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  • I noticed it said something about “Ben’s Upstairs” when I drove by. Maybe similar to Bens Next Door.

  • I’m assuming that’s the bar area for Ben’s Upstairs

  • Sorry if this has been discussed/answered but… what was the resolution to Ben’s illegally demolishing the building that was there? I don’t believe they had permits to do so. Did they pay fines at least? Clearly they made a good business decision (but maybe not so good for retaining older buildings) as they’ve now got a brand new building which they don’t have to retrofit.

    • Permits are for little people, like yuppies.
      Ben’s has political clout with the DC Establishment. They don’t need no stinkin’ permits.

      • LMAO! It is funny because it is true. Not saying they did or didn’t have permits but people truly in the know can get things done with no problem. Magic!

  • clevelanddave

    Just drove by the old Rays Hellburger in Rosslyn, which is also now a Bens. Observing from the outside/customer I’m worried about Ben’s. The original franchise was and remains a hands over fist moneymaker. It hasn’t hurt at all that U street has also boomed. It is historic, the half smoke, chili etc have their following, but it isn’t a standout menu, atmosphere aside. Bens seems to be popping up all over- Bens next door, at the stadium, in this story, Rosslyn, at Union Station. None really have the historic appeal of the original. Must be costing lots of money. I wonder if this expensive expansion is going to overextend the family leading to something not so good (corporatization, bankruptcy, etc)? If they have the trained management staff to keep it at a consistent, high quality. Just sayin’. Hope they are successful but it is kind of concerning considering what an institution the original is, which could be lost…

  • I guess people going there because it has a name and history, not because of its food? I went once and guess won’t be back unless being asked by friends from out of town.

  • Yea I don’t understand this massive expansion into airports, stadiums, shopping strips and God Forbid, VIRGINIA. It has lost its soul, its charm, its signature. There is nothing special about it anymore if its popping up like weeds everywhere. I’m sure the quality will decline.

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