Pret A Manger Opens on Capitol Hill Friday, Get Free Food Thursday

301 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

From a press release:

“Pret A Manger, the quick-serve restaurant and coffee shop known for preparing fresh, handmade food every day, is excited to open up its eighth shop in the nation’s capital this Friday, August 1st.

Situated on the corner of 3rd Street SE and Pennsylvania Avenue, the new shop will be catering to the offices and residences of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The location will feature 4,300 square feet of space and offer two floors of indoor dining space, along with an outdoor seating area.

Following their continued commitment to helping the hungry, Pret will donate unsold food at the end of every day to Thrive DC.

To celebrate this new store opening, Pret A Manger will host a full day of fun at the new shop, traditionally known as Guinea Pig Day (the day before the official opening) on Thursday, July 31st. Starting at 8am, locals can enjoy an array of free drinks, goodies, and other giveaways! Be on the lookout for Pret’s team members, who will be giving out vouchers for a free lunch in the morning. Customers can stop by in the afternoon between 12-2pm to redeem their lunch. Available only while supplies last!”

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  • No thank you. Having gotten food poisoning from their 11th and F location, you’d have to pay me to eat there.

  • I’ve eaten at the 11th and F location dozens of times and never had any issues. The business model works, apparently. More power to them.

  • Does anyone know what in the world “Pret A Manger” means? Did the owner not pass any spelling tests so the name was intended to be meaningful but misspelled? “Pretty Manager?” Or some kind of Christian implication with “Manger?” Or the Italian “mangiare?” A combination of poor speller with an english/italian mixed title: “Pretty Food?”

    • It’s French and means “ready to eat”. It’s missing the accents: Prêt à Manger.

    • Is that comment serious?

      • Thanks — no, I had no idea! I’ve never set foot in the place, as it looked enough like a Subway in drag to scare me off (and I’m scared of Subway, too!). So, yeah, I guess I would know the derivation if I had gone in there and (I assume) seen some kind of warning to north-amurrican-provincials like me that it’s actually trying to be a frenchified sandwich joint.

        • Google, my friend. It’s magic, especially when you don’t know something but think the answer is probably obvious. Having said that, you’re spot on about it trying to be a frenchified sandwich place. Originally from the UK, despite the name.

        • I think it’s funny that you knew the very similar Italian verb but didn’t consider that it might mean “to eat” in another Romance language.

    • You’re kidding, right? You can’t be seriously asking this.

    • It’s a take on “Pret a Porter” or Ready to Wear.

  • Glad the replaced the sickly Cosi, but repainting the building to all gray is grim, sad looking, and thoroughly uninviting. Please either strip the paint off the brick structure (painted brick is epidemic in DC and makes no sense), or introduce some additional color.

  • The name is also a great play on words on the French fashion industry phrase (also adopted by the American fashion industry) “prêt à porter,” which means “ready-to-wear.”

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