New Streetcar Stop Signage Installed and “Coming Soon”


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“It shows the name of the stop in yellow and then the other ( I think remaining) stops on the gray part. The signs are now wrapped in the white covering with large red words saying “Coming Soon”.”


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  • the sign should say “Perpetually Coming Soon”


  • These have actually been up for a few days. Ironically, they were put up around the same time as the Silver Line opening last Friday.

  • Good to know the Streetcar folks have a sense of humor.


  • Still the stupidest wast of money. The street car is no different than a bus other than the “name” sounds better. If one breaks down or gets hit by a car or hits somebody, it is stuck there. You can’t tow it away like a bus or pull it over to the curb. It takes up a dedicated lane, adds unattractive power lines over head, causes a serious hazard with the tracks for bikers, and cost millions.

    DC could have thrown in 20 more natural gas powered circulator buses 5 years ago cheaper and quicker and gotten better results.

    • I mostly agree with you, but I think what made the streetcar particularly beneficial for the H St Corridor is that it established a vote of confidence in that area. A streetcar is a much more permanent form of transportation infrastructure than a bus line (which could easily be rerouted or eliminated). If nothing else, it did help to jump start development of the surrounding neighborhoods, which I see as a good thing.

      • +10000
        it’s all about development and tax money. the permanence of the streetcar attracts development. it is proven. city after city.

        • The permanence of the rails, you mean. H Street has been booming for five years, with nary a streetcar in sight the whole time.

    • Absolutely agree. Maybe I’m unfamiliar with the cost/benefit issues, but it seems like a huge waste of tax payer money.

    • If a street car is executed well it can at least provide SOME benefits over buses (higher capacity, long-term commitment to transit). That said, I’m not sure that this will be executed very well at all – not providing a car-free, dedicated lane with signal priority really will make this no better than a really expensive bus.
      It’s a shame that we don’t have the political will to just expand Metro. One Metro stop on H street would have been worth as much as the entire streetcar line.

    • No difference? Other than the fact that streetcars hold 70 more passengers than a regular bus, are more environmentally friendly (bye bye diesel fumes), have a set schedule/regular headways (unlike the “show up whenever we want” X2), increase property values (and thereby property tax collection) along its route, etc? You need to do some research.

    • am i the only one who thinks that they’re moving piecemeal on this regarding the dedicated lane? my understanding is that there was significant driver backlash to losing a lane to the streetcar, so they forewent a dedicated lane in order to get the track laid. i just assumed in a few years, once it’s position in the road is taken for granted, they’d revisit the dedicated lane issue.

    • agree. this thing is going to get stuck in traffic and break down and effecitvely “break down” every other streetcar on the line.

      They could have purchased and installed some mighty fancy buses for the whole damn city for the price of this thing. Complete boondoggle.

  • They are really pushing ahead with this now. The amount of work being done daily along the entire line is at a fever pitch. They’ve erected a huge temporary car barn at the Spingarn site in the last couple of days as well.

  • The lack of the dedicated lane is going to mean I can probably walk faster from one end H street to the other at a faster clip during rush hour. So basically its a huge, expensive, intrusive X2. The X9 will be faster, except when its stuck behind a broken down street car that can’t move. Add that to the fact that the transfer to the red-line is a 10 minute from the hopscotch bridge through Union Station because DOT didn’t bother to ask Amtrak if they could punch through to the existing tunnel BEFORE they started building, and you have a serious boon-doggle.

    • Unless you can walk at 25 mph, I’d say no.

      Does the lack of a dedicated lane for bicycles on H mean you can walk down H faster than I can bike? No. You people are ludicrous.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I can’t wait! I love street cars!

  • As an H St resident, I’ll admit that I’m excited. I don’t see the streetcar as being all that efficient, but I do think that it will do good for the neighborhood. It’s presence (even just prospective at this point) has sparked chatter among people I know who otherwise would never venture in this direction.
    The thing that I’m curious about is how the environment on it will be. I take the X2 every day… I don’t mind it at all. However, it is no lie that it has a much more BS than even other buses in the area. Drama (fights/yelling), vomit, etc. tend to turn some people off. In addition, the walk up to ~10th street (around 8th in particular) isn’t all that comfortable for some people. With the streetcar bypassing that, even if at a snail’s pace, more people may be open to coming out in this direction.
    Anyone know how much it’ll cost?

  • When I visit other cities with light rail lines (Minneapoils, Houston, St. Louis etc.), I love to jump on and just ride to see the city, get my bearings. Maybe it will be a bit of a tourist attraction.

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