Mayoral Candidate Carol Schwartz Campaigning in Dupont


“Dear PoPville,

I shot this photo Sunday of Carol Schwartz driving a yellow Trans Am covered in her campaign posters, one of which — as you can see in the photo — was completely covering her rear license plate. She also sat in her car in a lane on 20th Street and Q where pulling over is not permitted. By doing so, she obstructed traffic on a busy day on in Dupont.”

Maybe not the most effective way to win over undecided voters…but I dig the ride 🙂

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  • There were a couple of her campaign volunteers in Dupont over the weekend attempting to drum up support.

    I might have an ounce of respect for her if she would simply admit that she’s running only to be a spoiler to Cantania and because her ego compels her too. Until she admits that, she’s simply another empty hack trying to make a name for herself. IMO.

    • brookland_rez

      Ha ha. I saw her at Wilson Elementary campaigning for something back when I lived on Parker St in 2006. I was wondering if she still had that car. Looks like she does.

  • And at no point in her drive did her hair move.

    • A Trans Am? She is probably 1 of 5 people in DC now that would drive a gas guzzler like that… And is she wearing a mullet cut? Uh…

      • sure… you must not live in the same city I do. there’s Camaros, Charger, Chevelles, Stingrays, etc. all over this fair city.

        • Camaro, Charger, Chevelle, Stingray, and the Trans Am makes 5! just like I said! 😛

          We’re not counting the ones broken down sitting in people’s driveways mind you… heh.

      • brookland_rez

        I had a 2002 Camaro from that same time frame, and I actually used to get almost 30mpg on the highway. Around town if driven aggressively it gulped fuel though. 😉

        • jim_ed

          the 6 cylinder or a Z28? Big difference in fuel consumption between the two. (sidebar: I had a 1995 Camaro with T-Tops in high school. This has nothing to do with the conversation, but I thought everyone would like to know that it was awesome.)

          • brookland_rez

            No, I had a Z28. It had a super tall 6th gear. At highway speed, the engine would run at around 1400rpm, just barely above idle.

  • I used to vote for her all the time. But this run is not a good idea. It’s just to hurt Catania. Sorry, Carol…

  • I saw her in the yellow convertible covered w/campaign stickers in the parking garage at Harris Teeter on Kalorama a few weeks ago. Odd scene.

  • Real question here. I’ve heard this argument that she is a Catania spoiler and assumed there is some truth to it. But can someone please explain why exactly? Is it just by virtue of her being an independent as well? Does she have a large number of loyalists that if she were not in the race actually vote for Catania? Why is that assumed and it not assumed they would go to Bowser?

    No need to address all my questions but any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Split the white vote. Catania needs to win all of the white vote, all of the Hispanic vote, and a good chunk of the Af-Am vote to beat Bower. If Catania wins, it will be by the slimmest of margins so he needs every vote he can get. Even if Carol only gets 5% in the general election, it will be enough to torpedo Catania. The numbers don’t lie.

      • Why would anyone need to spoil Catania? He’s clearly not going to win. There’s zero chance he’ll get much of the AA vote and there are plenty of white liberals who would never vote for him.

        • “He’s clearly not going to win.”
          Disagree, strongly. Demographics have shifted A LOT in DC over the last 4 years and Catania is a strong fundraiser. He’s got sizable pockets of support in many areas of the city and his supporters are opening their wallets (and his supporters tend to be higher SES).
          The Af-Am Democratic machine will lose at some point in the next 10 years. It’s just a matter of “when”.

          • Nothing that you said and nothing that I’ve seen or heard personally suggests to me that Catania could come anywhere close to getting the citywide support he would need to beat Bowser. As another commenter said he’ll get almost none of the AA vote and frankly most white folks I know think Catania is a bit loony. And do the hispanic voters even know who he is?

      • The real question is, why would white voters split their vote based on race, anyway? That’s the real tragedy, that everyone takes it as a given that white voters will look at a slate of candidates and decide to choose from amongst the white candidates, solely. If that’s true, our electorate has far deeper problems that no one is discussing…

        • Plenty of white voters voted for Adrian Fenty. The issue seems to be that many black D.C. voters apparently won’t consider voting for a non-black candidate.

    • Good explanation. And shame on Schwartz for entering only to defeat Catania. Since she has surrendered her integrity, I hope she’s at least getting a good payoff like Sulaimon Brown.

    • Thanks for the replies to my questions. I get it. Though at the same time I’m having trouble imagining the type of person that’s deliberating between Catania and Schwartz. Just seems implausible. But then again I’ve only lived in DC for 8 years.

      That being said, calling her a “spoiler” is nonsense. Voters do as they wish, votes should not be assumed or entitled. If David can’t convince folks to vote for him over Schwartz and Bowser he deserves to lose.

      • justinbc

        It’s really not that hard to imagine someone deliberating between the two. You sound like you’re giving credit to many voters for being informed. Trying removing that barrier and you can imagine almost any outcome.

        • Anyone who can’t tell the difference between Catania and Schwartz can’t tell the difference between Bowser and Catania. Those kinds of toss-up votes can go either way, anyway.

      • So, you voted for Nader in 2000, eh?

        • If Gore would have won his home state (Tennessee) or even New Hampshire, he would have beat Bush (with electoral votes) in 2000. Gore’s campaign was a massive failure and people blaming Nader for that need to point the finger right back at the “strategists” who advised Gore to distance himself from the most popular Democratic president since Kennedy. Every one of Gore’s campaign strategists should be tarred and feathered.

  • Saw her parked car on 11th Street/V Street a few weeks ago, she was headed to some sort of community street festival in the parking lot for the community bank (ostensibly to drum up support).
    As if the ugly car was not enough, she illegally parked by blocking the mobility access ramp on the corner and was also blocking a fire hydrant. That told me all I needed to know about her. The campaign photos don’t help, either.
    I wonder which position Bowser promised her in the new Administration?

  • binpetworth

    Does anyone remember when Carol ran back in 2002? Her campaign posters had the atrociously incorrect punctuation, “Isn’t it time!” I always think of that when I see her around, like she’s yelling at me, Isn’t it TIME!

    • I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s cut a deal with Bowser. It will be interesting to see what position Carol gets appointed to after a Bowser victory.

  • Undecided voters? SERIOUSLY is anyone even thinking of voting for this relic. She should crawl back under the rock from whence she came.

  • We had it affixed over license plate but clearly fell. Will make sure it doesn’t happen again. sadly ride is now in the shop. By the way, my Mom raised her own car registration fees while on Council, lowering them for hybrids and raising them for non-gas efficient vehicles.

    • I’m not going to comment on why your mom decided to run again but rather her methods of campaigning. DC has changed since your mother has left public service. Residents are more conscious about green initiatives and sustainability efforts. More people than ever either walk, bike or use public transpo to get to/from work and just in general. What does it tell a potential DC voter that Carol Schwartz is too lazy to get out of a car to even campaign for herself? Really? And not only that, she’s going to block a whole lane of traffic doing it during rush hour.

      How out of touch and arrogant does this first impression make? Maybe your mom’s campaign staff should consider that next time they decide to let her pull a stunt like this.

    • Clearly fell to exactly under the back-up lights…..thats highly convenient

    Unless this is the campaign slogan she will fail horribly. Schwartz and all.

  • A clown with a vendetta against Cantania, that’s it

  • I’m also appalled to see that her campaign staff have taken to using a power screwdriver and screws to affix her campaign posters directly to the trunk and limbs of trees in and around Brookland.

    The posters are on the 3200 block of 7th Street NE. I was so flabbergasted by it that I actually took photos.

    Who does this?

    • DC explicitly prohibits political/campaign signs from being affixed to trees. Call 311 and report it if you’d like.

  • So, I take it the OP is a Catania supporter.


  • She was apparently busy this weekend. Met her and her daughter who were campaigning outside of the Potomac Ave/Eastern Market Safeway. Not sure that I’m voting for her, but I was happy to sign to have her on the ballot (I’d sign for pretty much anyone who isn’t a total nut-job) and she seemed very nice.

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