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  • Went a couple days ago. Really nice-looking place inside, friendly employees. Good local beer selection. Hot Sausage po boy was good. Definitely not cheap. Cheapest Po Boy was $9. Fries were just OK. Will try their other stuff. Wish their prices were a bit lower to go with the po-boy theme.

    • Best po boys in town are at Bayou in Foggy Bottom. They start at $17 but they’re on Leidenheimer bread. Prices here seem about what I’d expect on H.

    • justinbc

      Is there anywhere in DC that has a legit po’boy for less than $9?

      • Is there anywhere in DC where you can get any sandwich for under $9 other than subway and potbelly?

        • jim_ed

          Is that a trick question designed to work as a gentrifier litmus test or something? This city is full of good sandwiches for under $9 bucks. A Litteri’s, Mangialardo’s, Deli City, and Jetties, to name a few.

          • justinbc

            Yeah, the hot beef at Mangialardo’s for like $8 is incredible. I think Mother Ruckers does a damn good job too for a lot less than $9, but they don’t sell po’boys.

          • Let me re-phrase; is there anywhere in DC that is somewhat convenient (say to downtown) where you can get any sandwich for under $9 other than subway and potbelly?

          • Accountering

            I think the reasonable answer here is that, no, you cannot find a sandwich in walking distance from one of the top 2 or 3 most expensive real estate markets in the country, for less than $9.

          • jim_ed

            I would say yes – there are places with serviceable to good sandwiches downtown for less than $9. Daily 14 has monstrous sandwiches for less than $9 comes to mind, not to mention about 100 korean delis sprinkled everywhere, some better than others.

          • justinbc

            Bub and Pops sandwiches are around $8 for a half sandwich, which tends to be about as filling (and definitely more satisfying) than a Subway footlong.

        • Not that I can thing of off hand.

        • Sundevich is one of my all-time DC favorite sandwich spots – the prices there are just over $9 at $10-$11, I think.
          And if you happen to be near their food truck at lunch time, they have a $9 or $10 lunch combo that includes chips and a drink.

      • Puddin has a stand at the Farmers Market on Thursday by the White House and sell catfish po boys for $7

        • justinbc

          Thanks, I pass through that market every week on my way home, I’ll check them out!

          • Aren’t they also at Eastern Market on weekends?

          • As an aside, their bourbon bread pudding is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten and the po boys definitely hold up to what I’ve had in NOLA.

          • justinbc

            Possibly. I do recall seeing their stand somewhere, but I’ve never been inclined to try it. A good friend told me they’ve also got some killer bread pudding (as the name would seemingly imply).

      • Not sure if it’s legit, but Johnny’s Takeout (behind Johnny’s Halfshell) has a fried shrimp po’boy for $7.20, and lots of other sandwiches for under $9.00: http://www.johnnyshalfshell.net/index.php/johnnys-take-out/johnnys-take-out-lunch-menu/.

  • I stopped in a yesterday to take look inside. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting. I asked them a little about their menu and it turns out they don’t make their bread in house for their po boys

  • justinbc

    Didn’t think this place was ever going to actually open, glad to see it’s finally here! We’ll have to check them out this week and report back.

  • I tried it out opening weekend. It was great and the fries were good. It drives me nuts that people expect the prices to be the same as they are in New Orleans. But they don’t complain when Lebanese food in DC is more expensive that Lebanese food in New Orleans. Everything costs more in DC. The rent costs more, you have to pay employees more, utilities cost more… And the interior was much nicer than the po boy dives I’ve eaten at in New Orleans. Anyway, the sandwich was huge and the Abita on tap was great. And the employees were welcoming and attentive.

    • +5000 DC is not a cheap city, end of story. That’s not fun for anyone to deal with, but endless complaints about “it’s not like this in X city!!!” are so tired.

      • DC is NO LONGER a cheap city. Even as little as 10 years ago, there were plenty of places for sandwiches under 10$.

  • Emmaleigh504

    As a poboy snob, I’m going to pass on this one.

  • I’m from New Orleans. I tried their shrimp po’ boy and I liked it. Fries were better on my second visit than my first. Abita on tap is a plus. And the employees are very friendly.

  • love the look – will need to check this out

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