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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Per request, next HH is scheduled in Brookland at the brand new Smith Public Trust on July 17th. Their HH specials run from 5-7PM, but feel free to stay as late as you like, I know I will since it’s right by the Metro. Miles has done a great job with the space, let’s show him some love! (Next one will likely be @ DC Reynolds in Petworth in August, per previous discussion, as I was unable to get any confirmation about what Chez Billy offers.)
    Rave: After a month+ of using the BlueBuds I’m hooked, never want to run again without them.
    Rave/Rant: Partner got selected for competitive deployment position, luckily it’s in a relatively “safe” locale. More time apart sucks, more money does not though.

    • Thanks for setting that up!

    • Accountering

      Sounds awesome! I am in!

      DC Reynolds is a terrific spot for the next one. Definitely my favorite bar in the District (world?!)

      • Thanks for setting this up, Justin! Also, Accountering, if you’re a fan of the DC Reynolds hh, Bravo Bar also has the two for one deal.

        • I just went to Bravo Bar and really liked it. It doesn’t have the energy that DC Reynolds has, but it is a comfortable, chill spot. The grilled cheese needs a lot of work though.

          • Yeah, it’s definitely a different vibe, but I like it and I hope they make it. It’s kind of a weird location. The staff is really nice, and I’m grateful to have a newish place that is reasonably priced. As for the food, I only tried the onion rings and they were passable, but nothing special.

          • The fries/potato wedges were great, really crispy. I saw someone get a pupusa, then order another one, so maybe that’s the way to go.

    • Awesome, thanks for putting in the effort to set these up! Will they generally be on Thursdays? I’d love to go more often, but I can’t make most Thursdays. I might be in the minority though, so I understand if that’s the best day.

      • justinbc

        That was the consensus from the last one, as a lot of people had/have Fridays off. I can definitely try to alternate them though, especially for the more busy bars that might fill up closer to the weekend (we did Partisan on a Wednesday I believe and it was still packed in there).

        • +1 for Wednesday PoP happy hours. Thursdays are also difficult for me. Thanks for organizing these unofficial happy hours, Justin–they’re wonderful when my schedule allows me to go πŸ™‚

        • +1 for the idea of alternating the happy-hour days. I don’t have a regular weeknight conflict myself, but I’d hate to think we’re missing people who do have such conflicts.

    • pablo .raw

      Thanks again for setting another to be wonderful HH. I suggest (if you have the time) you create a facebook page or maybe another way to alert us about future HH. Turns out sometime this info is buried in the ever growing amount of comments on the RRR a/o R.

      • Maybe the announcements for the unofficial happy hours could be bundled into the Googlegroup for the PoPville brunch group? (I’d really prefer that it NOT be a Facebook group — not everyone is on Facebook, many people can’t access Facebook at work, etc.)
        And/or maybe the Prince would be willing to post announcements of unofficial happy hours?

        • saf

          Why not put it on the Popville calendar?

        • justinbc

          Yeah. I don’t really care about Facebook privacy, but I know lots of people do, so I probably won’t go that route. Googlegroups displays email addresses as well, which poses a similar dilemma. If other folks want to paste the info over there, by all means go ahead, but I would just advise people who want to attend to check in at least once a week. I usually try to post several reminders here the week of / day before / day of the actual HH gathering.

    • KSB

      Or head over to Brookland Movie Night on the lawn at Howard School of Divinity after happy hour! Movie TBD…

    • YAY finally one I can attend! πŸ™‚

    • Becks

      Thanks for setting this up. Hopefully, I can make this one!

  • dcgator

    Rave: An early RRR post, unless it’s been earlier recently, and I just haven’t noticed?
    Rave: Early morning physical, and I’m (mostly) good to go.
    Rave: I got a bunch of fresh fruit for this week
    Rave: Plan on hitting the gym in the first time in months after work today
    Rant: I don’t have any really good rants.

  • Rant: The smell of 14th Street as it stretches through Columbia Heights for about 4 blocks in either direction from DCUSA mall. It’s like piss on top of vomit on top of decaying bodies. I’m from SF and this smells even worse than it does there. I can’t imagine anywhere in DC could compete for worst smelling street.

    • dcgator

      The alley right behind Rite-Aid, at 13&U, constantly smells like piss.

      • Good thing that whole block is getting developed soon. Though, I can’t imagine the port-a-potties would be that much better.

    • I think H st NW between 6th & 7th could give it a run for its money, especially in the dead of August heat when all the trash from restaurants hasn’t been picked up.

      • Dont forget the smells of really really bad ganja! (right around 7-11 area usually)

      • justinbc

        I dunno, I’ve been to both pretty recently and I would have to give the disappointing nod towards Columbia Heights. We saw people just standing / laying in piles of what looked like days old dried puke all by the bus stop near Irving (I think).

    • Clearly you haven’t smelled inside the Chinatown metro station recently. DEAR GOD. What is that smell!?

      • skj84

        I once knocked my makeup bag on the floor of the Chinatown metro and it opened up. I bleached all the makeup brushes after. I’m still slightly leery of using them. Shuddering.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: So tired after coming home late last night from the Nats vs Os game.
    Rant: Damned 11th inning! Can’t believe Os got another 6 runs.
    Rave: If this is my biggest problem/complaint, then I’ve got it good πŸ™‚

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: Coworkers that feel the need to turn on every overhead light, desk lamp and open every window shade in the office. It’s so bright in here I could do medical work.
    RANT2: I know I’m supposed to love this 27″ Apple Thunderbolt Display but I would much rather have a cheaper monitor that doesn’t have a sheet of highly reflective glass as it’s screen. That combined with a white desk and interrogation lighting = not really being able to see anything on the monitor.
    RAVE: The weather so far this summer has been top-notch. If the humidity could just keep to a minimum for the rest of the summer, that would be awesome.

    • In the spirit of community, I volunteer to take the menace that is your 27β€³ Apple Thunderbolt Display off your hands. I believe I still have a 14″ CRT in the bottom of my closet that I can set you up with πŸ˜‰

      • maxwell smart

        Totally wish I could swap you. The monitor is really meant to be used in low-light environments, not really bright environments with lot’s of white, shiny surfaces. As it is, I installed f.lux and adjusted it all the down to make the screen as yellow and dark as possible.

        • In all seriousness, that sounds miserable, like trying to use an iPad at the beach. Have you talked to HR about it? I would think an organization that invests in nice, expensive tech would be willing to work with you on the environmentals.

          • maxwell smart

            Actually that is a pretty good description – it is like using an iPad at the beach. And no, I was told that although there are some of the older monitors around, everyone is being “upgraded” to the Thunderbolt so I could not downgrade to the older matte screen monitors. Apparently no one else has a problem with it. I think it’s because no one else has blue eyes and I maintain that people with blue eyes are more light sensitive then other people.

    • You may look strange, but get a pair of “gamer” glasses. They are designed for video gamers to prevent eye strain, and it definitely works. When you have that much glare, your eyes will be completely tired by the end of the day. If you have any prescription glass coverage, you can also get some prescription computer glasses which will do the same thing.

  • It feels like all I do after work these days is go to happy hour, then come home and watch bad TV. I need a hobby, and to meet new people. Any advice on how to find volunteer opportunities, or people with similar interests? Is MeetUp, etc. actually useful?

    • No idea about MeetUp. But maybe try reading rather than watching bad TV?

      • I did that last night actually – I should have been more clear, I’m looking for ideas that aren’t as solitary and don’t revolve around drinking.

    • justinbc

      Lots of people have had success with Meetup. From what I’ve heard though many of the groups are very singular minded and don’t like to stray outside the set goal when it comes to interactions outside of that purpose.

    • skj84

      I feel like the biggest evengalist for meetup but yes it is. I joined meetup five years ago when most of my college friends were leaving town. Today I think the majority of my current friends I’ve met through meetup. There really is a group for everybody. Try the 20’s and 30’s group as a gateway.

    • I’m glad you posted this. I’ve had the same question about MeetUp. Plus, I’m on the shy side so I haven’t yet conquered the ‘show up and interact with strangers’ aspect of it. Someday!

      • Same problem – I have pretty bad anxiety, so the idea of inserting myself into social situations with strangers is scary to me. But I’m trying to branch out!

    • Try volunteermatch.org

      • Awesome suggestion. I’ve been feeling like I need to get out and do something productive lately and this might be how I find it, thanks!

    • I’m beating a dead horse at this point I think, but social partner dancing is a great way to meet people. I swing dance, aka lindy hop, and when you take a beginner lesson you rotate partners and get to meet 5-6 people. Instead of just being thrown into a group and trying to interact, in dancing you get to say “hi, I’m so and so” then you try out the move, then say thank you and rotate to the next person. So when the dance starts you’ve already met a few people you can go dance with. There are unwritten rules about asking people to dance, dancing until the end of the song, then saying thank you and being done, i.e. not the scourge that is club dancing. If this is at all interesting to you I recommend going to the Jam Cellar.
      I’m fairly sure other styles of dance, tango, salsa, etc do it the same way, so there are options.

      I also joined a bocce league, mostly to play bocce, but I’ve made great friends doing it.

      • question about bocce – I’ve never played and am NOT fit or coordinated, but actually like team games. Some folks say that bocce might be a good fit for me, but I don’t want to join a team and ruin people’s fun because I’d have to learn the game (I’m fairly scared by being talked into joining the work softball team after having told everyone I stink at softball, then having them be ridiculously competitive and upset when people weren’t good). Is there a good way to try bocce? And, if so, how would one go about finding a team? Thanks!

        • You don’t have to know anything about bocce to play! In fact, a lot of the new teams we’ve played didn’t even read the rules before showing up the first day (not that I advocate that, read the rules, they’re not hard, they’re on the DC bocce website). If you want to try bocce before signing up there are a number of bars that have it now, Vinotecca, Black Jack, Vandetta, and maybe more.
          You don’t need to have a team to sign up. I play through DC Bocce, they make a few random teams for each league, each season. In fact, and I’m very proud of this, my team started as a random team five years ago and we’re still together and are all good friends. They don’t all go that way, but hopefully you’ll meet enough people to start your own team eventually.

          • justinbc

            +1 just go to any of these restaurants, grab a drink and play. I walk by Vendetta a lot and see their downstairs court almost always empty, so it’s pretty much free game there. Black Jack is a bit more rambunctious, but also a much better bar. You don’t have to be fit at all to play bocce. If you can lift a pitcher of beer you’re strong enough to through a bocce ball.

          • Oh yeah, it’s basically like putting in golf, no fitness required, but try to get the ball near something by having some small understanding of what it might do when you roll it. You’ll get better with some practice and usually teams are varied enough that different members have different strengths.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          long ago I played bocce with friends from the Spinal Cord Injury Network. So if quads and parapalegics can play you can too.

    • Define “similar interests”. I’m sure a lot of folks here could provide more specific recommendations if they knew what you liked to do (or want to start doing).
      And I second the suggestion of skipping the TV. I know watching TV seems like a default activity or even a requirement so as not to be adrift of popular culture, but you might be surprised how much better you feel if you cut it out of your routine (especially the “bad” stuff.)

    • Meetup is awesome. After not seeing a group I was interested in joining, I started my own, neighborhood-focused group. It’s been fantastic!

      • binpetworth

        Does that cost money to start a group on Meetup? I’ve got two interests that don’t currently have a local group but have wondered about whether I’d have to pony up funding for getting folks together via Meetup.

        • It does, and it works out to about $10 a month, give or take. I’ve found it to be well worth the cost, but I know some organizers charge small fees for certain meet ups to make up the cost.

    • I go to a dinner meet up group and it’s a good time. On Fridays we meet at a nice restaurant eat some good food and have nice conversation. The food and restaurant are good convo starters, groups are small and food is almost always top notch!

    • I lead 2 meetup groups. I met most of my friends through meetup. I actually met my husband through a friend I met at a meetup. Cost is $72/year and you can create up to 3 meetups group for that cost. If you just attend them it is free. When I was single I was member of maybe 25 meetups groups but active in like 15, now I am member of 10 or so and there are mostly professional development meetups. You can join anytime and leave anytime and you don’t have to attend events. Good luck!

    • Try getting a bike. It’ll give you free transportation, exercise, and there are almost daily free group rides organized by the bike shops.

  • Rant: Constant power outages, the latest of which wasn’t fixed until ~12:30 last night. Dragging today from lack of sleep.

    Rave: Now living on a bus route that is convenient for work. No more metro!!

  • REVEL: Many thanks to Emilie504 for recommending Goorin hats in Georgetown. I looked for two years for a sun hat that fit and I could pack. I walked out with two hats!
    RANT: None

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yay! I forgot to order Mrs Bogart during the July 4th sale and lamented on twitter. They contacted me and said they could help me out. I love Gooring Bros!

      • I like it! I got the Mrs Davis and the Macey. They also gave me a Bourbon with ginger ale, which helped the sale a bit…

        I’ll follow them on twitter. Sales are good.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Get on their email list, too. That’s how I find out about all their sales. And I recommend a hat box for seasonal storage. Theirs are very sturdy and not spendy at all. Now I just need a nice hat rack for my hat collection that is slowly taking over my apartment.

          • Would you consider doing pegs on a wall to display your hat collection? That way it really would take over your apartment — in a GOOD way!

          • I was collecting hats some years back – mostly from the 40’s and 50’s. I ran a wire from one corner of my bedroom to the other and clipped the hats on to the wire.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Good ideas but, my walls are full of pictures, and Donna will find a way to pull wire down and possibly break her wee kitty body at the same time. I do have an awkward, unused corner that is perfect for a hat rack if I can find 1 I like. Restoration Hardware used to have one I like, but without the employee discount it’s too spendy, even if they still carry it.

          • Have you looked online at Bombay Company? In the past, that’s been my go-to option for things like hat racks and tea tables and such.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Thanks! I,ve just started this quest, so I’ve only looked at IKEA. I’ll put it on my list.

  • Rave: planning a real vacation

    lesser rave (can’t really be a rant b/c it is still about a vacation): I usually plan vacations myself, but this one is getting tricky – anyone know a good travel agent?

    • What aspect of it is getting tricky? Have you tried using the forums in TripAdvisor? I found that to be extremely useful when planning a complex first-time visit to Sri Lanka. Most places have “destination experts” that can help answer questions and provide information. It was very helpful.

      • I’m trying to do a round the world. I’ve tried the itinerary I want using the three major round the world planners (One World, Star Alliance, and whatever Delta’s alliance is) and none produce good flights. Wanted to see if a travel agent would have a better resource.

        • We did a round the world trip a few years ago and found that it was cheaper/easier to book leg by leg. Depending on how many places you’re going, that may not work for you, but you could price it out as an option.

          • I started to price it out, if I leave out one leg, it almost works (better flights, but a bit more expensive). But if I do all the legs I want it is a lot more expensive to do it flight by flight. One option is to do the worst connection as a land connection, which lowers the RTW ticket. Then buy that ticket separately. It makes it a bit more expensive, but gives me significantly better flights (saves me about 10 hours of flying/layover time). That is one reason I want to see if there is a good travel agent – to see if there are ideas I’m missing to get the best flights for just a bit less (and maybe a few ideas about things to do where I’m going).

        • I’ve loved using a travel agent for things like this. In my last job, I had to fly a lot to unusual locations and my agent could always find flights far cheaper than what I could find on my own. He only works with employees of my organization, though.

  • Rant: my annoying coworker is back from vacation.
    Rant: tired after last night’s Nats game. I left early because I was tired by the 8th inning and missed the 11th (horrible) inning. I think the heat just drained me.
    Rave: Got to see some old friends last night; good times!
    Rave: Brazil-Germany… should be an awesome game

  • gotryit

    Rant: blistered / repeatedly torn up hands, achy back
    Rave: concrete is making it’s way to the dumpster… almost halfway done with ~800 sq ft
    Rave: jackhammer
    Rant: jackhammer
    Rave: DC Riversmart program pays up to $1,000 for me to replace the concrete with grass… which I wanted to do anyway.
    Rant: fence contractor is not getting getting back to me on a contractor… need to find someone else.

  • Rave: Things are still good with bargirl – wohoo for chemistry
    Rave: Leaving saturday for two week eurotrip ending with my friends wedding in Zurich
    Rant: Cannot wait for this week to be over!
    Random: Anyone have suggestions for activities in Amsterdam, Berlin, or Budapest?

    • If you speak German, the riverboats through the canals of Berlin are really nice. Not sure if they do them in English though.

      It’s always fun to sit in Alexanderplatz and watch the crazies.

      Also, if you are a beer fan, I’d make sure to find some Berliner Weiße. It’s a really sour beer–Germans typically add red or green syrup to it to mask the sourness. So, if the bartender asks you “rot oder grΓΌn,” just pick one and see if you like it.

      Make you you wander into East Berlin too. It’s amazing to see the difference between East and West, plus the graffiti along the remaining sections of wall is pretty interesting.

      I’d recommend getting a bike and riding around. Berlin is relatively flat and easy for biking. But, the subway (hauptbahnhof) is really good too.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m happy things are going well with her. I’ve been curious πŸ™‚

    • rent a pedal boat to ride in the canals in Amsterdam! we went earlier this year, and it was a blast! much more fun than just taking a ‘canal cruise’.

    • Berlin: go clubbing (Berghain/Panorama Bar, Watergate, Club der Visionnaire), do lots of E, drink beer on the street with people from all walks of life, and spend the week parting/having sex with a gorgeous Icelandic woman you met in your hostel. Worked for me! God, I love Berlin.

      • Good luck getting past Sven at Berghain/Panorama Bar. I love techno and house, but could not get in two nights in a row. Tresor and Weekend were pretty fun though.

        • Is it easy to find E at these clubs? We were planning to try to go out to at least one club per city

          • I don’t go looking for that stuff, so wouldn’t know. That being said, if you don’t know any of the music/djs stay away from those clubs, you’ll just get turned away (Berghain is notorious for this, Watergate and other clubs also try to limit the crowds that are only there to get messed up). Clubbing in Berlin is pretty intense, the top clubs specialize in the music they play, so they try to attract a clientele that are there for music first. I’m sure there are plenty of mainstream/edm clubs to try out that fit all your needs.

          • yeah i mean…i can appriciate a good dj, however not head over heels in love with EDM culture. I also hate prententiousness and would laugh at EDM/Club prententiousness right off the bat, so good to know to avoid these places.

        • My trick was going in with three (obviously) gay men and one straight woman (I’m a straight male). I was the sole American rolling in with a mixed group of Europeans, so that’s how I got past Sven. You need to look the part and know who’s playing that night. Sven turned me away my second time to Berlin on a Sunday morning, but I managed to get in 12 hours later (different bouncer, new outfit).
          Don’t be sloppy and enjoy the music. The more avant garde fashion sense you have, the more likely you are to get in. Go with gays and/or Europeans. Don’t be an clueless American or Brit. Good luck! It’s the best club I’ve gone to and I’m a Party Professional (London, Ibiza, Tokyo, NYC, Burning Man, etc.)

    • Berlin is awesome! Definitely check out some museums — there are SO many and so many great ones, depending on your interest. Jewish Museum is designed by architect Daniel Libeskind and awesome; a bunch of great art museums – Neue Galerie, Photography Museum and others – Berlin’s museums are more ground breaking than ours in the states in response to ww2 – they embrace all views, the more outrageous the better. Lots of great contemporary architecture in Berlin too — definitely go to Potsdamer Platz. Circus Hostel is a good place to stay with a range of rooms – the bar downstairs has a velvet shrine to The Hoff. Their blog has great tips – http://www.circus-berlin.de/blog/

      • Also, Brewers Berlin Walking Tours is awesome — http://www.brewersberlintours.com/ — If you get them through Circus Hostel, it’s free with expected tip. Good way to get a feel of the city and learn some history without anything fancy. When I did it, our guide was awesome and also clued us in to some cool local hangouts, etc.

      • Ha, The Circus was where I found my Icelandic hottie-for-the-week. That place is ridiculous mess (in a good way). 5 stars for opportunities to get into trouble.

        • Nice. I stayed there in 2006 I believe. Wasn’t TOO much of a mess but that was before the hotel went in across the street. As hostels go, it’s great — clean, nice, friendly, etc. and in a great location.

    • I’ll recommend Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and Szechenyi Baths and Pool in Budapest (allow a few hours for the baths). And if you have time, Blinde Kuh restaurant in Zurich (where you dine in the dark).

    • I highly recommend a bike tour in Berlin! The sites are pretty spread out over the city, and with a bike tour you get to hit many of them AND stop for lunch with a huge beer. You can always go back and spend more time, but I felt like I got a nice overview of the city without walking forever/getting lost.

    • I loved the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, what a great collection. I took a red light district tour from an expat, I don’t remember the name, but she was suggested in the Rick Steve’s Amsterdam book. It was interesting and fun to meet some other people.

  • Question: Anyone here from Cincinnati? I’m going there for a conference soon and looking for recommendations for places to eat or things to see/do. I’ll be staying by the convention center.

  • Rant: I woke up too late for yoga at the gym
    Rave: I did yoga at home and lifted some light weights. I will eventually stop hitting snooze and become a morning person!
    Rant: I’m feeling unmotivated at work this week even though I have a lot to do.
    Rave: Pineapple kale coconut smoothies

  • Rave: Couldn’t make it to today so I gave notice yesterday. It went better than expected and they were sorry to see me go. They didn’t walk me out but did say turn in your card, feel free to leave when you’re ready!
    Rave: Morning bike ride after sleeping in around the city, taking my sweet ass time.
    Rant: Going to miss the PoPville HH next week as I’ll be in Brooklyn for training at the new job.
    Rave: Going to be in Brooklyn to work for PoPville. πŸ˜€

  • Rant: Getting stuck on small things. My bike tires need air and I’m just not able to connect hose to valve. It’s a Public Bike, the valve does look different than previous bikes but reading the owners manual didn’t shed any light on this.
    Rave: Started back with yoga after a few months hiatus and slept really well, deep and long last night.

    • Should be a Schrader valve on the PUBLIC tire tube. Your pump may only be set up for a Presta tube but all pumps usually come with a valve adapter to accommodate either type.

      • you should be able to unscrew the little round plastic top piece of your pump that you put on the inner tube — inside there should be a rubber stopper that you can turn around. one side is usually presta, and the other side is schrader.

        • Thanks kken and jerseygirl – I’ll take a closer look at my pump. I knew putting air in the tires shouldn’t be complicated!

    • skj84

      Rave: made it to Minneapolis! Trip was realativly painless, despite a hitch in Atlanta. Seriously what is Atlanta’s problem? They moved my gate twice. As well as other flights departing. One flight had to go to a gate on the other end of the airport. But I made it in and that’s all that matters.

      Rant: My sister and I have different sleep schedules. I get up early. She sleeps in. I don’t think she’s planning to get up till noon. We have limited time to hang out and really wish she’d adjust. Especially since she’s working two days I’m here.

      Rave: Going to explore the city by bike this time around. It was way too cold last time. Plus there are so many coffee shops I need to check out. There’s one called Blue Ox that I’ve heard great things about and it was closed last time around.

    • Also, if it is a Schrader valve, make sure to unscrew the little ball on the top of the valve before you fill it, and then screw it back down once you’re done. Unlike a Presta valve, that’s what actually keeps the air in your tires.

  • Rave: I found my Fitbit one that I lost 2 months ago. I’ve since replaced it with a flex, since I’m less likely to lose it. But now I have options.
    Rave: lately I’ve been feeling full more quickly, not being able to finish the food I set out for myself or am served in restaurants
    This definitely wasn’t the case a few months ago.
    Rant: So much wasted food, even as I save leftovers.

    • Is your appetite change related to the seasons? I find that in the colder months I can’t possibly eat enough, but then in the summer I eat very little. Like last night I had a salad before dinner, and then decided that I just didn’t even want anything else so that was all I ate.

      • +1
        I’m a guy and despite being more active in the winter due to nice weather, I frequently skip meals without noticing and I get full more quickly. I guess that’s to compensate for the cheap, watery beer I chug during weekends BBQs, pool parties, and beach trips.

    • Fitbit customer service is great, they replaced my lost one. Cheers to feeling full! I’m hoping I get there. πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Nutritious breakfast at my desk after coming straight to the office from rowing (shower in the building).

    Rant: Granola in my keyboard.

  • Reflection: My husband’s mom had a stroke this week. She’s in the hospital now waiting to see if she needs surgery. It’s a terrible situation and I’m not sure how to help my husband deal with the possibility and eventual inevitability of losing his mom. He wants our son to know her, and that might not be possible. This has me thinking about my own parents getting older. Even though we don’t see eye to eye on *most* things, our time here is short, and we need to make sure that the people in our lives know that we love them.

    • So sorry for your husband. One idea for helping the kids “know” her – my husband’s mom passed away two years before he and I met. His sister now has two kids who will never know their grandmother (none for us yet). For a gift, I sat down my husband and his sister and had them think of all their favorite memories/stories of their mom while I took notes. I hired a writer via taskrabbit to turn them into children’s stories. I am now working with an illustrator and getting some photos of their mom scanned to then create a book using one of those online book publishing tools. I’ll print copies just for family. It’s really been a great project for me to get to know the woman I never met, and it will be great for the kids as they get older to feel like they got to meet her too.

  • Is there a term to describe the phenomenon of never having heard of something, but once you learn about it then you see references to it all the time? Surely the Germans have a word for this?

  • Anyone hear that godforsaken fire alarm at 360 H St NE at 3AM on Monday morning? You can hear it from several blocks away!

  • Rave: I forgot what a chick magnet having a pretty dog is. Last night on our walk we got stopped and chatted up by 4 separate cute young ladies.

    • sounds like they liked your dog…

    • I’m a woman and get stopped by young, attractive women ALL the time when I’m walking my dog. I always think about how nice it must be to be a lesbian/straight man with a cute dog in this city… πŸ˜›

  • Rant: It’s a real shame how that diner is just sitting up there, rotting away. It’s in pretty bad shape now. Does anyone know what the plans are? I thought it had been sold to someone who planned on reopening it, but from the looks of it, it’s going to take a lot of work.

    • It’s sad to see it sit there like that. It’s so rough now that anyone wanting to open a diner would be much better off buying one in better shape than attempting to restore this one. Too bad they couldn’t make a go of it the last time around.

  • Rave: Using my new National Zoo Smart trip card with the baby tigers on it for the first time today. IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS PEOPLE!

    Rant: “Hi my name is Formerly Broken Jaw and I’m an Amazon Prime addict.”

    “Hi Formerly Broken Jaw!”

  • As the countdown until the end of the Corcoran nears things are heating up again. An advocacy group is attempting to block the deal with legal action. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

  • RANT: Work. That I’m tasked with a project that’s way beyond my pay grade because there’s no one in the company that understands the level of effort that it requires. It’s like telling someone to pop 3-minute microwave popcorn in 30 seconds by generating my own fire.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant/Rave: Wasted my morning jumping on the activity tracker bandwagon (I went with the Shine cuz it’s pretty!). Now my afternoon will have no time for fun breaks.
    Rant: Forgot to set up my DVR for the Germany vs Brazil match.
    Rave: There’s a replay at 8 and since I have mega work to do this afternoon I can easily avoid the internet & people.
    Rave: Working from home tomorrow means I can hit up my new fave neighborhood bar for the Netherlands game!
    Happy World Cup everyone!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rant: promised posts never happened πŸ™
      Rave: Don’t have to share a tree! πŸ˜€

      • I’ve just been really busy! I’ll catch up, you’ll see. Then we can discuss the tree.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I expect some original items, not just comments to other people. I have very strict standards.

    • What DVR do you have? Most cable companies will let you set up your DVR online by logging in to your account. If it is Comcast (ugh), they also have an app that will let you set up a recording remotely. There may be hope.

    • Emilie, I just posted about looking for a fitness tracker when I saw your post. What made you go with the Shine? I hadn’t heard of it until now (but it IS pretty!)

      • Emmaleigh504

        My sister told me about it (a dude she knows from high school is a founder or something). I’m really good at getting stuff and never using it, so I thought if it was pretty I might actually use it.

  • rave: fantastic 4th of july weekend in the mountains!
    rant: mosquitos and blackflies. my legs look like i got chicken pox.

    • Emmaleigh504

      One of the houses I lived in in high school had mosquitoes that I was super duper allergic to. I would get huge welts the size of my palm. One day during gym class my gym teacher took me aside to find out who was beating me. Thanks a lot mosquitoes.

  • laduvet

    Rave: Purchased a new mode of transportation.. a 1952 Hercules model bike from Birmingham England – with original parts.

    Rave: Checked out The Sheppardd speakeasy (preopening) and Dukes Grocery in Dupont last night

    Rant: Rode the new bike home after many drinks.

    Rant: Sucking down coconut water at my desk to recover.

  • special_k

    I haven’t seen Valentina (?) post in awhile and I know she was struggling with some personal issues. I hope she’s okay.

  • Rave: Fantastic 4th of July weekend
    Rave: Speakeasy DC performance tonight! I’m the last one in the line-up if you’re in the audience πŸ™‚
    Rant: I’m a little nervous, and by the time everyone else performs I anticipate being even moreso!
    Rave: Fun date at the Nat’s/O’s last night and great timing on the exit

  • Rant: it’s mini golf, not putt putt.
    Rant: my coworker seems to be obsessed with getting married and it’s driving me crazy. She and her mom are already talking venues, she’s deciding on home renovations based on getting married soon, but she’s not engaged yet. She even joked about shoving her bf overboard on their cruise if he didn’t propose. He’s still alive post cruise, but I feel bad for the guy. It’s her thing, not my problem, but I’m sick of hearing about it.
    Neither rant nor rave: I guess I didn’t have my freezer turned down enough, so my salted caramel ice cream never really hardened when I churned it. I froze it and stirred it a bit throughout. It does taste delicious, almost too caramel intense, but I forgot to try it this morning to assess the texture.
    Rave: I’ll just have to try again, next up is Jeni’s bourbon and salty buttered pecans. I already turned the freezer down as cold as it gets ( I use a Kitchenaid mixer attachment that you have to freeze).
    Rant: sinus infections messing with my fitness routine.

    • Man, those ice cream flavors sound awesome! I have to eat a bunch of stuff so i can fit my ice cream maker insert in the freezer.
      But I have to disagree, it’s definitely putt putt golf. One more regionalism I hope hangs on!!

      • I bought a separate freezer so I’d have room to keep the ice cream maker frozen, and for the ice cream I make. I also needed more room for freezing vegetables, for homemade dog food and other non-ice cream reasons : )

        • I’d love to have an extra freezer, but not likely to happen in a 600 square foot apartment. πŸ™

          • It’s a small freezer (2.8 cft) but still takes up space. Perhaps throw a decorative cloth over it, put a lamp on top and call it furniture?

          • I already feel like I live in a big jigsaw puzzle where I have to move things constantly to get to other things. Adding more “furniture” is just not going to happen, not even to make kick ass ice cream!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: planned stuff for Mr. Squid’s birthday weekend because he couldn’t decide what he wanted to do. We had agreed for a while that we wanted to go somewhere and do something. Of course there are three other things happening the same weekend. One is a family get-together six hours away that we’ve both been getting guilted about not attending. One is his godson’s birthday party at least two hours away. One is a friend’s birthday party. No matter what he chooses to do, someone will be disappointed, and he’ll feel like crap.

  • Rant: A few small red bites on arms that I don’t think are mosquito bites. Ugh. I hate bugs.
    Rave: Feeling rested after 2 week vacation in Europe.
    Rant: Back from vacation with fabulous weather to HOT DC weather.

  • RANT: Bars/Clubs/Restaurants with Valet who “block” all the metered spots in front of their establishment in order to charge people $20 to park their car. How is it okay for them to tell me I can’t park at a meter because they use that spot for valet????

    • Restaurants can apply for a valet parking permit – if they have a permit, there will be a sign saying “valet parking” that lists the hours and also indicates the space designated for valet parking. This is a “regular” parking sign, not a sign on a cone.
      If there is no sign, the valet’s can’t claim the space. Ask for a supervisor, or the restaurant manager, if they give you a hard time.

  • Rant(ish): I need to get in better shape and stop snacking so much, and I am looking at getting some sort of fitness gadget. Leaning toward the Fitbit One. Any recommendations or suggestions? I don’t like wearing things on my wrist, so I want one that is not a wristband.

    • I love my fitbit – if you get one, I’d suggest getting a “leash” that provides an extra clip. If you order on Amazon, the leash will show up as “you may also want to spend money on this.”

    • justinbc

      Not being on the wrist limits it to some degree, unless you want something that’s on an armband, but how different is that really? I really like my Nike+ SportWatch. It gives me all the metrics I care about, is very durable, and syncs with all their other gear.

    • I have the FItBit Zip I’m a girl, so I clip it to my bra and it doesn’t show. The Zip only counts steps/miles and calories burned, though.

  • Rant: Had to get something out of the office fridge earlier today, and the handle was all sticky. Ewwww.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Terrific evening last night, and excited for a fun event tonight!
    Rave2: Books closed for 2Q. Good quarter, and great close, happy to be done with that!
    Rave3: Everything. Things are good!

  • I know it’s late to ask this – but – does anyone have any recommendations of things to do in San Jose, California? Not outside of San Jose, not San Francisco, but in San Jose? Any good bars, etc.?

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