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  • I wonder if this has to do with all those shootings last weekend. A couple were around Mt Vernon Square

    • It definitely does. Police Chief Lanier wrote a (rather amazing) letter about it: https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/1210969/police-order-club-closed.pdf

      Note the fantastic use of the word “buttocks.”

      • Then she should shut down all of Adams Morgan also.

        • +1000, shut down all the shady places of AdMo operating as clubs under restaurant licenses. Also, AdMo (generally) would benefit from using a different real estate group to lease the properties, the reason there are so many long-vacant retail spaces is because this one group is asking astronomical prices that no one can operate a reasonable business in AdMo while paying. (see the closing of AM Wine)

          • + 1
            I’ve been calling the landlords and realty agents representing very many of the empty spots in AdMo only to never (NEVER) get a reply.

            The landlords are all holding out for the three large developments that are in progress (former Exxon, Theater, Church) then they’ll charge a shit ton more.

            To that end, expect that many if not all the businesses on the stretch of Columbia Rd. north of 18th Street to not have their leases renewed.

          • If true, they’re about 10 years too late. the center of gravity for a lot of things has been moving Eastward for a long time.

      • That’s a surprisingly well written letter for a DC police.

        • I was also thinking it was very well written, though I suspect it was written by an aide or communications person. (I used to have a job writing letters that went out under other people’s names.)

      • Agreed, +1 to the Chief for managing to make an unfortunate situation slightly humorous.

    • I think it has more to do with the beginning of construction on the new office complex that integrate Lux Lounge’s building into the footprint.

  • THANK GOD! Finally our street won’t be filled with Maryland and Virginia parkers going to Lux lounge on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Not saying it is a bad thing, but why such a hard line stance against Lux but not against places like Ibiza that are constantly causing problems?

    • Different ANC leadership?

    • I thought that Ibiza was on its way out? There’s a new office building slated to come up in its place in 2017 (I think).

    • ANC 6C is currently protesting the license renewal for Ibiza, and the protest hearing is scheduled for later this month. In the meantime, Ibiza is in bankruptcy. There are multiple owners and several layers of leases, so everything is quite complicated. If there were a single, local landlord like the case at Lux it would be far easier!

      Ibiza is the last of several NoMa nightclubs to be in operation. Fur, at 33 Patterson NE, has already closed and will eventually be 22 M Street, an apartment building developed by Skanska. Mirrors at 33 New York NE closed a few years ago and a Hyatt Place developed by JBG just opened on the site last week. Venus in the unit block of K NE closed a few years ago as well.

  • Oh what wonderful news!! Hopefully they close altogether or head out to Maryland where their clientele is coming from anyway, instead of just relocating and inflicting their special brand of hell on another neighborhood!

  • It’s about damn time. This is the best news I’ve heard all day!

  • I am thinking these latest acts of violence were simply the proverbial straw for the Chief. I am good friends with one of the owners of the DC Eagle, which was located next door, and know that they had huge problems on a weekly basis with Lux, with the police being either on the scene or called to the location nearly every day they were opened. On more than one occasion, patrons waiting to enter Lux actually had to shelter in the Eagle because of violence on the sidewalk, and I know a number of us were referred to as “faggots” by waiting patrons as we walked by on the way to the Eagle.

  • Maybe BicycleSPACE can move in?

  • I think Capital Fringe moved over to NE due to the construction taking place there.

  • Terrible news, one of the last few big clubs in DC. Always had a good time there. I guess it will be filled with an average food, high price, small plate restaurant for everybody to rejoice about.

    • I mean, I guess that’s sad. But had you ever actually been there? Even from a DC club standpoint, the place was terrible.

  • Nice work by the ANC who, let’s remember, is a volunteer.

    • +1. Rachelle Nigro is super responsive and I love that she posts so frequently on social media platforms.

  • Clubs should just start serving beverages in plastic bottles only. how has no one thought of this

    • Doesn’t make it any harder to spill your drink on someone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that as the discernible beginning of a violent confrontation.

  • There will ALWAYS be clubs in DC, there will be another large club. As they continue to move people into the District who pay (exorbitant prices) to live there, THOSE who are fortunate enough to afford to live there just have to put up with the good and the bad and fortunately these clubs are usually only on Fri & Sat. I do not feel sorry for those people. I pay similar rent but I live in MD for that reason…. People kill me when they new it what it was like when they opened leases or purchased properties in those areas… If you didn’t like it, then why not buy in Georgetown where none of that mess is. It is what it is…Clubs will ALWAYS be a part of DC, and they will just keep moving from one to another, this is a pattern with DC clubs moving from area to area every 5-10 years….. They generate TOO MUCH revenue to be “away and done” all together….. One year they will move, but down the road they WILL ALWAYS come back…. Get used to it, you moved there, deal with it…. Enjoy the peace that you have coming for the next 5 years or so… 🙂

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