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  • it is always completely empty whenever I walk by. It seems like they went for same exact “neighborhood bar” concept as DC Reynolds and Looking Glass except 1) no food and 2) zero charm or character. They do have a large outdoor area, but so does DC Reynolds (although not quite as large). It looked like doom from the start.

  • I’d seriously like to buy the place if the owners would consider it. contact me – winternett -at- gmail!

    • They need a niche, as the one they are attempting to fill is well served by DCR. C’mon tiki bar.

      • I can’t even think of a tiki bar in DC off the top of my head. I am sure there are but it could be a great addition. I’m not sure how it would do during the winter though.

  • That spot is definitely 0 for 2.

  • That spot is definitely 0 for 2.

  • I could be completely wrong but I always thought this was opened by the same group as the Blue Banana. I think they actually own the building? They just changed managers and did some renovations.

    They are basically completely out of touch with the neighborhood and the no food thing really hurts them.

  • jim_ed

    I only went once, so perhaps I got the wrong impression, but it seemed to be filled with dudes whose parents were paying for their U Street apartment high fiving each other for Columbusing a new part of town.

  • Step 1: pay to install a kitchen
    Step 2: ?????
    Step 3: Stay in business longer than a year.

  • This does not sound promising. I will try to stop by soon.
    I guess the Milk Cult Sanctuary pop-up is no longer running?

  • I’m not sure what their happy hour is now, but early on it was only something like $3 bud lights. When you have DC Reynolds offering 2 for 1 on any drinks next door, you’re going to fail in attracting customers. They have a nice patio, but that’s about it.

    • Now they’re trying to match the competition. I walk by this place all the time and they’ve had buy one get one free drink specials for at least a few weeks now. It’s highly contagious, apparently, even Bravo Bar does it now.

  • Their beer selection was rather dismal when I was there and it seems out of touch with what people actually want in a neighborhood bar. It almost had a creepy club feel, but empty. I don’t go out on K st for a reason….

  • As we were heading to DC Reynolds last Saturday night after 11, we walked by and it was definitely closed. So unless they close before 12 am on a Saturday night, I would guess they have closed for good.

  • It’s no surprise this place is failing. It’s sandwiched between two of the best neighborhood bars in the area and fails to meet the needs of the new, emerging residents in Petworth/Park View. Who is going to choose Park View Patio over Looking Glass or DC Reynolds? It’s the same thing, but worse execution. Plus, there is no kitchen. Residents are constantly demanding more family friendly places: restaurants, bakeries, ice cream, pizza, deli. Not more bars. Gone are the days where this neighborhood will accept mediocrity. There are higher standards now. If businesses want to succeed, then they need to step up their game.

  • I love the bogo scam..Do the math ppl. there are better bars with better overall prices.Blue banana was doom from the start.

    • Do tell what bars have better prices than two pints of local beer for $5.50 (like DC Reynolds). It’s not my favorite bar, but I do like it, and I always go there because it’s *so* much cheaper than most everywhere else.

  • They really should open earlier as well. 6pm on Thurs-Friday will not draw any sort of HH crowd. They have a great double patio with so much potential and they are the only one of the 3 that has a decent looking storefront.

    I met the chef (also claimed to be an owner on Friday) and he said they have plans for the food. A Southern cuisine with flare if I remember correctly but he had a lot of ideas. I believe he wanted to move it more toward a restaurant than a bar but not sure if he really makes the decisions.

    I really feel with a few good promotions and better (more consistent hours) they could do well. I disagree with Anonymous 5:06 and think they could benefit from being in between 2 great bars if they committed and did it right.

    We shall see but the space screams potential

  • Every time I walk by you can never see inside. It’s not close enough for me to be adventurous one day and explore (I pass 5 other bars on the way). I have more of an impression of what’s going on inside when I pass by The House. Give us a reason to enter this bar.

  • This Park View Patio has some sort of creepy feeling attached to it. I went there a couple times since I live 2 min away but everytime, I felt as if I was unwelcomed and interfering with something. Looks like owners don’t really want to have customers and see us/them as annoying. The “inside joke” bar basically
    If this goes under and is replaced by something better, I wont cry

    • Agreed. Shortly after PVP opened, I decided to stop in to check it out. There were some people at tables and at the bar, but I found the door was locked. When I pulled on the door, a few of the presumed customers looked at me briefly and then turned away. Very odd. I haven’t tried to go back since.

  • This place needs Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue.

  • There is rarely anyone in there. It feels just like the old Blue Banana. Nothing has changed. The no food thing hurts. Nice staff, and good space, but the owners really need to to give reason for people to come in.

  • Here’s my advice. Fried chicken is the next hamburger. Foodie hipster are ready to jump all over it. Start selling awesome fried chicken and they will come.

    • I just read on friend’s Facebook about salt and vinegar fried chicken in Oakland. Do it, PVP!

  • Part of the problem might be that the owners have mid-term plans for the building that do not include a bar. I was the ANC commissioner for the area when the owner approached me about renovating into a bar. Not serving food was a huge negative at the time but the expense for a kitchen and changes to zoning/approvals needed did not make sense because of their plans for the building, so they opted to bring food in.

    The owners of Park View Patio also own the 2 buildings next door and their mid-term goal is to knock it all down to build a 4 – 5 story building that will serve as a trade school. The ground floor level they plan on leasing for commercial, non-restaurant use. That was the plan 4 years ago, so if its still in their plan I don’t think the building will be there much longer at all.

    • Thanks for the info Cliff! I wonder if the trade school plan still makes sense with the direction the neighborhood is taking, i.e. bars and restaurants and rapidly increasing property values. Hopefully they scratch that idea, go with the flow of the neighborhood, and give us interesting restaurants (would be nice to give a companion to the pop-up restaurant space EatsPlace opening at some point across the street), and/or a dance/yoga/kids’ play studio. This is missing in the neighborhood with a huge baby-boom and cold winters : http://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/217871

      Speaking of schools, I wonder how well the Cardon school on top of Manny& Olga is doing. Haven’t seen much promotion.

      • Having read up on the owner, I’m not at all surprised that this bar is failing in Petworth. It seems like the owner has a lot of experience serving to the NoVa-types (McFadden, Eye Bar, American Tap Room) and grossly misjudged Petworth residents (decidedly not NoVa types).

      • Wow, 2009, throwback Thursday. Lots of comments that are showing their age:

        “There is a gay sports bar on U Street if you want to go watch soccer…hopefully this place won’t stoop so low and will show sports American’s care about!”

        But then a few comments are ageless, even as their authors identify as older:
        “I think it’s a generational thing. Younger folks think paradise is a never ending strip of bars and cheap restaurants (aka Adams Morgan). Older folks (like me) would prefer more diverse retail. I don’t think two bars is the end of the world for Petworth, but I’m sure a lot more excited by Yes Market. Things I’d like to see more… garden shop; guitar store; used book store; gelato place; live music venue; hardware store; toy store; clothing boutique… you get the picture.”
        Well, ageless apart from the used bookstore.

        And then the last comment is by a Cliff whose pic is most definitely not the former ANC commissioner Cliff above.

        We should do that more often, read 5-year old threads relevant to today’s news.

  • This place just doesn’t make any sense, I went in a few times during March Madness because they have a lot of TVs, other than being able to see multiple games there was nothing there to make me want to stay, plus every time I have been in there the music selection has sucked, bartenders with terrible taste, when DCR and the Looking Glass consistently place good music. Place just has an odd vibe and a complete lack of character or charm.

  • I live really close but have only been in once, when DC Reynolds was full to the brim. The reasons I turned away immediately were:

    1) It smelled absolutely terrible. Like stale cooking oil or something. How do they not have a kitchen?
    2) Their beer selection is incredibly boring. I may be an insufferable beer snob, but less fussy bar-goers also seem to be less and less satisfied with the old standard offerings of Miller Light/Sam Adams/Stella. You gotta offer something more.
    3) It just felt kind of creepy and “off.” It can’t make up its mind as to whether it wants to be a total dive or a family restaurant (without food)

  • My one and only experience with Park View Patio:

    I went after working out with 2 friends. We sat down. There was one person at the bar and the bartender; literally no one else was there. We waited for about 5 or so minutes before my friend walked up to the bar to ask for a menu because no one was coming over. No one came over to take our order, so we went up to the bar to order drinks. My friend asks if they have a wine menu. The bartender responds “I think we have some wine,” and proceeds to open a wine cooler that had about 4 or 5 bottles in it.

  • Co-signing all the comments about how this place is weird, not welcoming-seeming, and offers nothing to entice people from established, great neighborhood bars at Looking Glass & DCR. Too bad because that outdoor space is crazy awesome and I would love to hang out there if they served anything other than Blue Moon & Budweiser. They did try to bring in food trucks at the beginning but the trucks were mediocre and must not have done well enough to keep it going.

    My biggest knock on them is the happy hour & beer selection. As others have noted, their beer selection is tone-deaf – all macro, nothing at all interesting and not keeping up with trends. We have great beers made in DC and NoVa, and they carry none of them. Their house-developed cocktails all involve some kind of chocolate or cream liquer – also out of line with much of the neighborhood taste. Add to that the music being crazy loud when it’s empty (so I can’t even carry on a conversation) and the lack of food, and you have a place that is really a last resort in a growing Georgia ave scene. I do think the staff were generally friendly. Last time I was there a TV fell off a wall – not joking. Someone could have been seriously hurt.

  • this place is really bad. I went there a couple of times last winter to watch football games bc I don’t have cable and their taps were never working. the only beers they had were crappy beers like heini and strongbow. yuck. they must want to go out of business.

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