubes are somehow a lot better.

    • +1 to your rant! one of my coworkers comes into my office every few days to “hang out” when he is bored and has down time. sometimes i’m super busy, and have my door closed, and my headphones on, and he still busts in and then asks me why i’m in such a bad mood when i politely tell him i’m very busy and he needs to leave. UGH!

  • Farragut

    PROXY RAVE: Allison and I had a wonderful time in Montreal this past week. We loved Vieux Montreal and walking around the neighborhoods, and the view from Mont Royal was great! (textdoc, we did end up grabbing some tasty croissants from Olive+Gourmande!)

    RAVE: Raving by proxy for Allison because she’s at her orientation for her new job that started today. Woohoo!

    RAVE: Nats (and Cards) are in a good place in the standings going into the All-Star break. Here’s hoping the second half of the season turns out great (and that Zimmermann doesn’t actually have a more serious injury).

    • I love Olive and Gourmand! I’m glad you had a good time in Montreal. I would spend all summer there if I could swing it. And I would eat at Olive and Gourmand every day. The pastries and that Cuban sandwich are to die for.

      • Farragut

        We were out to dinner in Little Italy on Wednesday after the ARG-NED match, and for the entire time, Argentina-supporters drove up Boulevard Saint-Laurent honking their horns and waving their many Argentina flags. Pretty hilarious.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Glad y’all had fun! Did y’all go to the train museum thingy? Did you see red-headed chick in mini skirts? (this is what my dad thinks of when he thinks of Montreal, and now so do I. Thanks Dad.)
      Hurray for Allison and her new job!

      • Farragut

        No, unfortunately, the railway museum was too inconvenient for us to get to without a rental car. Some day she’ll be able to see some trains!

    • Yay on your first two raves! Glad you liked Olive + Gourmande.

  • Rave: Anacostia River weekend. Rowed Saturday down near the mouth of the river, with my boats winning both races we were in. Then rented a Kayak up in Bladensburg on Sunday, spent a little time at the river’s other end, communing with the herons and the raptors and the turtles for several quiet hours.

    • I’ve been meaning to rent a kayak in Bladensburg one of these days. I ride my bike to the Waterfront Park regularly, but still haven’t tried kayaking.

      • Well worth it. And, if you’re decorating or renovating, you can hit Community Forklift and Off the Beaten Track while you’re up there.

        • Wow! Never heard of Off the Beaten Track but I will definitely try it out next time it is open on a Saturday, July 26. Thanks!

      • Anacostia Watershed Society has free paddle nights (canoe) at different locations – check their calendar for more details.

  • Rave: Great win Germany. Brilliant goal! Congratulations. The game was much closer than I thought it was going to be.


    Rant: Went fishing for 17 hours straight in Ocean City and all I caught was a four and a half foot sand shark that I released.


    Rant: I had no clue that sand shark was supposed to be very good and expensive.


    Rant: Went fishing at Wayson’s Corner yesterday and didn’t catch a damn thing.


    Rave: Pretty much fished all weekend.

  • RAnt: RIP, Tommy Ramone.

  • Rave – wife was out of town this weekend, so some excellent father-daughter time.
    Rave – Six Flags on Friday, hearing a 7 yo squeal with delight while being dropped from 11 stories attached to a cable, and then asking, as we’re still swinging, “Can we do it again, Daddy?”
    Rave – my kid. She’s the best.
    Rave/Rant – she’s an adrenaline junkie – great at 7, not sure I’ll love it when she turns 14.

  • Rave: Nice long run on Saturday, just cool enough to tolerate it.
    Rant: Really wish NPS would maintain all the water fountains on the Mall and surrounding areas. Total crap shoot which ones will work.
    Rave: Sunday brunch at GBD. Tried the PB&J doughnut for the first time as an “appetizer.” That, plus chicken and great beer took far too many hours to walk off the pain.

  • Question: Has anyone else gotten those “This isn’t a ticket but it could be warnings” on H St.? They are trolley warning tickets that have boxes of your possible infraction(s) and then there is a box at the bottom if you didn’t do anything but warns you of the pending trolley. I got one while at Po Boy Jim’s the other night. I thought it was kind of stupid but I guess some people need it.

    • I haven’t gotten one but I just read about this. I think they’re giving out these warnings to educate drivers of the impending restrictions due to the streetcar service. I also read that the warnings will soon turn into actual ticketing/towing.
      My guess is that generally people are stupid and take a long time to get with the program when things change, so the longer the warning period the better. Plus I suspect few drivers in this town have any experience sharing the road with streetcars, so they’re going to need to get some learning.

    • Lots of people need it, unfortunately. I live off of H Street and with all the double parkers that block the bus (which can go around them, unlike a street car), I’m glad DDOT has been doing this FYI campaign for a few months. Although I’m sure the bad drivers/parkers will still all complain that they “didn’t know” once they start getting real tickets

      • justinbc

        Or they’ll say it’s the city just having another excuse to take money from them. Rather than just following the law and being able to keep their money.

    • Accountering

      I got one this morning. We going to be quite pissed. After getting two tickets in the last couple of weeks, and then parking very legally, a ticket this morning would have been quite annoying! No clue why I got this. I was parked probably 1.5 miles from the terminus of the future streetcar.

      • What box did they check? As I said, there is a box at the bottom saying that you were legally parked but this is just a reminder…

        • Accountering

          It said I was parked legally. With that said, not a fun way to start a Monday morning!

          • Then you just got one of the “tickets” they use to spread the word – you wouldn’t have gotten an actual ticket; it was just to educate folks who park in the area.

      • They’re just putting it on everyone’s car whether you’re parked illegally or not. It’s just a way to get the message across and making it look like a ticket guarantees most people will read it.

    • WTOP is reporting that DC will begin issuing actual tickets starting today (as opposed to warnings), so heads up to all.

  • [re-posting in the right place, rather than as a reply like before]
    Rave: Usually I hate mornings, and Mondays, but this is the best Monday morning I’ve had in a long time.
    I woke up at 6 (after not going to sleep until 1ish) and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up, got dressed, and got a bunch of things done before leaving for the office.
    It’s possible that the adrenaline/caffeine will wear off this afternoon and I’ll crash, but until then, life is good.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I went to sleep around 12:30 and was awake at about 5, with lost of tossing and turning in between. I got nothing done except a leisurely cup of cafe au lait and playing with my kitty cat, but I feel good, too! Sometimes insomnia has an upside 🙂

      • I’m hearing this (couldn’t sleep til late, woke up unnaturally early) from lots of people today. I can’t help but wonder if it’s a moon thing. (But I don’t believe in moon things! Except tides. I believe in tides.)

  • RAVE: Took my last trip to Southern VA this weekend. After two years of bi-monthly Amtrak rides, I’m done!
    RANT: I’m no longer heading down south because my girlfriend is moving to Los Angeles in early August. $400 flights every 6 weeks will be painful 😡

  • rant: some kind of stomach bug hit me half way through my bike ride to work this morning. that was an uncomfortable and increasingly urgent 15 minutes at the end. the potholes didn’t help, either.
    rave: indoor plumbing. sorry coworkers, i’ll be spending some quality time in the bathroom today. i would go home, but don’t want to risk another bike ride until i think the worst has passed….

    • Emmaleigh504

      ugh. I hope you feel better soon!

    • Ugh, the only thing worse than tummy trouble is tummy trouble at work.

    • I’m sure you’ve thought of this but I’ll put it out there anyway – can you leave your bike at work and metro home? Then metro back in the morning. Being sick at work is ugh.

      • that’s a good idea! i might leave my bike here, and take a taxi home. it’s not far, but the metro is a 1/2 mile away from home and after a day of dehydration it’s totally worth it to just get home fast and not in the heat.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rant: Holy hell, the Metro! I was heading out to Clarendon for a race on Saturday afternoon, and there was some sort of mechanical failure on an orange train near Foggy Bottom just as we were leaving L’Enfent. This is on top of single tracking under the river. First, we stop in the tunnel just before McPherson for a half hour, with unfulfilled “train will be moving momentarily” announcements every five minutes. Then, we finally stop at McPherson, then leave the platform and spend another twenty minutes in the tunnel just beyond before finally moving again.

    Why they line trains up in tunnels between platforms rather than parking them at the last station until the blockage is cleared up is beyond me. I would have left the train and taken a cab if I weren’t trapped down there. Someone speak up if there’s a legitimate reason.

    Rant: It was super-hot at the race and I was pretty slow. But so was everyone else.

    Rave: My first rant/rave post on this crazy place.

  • Rave – not in the office this week.
    Rant – working in Cincinnati this week. Not sure what to make of this city, haven’t really had a chance to explore. The weather has crappy and I’ve been working long days.
    Rave – was able to watch the game yesterday outside at Fountain Square in between passing thunderstorms.

  • Rant: Can’t stop thinking about my ex. There was a lot that made me miserable at the end but I keep wanting to tell myself that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed and that we could have worked through it. And I really think we could have. I was just young and restless and scared. I don’t truly regret it, its been good for both of us in terms of maturity and growth but now here I am wishing all of the uncertainty and loneliness was over and I was going home to him tonight.

  • Rant: It seems that everything that can go wrong at work does, and often.
    Rave: It was a very relaxing weekend.

  • Rave: First date with a new guy after dumping the philandering ex. It’s time!
    Rave: First date butterflies
    Revel: The moment you realize it’s going to be okay after finding strength to leave the ex to start over.

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