Nice Looking Pop Up in Columbia Heights

1300 block of Kenyon St, NW

Thanks to all who’ve sent emails about this pop up on Kenyon Street in Columbia Heights. MW sends the photo above and writes:

“An interesting example of a pop-up that seems to be extremely well done, 1300 block of Kenyon Street NW. Note adaptive reuse of original turret. Very thoughtful, and respectful of the neighborhood fabric.”

Here’s a couple of closer up photos I took over the weekend:



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  • This only works if your neighbors have parapets / turrets. From the exterior it gives the impression of only adding half-a-story or ~4 feet and that is much easier on the eyes.

  • There’s another nice one on the west side of 11th Street, just south of Euclid. They went up one floor but did a very good job matching the brick design of the original structure. The entire addition appears to be brick, not just the facade. Looks to be a very high-end house.

  • Agree; it looks nice. we need more of these.

  • The one on the corner of Holmead and Monroe is going to be nice too, I think!

  • I have walked by here and also thought it was a pretty good job. We’ll have to see what kind of shingles they put on.

  • Definitely looks nice, but I hate to see the slate roofs being lost. Love those!

  • I live on this block and this place seems to be going well. It really does depend on what they put on the facade of the pop up. That said, the house to the left of it is is in terrible shape (it looks worse in person than it does in the pictures). I can’t imagine buying a new condo in a building next door to a house that looks like parts of it might fall down at any moment.

  • If you must pop up, this is the way to do it. Very nice.

  • Agreed that it’s done tastefully, but I really wish they’d used a brick veneer for the siding, which would have really added to the job.

    Also, for the comment about the lost slate: sadly, get used to it. Those slate roofs all were originals in the early 1900s. They last about 100 years and are beautiful, sure, but eventually have to be replaced, and it’s time or soon to be time for any number of remaining slate roofs in this town. Having faced that dilemma myself, I can tell you: very few roofers would even give lip service to the real stuff, due to its price. There are some reasonable faux-slates out there, which is about what you can hope for, because even that stuff is twice the cost of asphalt shingles.

    • I suppose the expectation is that eventually the dump on the right will get renovated and also add a 3rd floor, thus hiding the side of their house, so no reason to use brick in the mean time.

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