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  • NOOOOOOOO I loved Plum Blossom! Their shumai was great…argh.

  • Plum Blossom was the worst restaurant in DC and “Mimosa” will be just as bad

    • lovefifteen

      Agreed. Plum Blossom was an absolutely terrible restaurant. It could take literally an hour just to receive your appetizer, and up to two hours to receive your sushi. It’s not surprising that it went out of business, but if Mimosa is owned/run by the same hapless man, then it will be just as terrible.

      • It IS run by the same hapless man. The neighbors are actually trying to get the restaurant inspected because of poor trash management and uncleanliness, so hopefully DC officials shut it down soon.

        • @anonymous Actually, it IS NOT run by the “same hapless man.” It’s actually a new restaurant with new owners. Whatever beef you had with the old restaurant is ultimately inapplicable to the new restaurant. Give them a chance before you start raising a fit. (and if you are some competing restaurant, great job running a smear campaign online in random blogs!)

  • The mushriom chicken udon soup is from scratch and to die for! Packed with ingredients. Agree that the wait can be long but i think thats because the man is involved in cooking and running so many aspects of the business

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