MPD Confirms 76 Year Old Owner of the Gold Corner Market, James Oh, Dies after Injured in Robbery July 4th

From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department are investigating a homicide and an armed robbery of an establishment which occurred in the 5500 block of Colorado Avenue, Northwest.

On Friday, July 4, 2014, at approximately 5:19 pm, members from the Fourth District responded to a call for a robbery in progress in the 5500 block of Colorado Avenue, Northwest. Upon arrival, they located an adult male semi-conscious and suffering from head trauma. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel responded and transported the victim to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead. The decedent was subsequently transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the District of Columbia where an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause and manner of death.

The decedent has been identified as 76-year-old James Oh of Rockville, Maryland.

The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in identifying two persons of interest in this incident. The suspects left the scene in a black Jeep Cherokee with DC tags DP 6033. The vehicle, which was stolen on July 4, 2014, has since been recovered. The suspects are described below:

Suspect One: Black male. He was wearing a red hooded sweat shirt and mask.

Suspect Two: Black male. He was wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt and mask.”

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  • this is just horrible. i have lived up there for 20+ years, and although i would only go in that store if i was desperate (catfood), this video sure makes it look like the poor man was executed. you can see the gray-shirted assailant struggling with him at the top left of the screen while the other assaults his wife behind the counter. on the way out, they apparently throw him to the floor and one of them takes the time to kill him.

  • Why is it that the best cameras in DC in terms of quality and quantity are the speed cameras?

    • Because the speed cameras pay for themselves. (Or more precisely, all the speeding drivers pay for them.)

    • Speed cameras also take still pics, which don’t take up as much storage space as video.

  • He was the sweetest guy. I hate this city.

  • F’in Pussies! They should get life in prison, but I’ll bet they get less than 20 if they are ever caught.

    They’ve got the license plate number of the jeep, wonder where the vehicle was reported stolen?!

  • How horrible on so many levels. Vile, soulless cockroaches.

  • So infuriating.

  • Any response from Her Majesty Muriel?

    • When pigs fly…..

    • Funny you should mention Muriel. I contacted her constituent services office about this and other crime issues. No response. Contrast that to the 4th District Police Dept. where two officers answered my emails within an hour of sending them. I also sent tips to the major TV stations and heard back from them immediately as I was surprised that this story was not in the news until today.

      I only went into this store a few times but I passed the owner on my way to work most mornings—the thought of someone hurting what appeared to be a frail elderly man is just something that I cannot fathom.

      • This has also been my experience in contacting MPD 4D. I have sent emails on multiple occasions requesting information about various incidents and have always received timely responses.

    • I’m not exactly a Bowser supporter, but what do you expect her to say besides condemning this awful incident. It’s a police matter, so it’s not surprising the police are responding.

      • Condemning it would be a good start. Then perhaps she could call a meeting to discuss the incident and explain what is being done in response. Does that solve the crime? No. But at least it provides a forum for neighbors to come together and meet with the auhorities and air grievances. It is pretty standard operating procedure, really. Of course, she’s already mayor, so no need to worry about small potato community meetings in ward 4.

      • I would like to see city leaders to issue a call to the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends of those on the road to crime to invest in their loved ones to save them from committing horrific acts like this. This city is a conveyor belt of morally depraved individuals and government programs won’t change this. The only chance we have is that such acts get called out for the barbarism they are and those who are in a position to change perpetrators lives do so.

        • The families and friends of people who commit horrific acts like this often have few resources to “invest”. I would like to see communities realize that it does, indeed, take a village to sustain the kind of village that I, personally want to live in. So that means things like quality education for everyone, job training that leads to the types of jobs that can support families, recreational programs that can include life skills, socialization opportunities and mentoring. You’ would like to see “city leaders” and “families” step up to the plate — and that’s all well and good. I would like to see all of us realize that we can — and must –be proactive parts of our communities as we attempt to build safer more secure environments for all of us.

          • “Villages” do a piss poor job imparting values like “Don’t rob and kill 76 year old store owners”, “Don’t throw rocks at cyclists”, “Don’t steal packages from people’s front porches”, etc. It takes the all-too-rare ethical parent, grandparent or other person WHO MATTERS to the individuals to impart guidance that will make a difference. That’s the truth that you “village people” (forgive me) miss – these people clearly don’t give two runny shits what I, or other concerned villagers think of their behavior.

          • Strong villages DO. Trees with poisoned or no roots will not grow, or they will not grow correctly. These villages always had poor roots from day 1. And who the hell are “you village people”. I didn’t know they had anything to do with tihs.

          • Tom, perhaps you don’t get — or don’t like — my point, which is that if more of the privileged “haves” view themselves as being part of the “village”, people with the values that you seem to support would be both more prevalent and more influential in that “village”.

          • 10:05, it sounds like you’re talking about gentrification. Unfortunately, that’s a process that takes time. What’s the short-term answer to the problem? Just tolerate crime and violence?

          • No, I’m not exactly talking gentrification. I think that a lot of very fortunate people seem to view the less fortunate and the troubled among us as being a completely separate and likely predatory community that needs to fix its self, despite the limited resources and limited political power that such people often have. I think this is often — but by no means always — a position that many gentrifiers take. I’m advocating a more inclusive sense of community identity and participation. And my rants are often of the “if you’re not a part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” variety. I hope that everyone who rants about the swarms of unsupervised teens, mentors one or two — or at least votes in support of measures that would enhance job-training and recreation programs in the community.
            Anonymous 9:52 called upon city leaders and family members of the assailants to “invest in their loved ones”. My point is that we’re ALL a part of the greater community, and ALL of us need to invest in our neighbors — so that we can have safer and more comfortable neighborhoods.

        • 10:05,
          So the problem of uncivilized murderers taking the lives of innocent people like Mr. Oh will be fixed. when privileged “haves” view themselves as being part of the “village”. Thanks for the laugh.

          • If you’re able to look deeply at the various factors that support “civilized” behavior, you might be surprised. And if you want to live in a safer world, you might push yourself to recognize that the same supports that contribute to your own pro-social skills and behavior might work equally well with others. If you find murder and the factors that lead to it funny, I think that’s troubling, on multiple levels.

          • Multiple levels indeed!

  • My heart hurts. He is survived by his wife, who was also attacked, and recently married daughter.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    From Council Member Muriel Bowser’s office:

    “Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser issued the following statement upon learning of the passing of James Oh, the longtime owner of Gold Corner Grocery and Deli, in 16th Street Heights. Mr. Oh was brutally attacked on July 4th during a robbery of his store. He passed away yesterday.

    “On behalf of the residents of Ward 4, I would like to express my very deepest condolences to the family and friends of James Oh.

    Mr. Oh was a friendly and reliable mainstay in the neighborhood and he will be remembered for his faithful dedication to his family, friends, and to the 16th Street Heights community. His devoted character will be thoroughly missed by those who had the privilege of knowing him.

    Mr. Oh’s passing is a senseless, shocking tragedy. My office is working closely with Chief Lanier and MPD to bring the suspects to justice.”

  • Neighbors and business owners from the Kennedy Street and Upper 14th Street communities will gather a vigil/solidarity gathering on Sunday evening. We will post more information at when it is available.

  • I’m disgusted by Muriel Bowser’s statement. Mr Oh didn’t pass away. HE WAS MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD with malice (even if the perp didn’t intend to kill the victim malice can be inferred because he DIDNT STOP)

    Where is the outrage from the city leadership? Too busy trying to vest control from the Feds? Or fighting over peanuts of power. Awful.

    • I hope you’re using your considerable outrage in a productive way.

      • 10:05… I am. But citizens have only so much they can do. I live by the creed change one life, change the world but this is a problem much greater than one person. We need our city leaders to create an environment where all people thrive not just those who have means.

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