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  • Thanks for sharing! I was driving home from Dewey Beach Monday, a bit after the Bay Bridge, and saw a road sign for Highs dairy store and drove about 2 miles out of my way in hopes of bright tiny little ice balls but no – the guy at the counter said the SP machine had been removed years before.

  • Mmmmm, blue raspberry and lemon lime mixed together is the best!

  • justinbc

    I’ve never had a Slush Puppy (or even heard of it). How’s it different than a slushie / slurpee / whatever flavored ice?

    • Different texture. Slush puppies have tiny chunks of ice – as though the ice has been finely chopped. Slurpees have a much smoother texture – more like very fine sand mixed thoroughly with liquid. I should note though, that I haven’t had either in years — since I discovered snowcones in Baltimore, which have their own traditions.

      • Baltimore has snowBALLS, not snowcones!

        • I’ve actually heard both used in East Baltimore. Maybe it’s a neighborhood thing? I still haven’t learned to cope with marshmallow. And now I’m seriously jonesing for a Frozade!


      • Not sure how it works now but you used to have access to the flavoring, if the machine wasn’t behind the counter, so you could control the taste. So you had that going for you, which is nice.

        • brookland_rez

          Ha. I remember that. It used to be like 2 squirts for a medium or something like that. I would just pump in like 5 or 6.

  • I loved slush puppies as a kid. I will be paying them a visit soon! So awesome!

  • You don’t have to go way up into Northeast to find Slush Puppies. The Sunoco at 15th and U has them, or at least they had them them a year ago when I was last in there.

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