Large DCFD Response at 14th and Belmont St, NW (Capitol View building) around 11pm Last Night


Thanks to a couple of readers for sending in these photos. I haven’t seen any reports from MPD or DCFD – anyone hear what happened?


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  • Good news according to our concierge this am (who was also on last night and the buildings are under the same management) apparently a resident had a small fire in her apartment, resulting in a minor burn to herself.

    Again, this is all heresay, but according to him thankfully nothing more than a tiny fire that didn’t even require putting out by the fire brigade.

    7 fire engines an evacuation, road closure, police and ambulances for that! Glad to know DCFD is on their game at least!

  • Probably nothing. “Large” response incl laddering the building is standard response for a call to a building like this.

  • If you listen to the radio traffic on talkgroup Fireground 3, it sounds like there was a small kitchen fire on the 8th floor and someone got burned. Or, pretty much what the concierge said.

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