New Thai Restaurant from Richard Sandoval, Mango Tree, Liquor License Placard Posted at CityCenter

925 H Street, NW

Back in Feb. we learned Richard Sandoval’s Mango Tree was likely coming to CityCenter – they’ve now applied for a liquor license that says:

“Restaurant that will be serving Thai Food. There will be entertainment with occasional dancing and a Sidewalk Café. There are 213 seats with a total occupancy load of 239. The sidewalk café has seating of 36.”

Hours are listed as Sunday through Thursday 7 am – 2 am, Friday and Saturday 7 am – 3 am.

The space is located at 925 H St, NW right next to the new video art screen which, incidentally, is absolutely awesome:




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  • Mmmmmmm 7AM ginger and curry

    • maxwell smart

      I mean I love thai food as much as the next guy and sure, leftover pad thai after a night of heavy drinking is pretty great, but honestly, who is regularly going to get thai at 7am?

  • Thought there were no liquor licenses or banks at City Center, guess not.

    • I think it was just no liquor stores. Restaurants that sell liquor are fine.

      And, I seem to remember that banks must offer Islamic-friendly loans (i.e., no interest, but huge fees).

    • justinbc

      What restaurant would open there without a liquor license?

    • I think it was “no business primarily in the business of selling alcohol” (i.e., liquor stores or bars).

      • Correct. The investors will not allow liquor stores, but restaurants that sell liquor are acceptable. No prohibition on banks, but Hines has made clear that it wants stores that increase foot traffic, and therefore will not be leasing space to banks.

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