Random PoP Proclamation – Macon Bistro and Larder is Absolutely Delicious

Photo via Macon Bistor’s facebook page.

I finally got a chance to taste the relatively new Macon Bistro & Larder up in Chevy Chase [5120 Connecticut Avenue, NW] – and I guess I went in not knowing what to think but it was absolutely delicious (I had the scallops which were just insane.) Check out their full menu here. This is one of the few restaurants I’ve been to where every single thing from drinks to appetizers to entree (too full for dessert but had some tasty cookies) was just amazing. [The last restaurant I’ve been to like this was Fiola.] Anyway, good stuff. Anyone else take a taste?

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  • Thanks for the update! Especially since the update is GOOD! I’ve been wondering about this place since your initial post. I’ll definitely make plans to stop by soon!

  • Been meaning to try it. Did you happen to notice if they have a … gasp … kids menu?

  • Can’t wait to try it! My husband frequents the barber in that same building, and we saw Macon before it opened. Looked like a winner and it wasn’t even open yet.

    Now, we have to go. Thanks!

  • Been twice since it’s opened and I agree with the OP. I’ve had dessert both times and it’s great, the coconut and chocolate cake are superb. The quality of ingredients and execution of plates is done at a high level. Something so simple as their Mac-On-Cheese is damn good, the cheese sauce is so flavorful. This place is here to last. If it was on 14th st this would be a very tough place to get a reservation.

  • No vegetarian option for entrée. Come on even Tom Sietsema said that in this day and age restaurants should have at least 2 veggie options.

    Anyone ask them if they can make a veggie plate?

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