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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Notice a stain on a new white dress, tried to get it out using water and blotting into a subway napkin….now instead of a small pink stain, I have a large green one (from the coloring…fml)

    Rave: Enjoying my European style breakfast of gaguette, whipped goat cheese, and fruit at my desk, feeling classy.

  • USA! USA!

  • Rant: Algeria. Was hoping for an upset.

  • Just one Rant: Who is shooting at people/things in Columbia Heights at 4:20 am? That is all.

    • I saw a young boy on a bike riding up my street (going very very very slowly and swevring on the sidewalks) looked like he was checked peoples car locks to see if any where open and scoping out to see if any bags or backpacks were there….i took a picture. Will be interesting to see how many cars have smashed in windows today! Glad i dont own a car. But people are sickining

      • You took a picture but didn’t bother to call the police?

        • Wouldnt calling the cops on some kid who is riding his bike down the street seem….well racial profiling? He didnt do anything wrong but my guess is he is looking to steal stuff

          • Accountering

            I have called the police in this situation before. It is not racial profiling, it is criminal profiling. The guy I called on was riding very slowly, and consciously looking intently into each car he rode by.

            I would have called the cops no matter what color his skin was. No one has any business riding down a bike lane and looking into every car he/she passes. Something is going on, and a conversation with the police is appropriate in this situation.

          • +1 to Accountering. You’re doing the right thing.

          • He didn’t actually do anything (yet), and maybe won’t but you’re already sickened. Well, glad to know you’re sensitive about racial profiling, at least.

          • “No one has any business…”
            Thanks. It’s this sort of ignorant paranoid and yes racist attitude that gets me followed around the store very time I go shopping and I’m “looking” at something or as you apparently view it about to steal something.

          • How is it ignorant, paranoid and racist to be suspicious of a kid riding slowly to look into every car? If anything, it’s naive, paranoid and racist, to think that such suspicion is unfounded and racist.
            That is not comparable to looking at food in a supermarket. I understand that being profiled at the supermarket must be supremely unfair and offensive, but this is not the same.

          • It’s pretty odd that we’re all making judgements about racial profiling, when the OP never mentioned the kid’s race.

          • There are so many Anonymi responding here that I can’t keep track of who’s saying what, and I’m not clear whether the original photo-taker was any of the responding Anonymi.
            My point was, if you think someone’s behavior is suspicious, call the police. Don’t just take a photo and anticipate (with schadenfreude??) coming back to see windows smashed in. Be a participant in your community, not just a spectator.

          • “It’s this sort of ignorant paranoid and yes racist attitude that gets me followed around the store very time I go shopping and I’m “looking” at something or as you apparently view it about to steal something.”
            Are you really unable to see the distinction between shopping in a store and “browsing” in parked cars for items to steal? Seriously?
            As for the racial profiling question – did you think the kid was a potential thief because of his race (which you didn’t mention in your post) or because of his behavior (riding slowly, looking into cars as he’s passing them buy)? If it’s the later, it isn’t racial proviling.

          • Accountering

            To the Anonymous (of course…) poster who compared shopping in a store to looking slowly into each car you pass… Seriously?

            A shop owner opens his store for you to come and… shop. You, nor no one else, is permitted to shop in my (or anyone else’s) car. What a ridiculous comparison. Then to have the gall to tell me I am ignorant and paranoid – I am not even certain you understand what either of those words mean, based on your ridiculously inappropriate usage of them.

        • austindc

          Rave: textdoc, I dig your matter-of-fact, sensible responses on this blog. you are one of the four popvillians who I would like to have a beer with.

      • So the bigger question is was this the kid that got shot per the Columbia Heights shooting update. Dude tried to escape from getting his bike jacked and got shot in the arm.


        Oh and by the way, there is nothing illegal about riding slow and looking into cars. Hell, when I am walking and see a nice car I may look at it in admiration and curiosity, should I have the cops called on me? I get that it was 4:20 in the morning but you don’t know if this kid was coming home from work, going to work, his mindset or anything. He is just up to no good because he is on a bike, minding his on business and looking at cars in your view. And correct me if I am wrong but at 4:20 in the morning how can one tell if the doors are open if he doesn’t check them, you know this is 2014 and a good majority of cars don’t have locks that pop up so that you can see they are open anymore.

        • You are conflating the incident from the prior post with the story Anon at 10:04 told. They are two different incidents. No one suggested the kid who got shot was doing anything wrong, or that the kid who was casing cars was doing so at 4:20, or that the kid who was casing cars should be shot. In the immortal words of Gold Five, “Stay on target!”
          I will point out that it’s pretty east to spot the difference between someone looking at a car in “admiration and curiosity,” and someone casing a series of cars with bad intentions. We’re asked to report suspicious activity all the time – it’s variously called being a good neighbor, being an engaged member of the community, etc. Hell, Metro exhorts us to report suspicions activity every time we get on a train. The threshhold is not overtly illegal activity you are certain is a crime – you don’t have to see someone break the car’s window with a rock. It is suspicious activity – and someone peering into a series of cars certainly qualifies. I think most people are fully capable of discerning the difference between suspicious activity and a car enthusiast.

  • Question:


    These are the stalls in the bathroom at work. If you come in to the bathroom and see that someone is in “x,” and the “o’s” are all available, which stall would you use?

    Rant: My coworker (and I know who it is based on the loud bracelet you hear everytime she moves) always comes into the bathroom and uses the stall right next to me. I don’t get it. Isn’t there some unwritten rule? I feel like if she were a guy and these were urinals, this would be a major faux pas.


    I’m a Marylander


    • you know your coworker based on her loud bracelet—I actually know one of my coworkers by her aggressively strong pee stream!

    • What a weird way of measuring that data. I mean, surely there are more DC drivers in the District so of course they’d be involved in more accidents? That’s like saying that drivers from New Mexico are fantastic because they were only involved in one crash in DC in the last decade.
      Rant: Bad statistics!

      • I was going to say the same thing. What percentage of drivers in DC are from DC, MD, and VA respectively? Give us that information and we can start to draw meaningful conclusions.

        • This is just hypothesis, but with public transportation, I’m going to say that (at least during business hours of the work week) there are more out of state drivers on the road in DC than there are DC drivers.

          • Definitely agree. Plus lots of us can walk or bike to work. Those aren’t viable options for many suburban commuters. And pretty much anything is faster and cheaper than driving if you’re already in the city, but driving is still the most logical option for people coming in from VA and MD.

          • Sure, but those out of state drivers are divided between states (mostly MD and VA, but also WV or DE). So, they still probably represent a smaller portion of drivers? The comparison isn’t DC drivers vs. non DC drivers, it’s DC vs VA vs MD vs etc..

      • Yep. Correlation =/= causation.

    • Yes, the correct arrangement is x|o|x|o. I don’t know why this is so hard for some people.

      • binpetworth

        Or x|o|o|x. I like to be as far away from folks as possible to save them (and myself) from toxic emissions!

        • Agreed. Plus it lowers the chance a new 3rd person will sit next to me. They could go next to the person on the far left, thus keep my space unsullied by a next-door pooper.

        • Agreed x|o|o|x although I must admit my work has five, and my preferred is |o|o|o|x|O (capital O for handicapped). Many people like to go all the way to use that one next to me.

          • I can understand people wanting to use the handicapped stall even if the one next to it is occupied. All too often, the non-handicapped stalls are awkwardly designed, with inward-opening doors and not enough room between the toilet and the door. I hate having to shimmy up against the toilet in order to get out of the stall.

          • saf

            Or we just need the accessible stall.

      • In our bathroom at work, the angles make it nearly impossible to tell if someone is in the stall or not unless you practically stick your head under the door. So I never know until I am already in the stall if someone is in the next one, and at that point I’m not going to move just because I see feet.

      • Same thing goes for parking spaces in huge parking lots. Why do you have the whole lot to park in and you want to park right next to me, as close as you can?

    • “At their worst, in 2011, Virginians had a part in just 14 percent of all crashes in the city.”
      That’s because Virginia drivers get their accidents over with before they get into the city.
      (I used to commute in from Springfield and would see anywhere from 5-10 accidents a day on 395 alone. I consider it a miracle I’ve never gotten into one in the three years I lived there. But it certainly explains why my insurance rate was almost three times as high in VA.).

    • Maybe o|x|o|o is your coworker’s favorite stall? If you’re in o|o|o|x, does she go into o|o|x|x?

    • Ha! I posted the same bathroom stall rant on PoPville a few months ago – that I don’t like when someone picks the stall right next to me when there are plenty of perfectly of other empty stalls! PoPvillians responded and made a few good points: (1) a person may have a favorite stall and will go there even if it means being right next to somebody; (2) other stalls may not have toilet paper, are not very clean, or have toilets that flush weird and are therefore avoided; (3) some people just don’t care about personal space in a bathroom and will go to a stall right next to someone else without thinking that it’s weird. So, now I don’t get so worked up about bathroom stall arrangements.

      • At my office, one of the stalls leaks out of the flushing handle. If you aren’t careful, your shirt tail gets soaked, which is pretty unpleasant. As a result, I avoid that stall at all costs, no matter what others are occupied. Plus, what a strange thing to get worked up about.

        • epric002

          just b/c it doesn’t bother you doesn’t mean it’s a “strange thing to get worked up about”. perhaps you have a smaller personal bubble than others.

        • Whatevs, it was just a PoPville rant. My point was I ranted about bathroom stall usage on a website and people responded, which made me rethink my rant.

      • I understand (1) and (2) but I’m suspicious of people that fall into category (3). It should be common courtesy to buffer someone else from the sounds and smells of your urinating and defecating as much as possible.

    • I hear you! I used to have a coworker who talked on her cellphone in the women’s restroom, every day. I don’t know why, but this just made me so uncomfortable trying to use the bathroom while she was by the sinks, just chatting away in an otherwise silent restroom….

      • Emmaleigh504

        Whenever someone is on the phone in our bathroom I go into the perpetual flushing stall and flush. It goes on for a good 5 minutes (it’s been “fixed”, it used to go on longer.

      • justinbc

        The best thing to do in that instance is to make really loud noises, so that she gets embarrassed someone might hear what she’s doing.

      • skj84

        Ew. I hate people who carry on cell conversations in the bathroom. Just not ok.

    • justinbc

      This must be a woman thing, my partner was just ranting to me about the same thing the other day. I honestly couldn’t care where you are, it’s not like one or two walls is going to make a difference once you start stinking it up. Just don’t let me hear you clicking away on your phone while you’re doing your business, because that’s just nasty.

      • GiantSquid

        I think it is because I tried to explain it to Mr. Squid and he was like “whaaa?” The thing that’s bugging the crap out of me at my work place is not flushing after you pee. You can do whatever you want in your own house to save water or whatever, but when you’re in a public place, flush the damn toilet!

        • Emmaleigh504

          We have automatic toilets and this is still a problem! No need to touch anything dirty, just move the clean toilet paper strip you put up so it doesn’t flush up your ass while you pee. So annoying.

        • skj84

          I just don’t get this! I went to the bathroom at Satellite Room on Sat and the dude ahead of me didn’t flush! Like he knew there was a line for the bathroom and just left the toilet with pee in it. ITS NOT THAT HARD TO FREAKING FLUSH THE DAMN TOILET!!!! And don’t even get me started on hovers.

    • Regarding bathroom etiquette- THANK YOU! That drives me absolutely nuts. Why would you want to pee/poop right next to me when there are 3 other stalls?? whyyyyyy?

    • Someone was in the middle of 3 stalls so I had no choice but to take one to the right of him. He had his photo ID attached to the right side of his pants and it was slightly under the partition staring at me the whole time. #Awkward

    • There’s a woman in my office who I just don’t like being in the bathroom at the same time with, because she comes in all singing and humming and makes all kinds of vocalizations while on the toilet. It disturbs the peace! Makes me want to get out of the bathroom as fast as I can.. :-/

  • RANT: Our A/C unit is awful and the owner before us installed it UNDER the deck. So, the HVAC guy told us if we really want it to work better we need to move it, but we have no space. On top of that, even if we move it, the A/C will never reach the top floor without reinstalling the entire thing because they did it wrong. GRRR. Guess we’re going to have to supplement with some standing units.
    Rant: Have kind of a weird/forced relationship with our neighbor. I don’t know why but I feel like she doesn’t like me very much.
    Rave: Soccer today!
    Rave: Holiday weekend!

    • How close is the AC unit to the underside of your deck? We built a deck over our AC unit, not realizing that it wouldn’t leave the recommended amount of clearance. Ours has about 3 feet of clearance. The unit works fine, but our technician said that the life of the unit would be shortened because it has to work harder. You may want to get a second HVAC opinion because the clearance may not be why your house isn’t cooling adequately.

      • Not that much… maybe a foot? The tech also said we could cut into the deck and put a grate above it, maybe we’ll look into that.

        • Oh, ok. Maybe a foot of clearance would affect performance because it can’t draw in enough air. I would think that the unit would crap out pretty quickly though because it would be working overtime to cool the house.

    • saf

      Our neighbors put their under their porch. It blows heat all the time and makes my porch unusable. How can you stand to be on the deck when the AC is running?

      • You seem to be very unhappy with the things that surround your current location. Do you ever consider moving? (serious question)

        • saf

          And you know that I dislike a few things. I don’t see how that translates into very unhappy.

  • RAVE: USA vs. Belgium today at 4p in the round of 16. I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN! I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!! I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!!


    Rave: Jozy is back and hopefully can give some good minutes. Question is, do you start him or bring him on as a sub?


    Rant: Even though Jozy is back, he had a hamstring injury which is very tricky and can easily be injured again but hopefully nothing remotely close to that will happen.


    Rant: The game comes on at 4 making this very difficult for me to watch the way I want to given I will be at work in BFE (Springfield).


    Rave: I have an Ipad with the watch ESPN app if all else fails.


    I seriously think we have a chance to beat Belgium especially if we get off to a great start since Belgium is normally slow to start. LET’S GO BOYS!!!

    • Belgium is definitely beatable, they have been playing a very poor and boring game. We just need to watch out for the late goals, because they have a habit of scoring them and we have a habit of being scored on after 80′.

      I would be surprised if Jozy sees the field – there is no way his hamstring is ready, especially if he hasn’t even participated in full training. This feels like an NFL-esque move from Klinsmann to mess with Belgium’s preparation.

      Either way, dipping out of work early to catch the game and I can’t wait.

    • Assuming Jozy has a limited number of minutes, I’d say hold off until later in the game once we’ve been able to establish some sort of flow. I understand the counter argument (what if his limited minutes run out before the game ends), but I’m willing to take that risk at this point.

    • Either way you look at it, it is a risky move to put Jozy in, not just because of his hamstring but it will also mess with the chemistry of the team…

      • It’s a dilemma, but whether he plays or not, most soccer fans will criticize the choice if the US loses. Ugh, soccer fans are so self-righteous.

  • Rant: Worried about blackouts today. With all the air conditioners running full blast and all the big screens showing the match…

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: The condition of the roads in DC continues to shock and amaze me. Riding the bus this morning on Military Road I’m surprised the bus didn’t break an axle. Is it too much to ask for roads to be repaved once in a while?

    • Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I notice them repaving roads all over the place. I mean it’s remarkable, actually. This winter was awful and ripped up all the roads, so, they need some time to recover.
      I don’t drive on Military Road though so I can’t speak to it specifically.

      • Same here. I swear, the day after the last storm of the winter the potholes on my street were magically repaired. I was really impressed. I live in SE so I’m not familiar with Military Road or surrounding areas either.

        • maxwell smart

          I generally find the pothole repair doesn’t really work all that well – either the pothole is overfilled resulting in mounds in the road OR it’s underfilled/filled with asphalt in a concrete roadway/not allowed to set long enough and another pothole occurs in the same space.

          • I think in my case they may have repaved the whole thing because it’s really smooth now.

          • Hmm, haven’t noticed that. Maybe the roads around me are getting special treatment 🙂 (Shaw/Bloomingdale).

    • Not that you are wrong and not trying to be funny but you must be new here. If you think this is bad talk to people that have been here 10+ years or anyone that used to drive down H st. and Benning Rd. back in the day…but yeah potholes suck but DC is one big sinkhole built on a swamp. Only if you knew what you were riding on half of the time.

      • Also, I guess recon::decon hasn’t been out to the suburbs where they’re always a lot worse. It’s all relative. I think DC does a decent job of addressing them

      • maxwell smart

        While I haven’t been here 10+ years, I have been here about 4 and I feel like in the time I have been here I have seen the condition of the roads get worse, not better. Connecticut Ave – which I bike down everyday during Spring-Fall – has progressively gotten worse in the few years I have been here. It’s one of those things that I generally write-off, then I travel somewhere else and remark how smooth, even and well maintained the roads are, and then come back to DC and wonder why they even bothered paving the roads at all since it’s basically like driving on loose gravel anyway.

        • The easy answer is ice freezing in winter, expanding and then melting but I also have to think a lot of it has to do with the sinkholes around the city, like there is no real foundation so paving doesn’t work well. I don’t know, I just know that DC has had the same horrible potholes since I first got here in the 90’s, I literally, mean the same exact spots. They try to fix them and then months later, they are an issue again.

      • I thought the DC being built on a swamp thing was determined to be false? So not really sure that has much to do with the potholes…

  • binpetworth

    Rant: I got a letter from the Census a few weeks ago saying I’d be receiving an email by July 1 to fill in for the 2014 American Community Survey. Never got an email, though–and don’t know how they’d have my email address to begin with? (I bought my home shortly after the big 2010 Census.) I was really looking forward to participating in the ACS as I use it a lot in my work.

    • I’ve gotten two letters (and a big ass form) from the Census Bureau saying that I”m required by law to filol out the survey. I did it online like a month ago and they’re wasting paper and money by sending me this stuff.

  • Rant: I can’t access pop on my computer today. Just my phone. Super frustrating! I also left my laptop at home today and had to borrow one from our IT dept. could be the cause. Never realized how much stuff I save to my desktop 🙁

  • Rant: wrapping up 9 months of failed attempts to get pregnant. I feel like I’m on a fool’s errand – isn’t this the definition of insanity, to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result? My heartache gets worse by the month, as does my jealousy of my many pregnant friends. What if this never ends?

    Rave: husband is completely supportive (though doesn’t feel the same level of heartbreak I do at the end of every month) and we agreed to go back to the doctor together in July.

    • KSB

      I’m so sorry 🙁 Sending good fertility vibes your way…

    • You and me both, hon. Same -exact- story.

    • I’m not in the same boat as you (we’re trying for our second and having a very hard time conceiving), but I feel like I have a small inkling of understanding of how upsetting it is to not get pregnant for the umpteenth month in a row and how hard it is to hear from friends and strangers about their new pregnancy. All I can say is I hope the best for you, and I’m glad you have a supportive partner.

    • I’m sorry…it sucks. If you don’t mind me asking, have you tried fertility treatments yet?

    • I’m so sorry for your heartache. I understand how you feel, it’s a longing from deep inside and the only thing that cures it is a baby in your belly! I hope your doctors visit can provide the answers and solution you are looking for!

    • Was just coming on to post a pretty similar rant…
      Been trying now for a full year and a half and, once again, heartbreak yesterday afternoon. Been seeing a RE for several months and still keep hitting the same problems.

      Also have an extremely loving and supportive husband, but that doesn’t make it any easier 🙁

      • Thanks so much for all these kind and supportive replies. somehow it does feel better to hear from kind strangers on this. It can be hard to discuss with friends.

        Yes, we have done initial tests with an RE. Nothing wrong with either of us. This month we will return to figure out next steps – IUI or IVF.

        I just feel sad and foolish. trying to do this thing that so many others seem to find so easy. and I can’t. I feel like I’m being left in the dust while friends move on. and no one can tell me when it will end – if it ever will.

        • Same poster as “Anon” above at 10:32. It’s definitely easier to talk to strangers about this, especially when surrounded by people who have such an easy time (and for me, these people are -everywhere- right now).
          My doc said that for about a third of people TTC without quick success, the reason is unknown. So the good news is that we’re not alone in this even if it sometimes feels like we are.
          Have you read the book “Making Babies”? My friend recently recommended it and I read it all in two sittings. It provides some IUI/IVF alternatives to consider and I plan to try this program before going down the more “scientific” path.

          • that’s an interesting thought – maybe those who get pregnant in the first 3 months are just as rare as those of us still trying after 9+ months. My RE said something like, those who get pregnant in the first three months have about 20-25% chance of success each cycle. THose who get pregnant around 6 months are working with about 10-15% chance of success. For me, he estimates we are working with just about 5% chance each cycle. Once again – I’m on a fool’s errand. 95% chance of failure every. single. month.

            I have read Making Babies. I’ve tried accupuncture. and, well… you know the results.

        • I’ve seen you post on here multiple times and I just want to say that I know how much it hurts and I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. I’m like the poster above, kind of in your shoes now, as we’re trying for our second, but totally in your shoes two years ago as the first was no easy feat either. We kept hearing friend after friend after family member after friend say that they were expecting. All the while nothing for us. It seemed so easy for everyone else, like if they wished it, it would happen. We had to do the IUI, and to this day I’m ashamed to admit it to anyone. If I can offer one piece of advice, and I know it’s hard, find something else that you can focus on to help you through this time. We launched into a renovation project–just something else to keep our minds off of it. Dealing with contractors, picking out tiles, etc., was a nice distraction to the otherwise huge problem we were dealing with.

          • Thanks, I appreciate that. We have had some great travel – vacation and work – which has been a wonderful distraction. I won’t have that option once I start IVF or IUI, since I”ll need to be monitored. So I’ll need to find something else. Maybe a race or event to train for?

          • Just to clarify – the “third” I mentioned above refers only to people who are having some trouble conceiving. The doc said that a third of the challenges can be attributed to the woman, a third to the man, and the remaining third “unknown.”

            Although I realize it’s cold comfort, I’m with anon at 11:36 on recommending a big project as a distraction. I’m doing the same thing myself, namely with a garden. If I can’t get something to grow inside of me, I’m going to at least grow some beautiful things in our yard.

    • For some reason, Geritol has worked with infertility in our family for years. My grandmother prescribed it regularly to nervous newlyweds. Try it, if all else fails at least you have a little iron. If you can, some health conditions prevent its use. Just an over the counter suggestion. Hope it works for you!!!

    • I really sympathize with what you’re going through. I was in the same place several years ago, and I remember the anguish and heartache. We had an RE who was really honest with us about our (very low) chance of success with IVF, so we decided to play the hand we were dealt. I sincerely hope things work out for you (soon!) – I just want to say that we didn’t end up having a child, and our life is really good. It took a while to get there – it felt like the entire middle part of my life was stolen from me – but now I can say I’m happy where I am, and I can’t imagine life being any other way. I always hesitate to share my experience because I don’t want to be discouraging or a downer, but I think it is important to acknowledge the other possible outcome. Just know that no matter what happens, you will be okay.

    • It is so tough, peeing on sticks to see if you are ovulating, sex turns into a chore and no longer fun. We went through the same thing. Nothing wrong with either of us and we got pregnant on the first IUI. I wish you the best of luck. I really believe that trying this hard to have baby means you’ll appreciate the little one even more when they do arrive, be it via your pregnancy or adoption.

  • Rant: People who bring their dogs into Starbucks, Homegoods, restaurants, etc. I am an animal lover but your dog does not need to go everywhere that you go.
    Rave: shopping for home decor on Overstock and Wayfair websites

    • How is that allowed?

      • GiantSquid

        Unless it is a service dog or the establishment clearly says it is dog friendly, it’s not allowed. I assume if there’s food sold, you can’t bring dogs in. Blows my mind to see people with their dogs in Eastern Market, but it happened enough that they posted signs. I love my dogs but they don’t need to go everywhere.

    • skj84

      Yeah. I was browsing Barnes and Nobles once and someone was walking around with a giant great dane! This dog was people sized! I love doggies as well, but there needs to be a limit on when and where people bring them. I understand with service animals, but still not every dog is public space friendly.

  • Rant: Completely unreasonable deadlines at work. I point out regularly that they are asking for things in about 1/4 of the time that they usually take to process, but that seems to be falling on deaf ears. I’m concerned it may affect my upcoming review. Hopefully I will be evaluated on normal criteria, not on my inability to work miracles on a regular basis.
    Rave: The little Tuesday farmstand on M Street. It was a nice surprise to find it on my commute.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: got to see the last minutes of the Germany Algeria match yesterday and boy were they some good minutes!
    Rave: <3 Özil

    • good match from a neutral spectator.
      Unfortunately Ozil is done – was starting to show signs of decline at Arsenal and now his performance this tournament is just worrisome. He got lucky with that goal yesterday…

  • RANT: Moving back into a group house after a few years in an “adult” apartment.
    RAVE: The new roommates are all awesome. Please never leave!
    RAVE #2: I’m saving $500+ per month. More travel! More savings for a down payment!
    RANT: I’m 32. Too old for this shit.

    • I can relate. I’m back in a roommate situation after living alone for years and it is a bit of an adjustment. But it helps a lot when you like your roommates.

    • I actually was just telling my coworkers I might want to move back into a group house….I want that community aspect, especially since the family thing is just not happening anytime soon. But *SECRETLY* I want my life to be like a sitcom.

    • I can relate too. I’m 31 and my partner and I tried renting out our spare room a few times, but it always drove me crazy. Apparently I’ve become OCD in my old age and can’t deal with someone else living in our house. The extra $500 a month was nice though!

      • justinbc

        Yeah there’s no way I could rent out our extra bedroom, having someone in there and using all my stuff would just drive me nuts. The brief time I did it when I was single was really only tolerable because all of the roommates I rented out to were basically always absentee.

      • I will probably end up writing a book about the nutcases and the dingbats and the supremely interesting people, and the delightfully friendly people, and the entitled assholes, and the whiny babies, that we have rented spare rooms to.

    • After my divorce, I lived by myself for two years. It was first time I lived by myself for a long long time. For other reasons I fell into a deep depression and being by myself didn’t help. Thought a lot about suicide during that time. Much better now and I have a roommate so sometimes, living alone is not for everyone, regardless of age.

      • Agreed. I prefer the company. As long as it is someone who does their own thing. Having your own bathroom helps though.

    • I also just went from renting my own place to a group living situation a couple of months ago – but I only had the previous place to myself for a little less than a year… before that I had shared with a BAD roommate. The two guys I’m with now seem like very reasonable roommates – also, I moved from a red line neighborhood in MD to the Green/Yellow in DC. I’m around your age, but trying to convince myself I’m not too old – so far so good… good luck with your adjustment!

  • skj84

    Rave: Surprise visit from my dad yesterday! He was in town for a funeral and ended up staying over. I honestly was not expecting to see him walk through the door yesterday, so it was a fun shock.

    Rant: My families inability to communicate with each other. As excited I was to see my dad, if I knew he was in town I would’ve changed my plans to have dinner with him at least. My aunt knew he was coming and didn’t tell me. Her excuse was I’m never around to talk. Which may be true, our schedules are off, but I do have a phone! That is basically tethered to my hand! She can call, text or email me anytime! I sent her a text yesterday afternoon to check in with her and never got a response. And then I’m the bad guy because “i’m never around”. This goes for the rest of the family, My parents claim I didn’t tell them I’m flying to Minnesota next week. I’m pretty certain I told them the day I bought my tickets. We’ve had this miscommuncation problem for years. I”m thoroughly convinced something major will happen and somebody(me probably) won’t find out until way after the fact.

    Rave: I’m getting better at keeping on a schedule since I’ve been at home. Especially since I started writing in my journal again. It helps me focus.

    Rant: Insecurity. I want to go dancing tonight. Someone I used to go out with is in the same circle and I really don’t want to see him. Which is stupid because I should just go dance and enjoy myself.

    • then go dance and make him jealous.

      • Please not this.
        Definitely go dance, but do not give a single thought to how it affects him. Don’t give a single thought to him, he’s just some guy that your friends sort of know, right?

  • Rave: very positive performance review at work, with additional responsibilities coming my way
    Rant: no mention of a raise. I’m sitting down with my supervisor today to go over the review, and I’m not sure how to bring up the issue

    • GiantSquid

      How long have you been working there? In the past, when I’ve asked, I’ve said something like “I’ve been with the company for two years. In the past year, I’ve spearheaded this project and worked with this person to bring this other project to successful completion. In light of my work that has benefitted the company, and with the additional responsibilities I’ll be taking on in the upcoming months/year, I’m requesting a salary increase of amount.” Keep it short and sweet and let them respond. If they ask for justification for the amount, it would be useful to have a reason but again, be succinct. I was able to reference a national survey of salaries for my field to back up the amount. Be confident and firm and good luck!

    • Very awkward talking about money…I had a great interview with a new company, when it came to talk salary, I had already decided I would not leave my current job unless it were for a raise, so I asked for 10% more than I currently make, and had it all written down so I wouldnt back down from that!

      • Good for you!
        I just received notification of my annual salary increase– 2.5%, which I was feeling pretty good about because only 25% of the employees were even allowed to get raises this year. Then I decided to find out what I should be making by putting my info into PayScale.com, and it said I’m in the lower 3% for similar professionals in the area :(.

        • Yeah I (the interview one) am a fed, and just got my step increase of like less than 1%….after learning my employer has stopped promoting people due to poor practices in the past. Time to move on! (fingers crossed)

    • Just be honest. Most managers respect someone who can be frank about money and ask for what they are worth. I recently did this, and it was hard because I tend to air on the humble side of things. They will respect you more and not take advantage of you in the future when they know you will stand up for yourself.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Mom’s train in last night was 1.5 hours delayed, guess it could have been worse.
    Rave: Had another outstanding meal last night at Barrel. It’s quickly becoming my favorite spot in Capitol Hill.
    Rave: Saw they are now doing brunch, must try ASAP.
    Rave: Leaving way early to catch the USA match today, destination still undecided.

    • I was at a private party in the room in the basement on Saturday (don’t know what it’s called) and the snacks they brought down were excellent. I wouldn’t mind trying it out for dinner, but it’s been my sense that it’s a neighborhood place, not a drive 20 minutes to place – that although it’s good, I can find comparable food closer by. Should I reconsider?

      • justinbc

        If you like “Southern” food it’s the best elevated iteration I’ve found in DC. It’s also right by the Metro, so need to drive if you live near a stop. I wouldn’t classify it as destination-dining for most, but since I regularly miss things like {well executed} biscuits, gravy, fried chicken, etc here it’s a godsend.

        • GiantSquid

          Have you ever tried their porchetta? That looks delish! Maybe we should do a PoP dinner there for carnivores.

          • I have enjoyed the porchetta at 2Amys – I believe it’s only available on Saturdays, but could be wrong.

            Re: Barrel, I’d thought it was associated with Smoke and Barrel in Adams Morgan, which I have been disappointed by. Looking at the menus, though, I think I was wrong.

          • justinbc

            @DCD, no, completely different owners and establishments.
            @GiantSquid, I haven’t, it’s no longer on the menu either (they pared it down a bit recently). I have had the “pork-chetta”, an unlisted special menu item, at Queen Vic about a week or so ago though, and it was surreal. I’ve probably eaten there 100 times and this was easily the best thing I’ve ever had from them.

    • Man, that is a meat-heavy menu. I live two blocks away but think I’ll pass on this one. I’ll have to stop in for drinks one of these days though!

      • justinbc

        I’ve tried most of the veggie sides there and they are solid, although if you’re purely vegetarian there is a shortfall of entrees. That cauliflower is the bomb though.

    • Amtrak has gotten awful the past few years. Their schedules are largely a bad joke. I go to southern VA a few times per month and the trains are usually 60-90 minutes delayed. The rail lines are at capacity, with freight and passengers sharing the same rail lines south of DC.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Good location for Popville brunch club?

  • Rave: Fun Nat’s game last night: arrived early enough to get a bobblehead (and give it to date woohoo!), we pulled out a strong win, and of course excellent company!
    Rave: Last “full” week in my office
    No rants!

  • Rant: Israeli (and one American) teen murdered by savage scumbags.

    Rave: Drunk History and Nathan for You return tonight.

  • epric002

    rant: the more i read about the hobby lobby decision, the angrier i get.
    rave: getting a new foster this week 🙂

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: email from mother-in-law that was a thinly veiled passive aggressive guilt trip for not attending a family get-together over 6 hours away on same weekend as husband’s birthday. Not going to respond but need to vent a bit.
    Revel: Mobile car detailing
    Rant: Grocery shopping
    Revel: Food in house
    Revel: Shortened work week and 3-day weekend

    • Do you have a recommendation for mobile car detailing? and may I ask how much you paid?

      • GiantSquid

        I’m using A Detail to Remember (http://www.adetailtoremember.com/). They were recommended by a coworker. I work up in Laurel, MD, and they’re cleaning the car right now in the parking lot. I went with their Ultimate cleaning and added the glass treatment, which for a mid-sized sedan (Camry, Accord, Legacy) is running $180. If you have a Subaru, there’s a small discount this month. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    • I’m late — and nosy, and confused. . Mother-in-law is husband’s mother? And there was a family get-together, that was NOT a celebration of husband’s birthday, but on the same weekend as husband’s birthday? Was mother-in-law and possibly extended family planning to celebrate husband’s birthday as well? If not, then I”m really confused about the guilt-trip, and the apparent expectation that you drive six plus hours for a get together instead of staying home to celebrate your husband’s birthday. Hope that you had a good weekend and that your husband enjoyed his birthday!

  • Rant: Neighbors across the street just put up “Emergency No Parking” signs lasting for TWO MONTHS, so that they can wipe out at least three prime parking spots with a dumpster. A moving truck for a day or two, no problem, but this is BS. If nothing else, I hope they’re paying the city through the nose for the privilege.

    • Yes, they are paying the city for those. It’s completely legal, so long as you pay for the permit. The price goes up the longer you reserve the spot, thus incentivizing you to get the job done as quickly as possible. City life, c’est la vie.
      That said, two months seems like a long time for demolition. My guess is that reserved it for a long time, just in case the project goes awry.

    • I’ve had my dumpster out there for two months, and it’s likely to stay a little longer. that’s just the way it is in the big town. Someone misses the parking spaces? I miss my house. And we’ll get through this crisis somehow.

  • Rave: I went for a run this morning. As a habitual evening runner, it was not easy, but I’m desperate to make the transition as I really want my evenings to be for happy hours, dog snuggles, cooking, or being lazy. I find I miss a lot of exercise for social outings or meetings after work so I’m hoping I can replicate this again tomorrow. Thanks to all the Popvillagers who helped with tips or motivation – I hope I can do this permanently.
    Rant: I was still really sweaty when I got to work (even after a cool down walk, shower, and breakfast). I’ll have to factor in more time for adequate de-reddening of my face so I don’t scare my coworkers.

    • I always stay red a ridiculously long time after running. Super cold showers have been helpful (and at one point was even kind of getting addicted to them)!

    • I have this same problem. Except lately I’ve been favoring workouts over social outings so I feel like a broken record telling people that no, I need to go to the gym. I just can’t imagine getting up and running in the morning. I’ll have to give it a chance too.

    • epric002

      fellow lobster here. i commiserate, but have no suggestions. since i’m blond too, you can’t see my eyebrows when i turn bright red (or get a tan- i looked ridiculous in college as a lifeguard) so i turn into an eyebrowless lobster for hours afterward. it’s soooooo attractive.

  • Here’s a tip after a sweaty morning run: if you have access to a garden hose, use it to hose yourself down before going inside after your run. It makes a huge difference for me, because I then don’t continue to sweat after taking my “real” shower indoors.

    • I think a cold shower will accomplish the same thing and you’ll be less soaking wet when you enter your house.

  • Rave: going to the Embassy of Japan to see “From Up on Poppy Hill” tonight. Yes, I like anime.

    Rant: it’s hotter than I thought it would be. tough bike ride to work today.

    • maxwell smart

      Oh man – I wish I had known about this sooner than right now. I love studio ghibli and usually try to see a couple of the films when E Street does their annual film festival (despite that I probably own them – seeing them on a bigger screen with the dust and scratches of the 35mm projection is a treat). Enjoy!

  • Rant: Intern #1 (not mine) across the cubicle wall from me who thinks she is interning at The Voice who sings softly to herself (and me) all day. Not the lead but the back-up vocals.
    Rant; Intern #2 (not mine) across the cubicle wall from me who thinks she is interning at Sephora and sprays perfume on herself at her desk at Noon and 4.

    Rave: It will be an uncomfortable conversation but they are here to learn, right?

    Rant: Supervisors who work remotely who have interns at HQ.

    • Emmaleigh504

      We’ve got 2 guys who cover lunch at work who I can smell coming down the hall from my office within an office. I wish people would learn about perfume/cologne before wearing it.
      PSA: There is no need to reapply often (and never at your desk!), you just can’t smell it anymore because your nose is used to it. Same with quantity. No need to bathe in the stuff.

  • Rant: Three months after my girlfriend and I broke up (not mutual), I’m still still sad/angry/upset about it. I think about her every day and want to see/contact her to either get back together or understand what went wrong or why it did. But it would also be incredibly selfish for me to act on those feelings and reach out. It just sucks and I’m not happy.

    Rant: After talking about having a party for my softball team for years, I decided to host one over the weekend. Only one person (and his significant other) showed. This isn’t the first time an attempted party of mine was a bust.

    Rave: It was nice to spend a few hours with the two friends that did show. Unveiled my homebrewed raspberry saision to glowing reviews.

    Rave(ish): I’m lucky enough to have a pretty great life. I have a home, able to support myself, friends, a family that loves me, and more luxuries than I probably deserve. When put into that perspective, being sad about my ex seems like small potatoes.

    • I feel your pain, Anonymous. I’m now three weeks into my break-up with Mr. Cross-Cultural, Long-Distance Lover and still suffering with not knowing what happened. I did reach out, and he just angrily messaged back that he didn’t like being accused. It kills me that I’ll never know what was going on with him.

      That said, I’ve been having some success with mindfulness meditation, suggested by the therapist I saw afterwards. Every time I start ruminating about him, which the therapist diagnosed as a sign of anxiety and a way to avoid pain, I try to identify five smells, five shades of green, or whatever and just try to be intensely aware of what’s going on around me. It sounds stupid but helps, at least a little.

      • Why don’t you two meet up for coffee or a drink? You can share your stories, maybe make a new friend, and distract yourselves from thinking about the exes?

        • Life goes on – theres no point in getting caught up in the “reason”. Its hard to nail down one single thing. And most the time i have found people are good at explaining their feelings. Just focus on yourself and great things will happen, and when they do your ex will be a distant memory.


      • Feel your pain as well, Anon. I’m 10 months into mine (breakup) and just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My ex (who dumped me) won’t give me any reasons for why we broke up. The one time he reached out was because he felt guilty, and it didn’t really give me any relief. I think you’ll be better off focusing on all that great stuff you have in your life, and maybe try to pick up a new hobby or something to enhance your life. Julie–that treatment seems very interesting interesting; I am trying to find a therapist myself.

      • Thanks for the empathy Julie and Anonymouses. I do feel like it has gotten better as time passes. The lows become less frequent and less deep, so I think that’s progress. But there’s still a (naive?) part of me that believes the relationship can be salvaged. I’m not sure that feeling/thought will go away completely.

        At the encouragement of a friend, I enrolled in an improv class. The first couple of classes have been fun and given me a reprieve from getting myself too far into my own head. I’m still doing the things I like to do, but I’m just sad that I don’t have someone with whom to share them with.

        Intellectually, I understand that it will get better and that relationships sometimes don’t work out. Emotionally, that’s a harder lesson to learn. Thanks for spending a portion of your day helping a lonely heart. Good karma to you all.

    • Thanks for the empathy, Julie and Anonymouses. I do feel like it’s gotten better as time has passed. The lows have become less frequent and less deep, so I feel like that’s progress. Yet there’s that (naive?) part of me that believes that the relationship is salvageable. I’m not sure if that feeling/thought will ever go away completely.

      At the encouragement of a friend, I enrolled in an improv class which has been fun for the first couple of classes. It gives me a small reprieve from getting into my own head too much. I’m also considering delving a little deeper into my homebrewing hobby to give myself a project to do.

      Intellectually, I understand that it will get better and that relationships sometimes don’t work. It’s simply been harder to process that lesson emotionally. Thanks for giving me a small portion of your day to an anonymous lonely heart. You all deserve good karma.

  • Rave: Starting my vacation two hours early to watch the USA game!! Counting down the minutes.
    Question: planning a night out with my friends in H St next weekend. We range from mid-20s to mid-30s, and really just looking for a decent atmosphere and good drinks. Any suggestions? Must-sees or must-avoids? I’ve basically stopped going out on U St because it’s too much of a s-show for me now, so I’m hoping H St will be more chill but still fun.

    • skj84

      H Street has shit show aspects. I would try Little Miss Whiskys. Cash only but great beer list and great DJs. I also like Smith Commons and Rock and Roll Hotel. Cushbah is fun and chill. I saw one of my favorite bands there a few weeks ago. And the new Redrock’s has a great roofdeck.

    • justinbc

      Queen Vic, Granville Moores, or Atlas Room for food and also good accompanying beverages (assuming you’re going to the East end since that’s where the majority of bars are). Smith Commons, Little Miss Whiskey’s, Rock and Roll Hotel, Biergarten Haus, Pursuit for more booze. Avoid Church & State, H Street Country Club, Atlas Arcade, Imapala, probably more but that’s a good start.

      • justinbc

        Oh and I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you to eat at Toki, but given that time will likely be an issue if you’re bar hopping I suggest going and putting your name in there first, then going around to drink for a couple hours, heading over when they call you for food, and then back out to the bars. (but be sure to grab a cocktail or two there as well, they’re outstanding)

    • Last time I went to H St my friends and I were ragging on the idea of Vendetta, but lo and behold we went and played bocce and drank prosecco and it was a ton of fun. Surprisingly short wait to play bocce. Definitely a more ‘adult’ place.

      The drinks at Church and State are never quite as good as I want, but it can be a chill place to check out (above the arcade bar, a bit hidden)

      I also second skj84’s reccomendations.

      The roof deck at RnR Hotel can be great if it isn’t too crowded, no special drinks or anything. The middle floor there is usually packed w/ a free dance party.

      Really you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good time bar hopping. And aside from RnR there are not usually lines, like U St, so much easier to bar hop.

  • Rant: There are now officially 3 blocks in DC that I can’t walk on because mockingbirds will dive bomb me!
    Rave: The mockingbirds dive bomb me and then immediately swoop down for my dog and seeing that her startled reaction is identical to mine gave me a good laugh this morning.

  • Rant: friend was sexually assaulted at a spa in NYC. Cops aren’t taking things seriously enough to make her feel like justice will be done.
    Rant: spent a lot of time last night uploading tracks for a compilation only to find that the site did not seem to register that fact.
    Rant: people who borrow my stuff and then require me to come get my stuff back.
    Rave: taking photos in Alexandria this evening with a friend

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