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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Scored reservations to Komi! Even better, not paying for it.
    Rant: Glass left in the street from car break-ins. I know it sucks when it happens but cleaning it up is appreciated.
    Revel: Working from home
    Revel: Dogs getting a haircut
    Revel: I’m getting a haircut
    Revel: Excited for tomorrow: baseball and fireworks. If it wasn’t so hot, I’d make apple pie

    • Hope for the goat! (At Komi, if that wasn’t clear.)

      • I’ve been to komi twice and both times I requested the goat since I don’t really eat pork – they were happy to do the goat no questions asked. But I agree the goat is AMAZING.

    • How did score the reservations? Calling in everyday at 10a or do you have a black card with some kind of concierge or possibly whoever is paying for it took care of the details? I really want to go there but it is a task to get in and I already have enough task as it is.

      • I got a reservation the first time I tried to call (I think that was on a Tuesday). It was for about a month after I called.

      • GiantSquid

        You start calling at noon a month out. I just kept hitting redial until I got through, took about 15 minutes.

      • If you want a Friday or a Saturday reservation, you have to call exactly one month out, right when the reservations line open (and be flexible on the times). If you want a Wednesday night, you probably have a little more flexibility – but not much. It’s not that big a deal – pick your date, set an outlook reminder, and block off 30 minutes, during which time you can get other stuff done.

  • After years of relative stability and feeling generally secure in most aspects of life, things now feel very unstable and heading toward collapse. Part of me feels like just getting it over with and establishing a new, sadder normal.

    • FWIW I’ve had a couple of crisis points in my life when multiple critical parts of my life collapsed. It was — and is — hard to see at the time, but eventually things really did get better. So maybe you don’t have to settle for a new, sadder, normal, although slogging through the hard bits can be painful, exhausting, and disorienting. I hope things get better for you much sooner than you expect.

    • Emmaleigh504

      You don’t have to have a new, sadder normal. See a therapist to see if they can help you get through this rough time, or maybe some medicine, either short or long term, whatever is best for you.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Nats game last night. The fireworks afterward were especially nice, and I managed to make it home before the storm.
    Rave/Rant: Office is too quiet. Good for cleaning out files, bad for motivation to do anything substantive.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: 7 work groups with the same basic tasks, but 1 work group is never allowed all the perks the other work groups have b/c our manager is afraid we aren’t working if he can’t see us. Never mind that we are on production, so the works is going to get done.
    Rave: Watching the Germany-France match tomorrow.
    Rave: Favorite hat store having a quick July 4th sale. Now I can buy the spendy hat I’ve had my eye on.
    Rant: I need a hat rack. To bad the one my mom has won’t fit in my apartment. ( and she uses it)

    • Proper Topper? Or do you have a favorite spendy hat store that I haven’t found yet?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Goorin Brothers. They have a store in Georgetown, but I always shop online. The sale is only for online orders, code USA. Some hats are spendy, some are not. But they don’t have many different styles.

        • Awesome! I had never heard of them but needed a hat. Just bought the Mrs. Davis. and saved $15 bucks. Yay Pop for doing your part for the economy!

        • Do they have hats for ladies with big heads? Only a new men’s hats at Propper Topper and Lou Lou’s ever fit me.

      • Emmaleigh504

        The hat I want is Mrs Bogart.

        • maxwell smart

          love Goorin Brothers – although I haven’t been to the shop in Georgetown yet (been to a couple of their shops elsewhere). I think I have avoided going to the one here knowing that I would spend more money then I should on a hat I don’t need.

        • Wow! Mrs Bogart is gorgeous! And nicely priced compared to Eric Javits. I think I may have to take a little field trip to Georgetown. And maybe on my way to lush, pause at your favorite hat store, just to look a little bit……

        • epric002

          love goorin bros! just made a trip out there on sunday, and ordered the ida mae (they didn’t have my size in stock). husband bought 2 hats at their store in san fran a few weeks ago, and then he, i, and my FIL all bought hats on sunday. and he thought their stamp card would be worthless- we’re half way to a free hat! πŸ™‚

        • Do you already have the Goorin Bros hat named after you (Emilie)?

    • I feel like as a dude, I need a hat especially during the summer. I hate ball caps but I have black hair so head gets scorched during the sunny days. I really like the California Dreaming straw hat but seems every hipster on H St has that hat lol.

    • saf

      My husband always waits until we go to New Orleans and buys hats at Meyer the Hatter.

    • If you’re ever in Portland, OR Pinkham Millinery is amazing!

  • Rave-ish: Shopping for a summer fragrance. I’m tired of citrus-based, so maybe I’ll go with something a bit peach-y. I had fun inhaling Jo Malone and Annick Goutal colognes, and tried samples of some of the Marc Jacobs line.
    Rave: Summer dresses!
    Rave-ish: Getting hit on by guys in their twenties. It’s flattering, but very weird.
    Rant: I remember when things used to be more consumer-friendly. Now it seems like corporate policies explicitly burden the consumer while supporting investors big time. I’m thinking wistful thoughts about Mark Green, and wonder if I should try to find a job in consumer advocacy.

    • Emmaleigh504

      If you can find Pure by Alfred Sung it’s a really good summer fragrance. It’s not fruity, so it will be a complete change. It smells like laundry detergent in the bottle, don’t let that fool you! Put it on and it just smell light and clean, unless your body chemistry doesn’t work with it. I had one fragrance that turned into onions on me, but smelled great on everyone else. Anyway, Pure by Alfred Sung is nice.

    • I use “love” by Chloe. It’s a little spicy but mellows out to light and not too fruity.

    • I just bought a roller of See by Chloe…It’s kind of apple-y and floral and quite lovely.

      PS I’d like to get hit on by some guys in their twenties, I always get hit on by guys in thier late 40s! we should hang haha

    • Emmaleigh504

      And what they say about layering is true, so splurge on the shower gel!

    • I like the Philosophy scents – all very clean smelling but not citrus-based at all. I think the one I have now is Pure Grace.

    • “I remember when things used to be more consumer-friendly. Now it seems like corporate policies explicitly burden the consumer while supporting investors big time.”
      I was just thinking the same thing while picking up a summer skirt at H&M yesterday. I think I spent about 45 minutes standing in line for the dressing room, and another 15 minutes in checkout. At multiple points I thought about abandoning the mission entirely. I wonder how many sales they’ve lost that way.

    • Can you recommend some citrus-based fragrances? That’s pretty much the only type of scent I can stand since I hate florals. Thanks!

      • For citrus based, I’ve liked Annick Goutal Eau d”Hadrian and Barney’s Route de The the best. So far. A lot of people swear by Jo Malone Grapefruit — but, sadly, although it smells wonderful on the little strip thingy, it doesn’t work for me. If you hate florals, but it doesn’t have to be citrus-based, let me know — since I’ve run through a LOT of vanilla-based stuff over the years.

        • Thank you! I’m definitely going to check those out. If you have any light vanilla fragrances I’ll check those out as well. I’ve never worn perfume but I’d like to so this is a great start.

          • If you’re looking for something light, one of the LaVanila line might suit you. I also like Annick Goutal”s Vanille Exquise — but it can be hard to find. You could also try some of the Laura Mercier scents -which are pretty light.

      • Kiehl’s makes a grapefruit-based scent that I really like. I’m also all about the citrus when it comes to fragrance, so I would like to see other people’s recommendations as well!

        • Grapefruit has a weird way of smelling like B.O. though. I’d stick with orangey scents.

        • I like Kiehl’s and grapefruit so I’ll definitely try this one too. Thanks! The comment below has me a little scared, though.

        • I use The Vert & Bigarade from l’Occitane in the summer. It’s a citrusy scent but with green tea notes that make it more earthy and less sharp, to me.

    • Thanks MUCH for all the fragrance suggestions! I’m going to take a copy of this thread with me when I go shopping! Andie — I’ve got Pure Grace bath stuff and love it!, but, sadly, for some reason the Philosophy colognes don’t work for me.

      • I use a roller of Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I love that it’s light but a little spicy, and despite it’s name, not super floral. The only thing I don’t like is that it smells a little…common. I’d love to find something similar but with a more intriguing profile. I’m over citrus too.

    • Blithe, were you wearing a citrus scent when you got hit on by the 20-something guys? There have been studies that show that when people smell citrus scents and then look at pictures of people and judge their age, they tend to guess six years younger than the person’s true age. Apparently citrus scents make our brains think people are younger.

      Your random biology/psychology trivia for the day!

      • Great Fragrance Fact! Lol ;-D Although I’m a LOT more than 6 years older than these guys. And when I’ve pointed it out, they haven’t seemed at all discouraged! Hmmm. Maybe I’d better stick with the citrus scents…..and go for a Summer Fling!

      • Emmaleigh504

        off to buy some citrus scent!

    • Where do you ladies go to try on perfume? That’s my biggest barrier to tying new scents. Wish there was an Ulta nearby!

      • I steal lady magazines from my building’s laundry room and sniff the perfume samples. Yeah, I’m fancy.

      • For serious fragrance shopping, I like Friendship Heights — which has Saks and Bloomingdales, as well as Neiman Marcus, Lord and Taylor and a Sephora. If there’s something I’m looking for, at least one of these stores is likely to have it . The customer service at all all of these stores is good, and if you can go at an off time to Saks or Bloomies, it can be excellent. (i.e. you can try on dozens of fragrances, get samples, and they have good return policies.)

      • Emmaleigh504

        Department stores. I used to work the fragrance counter at one and it is seriously boring. We would get so excited when people were looking for a new scent b/c we could share all our fragrance knowledge. (I have an encyclopedic knowledge scent circa 2000.) Middle of the day week days, night on Fridays, or Sundays tend to be best.

        • I hate interacting with people (I’ll always go for the self checkout in grocery stores, even if it takes 3x as long) so fragrance counters intimidate me. I guess it helps to know I’m doing someone a favor by alleviating their boredom!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Be careful of the fragrance models they can be a little more aggressive than the counter chicks.

          • If you say in a stern-ish voice, something like “Really, I’m just window shopping, can I let you know if I find something I like?” — that should get you browsing space if you don’t feel in the mood for getting enthusiastic help. I, on the other hand, love the idea that there are people willing to chat about “middle notes” and intimate sillage. (insert nerdy emoticon)… You might also like the scent-finder computer thingy at Sephora.

    • dont most women on here complain when being hit on by men?

      • It varies. There’s the “You look nice today and I’d like to get to know you better” type of hitting on, which few, if any of us complain about. Then there’s the: “Yo — you know what I could do with them tits bitch! I just love me some…….” — which is vulgar, intrusive, and designed to make women flinch. It’s a power trip — rather than a compliment or an introduction, and it justly gets complained about.

  • Question: where does the Park Service actually launch the fireworks? I’ve always watched from the Mall or Independence Ave. I was thinking about heading down near the Kennedy Center or volleyball courts but I don’t want to get there and be forced to turn around because that’s where the fireworks are actually launching…

  • Rant – It was a balmy 85 degrees in my apartment yesterday.
    Rave – So thankful for my bedroom A/C unit.
    Rant/Rave – So quiet at work today, there’s like 3 people here. I’ll have to keep myself busy by organizing my files/checking Popville every 5 minutes until it’s time to leave.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I have the opportunity to do some portraits of some amazing people this weekend.
    Rant: I also have a lot of work to do

  • Rant: Just need someone to repair some dry wall, but can’t find anyone because the job is “too small.” I’ve contacted at least two dozen companies. Gah. Anyone know anyone? I’m in the Bloomingdale area.
    Rave: Fireworks, from the roof – hoping for good visibility.

  • My photo!

    I also painted this image for an art show…. any Meridian Park lovers? πŸ™‚

  • I got coffee from Qualia this morning and it was literally over 100 degrees in there. I honestly worry about their sustainability. With more options in the neighborhood and an increasingly changing neighborhood, they are going to need to step it up. This goes for all businesses. People’s perception of “good” is going to change as better choices become available.

    • I honestly love Columbia Heights Coffee and it failed. I don’t even like Qualia (in terms of atmosphere)

    • Other options in the neighborhood? Where? I’m consistently disappointed in Qualia’s coffee and service, but there are no other coffee shops in that part of petworth.

      • Accountering

        uhhhh, Starbucks just opened this past weekend.

        • ok. I’ll only say this once, since clearly people are excited about the Starbucks….but in my humble opinion, THIS DOES NOT COUNT. I hate grocery store coffee shops. When I am shopping, I don’t want a coffee, and when I am done, I am carrying groceries, thus do not want a coffee, and when I am not shopping, I don’t want to be in a grocery store! Plus it’s not like there is a nice coffee shop atmosphere where you can sit, and possibly enjoy some casual company. Starbucks kiosk in Safeway =/= coffee shop (to some of us, meaning me)

        • Accountering

          So you clearly have strong feelings about this, which is fine. With that said, I walked into here on Tuesday morning, got a venti iced coffee, and then drove to work in MD. So… yeah, there are other coffee shops in the area.

        • I’m glad that there’s a Starbucks in the new Safeway, but I’m not sure it counts as a proper coffee place. (Maybe 3/4 of a coffee place?)
          I hope it’s more comprehensive than the mini-Starbucks inside the Target at DCUSA. That one has earned my wrath because their menu lists smoothies, but all the times I tried to order one (before I finally gave up) I was told that they didn’t have any bananas. One time the employee mentioned that the manager never orders bananas. (WTF?) I said something like, “Well, why can’t you just take it off the menu, then?” and was told: “We’re required to have it on the menu.” Facepalm.
          I meant to complain to Starbucks corporate, but never got around to it.

          • Accountering

            You should try this at the new Starbucks in Safeway. If they say they are out of bananas, you can respond with “well, conveniently enough, we are in a grocery store, and there are bananas just over there!”

          • LOL!
            That makes me think of being in the KFC/Taco Bell near 14th and U many years ago, trying to order a chicken gordita, and being told that they were out of chicken. πŸ™‚

          • I’ve been going to Qualia less and less. I find myself at the Coupe or Room 11. That being said, I’ve been to Starbucks three times in the past week. Maybe because it’s new? It’s just so damn convenient. I can get coffee and grab my groceries.

  • rant: working today
    rant: summer cold. nothing makes a long weekend with family fun like being hopped up on dayquil.
    …is today over yet?

    • pablo .raw

      I am a big fan of the neti-pot.

    • What is with this summer cold that’s going around? I was out sick last week because of it but fortunately I’m doing better now. Last night was the first time I was able to fall asleep quickly, without my persistent cough keeping me up until the wee hours of the moning.

      • skj84

        Yeah. I was pretty sick towards the beginning of the month. Basically just lived off of nyquil for a weekend and slept it out. I do find that AC sometimes causes sinus issues for me. I think a lot of places don’t change out the filter and it causes my allergies to go crazy. Once I cleaned out the filter in my room I felt a lot better.

        • I’ve been wondering about that. I’ve been sick on and off all spring and it doesn’t seem to coincide with outdoor allergen levels. I have clean filters at home (and only switched on the AC recently) but at work I’m directly under a vent that’s been blasting cold air on me since March.

      • I had a nasty cold last month that lingered for 2 weeks before I started feeling better. It was awful. Summer colds are the worst.

  • REVEL (or at least hopeful revel) – Verizon trucks en mass parked on my street all day yesterday. Yes, I know FIOS has problems like Comcast, but I am just looking forward to having an actual choice about my cable/internet provider.

  • RAVE: I was able to get a seat on Metro this morning on my way to work.
    RANT: I am one of the few people that had to work today, thus is why I got a seat.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My train was surprisingly crowded. Must be all the contractors or hourly folks that still have to work. The office is a morgue.

      • skj84

        The train I was on this morning was pretty crowded, but I think it was the tourist crowd. Lots of families.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Leaving for the river tonight! Very excited to spend a long weekend with a bunch of friend playing outside, wake-boarding, kayaking, cornhole, horseshoes, and enjoying all together too many adult beverages. Also, not melting in the DC summer. Going to be glorious!
    Rave2: Mintwood is totally going to get a ticket driving his rental 2015 Camaro from western NC.
    Rave3: I am definitely going to take out the Camaro for a spin (pre-adult beverages)

    • I bet your place smells like Axe?

    • “Also, not melting in the DC summer”
      And also not affected by the hurricane like all of us beach-goers. πŸ™‚

      • Accountering

        Hopefully you’re not going to OC? I don’t always listen to Mayor Gray, but when I do, it relates to him telling republican representatives to mind their own business.

        • Nope, VA Beach! Though I generally try to avoid VA as well, because of their screwed up policies.

        • You should go to Rep Andy Harris’s Facebook page and give him some love for meddling in DC affairs.

    • Accountering

      Update to Rave2: Mintwood has left NC and is heading towards SE Virginia “Rapidly” — It also seems likely that he is texting while driving. His comment about the Camaro – “powerful” – He is definitely getting a ticket.

      • just south of Richmond… those guys love to ticket.

        • epric002

          new kent county has a huge new courthouse complex b/c of tickets. i’m pretty sure there’s almost nothing else in that entire county.

          • Accountering

            He is driving through a lot of podunk counties in southern VA. Camaro with out of state license plates is like a sitting duck. Despite all of the jokes, I will text him and remind him of this.

  • Question: if you had to pick just one DC Ethiopia place to give someone the true experience which would it be

  • Rave: Off to California with the BF next week: San Francisco, Sonoma Wine Country and Yosemite for a glorious week.
    Rave: Off tomorrow, long weekend. Yay!

  • RAVE: Witty banter and a few drinks led to good sex. On an otherwise normal boring Wednesday. Definitely was not expecting that when I stopped by a friend’s happy hour last night! She was a very lovely, smart, and attractive woman.
    RANT: A wee bit hungover.

  • Rave: A PoPville woman who goes by “kd” responded to my rant/request for softball on yesterday’s Rant/Revel thread. However, I wasn’t able to respond to her until late last night as I was out with the family. So I’m putting it here too in hopes that she sees it. If you’re still interested kd, you can email me at nicholas.aakre on the gmail for more specifics. Still looking for other ladies too.

  • Revel: Last day of the week! I haven’t needed a long weekend so badly in a long, long time.
    Rave: Yoga after work and then going home to make dosas and chill on the couch with the partner.
    Rave: World Cup, bbqs, and laid back time this weekend!

  • Rave: Fun low key date last night πŸ™‚
    Rave: It’s been great to just looking forward to spending time together!
    Rave: Not coming in to my federal job on Monday! WOOHOO!
    Rave: I’ll get back from the beach Monday, work Tuesday, and then the Speakeasy show….I’m starting to get a little nervous. We’ll see!
    Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th!
    Almost forgot! Additional RAVE: 2 year anniversary of my divorce today. Zero regrets!

  • Rave: most everyone is out of the office on vacation. Including my boss.
    Rant: He is rocking a major double standard by not being here today, since he is neither on leave nor work travel.
    Rave: girlfriend is encouraging physical activity and I could stand to lose a bunch of weight.
    Rave: stuff I ordered online this week will arrive shortly.
    Rave: getting the itch to get back into music.
    Rant: finding drummers is hard.

  • Rant: Everybody seems to be out of town
    Rave: It’s raspberry season!
    Rant: I don’t really want to go by myself :\

    • I don’t have a single friend that would be up for raspberry picking and I would love to go! How long are they on for? I’m heading out of town this weekend, but would totally go with you next week if you’re interested.

      • I’m pretty sure the season lasts all summer, but I’d love to go with you! Fields are open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I’m happy to drive, but just know that I don’t drive all the way to Germantown just to get a small tupperware full of berries. I go all out! Feel free to email me at sugarcoated [at] gmail [dot] com πŸ™‚

    • Emmaleigh504

      I would love to pick raspberries! I could make raspberry butter if I didn’t eat them all fresh!

  • Any suggestions on things to do tomorrow? I’m in town and alone, and I don’t want to go down to the mall.

  • skj84

    Rant: Stress inducing family members. Especially when the stress is induced in the morning. Now I’m on edge.

    Rant: Dog sitting a dog that doesn’t seem to like me. I’ve interacted with it before, but every time I move she barks. And grows at me. I’m trapped on the sofa right now and afraid to get up.

    Rant: My therapist canceled on me at the last moment. Why can’t I find a good, consistent person to see? I was really looking forward to that appointment.

    Rave: At least its the holiday weekend.

    • Haha, what kind of dog is it? My dog barks at everyone but she means well.

      • skj84

        A Chihuahua. I’m afraid of her nipping me.

        • epric002

          will she approach you? if she will, give her a treat each time she does it. i’d ignore the barking/growling for a while and just become that nice lady who gives me treats whenever she’s around and i don’t bark/growl.

          • skj84

            I gave her a few treats and let her smell my hand. I just don’t want the neighbors to get annoyed by the barking. I mean they may be used to it, I don’t know how vocal this dog is usually. But I think she’s coming around.

        • Ditto the ignore her advice – do not make eye contact (if you’re worried, you might inadvertently be staring her down which will feel threatening to her) and position your body so that she sees the smallest angle (i.e. sideways versus front). When you can, get treats and start a campaign of distracting her – run through commands or just toss treats if she won’t focus. Wait to let her approach you and do not reach for her – reaching over head can be especially scary for some dogs.

          • epric002

            good advice! some dogs are often more willing to approach you if you’re sitting down and not facing them. you could sit on the floor, put some treats next to you, and then just ignore her. she’s likely to eventually come check you out and eat the treats. good luck!

    • Are sure it’s really a dog and not a raccoon?

  • rant: just got off the phone with insurance, and was told they won’t cover my HPV test since I’m under 30 (they consider it ‘experimental’). Ridiculous considering it was part of my normal yearly physical. The fact that insurance companies don’t take womens issues seriously is insulting!
    double rant: being told you post too quickly after you are ranting about insurance is not fun.

    • Emmaleigh504

      It makes me insane that insurance companies can dictate your health care decisions by not covering the costs. Tests, medications, and procedures can be prohibitively expensive. I would rather make decisions with my doctor who knows me and my health history than some company that just thinks about profits.

    • epric002

      why did your doctor recommend the HPV test? if it was due to an unusual PAP, i’d contest that with my insurance company.

  • part rant/part rave/part question:
    As I was walking out of my apartment building in Columbia Heights this morning, there were US Marshals conducting a raid (eviction?) in the house across the street. I saw at least a dozen agents. Some of whom were on the sidewalk and some who were entering the house.
    My rant: I saw at least one of the agents on the sidewalk casually holding his gun and gesturing with it. At no point did anyone tell us what we, the bystanders, should be doing or that we should stay inside. Everything seemed a little too calm and casual for what was about to go down. I felt a little unsafe and had an uneasy feeling about it.
    My rave: You don’t get t to witness a raid every day… it was rather thrilling, even though it felt somewhat unsafe.
    My question: Is this normal? Has anyone else witnessed something like this? Anyone else see this this morning?

  • Just strange: Last night I walked into my living room and thought”now why is the fire extinguisher in the middle of the room?” I have a place for it in my kitchen and if I need to move it, I move it to another place in the kitchen.
    It wasn’t there earlier in the day – I would have noticed.
    Just strange.

    • If it’s provided by your building, they are required to do annual inspections of the fire extinguisher and replace it after a certain number of years. My guess is that a maintenance person was in your apartment and replaced the extinguisher.

      • That would make sense except I live in a house. There are three people that have keys and I’m confident they wouldn’t come in uninvited.

    • Sounds like you have ghosts too!

    • Accountering

      Is this related to the ghost post from earlier? This is not good if so. I don’t believe in ghosts, but if fire extinguishers are moving around, there is someone in your place.

  • MONSTER RAVE: I’m quitting in 30 mins!
    Rave part 2: I get to spend 20 days back home in Italy very soon.
    Rant: Boss is a psycho so the conversation will not be easy.
    Rave part 3: I’m so happy, I don’t care!

  • RANT: Inconsiderate people parking poorly. The segment of the road has enough space for four cars, but there’s always at least one car that decides to park five feet from the sign, six feet from the next car over, or whatever. So only three cars can park, with a lot of leftover space that’s poorly utilized. Multiply that by the six segments in the neighborhood, and you have six unutilized spaces because people weren’t willing to take the extra ten seconds to consider other people. PSA: Please consider other people when you park. There’s a dire parking shortage, and people who need cars to commute to work cannot park when they come home.

    • Get over yourself.

      • +1
        Though I would have said: rent a parking spot.
        Newsflash: cars are different lengths and leave awkward spaces when they come & go at different times. One car that’s been sitting there for 3 days might have been close to the others when they first parked, but now has some distance as cars of varying sizes have come and gone.

  • Rave: Three day weekends! I plan on doing all my normal weekend chores tomorrow and then playing for two days.

    Rant: EVERYONE I work with is here today. Grr…wanted a quiet day.

    Rave: 8 weeks into my exercise program and I’m finally at the point where I feel bad if I miss a workout. I also saw my triceps peeking out at me yesterday for the first time in years. And…I’m eating cleanly constantly and not gaining weight.

    Rant: I really need to get my act together and rent my 3rd floor. Will take pictures this weekend.

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