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  • Farragut

    Wow! When I go to work in the morning, I’ll ride the Red Line in the morning, but usually before 6 am. I’ve never seen it that crowded in person…

  • justinbc

    Thanks. The next time I say “this happens basically every day on the Red line” and someone responds “oh but that’s never happened on my personal commute!” I’ll just link them here.

    • brookland_rez

      I try to ride my motorcycle most days, but the times I have taken the red line, it’s always looked like that at Gallery Place and Metro Center.

  • Probably crowded because it’s rush hour.

    • I go through Dupont everyday at about 8:30am, not many people get on the train at Dupont. This is not a typical rush hour platform.

      • Agree, I take Dupont to work every morning and this isn’t typical.

      • Maybe not “typical,” but I lived and Dupont for 8 years, and there is a ton of traffic during rush hour, but the platforms are not crazy because there are trains every 1 or 2 minutes. If one train breaks down, it backs up like this in a matter of minutes.

  • Jeez this just confirms why I choose to get to the office at 7:30am!

  • A train was off-loaded because the doors wouldn’t shut. The train operator very angrily yelled at passengers several times that they should close any doors they see open, but how the heck are passengers supposed to close malfunctioning doors? Sometimes the door problem is closed by a passenger standing too close, but not always. Why not have the metro station attendants (who generally sit around doing nothing) walk down the stairs and survey the train to see if they can identify the door problem rather than offloading it?

  • This makes me glad I do not take metro to work….

  • Oh Metro, what are you going to look like when the Silver Line is truly up and running next week?

  • Where’s the smarmy person saying “8:50 am? I’d already been in the office for an hour!”?

  • And this is the slow season.

  • EXPAND THE GALLERY PLACE PLATFORM. It is just a bad design. People trying to go from Red to Yellow/Green and vice versa have to battle a current like salmon swimming up stream. Metro needs to look into expanding this platform to L’Enfant Plaza-like dimensions (or more).

    • How exactly would you suggest that they do this?

      • maxwell smart

        Well the easiest thing they could do is to build a pedestrian passage between Gallery Place and Metro Center – this would eliminate people using the Red Line for 1 stop that need to transfer from Blue/Orange to Yellow/Green. And not like Farragut where you have to leave the station, walk 2 blocks and re-enter. A legit underground corridor to link all of the lines would go a long way to easing congestion on the Red.

    • Agreed. The transfer is horrendous and ill-designed. The best thing to do is have the back car of the train (when a 6 car) line up with the back end of the platform.

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