Old Dominion Brewhouse Temporarily Closed Until Further Notice (Will Reopen for World Cup Semi Finals?)

1219 9th Street, NW

Heads up a reader sends word:

“I just saw old dominion shut down! I watched every World Cup game here.”

Update from their twitter feed posted yesterday:

“We Will be CLOSED today for employee appreciation day! We will reopen tomorrow for the World Cup semifinal!”


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  • Oh no! Terrible location (the convention center is just an awful street-deadening presence and 9th St. is way too wide for the low buildings around), but it was actually not a bad place for a drink after work. Hope there’s some way to get all those empty spaces filled…

  • alphatango

    Good riddance. The staff, particularly management, are jerks.

  • I see this on their Twitter feed, but from yesterday: https://twitter.com/OldDominionBrew/status/486197727706234881

  • I wonder if this isn’t temporary. While I’m not a fan of their cluttered decor nor the clientele for the most part, it was a decent spot to catch a game with their plethora of tvs.

  • I might be missing one, but doesn’t that mean this entire block face of the Convention Center is now 100% vacant? The little bakery / coffee shop on the corner closed a year or so ago, around the same time as the jewelry repair guy, and neither of those spaces ever got filled again. I think Old Dominion was the very last tenant on that side of the street.
    How sad and pathetic that the Convention Center management can’t manage to rent any of the few spaces they created (most, if not quite possibly all, of the other spaces are vacant now too). It’s not that the neighborhood isn’t hopping – there’s new places opening every month in that area. It’s that the Convention Center is so horribly designed that even a good tenant can’t overcome the desire to not walk on that side of the street. Hopefully the city is paying attention and will put some money in the budget to re-develop this obviously failed street presence of this building into something workable.

  • This has to be one of the most puzzling bars in town. Good beer, nice TV selection, bad food, odd location, unusual relationship with neighboring restaurants, interesting patron mix of locals and befuddled business travelers. It will be missed?

  • Good thing they are only closed for a day, I love this place. Great staff, the sushi is pretty decent actually, the rest of the menu is standard bar food for days you just want fries and wings instead of a deconstructed coq au vin, and they have plenty of beer and tvs.

  • We went to Marriot Marquis sport pub High Velocity to watch soccer and it is pretty awesome. Plush red couches and chairs and about 50 screens and at least 25 taps so I bet they are bleeding ODB dry. I would not expect a recovery and yes the managers are very nasty but the staff is nice.

  • It will be closed by the end of the year. They can’t compete with the better options popping up around them. As someone stated, the convention center is horribly designed for grown floor retail. You barely notice this place is there. The food and beer selections are subpar. It sits by its lonesome on a desolate strip…the location sucks.

  • I’ve never had a bad time here. Not sure about others, but I find the beer list great, the food eclectic (so what if I want a steak sandwich and a sushi roll in the same sitting??), and the TVs are always showing my favorite teams/sports. I think the servers are fantastic. Instead of being in your face all the time or up-selling you to more expensive products, they let you relax and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. Best of all, they do the courtesy check-in 10 minutes before happy hour is over, whereas it’s impossible to track down your waiter as happy hour is ending at many more popular destinations.

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