Major Progress at Walmart Coming to Fort Totten

Riggs Road NE and South Dakota Avenue NE

Thanks to @lowbraudc for tweeting us the update:

“Blue panels are going up on a designed #walmart”

Walmart’s website says:

“Site Development Program Mixed-use residential and retail 400 rental housing units 118,000 SF Walmart Supercenter 8,700 SF other retail 740 underground parking spaces for residential and retail uses”

Rendering via Walmart

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  • brookland_rez

    I like the design of that building. Hopefully they do a better job stocking healthier groceries than the other Walmarts.

  • Is it terrible that I’m looking forward to the “other retail?” Won’t go to the Walmart, but living just a few short blocks away in the Riggs Park ‘hood, I’m looking forward to hopefully some other neighborhood conveniences that don’t put the existing small mom/pops up Riggs out of business (cleaners, liquor, Chinese, etc)? We shall see…

    • brookland_rez

      I don’t think the Walmart is going to put the cleaners, liquor store, or Chinese carryout out of business since they don’t offer those services.

      • Perhaps not, but the landlords for those spaces are likely to raise the rent, which means that those establishments might move elsewhere.

        • brookland_rez

          Perhaps, but a development like Walmart will also bring more shoppers to the neighborhood who might use the cleaners and liquor store while there. So rent may go up, but business likely will too.

    • I live in Riggs as well and I am on the same page, I am really hoping for some type of coffee shop and a few good places to get something to eat. Although Walmart wasn’t my first choice, it will be convenient to run in for a few quick items when need be.

    • They have a Subway and a Five Guys planned for two of the spots right now. There is a space that they are asking for a coffee shop (it’s the corner to the left of the blue panels in the picture and has great outdoor seating). Then they have another small retail space.

  • Oh, that’s what they’re putting there? The one on Georgia Ave just got done! Too soon!!

    • brookland_rez

      They are really close to each other.

      • Agreed, especially since they were nowhere just 2 years ago. Hopefully it will be good for price competition in the area, and hopefully they’ll put shoddy corner stores out of business though. I can remember when all we had in my hood were horrible Chinese takeouts and guess-a-price convenience shops where the canned goods were always out of date… I think DC is probably the biggest city turnaround now since Dubai was started…

        • brookland_rez

          No! We don’t want the mom and pop guess-a-price convenience shops being put out by mean old Walmart. Our small town businesses are being destroyed!

      • They really are. About 1.5 miles apart.

        • I bet a ton of people from Maryland will also be using this Walmart, so the distance is not really an issue. The Walmart on Georgia Ave is slammed all the time.

          • good point

          • brookland_rez

            That’s probably true. They will pull people in from Hyattsville and Silver Spring, and even as far as College Park, since there’s no Walmarts in any of those areas. Smart of DC to allow this. The city will be raking in tax revenue.

    • good thing they scrapped the NY Ave/Bladensburg site (for now). That’s only 3.5 miles and easily accessbile via South Dakota Ave

    • I’m still upset that they didn’t add housing to the Georgia Ave location, like they did with this location.

  • I’m sorry, but “Major Progress” and “Walmart” do not belong in the same sentence.

  • I have ties to Riggs Park too, so I hope this project, along with Art Place near the Metro, will form a cohesive neighborhood center for the community.

    About food… the latest is that Subway and Five Guys are coming to the spaces nearest Chillum Place!

    • Art place is moving along. I’m taking weekly progress photos. Most of the area is being graded and they are updating utilities.

    • brookland_rez

      Subway and Five Guys are a good fit. I’m surprised the development in Brookland or Rhode Island Row didn’t get a Five Guys.

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