NoMa BID’s War on Washington Post Columnist, Courtland Milloy, Continues


This battle is starting to get bloody.

From a press release:

“NoMa just got even more bike-friendly, with new air pumps and a free public repair station installed in the neighborhood. To serve cycling traffic from the Metropolitan Branch Trail and the beautiful new cycle track on First Street, NE, the NoMa BID has installed a bright orange FIXIT station, an outdoor, tamper-resistant repair station that includes all the tools necessary to perform basic repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. The tools and air pump are securely attached to the stand with stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners. Hanging the bike from the hanger arms allows the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making adjustments. The FIXIT station is located right off the Metropolitan Branch Trail ramp on M Street, NE, under the underpass and across from the M Street entrance to the NoMa/Gallaudet U Metro station.

In addition, the NoMa BID has installed five new, tamper-resistant, bright orange bike air pumps throughout the neighborhood at the following locations:

· First and M Streets, NE, northwest corner of the intersection
· M Street, NE, right off the Met Branch Trail ramp next to the new Fixit Station
· Third and L Streets, NE, southeast corner of the intersection
· On First Street, NE, just south of K Street, NE, adjacent to the Burnham Wall
· On North Capitol at H Street, NE, adjacent to the University of the District of Columbia

An additional location is in the works north of Florida Avenue. The BID began installing the air pumps several years ago, and has sought a more weather-hardy and tamper-resistant option for these new pumps.

“NoMa has some of the best cycling facilities in the city, with the Met Branch Trail and the Union Station Bikestation, as well as seven Capital Bikeshare stations,” said Robin-Eve Jasper, President of the NoMa BID. “We are constantly looking for ways to make the neighborhood more accessible, safer and enjoyable for cyclists and pedestrians.”

The District’s first cycle track protected by a concrete barrier opened on First Street, NE, in May to much fanfare. The NoMa BID team continues to work with the ANC, the District Department of Transportation and the Office of Planning to improve cycling amenities in the neighborhood.”

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  • Cortland Milroy is a troll and does not deserve the title of journalist.

    • And yes I spelled his name wrong on purpose.

    • More like Courtland Who-Cares? He’s becoming increasingly irrelevant; I can’t imagine too many folks read his column and come out thinking that they’re now better off having read it. There’s just no substance whatsoever, just mindless trolling in dire hopes that he continues getting clicks.

    • For decades he’s been known as a self-serving, race-baiting shit stirrer whose opinion carries absolutely no weight. I’m not sure why the Post feels the need to employ him.

  • Every time I tell someone I live in NoMa, they’re always like, where?
    I really like where I live.

    • When you tell them where it is, do they then say “oh, you mean Trinidad?”

    • I’ve lived in Glover Park, Columbia Heights, and off of the H Street corridor. Of all of these neighborhoods, I have never been happier than I am in NoMa.

      • Isolated, over-crowded, isolated. I can’t say I am surprised that you like NoMa better. It still lacks restaurants/bars, but that will probably come as more people move there.

        • totally agree, I am really surprised when people think NoMa is isolated. I honestly think it is one of the more centrally located neighborhoods in the city. you are on top of the metro (short ride to Chinatown, Dupont, etc), short walk to H, short bus ride to Shaw/U, and a longer but still convenient bus ride to Eastern market. I rather like that it is quiet at night time (sans Ibiza)

  • Incredibly misleading headline. Where in the press release is war declared against Courtland Milloy?

  • Terrorist bicycle repair stations, communist air pumps. What is this city coming to when an honest black suburbanite can’t drive in from his home to his office downtown at 40 m.p.h. the whole way without stopping and instantly find a parking spot directly in front of his building.

  • NoMa is quite a cool neighborhood. I believe they have free wifi, and now these bike stations. Neat!

  • justinbc

    I saw one of those repair stations in front of the Anacostia Arts Center this weekend, really awesome idea.

  • Sorry PoP, love you but I don’t see the connection… at all. This guy thinks bike riders are terrible people… while NoMa is creating ways support riders and avoid conflicts with peds and cars… Sounds like they’re unrelated.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Dude it’s just a joke. Plenty of more literal posts coming – stay tuned!!

    • I interpreted the headline as a joke, particularly paired with the “bloody” line. And I thought it was funny.

    • Pretty sure it’s a joke 😉

    • justinbc

      These are not the droids you’re looking for.

    • Every day, thousands of American children are born without the ability to detect sarcasm. As they become adults these children will never enjoy the pleasures of online snark, never appreciate the biting wit of a British sitcom, and will actually think they have done well when someone at the office snaps, “nice job.” Won’t you please help these children? Just 10 cents a day will help purchase thousands of back episodes of “Seinfeld,” television that can help these kids gain what nature has denied them. Please, don’t wait. Call today, and make a difference in these poor kids’ lives.

  • Personally, until Courtland is fired I will never pay for a subscription to the Washington Post.
    Ever since the “myopic little twits” column I’ve decided I don’t need to be subsidizing the platform for such a divisive troll. The “bicycle terrorists” column sealed the deal for me.
    In a city that is already so divided it is dangerous for the Post to give a voice like that any credibility. He can talk out both sides of his mouth saying he doesn’t really mean what is printed but the subtext is always there and it is horrible.

  • The headline is funny. Where is your sense of humor?

  • seven bikeshare stations? maybe in the greater “noma” area as defined by people who call it noma, but if you work on the first street ne stretch between k and ny ave, there are really only two. and good luck parking after 8 a.m. or getting a bike after 4 p.m.!

  • Are they really installing a bike escalator? That does seem a bit ridiculous.

  • The fixit station seems like a huge waste of money. Typical BID behavior–dumping loads of cash into unnecessary projects.

    • They’re trying to attract yuppies to rent one of the many available apartments, many of whom prefer biking as their main form of transportation (for various reasons). To that end, this works great.

    • The BID’s are self-financed by a tax the area’s businesses impose on themselves. So I’m not so sure why it’s a problem how they spend their own money….unless you happen to be a business owner in NoMa.

    • It’s not your money, so why do you care. Also, $800 is hardy a lot of money compared to most street furniture, and it benefits anyone who wants to use it. Seems like a good thing to me.

  • The bulk of the Washington post is fluff garbage. No one knows who the heck this guy is and certainly wouldn’t care to listen to his whining. Save it for your diary! When did this become journalism?

  • Good news. Hilarious headline.

  • I wonder if the kits include a “don’t throw pee on me” poncho, an anti teaser reflector or a bike style cow pusher for knocking over DC youth attempting to jack you up. : )

  • This is a huge welcome change for bike lanes:

    “The District’s first cycle track protected by a concrete barrier opened on First Street, NE, in May”

    Bring on more concrete barrier lanes please!
    Also, I stopped reading Cortland Milloy’s crap a long time ago.

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