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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Oh I have so many rants today.
    Rant: It is SO HOT and our A/C doesn’t work in the bedroom and I woke up drenched in sweat.
    Rant: There was a huge waterbug in my bedroom.
    Rant: I seriously want to leave this city right now. Usually I love DC but I just. Can’t. With the heat and the bugs.
    Rant: My f*cking bike lock wouldn’t work (I know, now I’m just getting whiny).
    Rave: My friend killed the waterbug, thank god, because I literally had packed a suitcase and sealed off the doors to my bedroom (not even kidding).
    Rave: The A/C in my office works, at least, so I finally feel cool again.

    • Sounds like most of your frustration is sourced from your non-working A/C… If you can fix that, you may improve your life outlook greatly? Not a sermon though!

      • Oh that’s definitely true. I don’t handle being hot very well, just ask my husband πŸ˜›

        We have given up on getting our central A/C to work so I think I’m going to just buy a standalone unit for the bedroom. May end up actually using less energy in the end, I hope?

        • Emmaleigh504

          That’s what my grandmother did in Mississippi. Downstairs was central ac and window units in the bedrooms upstairs. It worked well b/c they could turn off the ac in the bedrooms that were not occupied and she could crank her ac as cold as she wanted. She liked it cold.

        • Yeah, they’re great! But it may be a better idea to just put $300 into getting your central system recharged? Some times there’s a leak in the refrigerant line and getting that repaired, and then getting your system recharged fixes things… I recall having to buy window units every 2 years because they would loose their cool after 2 summers.

          • We’ve had it looked at a few times. The return from the 2nd floor is too small; only solution is totally opening the walls from top to bottom. Not really worth it for just a few weeks out of the year when the bedroom is too hot.

    • Ugh waterbugs are the WORST. So huge and gross. No shame about the bag-packing, I went to my sister’s for the weekend when one turned up in my last apartment.

  • Rant: People using alleys for parking and extended back yards… Not a safe place for their children to play. Both ends of my alley are blocked way too often.

    Rant: I don’t mind the heat too much, but when the wind stops blowing I hate everything.

    Rant: Bugs, especially the weird ones. I think th epolar vortex helped to keep them down this summer, but there’s still way too many. And I hate it when they hit me in the neck and then fall down my shirt… Yeesh!!

    Rave: 4th of July weekend! Storm or not, it’s a 3 day weekend! I am trying to embrace as many days off work as possible after 3 years without a solid beach vacation… Virginia Beach doesn’t count after going to Hawaiii.

    • Becks

      The comment about the bugs down your shirt made me smile. Thank you!

    • I hate when people block the alleys. The other day I had to drive around trying to find an entrance to my alley because I drove into one entrance, but that side of the alley was blocked by a car, then I tried to drive out the other side and the exit on that block was blocked by a car. Tried the third entrance and it was blocked by some guy peeing. Finally got in on entrance 4, which is the hardest one for me to use and still get a good angle to park. And my neighbors routinely have guests over who just park behind their cars and block the alley, blocking my car in my spot. Just so selfish.

      • Worst part is when you drive up the alley then have to back out because the parked person isn’t around to move their car… Or when you’re leaving out of your parking space in the morning and have to wait for the parked person to move their car on either exit, making you late for work…

        Also people strolling with kids down the alley, or with their dog off a leash… So much frustration!

        • My low was when my neighbors were having work done and I’d just had surgery. I wasn’t allowed to take metro, and the workers blocked my car in, so I was trapped in my house because, even after asking the workers to move, they wouldn’t. At the end of the day, I crutched over to ask the home owners to please talk to the workers, and they wouldn’t either. I was trapped in my home for days. I tried to get the ANC rep involved and called the police, but neither were any help. I guess had I really needed to go somewhere, I could have taken a cab (if I could have found one, since Uber can’t seem to find my house).

          • That’s terrible. I’m surprised the police weren’t more responsive — people can’t just go around blocking alleys!!

        • Why is strolling down an alley a problem? Are you thinking that alleys should only be used by cars — not used as shared space?

          • Because sidewalks were invented on either side of the alleys maybe?

            Also an of-leash dog or a child walking ahead of their parent(s) may be in the way of drivers that don’t expect them to be walking down an alley casually, especially at night. On a sidewalk it’s much safer.

            I’m not worried about hitting anyone myself because I’m cautious, but if you’ve seen how people speed down alleys, even to evade police, you’d know that walking down an alley generally isn’t safe.

          • saf

            ” how people speed down alleys, even to evade police,”

            Indeed. My fence took some serious damage from someone running from the cops and through my back fence a few months ago.

  • epric002

    rant: wmata trip planner- has been wrong about the times at the pentagon for every train i’ve checked this week. has anyone else noticed this?
    rave: getting a new foster dog tonight πŸ™‚
    rave: short week/long weekend
    rave: weather forecast for fri & sat.

  • RAVE: Tim Howard.
    RANT: USMNT defense. Allowed over 30 shots on goal. WTF? Protect your goalkeeper.
    RANT: We deserved to lose that game.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Tim Howard rocks! He deserves all the sex.

    • RANT: Bradley never showed up this go-around. I hope we can find a solid replacement for the next cup.

      • Yeah, apart from the assist to Green (too little, too late) and a whole lot of pointless running around, Bradley was pretty invisible. Too bad, because when he’s playing well he’s a real force.

      • Bradley was deployed as a CAM, which is not his natural position. He played one good game against Mexico in this role and Jurgen decided to roll the dice. It did not pay off. He will hopefully be slotted in his usual box-to-box role in the future and we can deploy a more creative CAM (i.e. Diskerud).

  • Rant: I recognize that this is a petty rant. But to the cat owners on my floor, when you dispose of your litter, please actually toss it down the garbage chute rather than leaving the poo baggy on the ledge of the disposal for the next person. I have a cat too, and I don’t seem to have a problem doing this.
    Rant: Apparently, the heat is making me grumpy.
    Rave: More than half way through a very challenging work week! I am sooooo ready for the long weekend.
    Rave: I had delicious cold brew coffee before leaving the house this morning.

    • Ick on rant #1! Seems inconsiderate and unnecessary on their part. Maybe you can put up a sign on the door (?) of the garbage chute?

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: USA! USA! we lost, but we were there. I think US soccer still have a ways to go until they reach the quality and skills of others, but given how recent the game is in this country, they are doing really well.
    Rave: Went to Freedom Plaza, there was a good crowd and it was great to see the enthusiasm of people there.
    Rave/Rant: Mayor Gray was there and that means more security than normal, but I don’t understand why there were SWAT teams.

  • Rant: A close friend of mine. Although he hasn’t traveled many places he’s always talking the most about how we need to plan a trip. About once a week he says “next month we should take a trip to XYZ” and usually a week later he backs out saying his finances aren’t good or something came up. Or he’ll say “hey man I’m gonna come out to DC so we can hang out” and then backs out at the last minute. I’ve told him before, don’t go saying you’re going to do something if you aren’t sure you can in the first place. Annoying.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Holiday Friday so I get to watch the Germany match. Kick some froggy ass!
    Rant: The World Cup goes by too quickly.
    Rave: Donna killed a fly that got in while I was watering the plants. Just pulled it out of the air. Then got sad that it died so quickly. Good kitty.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Mom and friend were tasked with going to Union Market yesterday to pick up stuff for dinner while we were at work. They both got wasted at Red Apron, proceeded to spend $160 on 4 steaks for us, and then lost the pound of bacon somewhere on the way home.
    Rant: Drunk everyone but me asking me questions throughout the entire World Cup match.
    Rant: Poor play, and ugly match overall.
    Rave: At least the 2 pound bone-in ribeyes were outstanding, although a bit comically huge. The roasted Brussels sprouts and duck fat potatoes weren’t too shabby either.

  • rave: three day week
    rant: was talking to a cute guy on OKC after taking a haitus for a long while and deciding to take charge of my dating life. After some good convo, he gives me the heads up that he is still married and asks if im ok with that. my response was asking what this meant…in the process of divorcing vs separated etc. He says, no in fact he is happily married and looking for something on the side. brought up the idea to his wife who hated it, so it appears he has just chosen to go for it and hope she doesn’t notice. clearly, not okay with me, onto the next I guess!
    rave?: at least he mentioned it? because in reality I could have not known and then just felt HORRIBLE.

    • He’s “happily married” and pulling this crap? What a pig. I hate that online dating means having to wade through these creeps to get to meet the people who are actually single. I wish they would just go on Ashley Madison with the rest of the cheaters and leave us alone.

    • Oh man that’s so horrible, I feel so bad for his wife.

    • Ugh, I just came across a not-super-close-but-same-circle friend’s live-in boyfriend on Tinder last night and am left trying to decide whether I need to tell her or not…. :/

      • I stumbled upon my very attractive, very married female coworker’s profile on Tinder. In fact, her wedding was profiled in a BIG article in the NYTimes. However, I do think she probably goes on to rate people just for fun. Tinder does allow you to activate a “just for fun” setting that allows you to rate but won’t match you with anyone. I think that’s mostly harmless.

        • I really hope that’s the case. She’s out of town right now and his “last active” was very recent which I feel doesn’t bode well. But I also don’t want to rock the boat if it’s just an innocent hot-or-not rating game for him. Maybe she even knows about it already!

          • For what it is worth, unless the guy hits on you and you have direct firsthand evidence of an intent to cheat, I don’t think the need to tell circle extends to “not-super-close-but-same-circle-friends.”

        • “Tinder does allow you to activate a β€œjust for fun” setting that allows you to rate but won’t match you with anyone.” — wait, is that a new feature? I used to be on Tindr for fun but got tired of all the earnest messages from people that I never responded to.

    • I don’t know how you can be “happily” married and still feel the need to cheat on your partner. It’s one thing if you both agree to it, but if your partner isn’t ok with it and you still do it…not exactly happily married in my book.

    • Wow, his wife has a real catch.

    • Ugh I hate this. I’m all for non-monogamy, but everyone has to be honest, informed and CONSENTING.

  • Rave: Finished a 25 hour women’s self defense class through DC Impact – it was excellent. Lots of practice with (well padded) muggers. They’re offering a 3 hour into class July 13th which I highly recommend
    Rave: Steroids and how quickly they helped my achy achy back (back issues not related to above rant!)
    Rave: I like the heat : )

    • May I ask how much the 25-hour course cost? (And how much the 3-hour intro class is, if you know?) I tried their website, but it was pretty bare-bones.

  • Accountering

    Rave: In light of the passionate discussion yesterday in a couple of topics on the quality of MPD, and the fact that crime continues decreasing, I wanted to point this out:
    Lanier is trying to do something here. People complain that she is overpaid – the fact she is willing to go to bat against the council here says to me she is perhaps underpaid. Good for her! Normally it seems the council CAN act quickly to close loopholes… this seems like it is a loophole that should be closed?

    • Interesting. Also see AnonMPD’s comment towards the end of yesterday’s post about shooting on 1400 block of Monroe St.

      • Accountering

        Very interesting. Love getting his perspective, very much so appreciated. I think the bit about how they are a very hands-off department is very instructive. Unfortunately, this is much further up the chain, and goes to the top (mayor/council) and how they prefer for our police force to act.

        Wonder how this dynamic changes as the council keeps changing. For example replacing Graham with Nadeau.

        • Or her perspective – there are female police officers you know!

          • Accountering

            Of course! Based on tone and writing, he/she sounds like a he, but it is certainly possible it is a woman. Either way, I appreciate their perspective.

        • I appreciated that poster’s perspective but I did not find the “hands off” commentary particularly instructive or unique. Every police department and law enforcement agency has “strict rules on use of force.” Police officers receive (or should receive) extensive training on the amount of force to bring to bear on a particular situation, especially since they are carrying guns. I am suspicious of any law enforcement officer who says the problem with policing is the inability to get physical enough with people he or she encounters.
          And pretty much every criminal justice system in every major city is overtaxed and crowded. Pleading cases down is not unique to DC. If cases didn’t get plead down, the system would be even more crowded.
          I do agree with the comment about “hands on” policing – i.e., stop and frisk. It’s really easy to support stop and frisk when you know you are not in the cohort of people who are routinely stopped and frisked.

  • Rave: Pablo.raw’s soccer photos. That girl in the USA hotpants is actually airborne??
    Rant: Having to figuratively swim through the hot wet air
    Rave: Taking babies to the pool after work
    Rant: If someone forgets to take out the trash one day, it sets off this domino effect of the trash bin too full, additional trash bag left inside gets covered in ants, and if left outside, gets ripped up by rats. Come on boyfriend, don’t forget to take out the trash!

  • Becks

    Rave: Three day weekend coming and the nephew called and asked if he could visit his favorite aunt!
    Rant: Bad Neighbors weeds are climbing over and through the fence.
    Rant/ Rave: Kittens!!! A feral cat in my neighborhood has had kittens. They are about 5-6 weeks old. They have decided my yard is the best place to hang out. They are so cute but I don’t want a bunch of 5 kittens and a mommy cat in my yard. And Lady Carlotta is very worried as well.

    Does anyone know about a feral cat rescue or organization that captures cats and kittens and finds them homes?

  • Rant: People who take their shoes (and sometimes socks!) off while stretching after a long, hot work-out at the gym. Seriously, please just leave your running shoes on- I don’t want to smell your feet and see little feet sweat stains all over the place.
    Rave: I just love DC, what a city!

  • Rave: Just found out that one of my favoritest former co-workers just got a job in the same office (different division) that I’ll be starting work in soon. So I already have a friend down the hall in my new work place! Yay!
    Rave: Since my background check took so long to complete, I’ve had time to plan a trip to Montreal next week just for fun. (Textdoc, I found that bakery you recommended, Olive + Gourmando, and it’s on the itinerary!) Last minute flight was super expensive, but hell, I won’t have that many chances to do this again soon.
    Rave: Going to the baseball game tonight! Baseball is the best ever.

  • Possible Rave – I saw an interesting looking restaurant(?) on Upshur w/ white exterior, no sign. I was driving by so I did not get a good look, anyone know what it is?

  • special_k

    Rave: Tim Howard! Tim Howard, Tim Howard, Tim Howard!
    Rave: The Wikipedia page for Secretary of Defense updated to Tim Howard.
    Rave: Sent my draft methodology chapter to my committee.
    Rant: So many more chapters and drafts to go.

  • Rave: It’s my bday and my Friday! Parents are coming to visit for the long weekend and I can’t wait to see them πŸ™‚
    Rant: Freaking out about getting older and not having accomplished what I thought I would at this point…
    Rave: Great boyfriend and family πŸ™‚

    Questions: (1) Anyone been to Chima Brazilian Steakhouse in Tysons, if so what are your thoughts? (2) Any recommendations for jewelry stores with non traditional engagement rings options? Looking into various colored sapphires but can’t seem to find anywhere to see them in person.

    • We once had this discussion on where to purchase vintage engagement rings: http://www.popville.com/2011/06/dear-popville-where-to-buy-a-vintage-engagement-ring/

    • binpetworth

      Happy birthday! Don’t fret about accomplishments vs. age – concentrate on the fun you’ll have in the future!

    • Becks

      Chima Brazilian Steakhouse is absolutely fantastic! Go hungry. Don’t fill up on the salad bar. They bring meat selection, after meat selection, after roasted meat selection to the table and you use the tongs to grab pieces to put on your plate. The filet Minion wrapped in bacon melts in your mouth. The roast beef, and lamb is juicy and yummy. You can’t go wrong if you love meat. If you are a vegetarian, you are in for a bad night.

      • +1 You can get excellent deals, but just make sure you read the buyer’s reviews and check their return policy. Read the fine print and make sure the listing specifies that it is an actual antique ring and not just “vintage style” or “vintage reproduction.” A lot of them will put antique in the title, but then in the description it says it’s a reproduction piece. I also recommend having a local jeweler verify that you are getting what you paid for (I love antique jewelry and have gotten some great pieces on etsy including a diamond ring from the early 1900s).

        • Agree about Etsy. My husband found my antique engagement ring there. The vendor gave him a credit to get the ring appraised, with a return guarantee if the ring had been wildly overpriced. (I don’t know if this is a normal business practice– this was a fairly rare style of ring without any stones, so both buyer and seller were less certain about the value than they would’ve been for your average diamond solitaire.)

    • I just got a non-traditional ring recently at Mia Gemma on F St. near Gallery Place. Lots of great stuff that I hadn’t seen elsewhere, and plenty of sapphires!

    • Thanks everyone!

  • Rant: A woman who was going to join my softball team for the summer just emailed me to tell me she can’t play. Which puts the team dangerously close to not having enough. Any ladies out there in PoPville interesting in playing softball on Sundays?

    Rave: Family flew into town last night and will spend a week here. So that’s nice.

    • What time on Sundays? I’ve been thinking about doing something like that but it seems as though none of my friends the time to commit. What’s the team like? (Age, general demeanor, etc)

      • Game times vary, ranging from 10am to 5:30pm. The games are just 75 minutes though so it’s not like you’re spending your entire day at the field.

        The team is relatively competitive (compared to the rest of the league), but don’t take that to mean that we’re super intense. The average age is late 20s/early 30s and I think we’re a pretty relaxed bunch. We’re looking to have fun first (and win on the side).

        If you have other questions or want to chat in private you can email me at on the gmail.

  • Rant: Slacker neighbors. I’ve started reporting the overgrown yards to DCRA, but it turns out that DCRA is more lenient than I thought. If people are cited (for grass/weeds over 10 inches), they apparently get TEN DAYS to mow/trim. They get fined only if the haven’t done anything at the time of the reinspection (10 days after the initial inspection). I get so envious these days when I’m driving in upper NW and see all of the nicely maintained lawns and no litter in the gutter.
    Rave: Apparently the vacant Park Place retail spots might finally get filled!
    Rave: Teleworking today, with snuggly cat.

    • justinbc

      Does it look like they’re on the path to ignoring the warning, or actually trying to remedy it? 10 inches is pretty tall, that’s probably a month’s worth of growth in my yard.

      • The former, unfortunately. One of the houses next to me (whose landlord I’ve talked to, and who said he was going to take care of it this week) narrowly missed getting a warning last time because their neighbor on the other side got so disgusted with them that he mowed their yard when he mowed his own, and dumped the clippings in their yard as a form of protest.
        It’s now a month later and the clippings are still there, plus grass and weeds that are well over 10 inches, dandelion stalks that are about 2 feet tall, etc. As my British friends might put it, this is really taking the piss.

        • justinbc

          Clippings on top of grass, wow, that’s some serious indifference. Well at least they’ll hopefully get fined, you should alert the neighbor to let it slide this time.

          • The neighbor on the other side has recently mowed his own lawn and skipped theirs. So it’s just a matter of whether the landlord next door will actually make good on his stated intent to “do something” about the lawn this week. I’m kind of hoping he doesn’t, so that he can get a warning.
            In the future, I guess I’ll need to pester the landlord even more — maybe get his e-mail or phone number. It shouldn’t get to the point of two-foot-high dandelion stalks, especially when he’s been to the house multiple times while the yard has been in this state.

  • Rant: Saw a cycist collide with one of the downtown traffic control folks…how do you miss seeing someone in the intersecton with a bright yellow vest? Srsly, get it together.

    Rave: Awesome Coworkers.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Dating!
    Rave2: Really like this woman
    Rave3: She is a POP reader/commenter πŸ™‚
    Rave4: More than halfway through the week, and spending the weekend at the river with a lot of friends – going to be awesome!

  • Rant: We lost a winnable game despite our horrendous play.


    Rant: Our terrible play mostly because we lack the technical skill. Seriously could our first touch be any worse?


    Rant: Not finishing . Gotta put the ball in back of the net when given the opportunity or you WILL pay for it. Seriously how did he not finish that goal a mere yards away from the net? Instead of the glory goal just place the freaking ball.


    Rant: Our back line sucks, no other way to say it. Just poor defending.


    Rant: No ball possession. Again because of the lack of technical ability. I’m not a big fan of always trying to dribble someone but you have to be able to hold onto the ball.


    Rave: Tim FREAKING Howard!!!! He was a stud out there, just solid. Without his play they could have easily given us 7 or 8. Great job Tim!


    Rave: I like the Yedlin kid, he has a bright future in front of him, he just needs more experience.


    Rave: I also like Jermaine Jones, he is one of our better players if not the best on the team.


    Rave: Our future is looking much better than our past. And hopefully this outing at the World Cup served as a catalyst to continue to aggressively get more youth involved in soccer at an early age.


    Rave: Even though the USA is out, there are a lot of great games to be played. I still have Germany taking it all.

  • Walked by NYNY Diva yesterday. There was a notice on the door for health code violations and that it’s closed until further notice. #IBelieve

  • Rave – Made a kick ass veggie pasta salad yesterday with all of my leftover farmers market veggies.
    Rave – Leftovers.
    Rant – I hate this weather! I miss the polar vortex.

  • Rave – The beautiful Belstaff wax jacket I bought online was just delivered. It fits perfectly AND it was more than 50% off!
    Rant: I’ll have to wait until the fall to wear it.
    Rave – It’s summer! My favorite time of the year. There will be plenty of cool, rainy days soon enough when I can wear my new jacket.

  • Oh I forgot to mention what happened while at Ramparts in Springfield watching the game, crazy story. I ordered a bunch of food for the people around me who were all strangers to me but it was in the spirit of unity behind the US. Everyone was very appreciative and enjoyed the food. The guy to my left was killing one of the orders of hot wings and was double dipping so he was already getting the side eye from me. Then notice that he reaches over to my discarded bones. At first I thought I was tripping but then I saw him continuously reach over and continue to eat my already eaten and chewed up chicken bones. And be clear, I don’t leave meat on my bones…I was totally blown away especially given that there was plenty of food left on the bar. Dude acted like this was totally normal. I didn’t say anything to him, I mean what could I possibly say? I will add that he was the sole person in the bar rooting for Belgium. Couldn’t make it up if I wanted to.

  • This monstrosity is now on the market…would love to get everyone’s take on it: http://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/507-K-St-NE-20002/unit-2/home/56610537.

    • binpetworth

      $1.3 million to own half of a house? And a butt-ugly one at that? Aww, helllll no!

    • Accountering

      I am not certain of 1.3, but I wouldn’t be surprised. There is not much out there like that. Tons of windows, big master, huge master bath. There just isn’t that much out there that is similar. The huge roof deck as well. I could see living there..

      • “There just isn’t that much out there that is similar.” And thank God for that.

        • Accountering

          On the outside… yes πŸ™‚ However, there has to be quite a few people out there who would love a big master suite, tons of windows, and a roof deck right? Not that many places have these *interior* features

          • I haven’t looked at the interior photos yet — I was just speaking as to the exterior. πŸ™‚

      • Looks like the ground floor unit is $850K, which is still a huge stretch to me. If you look at pics of unit 1, you see the back of the building has sliding doors that literally lead to no where. It’s the strangest thing.
        The thing is, entire renovated homes in this neighborhood are going in the range of $800-850K. Why on earth would you pay that for a condo when you can get a single family home for that amount? I guess that whole “condos make housing more affordable” bit people like to talk about isn’t so true in this case.

        • Accountering

          No, it still is true. Someone with means who otherwise would be bidding up that SFH (which you cannot get in this neighborhood for 800K, but thats beside the point) to a higher price. So them buying this unit does make other housing less expensive.

    • I do like the inside – it’s beautiful. But I wouldn’t pay any amount of money to live across the street!

    • Are you effing kidding me??? I live around the corner from this and if they get that much, I guess good for me? I have to admit, the inside is really nice, but I still think that price is ridiculous for a condo- even one this nice.

    • justinbc

      Not bad, all that staged furniture looks terribly uncomfortable though, which makes me wonder if you can only fit small, wiry pieces in there that are similarly uncomfortable.

    • What a weird place to put a built-in microwave (under the kitchen counter).

  • Rant: This stinking project I’m on at work. Even Tim Howard couldn’t save it.

    Rave: This started as a rant but we are doing some silly fitness challenge at work duing July and August, really? I made a comment about my vile green smoothies and now that is our team name. I’m also in charge of the breakfast smoothie recipe of the week. I’m getting excited now!

    • Emmaleigh504

      check out simplegreensmoothies.com for some delicious green smoothie recipes
      gawd. I’ve become a green smoothie evangelical.

    • I’ll never forget when at an old workplace of mine, the whole office decided to do a juice cleanse at the same time. I opted out because, you know, sanity. Everyone got SUPER GROUCHY and since it was the whole office at the same time, the situation devolved pretty quickly. Office-wide fitness or diet anything is a bad idea in my book!

      • Wow, that sounds like something from a sitcom. I can’t imagine my office embarking on a fitness-related mission together (or for that matter any mission not directly related to work).

      • LOL! What a recipe for disaster.

  • Rant: The f*#%ing pet hamster who thinks that the middle of the night is the perfect time to start running on its wheel. It’s surprisingly loud – in another room with doors closed, A/C running, and it still keeps me up. Love my future stepson, I really do, but omg I hate his hamster.

    Rave: 4-day weekend starts after work today! Not if I can just clear my to-do list before I leave….

    • Rave: The image of a hamster getting up at 2:30 in the morning, putting on a headband, and jumping on its wheel for a workout.

    • Who owns a hamster past the age of 14?

    • Take away his wheel! Put him in hamster solitary confinement!

    • Put a couple drops of vegetable oil where the wheel meets the frame. Seriously. As a former owner of numerous dwarf hamsters, keeping the wheels quite can take a little work, but it’s worth it. Or, get one of the solid, plastic wheels with the side mount. Those don’t seem to be a noisy.

      • He has the plastic kind! I haven’t wanted to get down and dirty with the hamster cage, but I think it’s a necessity.

  • rave: best way to start a holiday weekend – get a new job offer that lets me work from home and not have to commute to MD anymore.

  • I think I’m having ghost problems..

    Sunday night in the middle of the night I heard what sounded like a cardboard box being pushed or pulled across the floor. My dogs heard it too because they woke up and looked around. One even went out into the hallway where the sound came from. On Monday I saw that a box I had in the hallway was not where I left it and it had been pushed up against a rug. I definitely would not have gone to sleep with the rug all messed up like that. There was also a yellow sticky note on the box that said “What a cutie” which came in a letter from my mom attached to baby pictures of my dog. I put this envelope and sticky note in a bag in the kitchen 3 days before. Even if it had blown out of the bag and down the hall, the sticky was on the opposite side from the kitchen and seemed very meticulously placed. Straight up and down and stuck down on it.

    My dogs like to look out my roommate’s window (she is out of town for the rest of July). She has this great big bed with a lovely wicker frame. The bed is up on those risers you get in college so you can store stuff underneath. They have an indentation that’s about an inch or so deep so that the bed doesn’t slide off. When I got home from my boyfriend’s around 10pm last night I noticed that the bed was off of the bottom two risers. The risers weren’t tipped over at all, they were standing up as they do. Even if the dogs (both under 25 pounds) saw something in the backyard and went crazy, I don’t think they would have had the strength to home how be running around so much that they lift the bed up out of the risers, especially without knocking them over.

    My parents are worried that someone is coming to my house and messing with me, but the only person that has a key is in Mexico until August. And my dogs are very sensitive to people coming and going from the house. Even if they aren’t there when someone new comes over, they know someone was there once we get home. And if someone was there while I wasn’t there, they’re usually very excited (like overly excited WE JUST MET SOMEONE) when I get home.

    Trying to decide if I should stay at my boyfriend’s for the next month until my roommate gets back…

    • “have had the strength to home how be running around so much” …I don’t know what happened here.

      Basically, no matter how fast and hard they were playing/running I don’t think they could have done that to the bed.

    • If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, you really should call Ghostbusters. They are also a good choice if there is something weird and it don’t look good.

      • binpetworth

        I admit, I laughed out loud at this πŸ™‚ But I sympathize with the poster here; my grandmother lived in a house from the 1700s that had been a jail and hotel prior to it belonging to my family and sleeping there always gave me the heebie jeebies, with stuff moving around and the feeling of weird energy in the air…

      • +500, well played.

    • Call/email your roommate in Mexico and ask if they have ever noticed anything weird in their room, and if they gave a key to anyone.

    • Are you kidding me? I don’t believe in ghosts but this is creepy as HELL

    • There must be a logical explaination…. that said, it might be a good opportunity to look up the history of your house and its past occupants.

    • I have a room that has a mischievous ghost that visit s it and frequently closes the door and locks it from the inside. Embrace your house companion-don’t you think the “what a cutie” message was positive?

    • I think I’m with your parents on this one. It is scary to think that someone may have your key- a former resident, a wierd person who perhaps watched your dogs and made copies of the key, etc… Not sure what to recommend, but definitely be careful and take this seriously.

    • Dude, no. You should be WAY more worried that there are humans in your house than ghosts!! Do you have deadbolts? Have you checked all the windows? Are you taking any sleeping medication that could affect your perceptions in the middle of the night (like ambien?) I would have a friend stay with me if I were you!

    • Get a nanny cam! and if you do record paranormal activity, I want to see the video on POPville!

      • I think that we should make that a regular feature on popville.

        also, smudge out your house and look up how to politely ask presence to leave (there are right ways and wrong ways) wondering if the presence waited until your roomate left and you were alone.

      • Becks

        Post that video!

    • justinbc

      It’s not ghosts. There, problem solved.

    • That sound and the movement could be attributed to rats. After a long sleepless night once while staying at a frat house in college, I discovered the scraping slamming drawer sounds were a rat trapped in a trash barrel moving it and slamming it against the wall. As for the sticky note…that I’m not sure.

  • Rave: SEEING LION KING TONIGHT!!!! So excited!
    Rave: Eating at Founding Farmers beforehand!!! Can’t believe I’ve been here for 5 years and never been. I’ve been looking at the menu and can’t decide between the Goat Cheese Ravioli w/ Chicken Cutlet, the Cauliflower Steak or the Veggie Meatloaf!
    Rave: Getting out of the city for the 4th!
    Rant: Finding it really really difficult to concentrate on work today.
    Rant: Got my LSAT scores back yesterday and scored about 5 pts lower than my goal unfortunately
    Rant: Dating mysteries: Met a great guy at a bar on Saturday, he stopped me on the stairs to tell me I was gorgeous (even apologized if on the off chance I found it rude) and we chatted for a little bit. I asked if he wanted to exchange numbers (my friends were leaving the bar) and he said yes, so I took his because his phone was dead. Texted him the next day, late afternoon, got one response and then nothing. Why??
    Rave: Too excited about this coming week to obsess about my rants! YAY!

    • I don’t know if it’s still on the menu right now, but the butternut squash ravioli is by far the best dish at Founding Farmer’s.

    • I LOVE the Lion King! Have a great time πŸ™‚ Oh, and I second the suggestion for the butternut squash ravioli at FF. Soooo delicious.

  • epric002

    request: just found out that the AC at the Washington Humane Society’s New York Avenue shelter (1201 New York Avenue, NE) is not working. if you can donate a fan, the animals (and people!) there would be terribly grateful. thank you!

  • Emilie! Emilie! Emilie! Get your self to the folk life festival marketplace! There are amazing rhinos carved from recycled flip flops! The Kenya exhibit features recycled art, some of which is made from flip flops that wash up on shore. It’s so cool.
    Rave: staycation! The folk life festival was amazing, per usual. I got a glass of sparkling rose at the sculpture garden and relaxed with my feet in the fountain. Now I’m enjoying a nice drink at Quill.

    • justinbc

      I love the drinks at Quill. It’s such an underrated, or maybe under-appreciated, place in the city.

    • Emmaleigh504


    • So jealous– I was hoping to slip out of work early today since it’s the only day I can see the Folklife Festival, but I’ve been stuck on a long call. I might be able to make it to the evening concerts but unless this wraps up in 10 minutes I’m not getting there in time to see the rest.

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