More Info on La Tomate Caffe Opening this Summer in Dupont, More Changes Coming to the Bistro too

1701 Connecticut Avenue, NW

From an email:

“La Tomate Bistro announces La Tomate Caffè, opening summer 2014

La Tomate proudly launches a new concept within its historic Connecticut Avenue location. Family owned and operated since 1987, La Tomate will inaugurate La Tomate Caffè adjacent to its current Bistro – the first of many changes the restaurant will implement between 2014-2015. 

Designed by Milan-based architect, Fillipo Taidelli, La Tomate Caffè will offer a Belle Epoque atmosphere with Italian inspired menu items.

Open from breakfast to late-night, the Caffè will serve brioche and homemade sweets, espresso, coffee drinks and fresh-pressed juices, traditional breakfast, artisanal-cut domestic and Italian charcuterie, panini and tramezzini, assortments of cheeses, mozzarella varieties, salads and light-fare.

A vast array of pre-packaged products, including La Tomate signature sauces and soups, as well as delicatessen treats, cocktails, wine and beer will be available all day.

The Bistro will remain a place for leisurely indoor and al fresco dining, while the Caffè offers carry out and quick lunch break or dinner options. Whether dining in or on the go, the Caffè at La Tomate, will offer fresh, affordable and delicious food in a cozy, Italian caffè setting.”

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  • After years of being curious about this place, I finally tried it and had one of the most uninspiring meals I’ve had in DC. Everything was bland and overpriced. Good luck, but I don’t think I’ll be paying their new cafe a visit.

  • Hopefully the big change they’re referring to is a change in menu, sourcing, chefs, plates, and recipes. I’m surprised by how many people eat at this overpriced bland pseudo-Italian refectory. Don Cheadle is more Italian than this place… And he probably tastes better, too.

  • This place was much better about 20 years ago, which was its heyday, with celebrity birthdays, etc. the last time I was there, it was pretty awful. Even tin the 90s, the food was just “good Italian for DC”

  • I had probably the worst meal I’ve ever experienced in D.C. at this place. Awful food, atrocious service…nothing redeeming whatsoever. It gets by on its primo location.

  • A couple blueprints of the design showing materials:

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