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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: Great, fun first date over the weekend that lasted all day. Seeing him again tonight!
    Rant: Overly cynical friends who can’t let me be excited.

    • You need better friends.

      • Or possibly we need more details.

        • It was brunch that turned into walking around the city, which turned into dinner, which turned into drinks. A good date met with a “he seems too into you too soon. Can’t be good. Why is he single? I bet he has issues” from friends. I know they mean well and are just being protective but I just want to enjoy dating!

          • Enjoy it! It may turn into something, it may not, but you’re right to appreciate the experience. It’s great that your friends are trying to protect you…but maybe in this case they are going overboard.

          • special_k

            I assume you’re single, too. Do your friends think you have issues? Besides, coupling up doesn’t magically make all of a person’s issues disappear. Sounds like you had a great day. Enjoy it and see where it goes!

          • Sometimes amazing dates happen. A shame your friends have apparently not had that experience.

    • 1) It was great day and nobody can take that away
      2) your friends know you are too trusting and he is probably an axe murderer.

  • Rant: The attack on the man at Safeway. I read on MSN that not only did the security guards did nothing for the victim (telling him you’re on your own) but the police officer he flagged down didn’t even want to take a report. Only when the Gay and Lesbian Unit was called was it even listed as a hate crime. That’s so effed up.
    Rave: Went to my therapist yesterday and realizedthat there is hope for me and my depression. I need to take baby steps in getting out into the world and establishing meaningful connections with people. I can make friends despite of what I thought before.

    • Accountering

      Lanier should bring the hammer down on the first officer. This is completely unacceptable.

      • +1 And the man who was attacked should sue Safeway. I’ve been sad about this story ever since reading it yesterday. This should simply not be allowed to happen and the fact that it did suggests multiple levels of failure.

        • justinbc

          What specific lawsuit would you bring against Safeway in this incident?

          • I suppose the theory would be negligence–because its security guards did not intervene, Safeway breached its duty to provide a safe environment for its customers. Such a suit may or may not be successful, but it’s certainly viable.

    • Also please go to the Safeway Facebook page and leave a comment.

    • Yay for your rave!

  • Rave: Brazil’s on-field collapse, especially after scraping by this entire tournament
    Rave: Schürrle’s second goal

  • justinbc

    Rave: Historic match in the World Cup yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like that in my whole life of watching soccer.
    Rave: Free watering of the plants, yippee! New lavender is struggling in the heat, always glad to have help from Mother Nature.

    • pablo .raw

      Unbelievable, I was thinking all the time about the old #10s and other amazing players of Brazil, Romario, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Pele….

    • I missed the first half hour and couldn’t believe the score when I started watching!

    • What’s mental is that this Brazilian squad – for the first time that I can recall – actually looked pretty solid in defense but weak in attack.
      They typically have a dream team upfront (Romario, Rivaldo. Ronaldinho etc.) and some seriously weak links in the back (anyone remember Junior Baiano?) I was never convinced by Taffarel in goal for them when they one it in 1994.
      This year their defense (off the top of my head) included Dante (Bayern Munich), David Luiz (Chelsea), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Dani Alves (Barcelona), Thiago Silva (PSG) etc. Granted Silva was suspended…
      Up front, they had Hulk, Fred, Jo (who I remember having a shocking few years at Man City and Everton) and Bernard. To me the worst Brazil forward line up I can recall.
      Yet they were absolutely atrocious defensively yesterday – ripped apart by Germany. It reminded me of one of those Champions League qualifiers where Arsenal or Atletico Madrid get drawn against the champions of Iceland or Bosnia.

      • justinbc

        They just seemed deflated after the first two goals. The first 15 minutes they were a completely different team. The lack of leadership was sorely evident there.

  • Rave: Signed up for piano lessons, super excited
    Rant: Work! Just everything about this place feels like a cheese grater against my skin
    Rant: Single and have NO idea what I am doing
    Rave: Taking the time to focus on self improvements

    • Congratulations on the piano lessons. Will these be your first lessons, or are they a continuation from childhood/young adulthood? Playing the piano is a lifetime passion for me. After being without a piano for a few years after college and through grad school, I’ve gotten back into it in the past couple years (I have two pianos- one digital and one acoustic- in my apartment!). I love my time at the bench! If you’re interested in more info about playing, I highly recommend the forums on Pianoworld.com. They have forums for beginners, non-classical players, tuners, and those interested in brands/piano specifics.

      • I’ve been thinking about getting a digital piano, but haven’t quite done it. Do you mind my asking what you have and if you like it?

        • Hi Anon. My digital piano is a Yamaha CLP 240 (from 2008). I’d always been leary of anything digital, after having grown up with an acoustic upright, but this digital piano blows away my old 60 year-old upright sitting in my parents’ house. Nice sound (Yamaha records the key notes using one of their concert grand models, I believe) and good touch, in my opinion. Even with a nice acoustic, I use this digital every week for practice. It is even better sounding when you’re wearing high-quality headphones, which makes it perfect for apartment use as well. There are a range of options out there, and a range of price tags. Yamaha’s current top of the line digital, the Avante Grande, is superb, but it comes with a rather large price tag. I’d recommend you check out the digital piano forum on Pianoworld for more information. People are constantly talking about different brands on there. Bottom line: research is good, but trying the instrument out yourself will help you determine if it is right for you. That said, I’m a happy Yamaha customer and I’d recommend you trying out their models.

          • Thank you SO much! Especially for the forum rec. I was trying to do research, but didn’t know where to start. I think that Yamaha may be one of the ones I was looking at.

      • Thanks for sharing! These are my first lessons. I tinkered around a bit on a keyboard when I was younger, and loved it, but never was able to afford lessons. I am really looking forward to having a musical outlet.

        • Awesome! The Adult Beginners forum on Pianoworld might be a great resource for you, then. It’s always exciting to begin something new, and the piano can take you in a lot of different and great directions, from classical to jazz. Happy playing! 🙂

    • How did you find your instructor? I spent some looking a few months ago but was apprehensive to sign up with a large studio – perhaps wrongly so.

      • I live near a studio on GA, so I signed up with them, thinking if it is local it will be much easier. I have not been to a lesson yet, but will post back with progress.

      • R Street Music — on S Street, Dupont Circle area — does lessons. The teachers are great, and it’s the antithesis of “large studio”.

    • Congratulations! I’ve craved music lessons since I was a kid. A few years ago, I started taking guitar lessons, and it’s truly been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. For me, getting a teacher who’s a good fit has really made it wonderful — and something that I want to stick with for life. Enjoy your lessons!

  • Rant: I’m still not doing such a great job of keeping myself busy this summer (I’m a teacher, so I’m only working very very p/t). I can afford to not work much, but I’m still trying to not spend much money. Does anybody know of a good place to volunteer daytime hours that will take somebody for just a few weeks?
    Rave: Excited to go raspberry picking at Butlers’ tomorrow morning!
    Rave: I’m anxious (the good type) to get my job placement for the fall. I’ll be working in PG County Public Schools, which doesn’t have such a great reputation, but it’s still really exciting to start teaching for real.

    • Check out DC Serve (serve.dc.gov) as well as VolunteerMatch.org – I imagine any tutoring would require a longer term commitment but other volunteer options could be shorter term.

    • Some PG schools are excellent, some horrible. My mother was a special ed teacher (elementary) in PG for a long time. She got assigned to some pretty rough areas, but had a few success stories.

      • Are you able to name names? I requested to work around the upper green line area. I’m told the district as a whole is hit-or-miss.

        • Accountering

          My understanding of, and my (albeit limited) experience is that the upper green line area is certainly the nicer areas of PG. I did some umpiring at a couple of schools in southern PG, and it seemed like they had a long way to go to become good schools.

          • Yeah…I think one of the biggest horror stories I’ve heard is in a middle school in Seat Pleasant. I had an interview in Oxon Hill (elementary school) with some pretty scary hypotheticals. I’m also told Upper Marlboro is good, but that’s farther than I’d like to travel.

          • Accountering

            Upper Marlboro is really nice. Pretty much anywhere outside the beltway in PG is pretty nice. With that said, there is a lot of crappy areas, and with the gentrification happening in DC, a lot of the displaced families are winding up in PG. Certainly there are still good schools, and wherever you wind up I am sure you will be fine, but it is definitely good to go into it with your eyes open. Good luck!
            If you don’t mind me asking… why PG? Seems like with all of the charter schools and such, a good young teacher wouldn’t have an issue finding something in the city, or with DCPS? I know friends in Fairfax have had issues finding teaching jobs (even with Masters) but I wouldn’t think with the rapid growth in student population in DC, that that would be an issue here?

          • I did my student teaching in DCPS, but as an educator, it’s pretty hard to get into (also they’re in bed with Teach for America and DC Teaching Fellows, which leaves less room for people who completed traditional teacher preparation programs). I’ll be applying there (as well as Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, and Montgomery), but PGCPS offered me a contract, and I can’t substitute for another year or otherwise be too picky.

          • Accountering

            Let me preface this by saying I know little about teaching, but this seems really idiotic to me… Why take Teach For America teachers – who just get a bit of training, when you can hire very qualified people with masters degrees? Is this a cost thing? Are we seriously pinching pennies with first year teachers? I thought Teach For America was to get teachers into otherwise hard to fill positions? DC doesn’t strike me as positions that would be hard to fill as it stands.

          • I can’t, for the life of me understand why this is the case either. If they tried to put TFA teachers in Janney or Lafayette Elementary (in Tenleytown and Chevy Chase DC), parents would throw a fit. I guess DCPS is able to get away with it in lower SES neighborhoods. But I don’t understand why they would make that decision in the first place either. I imagine it has something to do with a lack of respect for teaching as a profession..

          • 1. TFA and Michelle Rhee had a tight relationship. Perhaps Kaya Henderson also has close ties with them (I don’t know).That’s one reason.
            2. DC schools outside Ward 3 and parts of Ward 2 (i.e. G-town) have historically been hard to fill. Just because they might not be NOW doesn’t mean that’s always been the case. That’s another reason.
            3. Politics. DC has become a testing ground for school reform and programs like TFA.
            4. A masters in education does not mean a better teacher either. Sure, you’d think it would be better than a complete newbie from TFA, but it really is a crapshoot. There is a wide range of masters programs out there (some great, some not so good). Classroom experience matters more.

          • Accountering

            Appreciate the perspective… Always good to hear from people who know what they are talking about.
            RE: 4 – I agree just having a masters doesn’t make you a good teacher, but could we not assume that – all else being equal – a person with a masters and student teaching experience is going to be a better teacher than someone with a bachelors in an unrelated field, and some summer training?

          • Hmmm… have to disagree with a few points here. First, the majority of first-year teachers don’t have masters degrees. Second, a large amount of teacher preparation programs (bachelor and master level) are shockingly bad – far from producing “very qualified” teachers. Third, from what I’ve heard and experienced, TFA actually does an excellent job in selecting and training its members. Fourth – this is the case for many DC charter schools, although I’m not sure if it’s at all true for DCPS – schools often prefer hiring teachers who are a part of TFA because all TFA teachers go through the same exact training and preparation, and it’s much easier to acquaint them with the school’s policies and culture than a group of first year teachers who have wildly different teacher-prep backgrounds.

          • I don’t know much about what kind of training Teach For America teachers receive, but I’ve read that the program is very, very selective.

          • As a TFA alum, I can say that TFA corps members are incredibly inadequately prepared compared to those who go through an actual teacher training program (certification, etc). Anyone with classroom experience is miles ahead of a new TFA member. Yeah, all TFA members go through the same training, but it is crap training.

            Also, I have several friends who have recently completed education programs in DC and are struggling to get a position within DCPS, so I really don’t think that TFA was brought in to fill “hard-to-fill” spots.

          • Accountering

            This ^
            I am sure there are poor teacher prep programs. I am not talking about Stratford here. I am talking about people with an undergrad and grad degree from CNU or other state schools, who have spent a semester doing student teaching.

        • Upper Marlboro, College Park, Bowie, Beltsville. Laurel was okay when I went to high school there (mid-late 80s) but I’m not so sure how it is now. My friends who live in Laurel and have a 4 year old are debating public vs private school.

          • According to my coworker who went grew up in Beltsville (and graduated from HS about 10 years ago), the PG side of Laurel isn’t very good now while the Howard county side is.

    • The Fringe festival – July 10-27 can always use volunteers. You mostly work box offices and you get a free ticket to a show for every shift you work. Plus it’s a really fun atmosphere, meeting lots of people & performers hanging out in the Baldacchinno tent bar. https://www.capitalfringe.org/

    • Likewise to your first rave!

  • forgot a rant: Verizon! They tricked me into getting out of unlimited data (I know, I know), but I have been using 75% of my 2gs data within the first third of my billing cycle! So annoying! I don’t even use my phone at work (ever) and I use wifi at home….maybe my new phone is just a data hog

    • That sounds wrong – check to see if you have any apps that are running in the background that are using data while you’re not thinking about it. Or are you streaming a lot of music/video? I use my phone all the time and have never come close to 2 GB. Also, when you’re on WiFi, turn off your cellular data. I find that my wifi at home sometimes doesn’t have a good signal strength, so my iPad reverts to cell data without my knowing it.

      • thanks for the tip, I’ll do that. I do stream about an hour or two of music per day (songza) and surf the web for maybe 15-20 min, and check facebook a couple times a day. I don’t play games or watch a lot of videos (maybe 1-2 per week). Certainly don’t feel like a data hog.

        • Holy cow, I don’t know a lot about data plans but I would never stream music for two hours per day, that seems like tons of usage.

          • Streamed audio uses almost no bandwidth compared to things like web browsing or watching videos.

            Audio streaming uses approx. 50-100 MB (.1GB) per hour.
            Video streaming uses uses approx. 800 -2500 MB (2.5GB) per hour.

          • gotryit

            Bonus from T-Mobile – they now allow music streaming from some of the major music streaming sites with no charge to your data plan. So now I can continue to be a data cheap-o but listen to music for several hours a day.

          • gotta have my jams.

        • I stream music about an hour per day/4 days a week and have had no data issues, so not sure it’s that. Try closing out all of your apps more often and check your settings for how often they’re allowed to refresh. Also, check that your phone is staying connected to your wifi at home. My phone and ipad tend to disconnect from the wifi randomly.

        • What you are describing would cause a lot if data traffic. Music steaming would be close to 60 megs an hour.

          I can use close to 10 gigs a month. ATT can have my unlimited data plan when they pry it out cold dead hands.

    • maxwell smart

      You can also go into your settings and force apps to only use WiFi so they can’t access cell data.

    • How’d they trick you?

  • Rave: going to San Francisco tomorrow for the first time.
    Question: any recommendations on good cheap mexican and/or Chinese food in SF, preferably public transportation-accessible?

    • Accountering

      Dim Sum is delicious and amazing, but it is not cheap. I did find some pretty good food in China Town there, lots of hole in the wall spots. Definitely worth walking through at a minimum.

      • Dim sum isn’t cheap?? HA HA HA. Then you’re doing it wrong. I just had dim sum in SF on Monday. 3 pork buns, 3 shrimp dumplings, 3 mushroom-veggie buns. Total price? Just under 6 bucks. I was in the outer sunset though, and not in Chinatown.

        As someone else noted, the Inner Richmond and other SF neighborhoods are places to check out for good, affordable Chinese.

        Anyway, I also endorse El Farolito. La Taqueria a block or two down Mission is also excellent (and much, much cleaner). Cash only at La Taqueria though.

        • Accountering

          Well, I suppose it depends where you go. I went to the one in Fisherman’s Wharf, so I suppose you could say I was doing it wrong!

          • Fisherman’s Wharf = tourist central with tourist prices.
            No self-respecting Chinese mother would let her children pay that much!

          • Accountering

            Well, conveniently enough, I was a tourist, and I do not have a Chinese mother!

            I don’t even know where the outer sunset is. Worth visiting next time I am in SF (which is hopefully soon)?

    • justinbc

      El Farolito for Mexican, it’s right by the 24th and Mission stop. Go to Chinatown for Chinese food. Good Mong Kok Bakery is solid, right in the heart of it. There’s also the touristy Mission Chinese Food, but I don’t think it’s the kind of cheap thing you’re looking for.

      • El Farolito is a must!

        • justinbc

          Seriously. If El Farolito was here in DC I would be at least 20 pounds heavier.

          • Did I do something wrong with el Farolito? I went to that location, and ordered a carne asada super burrito. Meat had good flavor, but it had way too much beans and rice. I wasn’t impressed.

          • importerexporter- if you thought it had too much rice, go to La Taqueria. No rice in their burritos and meat is similar in taste.

    • Check out the Inner Richmond. Xiao Long Bao for really cheap soup dumplings, natch, and other bao buns. Also there is the popular Burmese Superstar which is something different you can’t really find here. Tons of Chinese/Dim Sum places all along Clement Street,

    • Go to Burma Superstar. It’s da bomb.

  • Rant: Mouse in the kitchen
    Rave: My cat caught the mouse!
    Rant: Does this mean there are more mice in my house?

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: the space between the CH metro and the Potbelly-Pete’s Pizza
    Rant: I had a dream in which Brazil lost 7-1 to another country. Weird.
    Rave: I feel good.

    • I think there are guys who just collect buckets of bird poop from around the city just to pour it on the ground in that space.

    • Agreed. That little place is disgusting and so dirty it even makes Potbelly’s and Pete’s seem less appetizing. Pete’s seems so much emptier these days too… maybe I’m not the only one that thinks so.

      Also, that alley right down the block between that apartment building and the clinic smells permanently like urine. So disgusting.

      • I have been really frustrated about that alley and that spot lately. On two different occasions last week, I walked by as people were openly peeing against the metro structure.

        That corner is also street harassment central and I have learned to avoid the bus stop entirely if I’m alone. Lovely.

  • Rave: EBAY! I’ve had a tiny number of very specific fashion needs — like replacing a favorite bracelet I lost that’s no longer made. And EBAY sellers came through. Yay!
    Rave: Finally getting the message that “take small bites and chew thoroughly” – is an approach to life that I genuinely want to try.
    Rave: Yummy lunch plans.
    Rave: All those rainbow pictures!!!! Thanks to all who sent them in — so that those of us who missed the rainbows can enjoy!
    Rave: Found a new slogan for my life — hope it helps. I really need to change some things.
    Rant: I will probably be overusing exclamation points well into my dotage.

  • Rant: I had to get here before 7 for a meeting and we’re going to have this 7am meeting every other Wednesday though October.
    Rave: I get to leave early and I’m kind of excited to have been selected to be in this 7am meeting group, making progress for a big part of what we do.
    Rant: how can my kitchen go from clean to utter disaster in 2 hours? I’m so sick of cyclical cleaning.

  • gotryit

    Rant: wind blew down my janky old fence that was no longer supported by chain link and structural weed-trees.
    Rave: two less panels to demo myself. Anyone want wood fence pieces?

    SAF – thanks for the rec for expertfence. They were one of the three that I had originally gotten an estimate from, so I’m back to negotiating with them to get the details in.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Mt P. Love the area, the old houses, people, neighborhood… I am a big fan! Also the fact it is so easy to get onto Park and over to Connecticut from there.
    Rave2: Super successful shopping yesterday. Everything is coming together very well!
    Rave3: Taking a day off of work next week to file with DC Circuit court to get this thing finalized. Hopefully it only takes a few weeks, and they don’t have any issues with my paperwork. Ready to be officially done for sure!
    Rant: The work I have to put in to get that paperwork done. Lame.

    • Yay to your first rave! I love Mt P as well, but I may be biased because I live there 🙂 I’ve been a huge fan since I moved to the neighborhood five years ago. Do you live nearby as well?

      Good luck getting “this thing” finalized, whatever it is!

  • KSB

    Rave: Got my PoPville tshirt yesterday! Happy to be an official wearer!
    Rant: Lots and lots of changes happening at work. Super uneasy climate after decades of relative stability.
    Rave: Spoke up for myself, got what I wanted, and will be transitioning out of the company early next year. Don’t feel like I’m leaving them in the lurch but am listening to the universe as it tells me it’s time to move on…
    Related Rave: Working for great people makes a world of difference in an uncertain climate. My bosses are extraordinary and have always had my back. Great feeling!

  • Rave: summer thunderstorms. love them.
    Rant: kiddo has a cold. Just a mild one, but it’s enough to give her a phlegmy cough and a little bit of nighttime discomfort. At least I’m assuming that’s what got her up at midnight last night with a handful of periodic whimpers in the hours leading up to it. Fortunately, she went back to sleep and slept until 8am.
    Note to self: must remember to set up the humidifier in the kiddo’s room tonight to help with the congestion. A hot shower before bed may be in order as well.

    • I have exactly the same rave, rant, and note to self today! It seems to be just a little cold/snot thing going around though (silver lining?). i hope both of our kiddo’s get over it soon. the late night whimpering makes my hear hurt a little 🙁

      • Oh, I know! For a long time, it wasn’t enough to go to her room since I thought I’d end up distracting her from sleep more than helping but I kept jumping and had a hard time settling down to go to bed because my ears were on alert. And yes, fortunately it seems pretty mild and I imagine (hope!) she’ll be over it soon. On the plus side, it doesn’t seem to be slowing her down during the day outside of a slightly reduced appetite.

  • skj84

    Rave: I’m really enjoying my time with my sister. I love Minneapolis! It kinda reminds me of Brooklyn. I just feel like The city fits my personality. If I do find a job here I’m moving. I looked at apartments yesterday for fun and rental wise it’s so much more affordable. Just would have to deal with the winter, but I handled the last winter in DC so I think I can take winter in MN.

    Rant: I missed the double rainbow in DC yesterday. It seemed like every picture on my Facebook feed was a shot of that rainbow. It got kinda old after a while.

    PoPville Brunch update: Date is July 19. Venue TBD. There is a survey to choose next venue, choices are Roofers Union, Vinoteca, Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and Barrell. I can’t link from my phone, but will post when I get on my laptop.

    • I also love Minneapolis and would love to move back there! But, just a word of caution, the winter here last year is nothing compared to a Minnesota winter. Minnesota is much more fun about it- there are lots of things to do outside- but the temperatures at which we were complaining about a polar vortex are normal/not bad at all to a Minnesotan.

      But, all you need to do is get a warm coat (down or Thinsulate) and some long johns and it’s not too bad 🙂

      • binpetworth

        Yeah, I echo this. I went to school in MN and I remember the first time I came back from Christmas break, the temp + wind chill was -42 degrees. And I thought I could handle the cold, given that I come from hardy New England stock, but brrr!

      • I lived in Minnesota for a few years. Winters there are brutally cold (the wind!) and go on for months and months, but I loved them. It’s almost always bright and clear, and most importantly DRY — for me that makes a big difference. DC tends to be moist and damp and makes me feel colder even though the temperature is much higher. It’s cold for long enough that people embrace it and do outdoor things anyway, and because there is snow and ice there are lots of things to do. In DC I find that everything just sort of shuts down to wait it out, and there generally isn’t enough snow to be pretty or to get out skiing or sledding or whatever. I also think once it gets down to about 10* it doesn’t really matter if it gets colder (except for the few -40 days!), and in MN nobody messes around with it and everyone is dressed appropriately.

    • The winter here last year was nothing. Seriously. DC has never actually felt cold.

      • Accountering

        False. This past winter was quite cold. Relative to other places (Minneapolis, Anchorage) it was not that cold. With that said, it was extremely cold for this area.
        To say it has never “felt” cold is simply not true. D.C. probably feels EXTREMELY cold to a recent immigrant from a Central American country.
        With all of that said, this past winter was nothing like a winter in Minneapolis. My parent company is in St, Paul, and I was born in southern MN, and I refuse to go back in the winter. Minneapolis by the numbers is colder than Anchorage, the capital of Alaska.

        • Emmaleigh504

          or quite cold to a transplant from the deep south! Some of those days were on par with days I had on my misadventures in South Dakota. Seven degrees feels the same in DC as it does in SoDak. Of course, super cold days in DC only last a day or two, thank god, unlike SoDak.

        • Okay well clearly I wasn’t trying to write a thesis on weather patterns in DC. But, the truth is, this is really not a “cold city” in the U.S. Last year’s winter sucked because it was colder than we’re used to, and also dragged on a lot longer than we’re used to. But, it was not really a bad winter, objectively speaking. Not only Minneapolis, but Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, most of the Rocky Mountains, all of them have colder winters than us which I’d say sticks us pretty much in the “middle”. So, I still maintain that even last winter was not really a “cold” winter, especially in the context of talking about a move to Minneapolis.

        • I’m not sure if you are joking and it is lost in internet translation, but Anchorage is not the capital of Alaska. The only reason why I am commenting is because I am from Anchorage and it is amazing the amount of random questions and mis-stated facts about the state that I get, usually perpetuated by all of the TV shows and politicians who shall not be named.

          • Accountering

            Oh shit… I wasn’t meaning to joke. Now I just feel like an idiot.

          • Juneau might be the capital, but since it’s weather is basically a chilly Seattle and Anchorage actually has the cold, your point for comparison sake of how brutally cold Minnesota is every year is valid Accountering.

    • “but I handled the last winter in DC so I think I can take winter in MN.” This is not a good comparison.

      • skj84

        I’m up for a challenge. If my sister could do it I can too. I honestly thought she would be back to the east coast before winters end the year she moved here. And she relies on public transportation. Apparently there are people who bike year round, even in the dead of winter in this town.

    • justinbc

      Didn’t realize the date was a Saturday, you can remove Barrel since they only do Sunday brunch!

  • Rave:The Speakeasy event was great last night! It was fascinating to see what the storytellers decided to change from our first run at rehearsal. Everyone brought their A game and hopefully I kept up 🙂
    Rave: I missed the storm completely because I had to be at the venue early. The people coming in shortly after I arrived were SOAKED!
    Rave: Friends/co-workers/date that came out for the event
    No rants whatsoever today!

    • Additional rave: I just found out that a friend of mine got a job she’d been hoping for for the better part of a year! I helped her with her resume and cover letter during two separate interview processes and even consulted on her outfits for the interview. WOOHOO! So happy for her!

  • Rant: Can’t find an independent plumber in DC utilizing online searches. Only big companies come up. Anybody have a good independent plumber to recommend? Thanks.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Hahahaha: the self proclaim soccer expert at work yesterday who told me Brazil would win.
    Rant: Inauspicious start to my work day.
    Rave: my work day is over early because I’m watching the Netherlands Argentina game today.

  • Rant: Myopic Suburbanite Twit endorsing vehicular assault in the Washington Post.

    • On the anniversary of Alice Swanson’s death no less. We all know he’s a provocateur and prone to hyperbole, but does her family really need to see a writer in a major newspaper advocate for vehicular homicide on what must be a terribly painful day for them?

      • Just appalling. Washington Post’s “columnists” are a disgrace.

      • From the Post opinion piece:
        “Bikers routinely worm their way to the front of a line of cars waiting at a red light. When the light turns green, they’ll poke along at a snail’s pace, holding up traffic while motorists wait for a chance to pass. Then they do the same thing at the next stop light.”
        I love it when this complaint is included in rants about the lawless, terrorist (!!) cyclists. It demonstrated the hypocrisy involved – he doesn’t care about “lawlessness” – this practice is prefectly legal in DC. It’s really a rant about “they slow me down.”

    • source?

    • Wait, what?

  • Rant: Some neighborhood kids decided it’d be a good idea to use the tomatoes in my community garden plot to have a food fight. Nothing is left after 3 months of tending.

    • So sorry to hear this

    • justinbc

      Argh, that’s terrible. We’ve got some big planter boxes going in this fall for vegetables and I keep warning my partner that this kind of thing might happen, so just be ready for it. I hope that it doesn’t (our neighbors across the street seem to be doing OK for the past 2 years, AFAIK).

      • Yes, we went into it this spring with the expectation that the garden would be ruined. It was still pretty awful when it actually happened, though. Unfortunately, I think this will probably be the last time we try to plant in a community garden in a park. Maybe someone with more patience for this kind of thing will enjoy the spot next summer.

    • was this in Columbia Heights. I almost stepped in a pile of tomatoes on the way home 2 days ago?

    • Becks

      So sorry! That’s terrible!

  • Rant: Courtland Milloy’s so-called oped yesterday.
    Rave: Can actually go to the ride tomorrow afternoon to WaPo to protest

    • Has he ever written a column that wasn’t meant to provoke and anger people?

    • What ride tomorrow? More info?

    • Several years ago, I decided to protest Courtland Milloy by not reading his columns. Today his tirade is featured on the Washington Post homepage. Imagine if no one clicked.

      • +1

        Exactly right. he is clickbait for the WaPo, nothing more. Don’t click, no matter how bad you want to.

      • THIS! Protesting and sending around the article to spread the outrage is exactly what they want. They don’t care whether or not you like the story, they just want the clicks because they get more money. Even with protesting, it’s getting people talking about an issue, making them act on something about an issue (bike protest I’m assuming from this thread), and then in return getting them even more clicks- people ride by wondering what’s going on, etc. The best thing you can do is not read it. If you must read it and spread it, click it once, then copy and paste it to send out to your friends so that it doesn’t up their numbers! /rant

        • The article itself has been passed around enough that I didn’t need to go to WaPo’s site to read it. So they haven’t gotten any of my clicks. I feel the protest ride is worth it because, however carefully worded Milloy might make his racism, his shit needs to go and the WaPo needs to stop employing him on just basic human decency.

  • Rant: The interns on the other side of the cubicle wall who spend 1 to 2 hours a day re-enacting all conversations from the night before with their significant others.

    Rant#2: Safeway Facebook admins who deleted my post last night about the assault in the Mt Vernon. Apparently they don’t understand how the Internet works.

  • Rave: Got the call for a job interview!!
    Rant: It’s a panel interview
    Rant: Trying to make sure I am super-prepared for it – reading articles, researching interviewers, buying thank you cards
    Rave: Preparing is half the fun when it is for a job and topic that I like and am passionate about!!
    Rave: Income-based repayment plans and the public service loan forgiveness program
    Rave/Rant: Signing up for speed-dating…just to see what it is like…

  • Revel: The temps the days after these last two storms have been so great. It’s a relief not to start sweating the minute I cross the threshold.

    Rant: Last night’s storm seriously whipped my garden around. I’m hoping there’s not too much damage, but a few things weren’t looking good from the window this morning.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Super Duper Rant: African rhinos poaching is still increasing. At least 3 rhinos are poached a day. It’s so depressing.
    Rave: Rhino conservation groups are raising money and working to get more armed guards and trained dogs to protect rhinos populations. Now if we could just convince people that rhino horn is NOT medicine!

  • Rave: First harvest of 5 small tomatoes from my deck garden box. Made a lovely pasta with fresh tomatoes, fresh basil (also from my deck), and garlic for dinner last night. Delicious.

    Rant: my squash doesn’t seen to want to produce. It keeps teasing me with baby squash which then die. I should just think of it as a squash blossom plant and start eating those. I do have one that seems to have grown past the withering stage, so here’s hoping.

    Neither rant nor rave: Who knew squash plants got so big?

    • epric002

      OMG, my yellow squash plant has taken over 1/2 my yard. (zucchini- not so much). i’ve already picked 2 huge squashes (I think i left them on too long) and have about 15 more still growing. i have no idea why this plant has gone totally bonkers.

      • Send some my way! My plant is huge and I have a lot of female blossoms, so I should have a lot of little yellow squashes, but they just don’t seem to grow more than an inch. One actually got to about 3 inches long and literally turned black and shriveled. 🙁 Maybe they don’t like the container?

        • epric002

          maybe? mine are in the ground, which is why it’s managed to take over 1/2 the yard….do you have space to put it in the ground?

          • I don’t have a yard. 🙁 I have a very large deck, so I could get a larger container for them. The plant itself is doing well – taking over the deck, really. It is just the squash that aren’t really growing.

          • epric002

            i’m so not a green thumb. i just plant stuff and some of it grows and some of it doesn’t and i’m generally ok with that. good luck!

      • Could be the squash version of blossom end rot.

  • Becks

    Rave: Lovely rainy morning.
    Rave: I moved Lady Carlotta’s second bed from the living room to the end of my bed. She loves it! Yesterday I kept popping my head into the bedroom to see if she was still asleep, curled up in her bed! She is so cute!
    Rant: Doctor’s visit yesterday confirm that I have a major back sprain. I was told to keep doing what I’m doing and switch from Aspercream to Tiger Balm.
    Rave: Excuse to be lazy!
    Rantish?: Craving Chicken Fried steak and IHOP just doesn’t cut it!

    • Emmaleigh504

      You should get her a heated mat for her bed! My old cat loved it! Though maybe that’s because she was old, Donna doesn’t car about it. They aren’t expensive, so give it a go! When are we going to see pictures of the famous Lady Carlotta?? I’m beginning to think she’s made up! 😉
      Sorry about your back, feel better!

    • Rant: My cat slept at the foot of my bed for the first six months I had her, and then stopped. (Probably my fault for objecting so strongly when she tried to wake me up in the morning.) I’ve been trying to win her back for the past year and a half, with very little success.

      • Any ideas on how to get her to resume sleeping at the foot of the bed? I’ve tried closing the door so she can’t get out of the bedroom, but then she stands in front of the door and meows.
        It’s not a matter of tiredness… she’ll curl up and go to sleep, but somewhere else.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Lots of petting and snuggle time before bedtime so she associates the bed with love? Or a really soft blankie or sweater or a favorite thing to sleep on folded up where you want her. My cats always prefer my bed over anything else when my clothes are on it.

        • if only my cat would sleep ANYWHERE except the foot of my bed! it’s amazing how much room a 12# cat can take up! i have to sleep curled up in my own bed because cat makes such sad noises when i accidentally poke him with my foot during the middle of the night. i got him his own bed and all he did was pee in it and go back to sleeping on my bed.

          • Emmaleigh504

            hahahaha Made the mistake of reading this on a conference call. Of course he peed in his bed! He loves you and wants to stay with you!

          • Cats being contrary? NEVER.
            Before my cat started spurning me, she slept at the foot of the bed on the left side, and I sleep on the right side, so it worked well.
            I do toss and turn a lot in my sleep, but as far as I know the tossing/turning didn’t change between when she slept at the foot of the bed and when she stopped.
            I’ll try the soft thing/blankey/etc. some more. (I do have a soft throw that she kneads… but so far it hasn’t been enough to keep her on the bed.) I had some success in the past with soft cat beds, but the last time I washed one of her favorite beds, I couldn’t get the foam panels to realign properly.

      • Becks

        Lady Carlotta had two beds; one in the living room on the sofa and the other in the bedroom on the dresser. She ignored the bedroom for the first month but liked to sleep on the floor in the bedroom. I was cleaning the dresser and put her bed at the end of my bed. When I came back a few hours later, she was curled up in it. I haven’t tried to be pushy with her since we are still getting to know each other. I’ve had her three months now. A few weeks ago I took one of those rare afternoon naps and she was sleeping curled up next to me. Since then, when it is bedtime, I pick her up and put her into her bed, and very gently slide into bed on my side. Too much movement and she will leave.

        • I wonder if it’s a “too much movement” issue with me and my cat (although like I said, she didn’t seem to mind for the first six months). Sometimes she’ll snuggle with me in bed… but as soon as I turn over (which I have to do in order to fall asleep and stay asleep), she’s outta there.
          I’ll definitely try additional soft beds, blankeys, etc.

          • Emmaleigh504

            My old cat, Ashlee, learned that she had to wait until I was asleep to get in bed b/c I would toss and turn and get up a million times (curse my legs!). After I fell asleep she’d climb in bed by my feet and slowly take over. She never learned I kick in my sleep, so I kicked her every night. Donna, the new kitty, loves my bed, and hangs out when I’m awake, but sleeps on the floor or the couch when the light goes out. I think she’s figured out the kicking.

  • Rave: Dog is not doing nearly as bad as I thought he would in the heat. He’s still prancing about on his walks and wiggling his butt every time he sees his friends, so I’m glad we can still get exercise in on these hot days.
    Rave: Homemade pizza! So delicious – really glad I opted to get a bread hook for my kitchen aid.
    Rant: I get really annoyed when something at work hinges on one person completing one small task. I can’t get started on this until you sign this paper and there’s only so many times I can stop by, schedule time (and have you cancel twice), call you, and email you. Either let someone else sign it or let me know what the issue is.

  • Rave: Finally starting a business doing something I love.

    Rant: Dang it ain’t easy!

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