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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: What, 10:10 a.m. and no comments?!? Come on, entertain me!!

  • Rant: Neighbors setting off fire works at 12pm with their kids running and screaming on the 5th… One child got burnt fingers. Bad Parents… Bad.
    Rave: Great weather on the 4th… The cookout I attended was epic. I should have stayed there because the fireworks show in petworth lasted much longer than the one downtown.
    Rant: Sick bird… Very Expensive Vet, sadness due to him not being his usually jovial bitey self.
    Rave: Met someone who is kind of cool, we’ll see how it goes.

  • Rave: EPIC fireworks around Bloomingdale that lasted well past the official ones downtown (though I think some of the bigger ones came from just north of U st.)

  • Rave: Last week in my current office. Bringing in treats at the end of the week so everyone doesn’t hate me for leaving. Ha.

    Rant: Hiring manager hasn’t notified my coworkers that they didn’t get the job. Awkward.

    • notlawd

      Rave: Same for me! I didn’t think of bringing treats, but that is a good idea.
      Rant: I actually will miss my co-workers though ๐Ÿ™

  • Rave: Tanned skin and sand in my purse.
    Rant: Back at work.
    Rave: Chocolate coconut tea to get me through the day.

  • Rant: Spent way too much on crabs and beer for friends on Saturday
    Rant: Crab fest almost didn’t happen because I realized my propane tank was empty
    Rant: Several gas stations in the city don’t fill tanks or carry pre-filled tanks
    Rave: One of my guests knew of a few gas stations in Bethesda with plenty of propane.
    Rave: He also had a cache of illegal fireworks in his apartment
    Revel: beers, crabs, kielbasa, grilled corn and fireworks and no burnt fingers ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yep, it’s a pain. Fragers did carry propane and the Home Depot on RI does as well.

      • I had grabbed a tank at the Tenleytown ACE, and didn’t think twice about how light it felt. When I called the store to ask if they could fill it, they said they didn’t but there were a few gas stations nearby that would :-/

    • notlawd

      I also ran out of propane on the 4th! They trade-in at the Giant off Riggs.

  • Rave: rental cabin in Luray all of last week. Swimming in the river, awesome lightening storms, impressive fireworks on the 4th. Dog even behaved for the two car rides!
    Rant: back to work!

  • skj84

    Rave: Fun Fourth of July Weekend! I was able to attend the Archives breakfast and reading of the Declaration of Indenpendance. Plus meet with a family friend who I hope will become a mentor.

    Rant: People shooting fireworks off at all hours of the day Friday. And also playing the fireworks or gunshots game.

    Rave: Flying to Minnesota today! I’m so excited to see my sister. I only have 3 days to really spend with her this time around, but I hope to make the most of them. Plus I can actually bike around the this time, it was too cold last trip.

    Rant: While I got a great deal on my plane tickets, I have a super long trip. It’s a late flight to begin with, then I have a long layover in Atlanta, and the flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis is almost 3 hours. Same for my return. Hopefully I can sleep on the plane, but this trip may be draining.

  • Rave: I had a great staycation at the beginning of last week and topped it off with an excellent couple days in Philly over the 4th.
    Rave: salted caramel ice cream base is chilling in the fridge. I can’t wait to churn it tonight.
    Rant: I don’t get allergy attacks, just sinus infections. I currently have my second of the year. Ugh.
    Rave: work is super quiet today.

    • justinbc

      If you don’t have it already, this is one of my favorite books for making ice cream at home!
      Some of the flavors are really complex, but damn they’re good. Their method has produced the best texture of any we’ve used so far too.

      • I use Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home and the Bi-rite Creamery Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones books. Jeni’s is a lot of work, but her recipes produce seriously thick, creamy ice cream. I am obsessed with stopping at Jeni’s when I’m in Ohio. They also have a few flavors at local Whole Foods now, but they’re $10 a pint.
        The Ample book looks good, but I have some more exploring to do with the books I have first.

        • justinbc

          We stopped at Jeni’s at the Short North market in Columbus, really good stuff! I didn’t realize Bi-rite had a book as well, I’ll definitely put that on the order list.

        • Along with Jeni’s recipes, I also use recipes on David Lebovitz’s website (Lemon Verbena is a favorite).
          Another favorite (because you can’t have too many good ice cream recipes!) is Blueberry and Crรจme Fraรฎche from the Arugula Files blog.

      • I am reading about their secret ingredient and that’s pretty interesting. I might give one of their recipes a go soon, the Amazon preview includes the base and chocolate. I do like that their flavors are more throw back, some of Jeni’s are a bit too out there for me.

    • I get chronic sinus infections. I’ve even had surgery on my sinuses, and nothing helped, until (you knew this was coming, right?) I went to an allergist and found out I’m gluten-intolerant (Celiac). The doctor also recommended I limit dairy, especially in the winter, and use a neti pot.

      I haven’t had a sinus infection in 11 months!! (I usually get around 6/year, so this is a big deal.) Good luck!

      • Wow, that’s pretty interesting. I did get screened by my ENT for 30 common allergens, but came up negative for all of them. I don’t think gluten was one of them. I take a zyrtec every day though, because I am definitely allergic to something. Did your sinus infections follow a seasonal pattern? After 3 or so years I realized that I must have seasonal allergies because I get one in the spring and one in the fall usually, sometimes a few more.
        Congrats on your 11 months! It must be a relief.

        • Gluten intolerance (or Celiac, if it’s that severe) will not show up on a conventional allergy test because the body’s reaction to gluten (if you’re sensitive to it) isn’t a histamine response. Celiac is diagnosed by a combination of blood tests, upper endoscopy, and colonoscopy to determine if there is intestinal damage resulting from the body not being able to digest gluten. One can be gluten intolerant without having full blown Celiac disease, and this is harder to diagnose. The best way to do it is to eliminate it completely from your diet for several weeks and then add it back in to see if you have a reaction. You have to be careful – it is used as a filler in just about all processed foods, so it’s not as simple as cutting out bread and pasta.
          I don’t recommend people blindly following the gluten free craze if they’re not having specific symptoms that may be attributable to gluten sensitivities. That said, I know a lot of people (myself included) who have seen a lot of improvements when gluten is cut out of their diet – mainly with issues related to joint inflammation, allergies/sinus issues, and heartburn. So, it can’t hurt to cut it out of your diet for a little while and see what happens.

          • I had a friend who saw reduced sinus infections when she cut out gluten, though she herself recognized that by cutting out gluten, you’re cutting out almost anything processed or heavily sugared. So hard to know for sure what the actual trigger is – the gluten or all the other stuff it usually comes with. But hey, if your infections go away, I suppose that doesn’t really matter.

  • Rave: I love 4th of July in the District. I attended numerous neighborhood fireworks shows and cookouts that lasted all throughout the night! I had a wonderful time with friends and family show and cookout hopping.

  • Rant: After 12 hours of straight yardwork yesterday in the hot sun, I am so freaking tired and my hands, back, legs and feet were cramping so bad last night.


    Rave: I got everything done in my front yard. Today will be my first day of solarizing. Once the fall gets here I will put down some grass seeds and maybe some compost soil (I hear Blue Plains has it) and cover it with hay and hopefully my grass will start growing. Hopefully I am doing this right)


    Rant: I can’t believe the amount and how deep the weeds get. They are some strong, stubborn things.


    Rant: The amount of rocks (large and small) in the dirt, it took me all day to get them up. And the clean up was no joke, they add up. A whole supercan full is not lightweight.


    Rave: Everybody on the block commending my effort of trying to create a real lawn instead of doing like everyone else and just keeping the weeds low.


    Rant: Wife says the plastic and bricks look like an eyesore…grrrr.


    Rant: Still have to do the backyard.


    Rave: Knowledge. I think I am either just going to lay sod down in the back or hire some people…; )


    Rant: Still have to do the back.


    Rave: The semifinal World Cup games should be great.


    Rant: Neymar is out with a fractured vertebrae. So sorry to hear that. And people say that soccer is not a contact sport.

    • Oh yeah, I planted some daylilies and vincas too. Hopefully I didn’t screw that up.

      • Kam you’d have to try really hard to screw up daylilies and vinca vine! The good news (and potentially not good news) is that they practically plant themselves.

        • Well let me ask you this, the daylilies came three in a pot so I bought two to give me a total of six flowers. I thought I recalled the nice lady from Bell’s Nursery at Home Depot telling me that you could break them out. When I was breaking them out I felt like I was killing them because I was literally tearing them apart so I could line them 6 across and put the Vinca flowers in front. Will that be an issue or with they root themselves in the new soil? I felt really bad when I tore them apart, I could hear them rip : (.


          Secondly, they are vinca flowers and vines the same thing? I just want flowers, I wasn’t told they were going to spread like a vine or am I thinking the wrong thing? Thank you!

          • It’s better to divide the daylilies before planting to give them more space. Yes, it feels like you’re tearing them apart but they’ll be fine.
            Vinca vine and vinca flowers are different. Vinca flowers (Madagascar periwinkle) are annual flowers, the vinca vine is perennial and somewhat invasive. It’s often used as a ground cover because it spreads easily. Then a challenge to dig up if you want to plant something different.

          • Re: daylilies, even a little section of tuber will grow into a big plant. Daylilies are very hard to offend – they grow like weeds and shrug off all kinds of abuse. this spring I wanted to move some daylilies. I dug up a clump, threw it in a pot – no dirt on it or anything – then forgot to re-plant it for a week. Right now it is blooming its head off.
            vinca is kind of vine-y. a ground-covering vine.

          • Ok great news on both fronts. I didn’t hurt the daylilies and I planted vinca flowers. Well thank you for all your help and here is to hoping they grow nice and full.

    • pablo .raw

      It’s a little bit terrifying when you think that in soccer you are always inches away from a kick as powerful as those guys do.
      Also, all your rants are the reason why I consider public parks my front yard and back yard; if I lived in a house, it would look like the tropical jungles of my country of origin!

    • justinbc

      Rocks suck. Concrete blocks are even worse. Be glad you didn’t find any of those like I did ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Not sure how big your’s were but I some pretty large, heavy rocks.

        • *I had some pretty large, heavy rocks.

          Damn, I clearly need to go home.

          • justinbc

            I’m renting an auger when it’s time to put in the rose bushes. I’m done with digging in that yard!

          • Hahaha! It is like in every other dig, you hit a rock. So annoying. Yeah, I am certain the backyard is much worse than the front, see my previous rant. I am not doing that by myself, either hiring some help or having a company do it.


            I can tell you are dead serious about that auger though. Ha. But will that go through rock? I thought it just drilled holes or are there attachments to make the holes larger?

          • justinbc

            Yeah you can get them in just about every size, I’ve used huge ones out on my parents’ farm for planting trees. In like 10 seconds you have a hole that would take me 10 minutes to dig.

          • I know a guy who hit two hand guns when he dug up a shrub in front of his house in Petworth. Lighter than a rock for sure, but harder to remove.

          • I truly wondered if I was going to come across some “weird” stuff. Lucky for me, it didn’t happen.

          • Emmaleigh504

            When I was a kid my parents let me bury broken dishes in the backyard for archeologists to dig up. I hope no one ever wants to plant a garden in that corner of the yard. They will ruin the history I planted!

    • Did you use a guide for solarizing? I’ve got to do this too, but really need a step-by-step walk through.

      • After a commenter mentioned it last week in RRRa/oR I went to the interwebs and looked it up. There is a pretty good guide on the Christian Science Monitor link, just put in “soil solarizing” at it should be the first link. My process was a little different since I tilled, picked, raked the weeds and leveled before solarizing but it should be all the same I think. Basically I made it hard on myself by but if you follow their directions, I think it will be a lot easier.

  • saf

    Rave: What a lovely weekend!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: without planning it, I became part of the Independence day parade.
    Rave: the weather was wonderful and I had a perfect balance of time for myself and time outside
    Rave: decided to do a time-lapse this time year rather than photographing the fireworks. I’m happy with the results.
    Rave: shooting a wedding today, I love, love the work but I also miss going out and shooting for no reason. Wedding photography it’s a lot of work!
    Rant: Software problems.

  • Rave: Got my official offer letter last Thurs right before the holiday weekend. Awesome way to kick it off.
    Rave: Best homebrew fireworks display at friends’ house on H St, so relaxing and easy access to a bathroom.
    Rave: First trip to Rehobeth ever the next day… so relaxing and loved it and the company.
    Rant: Back at work today.
    Rave: Turning in notice tomorrow at which point I’ll get walked out.
    Rant: Having to wait until tomorrow to do it. I so want to do it today but can’t.

    • Congrats on the official offer letter!
      So they walk you out as soon as you turn in your notice?? I guess you have to keep your work stuff (plants, photos, decor, etc.) to a minimum… either that or start spiriting it out bit by bit before you give the official word.

      • Yeah, I’m in sales. So if you get fired or give notice, typically you get walked out because they don’t want you messing with client lists and/or financial info. They will box up your personal effects at your desk and mail them to you in a box. Just the way it goes in the business. That said, I have no malice toward this place, and I’ve already discreetly cleaned out my desk and today has been spent sanitizing my work PC of personal stuff.

        • Yeah, before I came to my current job there was a guy here that wiped all of his accounts’ information from the system. Totally wiped everything. Guys like that are the reason companies do what they do to protect themselves.


          I take it you are not going into another sales job. If so, do you have a noncompete? What kind of sales are/were you in?


          Congratulations btw.

          • Still staying in sales. They’re two totally different markets so I won’t be competing with old job. Current job is retail/b2c, new job is b2b. Biggest and best thing is working from home and seeing clients around mainly DC. Current job I have to commute out to MD.

  • Rave: First full sized tomatoes from my garden! A Black Krim and a Lemon Boy. One grilled cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch, one tomato/ basil/ fresh mozzarella salad with dinner. It might even be fresh homemade mozzarella – have to check to see if I have ingredients.
    Rant: Feel the line is being crossed between being a night person and having insomnia.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Mmm I love tomato season!

    • Wow, yours were fast! I have a ton of tomatoes but they’re still all hard and green (and one plant hasn’t produced any yet, is that normal?).

      • Different varieties ripen at different times. For example, ‘Early Girl’ is bred to ripen sooner than most tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes typically ripen sooner than the full sized tomatoes. Hot weather this coming week means green tomatoes will be moving towards ripe.
        The tomato that isn’t producing – what kind is it? Planted in same conditions as other tomatoes?

        • I forget what it’s called– one of those cool purplish ones. It’s planted in the same bed as the other plants so I’m guessing it’s just a late producer. The plant itself is nice and big!

          • Probably Cherokee Purple or Black Krim if you bought it as a plant (& it will produce regular sized fruit). Black Prince is a black cherry tomato. All heirlooms, all delicious : )

        • You really know your stuff. Are you a gardener by trade or for fun?

          • Kam it’s my inner farm girl coming out – I expect gardening/growing is imbedded in my DNA.
            There’s lot of other experienced gardeners here in PoPville, I’m just quick to opine on anything related to the subject

          • No doubt, gotta appreciate that. Yes, there are quite a few of you and I appreciate all of your expertise. Now that I actually started doing something in the yard, I am sure I will have many more projects so if you don’t mind, I will be bugging you a lot. ; )

    • skj84

      I’ve always wanted to grow tomatoes. My backyard is doesn’t get enough sunlight. My mom grows tomatoes in her garden and it one of the highlights of my childhood was picking fresh veggies for dinner during the summer. I’m hoping to get some on my next visit home. Also that sandwich sounds delicious.

    • Becks

      Congrats on the tomatoes!

    • This is my first year growing tomatoes – Can I ask a question? A few of mine just turned red, but are still hard. How will I know when to harvest? Thanks!

      • Kindof depends – try letting it ripen on the vine a bit longer and see if the skin turns just a little soft.

      • The best time to pick tomatoes is when they fall off the stem without you having to pull or tug. But sometimes this leaves them vulnerable to nibbling by groundhogs or other critters. You can pick them earlier, but the longer they stay on the vine the sweeter and more flavorful they will be.

  • Rave: Going to Oregon this weekend for the wedding of a dear friend and former roommate whom I haven’t seen in ages.
    Rant: Really long flight and two layovers on the return trip.
    Rant/Rave: Have an excuse to buy new clothes and shoes.
    Rant: Feeling frazzled about travel prep on top of my usual depression.
    Rant: My face is still breaking out terribly. It’s like adolescence all over again! (I’m over 30.)
    Rave: My dog is the best and sweetest and most loyal dog and I love him so much.

  • Rant: Anyone have a ‘non-bubbley’ post? This is boring

    • Nope. After a holiday weekend and decent weather, I’m pretty blithe and bubbly.

    • Do you have something to offer? Cause this post is more boring than the others.

    • Peeve: An ANONYMOUS poster describing other people as “boring”. Sheesh!
      Rave: Bubbly vs snarky.
      Rant: Headlines describing “free birth control” for women with private insurance plans. No, it’s not “free” it’s “covered”. Most of us with private insurance either have it as a job benefit — which means we’re paying for it with our labor, and/or pay for at least part of our insurance in addition to co-pays and deductibles. It’s far, far better than not having birth control covered by the insurance plan, but it’s a long way from being “free”.

      • Don’t get me started on medicaid patients demanding their “free” meds. Just because YOUR copay is $0 doesn’t mean I’m not gonna get paid!

    • Well Kam was talking about large heavy rocks. I’d say those are the opposite of bubbles.

    • Becks

      Holiday weekend with great weather equals happy, bubbly Popvillians!

    • Ha ha ha. Love your comment.

    • On a similar note: anyone tired of seeing #100happydays projects? I don’t know why they bother me so much– I’m usually encouraging people to count their blessings, especially if they struggle with depression. There’s just something that irks me about wanting to share it with everyone.

      • Emmaleigh504

        “encouraging people to count their blessings, especially if they struggle with depression”
        If they have actual clinical depression this going to do no good. It is a disease that people cannot just snap out of.

        • I suppose I phrased that wrong. I mean that it’s helpful to spend a little bit of time every day meditating on what you’re grateful for. I know you can’t just snap out of it.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Actually that doesn’t help either. Therapy, drugs, and doctors help. People can have great lives and still be depressed. Telling them to think about good things can make them feel worse b/c they think they have no right to be depressed. It’s not like they want to be depressed, but their brains are sick. Also, it may make them stabby.

          • I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all solution. Just because something didn’t help you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for everyone that’s clinically depressed. My partner doesn’t respond all to drugs and therapy but cultivating a habit of positive mindfulness helps a little. And most doctors would say it’s something worth trying. That said, I don’t think posting cat pictures on Facebook is exactly what they have in mind.

          • +1 to what Emilie504 said.

          • -1 to what Emilie504 said. Dwelling on negative thoughts is not healthy. I’m not saying it’s easy for a clinically depressed person to stop doing it, but it’s also not easy for them to see a doctor, go to therapy, exercise, take meds, or do any of the other things that have been shown to reduce the symptoms in some people. Everything’s a struggle if you have depression but that doesn’t mean you should give up and make yourself sicker.

          • Emmaleigh504

            2:57 There is not a one size fits all solution but telling people to think on the positives is useless. If they can think of positives, they don’t need anyone to remind them, if they can’t think of anything positive, telling them to is just plain mean. If you want to help a person, help them seek help if they haven’t already, offer to take them to appointments/grocery store/any thing that’s difficult to do, tell them you care and listen if they want to talk.

          • To be clear, It’s not like I go around saying “think positive!” like an insensitive prick. Is it really that harmful to say “that’s wonderful!” when a friend with depression seems excited about something?

          • No offense, but it’s not cool to joke about mentally ill people getting stabby.

          • Being told “Think positive!” could be annoying enough to make anyone (depressed or otherwise) feel stabby.

          • Emmaleigh504

            4:12 no that’s a great thing to do. But that is not what you or another anon said above.
            Again to reiterate what 2:57 said there’s not a one size fits all solution. I just know what people I know with depression have told me. And not telling someone to meditate on what they are grateful for or think about good things is what they have said.
            And it reminds me of assholes who tell women to smile b/c women were put on earth to be pleasant and pretty and nice and never have a bad day or get upset and if they do don’t let anyone see.

          • Actually that is what I said above. You can be encouraging without being demanding.

  • Rave: “Going to Busch Gardens” is one of my favorite euphemisms.

  • Rave: I went total suburban over the weekend — attended an old-school cookout, did a bit of shopping, and a bit of swimming (brrrrr). Life is Good!
    Rant: Missing my old dentist — who is wonderful. Also missing my old dental insurance plan — which I now realize was pretty good. Got a card in the mail from a dentist named Annie Yu — who would be very convenient. Trying to get up enough courage to find out what she charges.
    Rave: I think I’ve found my summer fragrance: Nectarine Blossom and Honey by Jo Malone. Many thanks to you kind folks who made suggestions! The shopping and sampling part was fun.
    Rave-ish: Practicing up-dos. And having nostalgic thoughts about dorm life and summers hanging out on the porch with friends with mad hair styling skills who would roll their eyes and patiently style it for me.

    • When you go to a new dentist, it’s worth letting them know you don’t have insurance and asking if they have discount pricing. I’ve had dentists charge me less than they could get away with charging the insurance companies.

  • RANT-in spite of Housing Authority telling folks that they are “open to ideas” and “Nothing has been decided” they issued an RFP for legal counsel for a 100% low income building for DCHA tenents at Hebrew Home. So frustrating and this is not a good project for the community. And the ANC has been totally silent.

    • “And the ANC has been totally silent.”
      It’s pretty obvious “the fix is in.” Follow the money and you’ll find your answers.

    • saf

      Did you see the very angry email that hit the lists last night? (This is why my ANC NEEDS to learn to use bcc. She snarfed all our emails from his list.)
      This person is really upset, and denies that it is going to be 100% affordable and is feeling like the community is being railroaded both by a cabal (apparently of newcomers), and by the city.
      I think this is going to get ugly.

      • I saw an e-mail from someone complaining that her house hadn’t been flyered and speculating that it was deliberate — is that the one you’re talking about?
        This whole thing seems to be a mess. Someone from the meeting at Petworth Library copied down the e-mail addresses from the sign-in sheet and sent an e-mail out to everyone… but rather than simply adding everyone to the Googlegroup she started, she apparently did it as an “opt-in” thing, and asked people not just to e-mail but also to list their top three concerns. So people who didn’t respond to that e-mail weren’t included in the Googlegroup, and then apparently the Googlegroup held a meeting of just its members, and when some of the people who weren’t in it found out, they started raising hell and alleging exclusion, etc., etc.

  • Rave: new relationship!
    Rant: his facebook acct is full of pictures of him and his ex.
    Question: when, if ever, is it reasonable to ask him to remove/untag some of those pictures?

    • Never. You should feel confident knowing that you are the one he wants to be with, you shouldn’t expect him to toss those memories. If the breakup was not a messy one, you have nothing to worry about. If it was a messy one, perhaps he will untag when he is ready.

      • +1
        Who cares? Be more confident in yourself and stop making it about you. His past relationships helped mold him into the man you’re dating today. You can’t erase history.

      • I’ll add that the only time I have ever deleted/untagged was when I truly couldn’t stomach seeing the pictures because I missed the person or it made me sad, not the other way around. Only when I am “over it” do they not bother me.

    • Hmm…tough one here. I think just as long as they are not the profile pics and such. I mean, he did have a life before you. Are there certain ones you want removed. I could understand the cuddly ones and such but it is a conundrum to say the least. He may also just do it on his own so do be pushy. How long have you all been together btw?

    • It’s reasonable whenever your relationship can no longer be referred to as “new”. At that point, you’ll be comfortable enough around each other to have an honest conversation about it. Or he may have done it already by then.

    • I am married and still have pictures tagged with people I dated before my husband. It never occurred to me to untag them, and he would never ask. At this point in our lives, we all have past relationships. As long as your guy has good boundaries if he’s still in contact with any exes, why should it matter? Trust me, in time, pictures of you and him will fill up his FB wall if you stay together.

    • Accountering

      Interesting question… I am in a very similar spot, and voluntarily took the time to untag a TON of pictures of my ex and I. To the tune of 490 pictures, and 7 years of posts. Took me something like 3.5 hours, and a LOT of coffee haha. Felt good to do it though.
      With that said, I volunteered, because I am moving on/moved on, and was very happy to do it. I think for you to go and ask is probably a bit risky/unnecessary. If he wants to be with you – I don’t think FB pictures are a huge issue. With that said, I could easily see how he would want to remove them.

      • wow! this makes me think there needs to be a feature: “untag all with XXX”

        • Facebook would never do that because it would affect their bottom line. They want people to remain linked for as long as possible.

        • justinbc

          Clearly the answer is to be in shorter relationships, thereby preventing you from the overwhelming untag scenario.

        • Accountering

          It was an absolute nightmare (the untagging that is!) I tend to agree with the Anon below, that this is a money thing. It would be so incredibly easy to implement this feature. I suppose it is like every other company out there, monetizing their users/customers time.

          Perhaps make it a pay feature. I would have easily paid $20 (or more haha) to have it done in 2 minutes, and move on with my day.

          • What happens if you unfriend/block the person? Do the tags go away then?

          • I think it depends on (1.) who did the tagging, (2.) whose account the pics are posted on, (3.) if the person viewing the photo is a “friend” on Facebook of either person tagged in the photo, and (4.) if the person in the photo allows other people to see tags of their name. It’s (purposely) insanely complicated.

    • Don’t know how new “new” is, but unless it’s his profile picture , I’d say “never”. His facebook account is full of pictures of his life. You don’t get to ask someone to change his/her past just because you’re now a part of it. You can ask about it if pictures of the two of you doing things together don’t start to pop up, though.

    • justinbc

      I’ve never bothered to remove mine, why would I? That was part of my life, as his was part of his life. Mine is now loaded with photos of my current partner, as yours may eventually be too if you decide to stay with him. You can’t expect people to forget (or erase) their past, just make new memories.

    • I am married and am Facebook friends with several ex’s. This bothers my wife not in the least.

    • You’ll probably care a little less about that once you get settled into the relationship. In the mean time, go somewhere neat and snap some photos together that you can start looking at instead (unless you’ve been dating less than a month or two, in which case, going photo happy might be a little premature).

    • Wow, all of these responses are great. I was in a relationship where the woman asked me to de-tag or delete all pictures of exes on facebook… I did, but felt like it was overboard. We broke up several months later and I felt bad for my exes with whom I remained friends but had deleted their pics. Glad that relationship is over!

  • Rave: I had a great, relaxed weekend. It is so nice to star the week feeling rested.
    Rave: Awesome FT date with my west coast bestie last night. I miss that girl.
    Rant: No Paid Parental Leave. Hoarding one’s sick and vacation time in anticipation of starting a family down the road really sucks. That is the first of many compromises that parenting will bring if we decide to do it.
    Rave: Not a parent now! And I’m so trying to live in the present and enjoy the awesome life we currently have.
    Rave: Work is busy, and I actually have some interesting projects for the summer. Yay!

  • Asked before but can’t pull up in search… does any one have any experiences with Petworth Dental on Georgia?

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Old Soldier’s Home was great for the fireworks again. Its getting to be a big enough event that it might need its own fireworks display sooner or later. Also, I’m pretty sure we experienced apex whiteness for DC at the event – Ian MacKaye stood behind us in line to buy milk and cookies from a food truck while Elissa Silverman was chatting up a dude in an adjustable-buckle NPR hat and a marching band played John Philip Sousa.

    Rant: For the first time ever, the neighborhood fireworks seemed to rattle our dog. He was legitimately freaked out.

    Rave: Only found 1 bottle rocket on top of my car this year, which is a marked improvement, and no one started any fires I had to put out this year – so great success!

    • “Also, Iโ€™m pretty sure we experienced apex whiteness for DC at the event โ€“ Ian MacKaye stood behind us in line to buy milk and cookies from a food truck while Elissa Silverman was chatting up a dude in an adjustable-buckle NPR hat and a marching band played John Philip Sousa.”
      Bwaaaahahaha. This gave me a good laugh.

    • Old Soldier’s Home was awesome! The baby boom in the neighborhood was on full display- I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen that many kids 5 and under running around in the same place!

    • KSB

      I knew we should have stayed close-by at joined everyone at the Old Soldier’s Home! Heard great things from a few different people. And would have gotten a kick out of crossing paths with Ian MacKaye at the cookie truck ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll be there next year, for sure.

    • Milk and cookies – ultimate sXe snack

  • Rave – the weather this weekend – amazing!

    Rave – great discussion with my future boss

    Rant – I don’t mind all the neighborhood fireworks, but there were about three on Thursday night that literally shook my home so much that my couch moved from its spot by over an inch – with me on it. That just doesn’t seem OK for neighborhood fireworks.

  • justinbc

    Rave: This was one of the coolest (weather) July 4th weekends I can ever remember in DC, made for excellent chore doing and fun having, not necessarily in that order.
    Rave: The new Ball Park franks with the spices and whatnot inside (particularly the hickory smoke one) are delicious. I’ve always been a Nathan’s fan, but I think I’m converting.
    Rave: First year watching the fireworks from the roof of our house. It’s serviceable for the main display, although a school roof slightly blocks the lower explosions, but the real treat was finding out that there are dozens of displays viewable in a 360 degree display from up there, including a good bit at Lincoln Park (which apparently got shut down by the cops around 10:15). If we ever get that extra story built on it will be perfect for viewing everything.
    Rant: Dog sitting for my ex (the dog we got together) during fireworks night is not pleasant. Poor puppy was not happy when we made our way to the roof, despite having a monstrous ribeye bone to distract her.
    Rant: People continuing to shoot off neighborhood fireworks until well past midnight. Have a little respect.
    Rant: Colombia and Costa Rica losses, sigh. Nobody fun left to cheer for.

  • Rant – Amtrak. They effed up badly this weekend. I never made it to NY Thursday night as planned because of massive delays on the NE corridor due to thunderstorms. It took us 8 hours to get from DC to Philly, where I booked a hotel room and got the hell off that train. My train eventually made it to NY at 3:30 am, 6 hours after the scheduled arrival time. Amtrak is terrible at communicating with their customers. Their Twitter feed and customer service is a joke and they clearly don’t give their conductors any real information either because the staff on my train were just as frustrated and clueless as the passengers. Major props to the conductors for doing the best they could at calming people down and keeping a positive attitude. When Amtrak works, it’s great. But when things go bad, they go really, really bad. God help you if there is even a chance of a thunderstorm during your trip, because apparently Amtrak can’t function in a thunderstorm.
    Rave – Commiserating with fellow stranded Amtrak passengers via Twitter.
    Rave – Ended up spending my 4th of July in Philly, which was actually really fun. I love Philly and they had great fireworks.
    Rant – Spent way more money than anticipated this weekend.

    • RE: Amtrak
      I was also caught in that mess. My 550pm departure to Newport News ended up leaving at 815pm. The issue was with thunderstoms delaying trains and then a massive tree fell across both the north & south tracks right outside Baltimore. They needed to remove the tree, which apparently took a few hours. All trains were halted – passenger (Amtrak and MARC) and freight. It was a crappy evening. Thank god for beer.

      • It was a tree? Our conductor made one announcement about signal problems around BWI, but obviously the problems extended further than BWI. Luckily you still had beer! My train ran out of everything (food and alcohol!) around hour 6 of this mess.

        • An Amtrak representative made announcements at our gate at Union Station. At first, the announcements were regarding signal delays and rail congestion due to the holiday. Then at 7pm, they announced that a tree had fallen and they were cleaning it up. Fortunately, I think our southbound train had cleared the tree zone just prior to the collapse. But I can imagine that other trains were stuck and had to wait it out.
          I’m on Amtrak every two weeks, so this is just par for the course. Their timetables are a joke.

  • Rave: Like everyone else–the weather!
    Rant: Figured last weekend would be the perfect time to go to Compass Rose. Unfortunately it was closed.
    Rave: Had an outstanding meal at Barcelona instead. The waiter heard us admiring someone else’s calamari and brought us a plate free of charge.
    Rant: Dessert and drinks at Red Light. This place won’t last long.
    Rant: The bartender sharing a three way kiss with two drunk girls. Ugh!

    • justinbc

      We almost want to try Red Light just to see how bad it is, but I just can’t justify giving them any money (especially now that one of my friends is no longer bartending there).

      • Happy hour drink prices are really good, but I’d never pay that much for a dessert.

      • We started out inside but the shrieking Jennifers were so obnoxious we snagged the first available table outdoors. Great spot for people watching. My drink was good but my friends didn’t like theirs. The dessert was underwhelming and you would think their desserts would be over the top.

    • Hi, FBJ. So glad you’re healed! I’m not quite in your former situation, but have severe enough TMJ degenerative disease that I’m on a no-chew diet for several weeks. I recall a few comments/posts from you explaining what you ate while wired but can’t find them by searching POPville. Could you please point me in the right direction, summarize here, or let me know how I could get in touch? Thanks so much!

      • Hey sorry to hear that. You can email me at loganguydc at G mail dot Com and I can provide you some guidelines to follow.

  • Can’t believe I chose yardwork over going fishing. Am I finally growing up? LOL! Well with that being said, the wife and baby are going out of town next Saturday, so I will have the whole day to myself to go fishing uninterrupted. Well played Kam, well played if I do say so myself if I “Duse” so myself.

  • Becks

    RAVE: Great surprise visit from my nephew! We went to the folklife festival and then watched fireworks from my front stoop. My neighbors one street up and one street down had fireworks.
    RAVE: Lady Carlotta didn’t freak out on the 4th. She was nervous yes, but not run and hide scared! Yippee!
    RANT: Why do some guys feel the need to spread their legs two feet apart when sitting on the bus or train? Seriously! Close your legs! The guy on the train this morning was sitting with his legs so far apart that he was pressing into me. And he was a skinny guy so there was no need to touch at all!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Southern Hospitality is my new favorite place. It’s perfect for watching the World Cup.
    Rant: They need to quit giving me quite so many free shots ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rant: Missing semifinals due to work.
    Rave: I get to see the last 2 matches and hopefully not get too wasted at SH with good friends.

  • RAVE: Went down to Southern VA this weekend and had a great time.
    RAVE: Saw my brother for the first time in 3 years! He just got back from an overseas stint in Okinawa with his wife and kid.
    RANT: His wife is still psychotic. She wouldn’t let my brother bring their son up to Virginia to stay with me and my girlfriend. Major psychological issues and she refuses to go to therapy.
    RAVE: My girlfriend’s next door neighbor babysits the cutest 4 year old boy. He is seriously whip smart and socially advanced. I’ve never met a more gregarious kid who reads social cues so well. I let him use my iPad and he was able to read everything and knew how to use all the functions. I was totally blown away. Such a sweet kid and can’t wait to play with him a bit more!
    RANT: He and his mother lives in a women’s shelter. She is so overwhelmed by his intelligence and energy, she has no idea what to do for this genius kid. It’s also obvious that this kid is attention starved and in need of love. He comes over to my girlfriend’s apartment and never wants to leave. I’m really sad that my girlfriend is moving to Los Angeles and the end of July and that we need to say goodby to this boy. Any advice for keeping in touch or leaving him with a gift? I feel that we are going to break his heart when we say “goodbye” for the final time ๐Ÿ™

    • Can you try to link the kid up with an adult mentor? Sounds like he could use the ongoing intellectual stimulation.

      • I will try to stay in touch with him, as I am in DC. It would be wonderful to host him in DC for a weekend and take him to the sights. He’s such a bundle of energy and enthusiastic to learn about anything/everything. He absorbs information like I’ve never seen. I’m just sad that we can’t be closer and I’m seriously worried about his home and academic life ๐Ÿ™

        • Since the family is comfortable having him visit your girlfriend, why not speak directly to his mother before your girlfriend moves — about your availability to mentor the youngster. If you’re willing to do so, you can also tell her that you’re willing to go through a formal screening or mentoring program like Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

          • Thanks! I didn’t know BB/BS does a formal screening “approval” process; I’ll do some research. I’ll see them again this upcoming weekend and talk to the mother.

  • Rant: I need to get better at this whole meeting people thing. Having the summer off means I can go for a long time without any human interaction.
    Rave: more time to go to the gym!
    Rant: I’ve been so spoiled with my $560/month rent for a huge room in a woodley park house with free parking, that anything else I look at (now that our house is being gutted and renovated) is disappointing.

    • That’s a ridiculous deal. Under DC tenant law, you’re entitled to return to the house after the renovations if they intend to re-rent the house. Though, the landlord can now charge a higher rent.

      • Yes,I know and our landlord also told us this. I should expect to pay $850-950/month once it’s done. That’s still pretty decent but I’m concerned the renovations will take longer than expected and moving sucks. Moving twice will be even worse.

        • Still, that’s a great deal for a newly renovated house with parking, near the Metro, and in a safe ‘hood. I’d bite the bullet and find a cheap furnished sublet. Toss your stuff in storage so you’d only have to do one “full” move (move out + move it back in).

          • Yeah, that’s my plan for now. I’m finding that getting a cheap furnished sublet or month to month is a bit of a challenge, but I’m not looking to move until September 1 so maybe that’s why.

            Also, one of my four roommates definitely won’t move back, one likely won’t, and the other two are on the fence so I may get the task of filling four rooms. It seems kind of daunting but I think I’ll enjoy it.

          • Filling the 4 rooms will be EASY. There’s an absurd demand for affordable group housing. You’ll easily get 200 application emails in a span of two days, if you go the Craigslist route. The best part is that you’ll be “in charge,” so you can pick the best candidates. It will be worth the effort, IMHO, if you plan on staying in the house for a few more years.

  • Rave: Much needed long weekend. Hosted a BBQ, went to another one on Saturday, worked in the yard, did some yoga, started reading a good book.
    Rant: Still got pulled in to work BS on Thursday even though I was supposed to be off. At some point in the not so distant future I would like to explore some other line of work, possibly my own business. I’m so sick of dealing with the politics and bureaucracy in my organization and my line of work in general. I just need to figure out how to actually make a decent living if I do decide to leave.
    Rave: Making enough money (finally) to actually be able to put some good savings away for when I do decide to make the leap.

  • Rant: Shootings in Chicago over the weekend. For anyone who was comparing violence/shooting in DC to that of Chicago need only look at last weekend to see how far off base they were. This past weekend Chicago had 60 shot (as in hit) and 9 killed because of the shootings. Marinate on that for a second. And at the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, yes, the numbers/stats are down but they are still waaaaayyyyyy too high. They (the city gov) aren’t really going to change anything until it starts to hit them in the pocket. Sad but true.



    • Accountering

      Fair point in absolute terms, but how many did DC have shot this weekend? With 1/4 of the population, a quick perusal of POP points me to the following:

      Stabbing murder at 22nd and I NE
      2 shootings at 1200 Childress NE
      Shooting murder at 1200 Simms Pl NE
      2 shot at 14th and Irving NW

      When I also use the DC Crime Map, I find the following Assault Dangerous Weapon (ADW) Gun:

      14th and Girard NW
      Park and 17th NW
      Central Pl NE
      K St and Bladensburg NE
      Hayes St NE
      Meade St NE
      Good Hope Road and 24th St SE
      Douglass Pl SE

      So we had 13 shootings? Two murdered? In relative terms, we are basically even with Chicago.

      • I get your point and I am not sure if you are considering shootings as shooting or as those hit. Chicago had 60 people hit. To your other point and I see people do this a lot, yes Chicago is much bigger than DC but most of those shootings are happening in small parts of the city continuously, not the greater Chicagoland area. I think it would be more correct to compare those portions to DC (or the respective parts where the shootings occur).


        My overarching point is that DC has nothing on Chicago. Hell if people think DC is rough try living in Baltimore, Newark, Camden and parts of Philly.

        • Accountering

          I don’t know what the hell an ADW is defined by MPD as, but I know its not good. I agree, Chicago is worse, and that those shootings are concentrated in a pretty small area. The same can be said somewhat for DC though.
          ADWs for trailing year:
          District 1: 39
          District 2: 6
          District 3: 37
          District 4: 53
          District 5: 90
          District 6: 175
          District 7: 193
          Within for example district 4, those shootings are segregated to certain areas, with Shepherd Park for example having very few.

        • It looks like Chicago had 82 shot over the weekend. Horrifying, especially since most of the violence was in a small area.

  • More Raves: Whole Foods now carries Hope Hummus. As the resident soft food expert of
    Popville.com I highly recommend the Spicy Avocado Hummus!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: One of my best buds has to have surgery in the next month or so.
    Revel: I had wonderful caregivers after my back surgery last summer. Hoping to go down soon afterwards and pay it forward to her.
    Revel: Saw two great friends this weekend who want to move back to the area.
    Rant: Lunch was super serious with conversations about jobs and places to live.
    Rant: for the first time, felt sad about no kids after seeing them with theirs.
    Revel: Tour de France. These beginning stages in England have been fantastic!

    • My stomach dropped when I saw Cavendish’s crash! I would have loved to have seen him win the first stage on his (somewhat) home turf.

  • Rant: Annoying coworkers and a crappy job. I’m applying around as much as I can, including DC, NoVA, NY and LA, but it’s just not working out. I can’t live on $16 an hour any more.

  • Rave: Great holiday weekend seeing family and friends, eating everything in sight
    Rant: Apparently my phone decided to delete all my calendar entries. I didn’t really need the customer service guy to tell me that it’s my fault I didn’t save them to google. If I wanted them on the cloud, I’d put them there. Yes, I sound paranoid, but I like keeping at least the illusion on control. Although I have no idea where I’m supposed to be later this week.

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