La Tomate Caffe’ now open in Dupont – Grand Opening with “complimentary and reduced price specials all day on Friday”

1701 Connecticut Avenue, NW

From a press release:

“Dupont Circle’s La Tomate has launched a new concept in its existing space on Connecticut Avenue. Family owned and operated since 1987, La Tomate inaugurates La Tomate Caffe’ adjacent to its current bistro – the first of many changes the restaurant will implement between 2014-2015. A Grand Opening of The Caffe’ will happen on Friday, July 25th all day. [Full menu here.]

Photo credit: Rey Lopez

Designed by Milan-based architect, Fillipo Taidelli, The Caffe’ offers Belle Epoque inspired atmosphere with Italian-flared menu items. Open from breakfast to late-night, The Caffe’ will serve brioche and sweets, espresso, coffee and fresh-squeezed juices for breakfast, artisanal-cut domestic and Italian charcuterie, assortments of cheeses, mozzarella varieties and light-fare. A vast array of packaged homemade gastro products, including fresh, signature sauces and soups as well as Italian delicatessen treats, cocktails, wine and beer will be available all day.

Photo credit: Rey Lopez

The Bistro will remain a place for leisurely indoor and al fresco dining, while The Caffe’ offers a fast option for a quick breakfast, lunch break, or dinner. “Whether dining in or on the go, La Tomate Caffe’ will offer fresh, affordable and delicious food in a cozy, traditional Italian caffe’ setting,” says La Tomate owner Natalina Koropoulos.

Photo credit: Rey Lopez

To celebrate the opening, La Tomate Caffe’ will be serving up complimentary and reduced price specials all day on Friday, July 25th.”

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  • I like the look of this place, so hopefully the food will be better than their restaurant…

  • I walk by it every day… it’s actually quite a bit smaller than what the photos show, but I’m hoping this will fill a void left by Marvelous Market. Nothing too fancy, just some fresh bites or drinks you can pick up on the way home.

  • PDleftMtP

    I don’t think I’ve set foot in the place since I was an intern 20+ years ago. Is that wrong? I always just assumed that it was awful and tourists kept it open, but I guess I have no real experience to base that on.

    • I don’t think tourists generally make it to Dupont. This area ttracts more of the ultra-transients who are only in DC for a year or so. They don’t stay long enough or care enough to learn what the good restaurants or different neighborhoods are.

      • There are plenty of tourists in dupont – think of the Hilton on Connecticut, and there’s another couple hotels right across the street.

        • Yeah, the retail and nightlife has definitely moved further east in the last decade. But when I do walk up that stretch of connecticut ave either at night or during the day – there are a lot of tourist families. If this provides that group an option for breakfast besides a starbucks/fast food, that should be enough (coupled with the occasional office workers/residents) to make it worthwhile.

      • The things people make up to feel superior to others really blows my mind.

        • Huh? Where did this come from? I’ve lived in the area for years and think my observation is pretty valid. Dupont’s where the newcomers tend to end up these days.

          • You live in Dupont now? If so, maybe I was reading too much into your comment. There are plenty of people of all kinds in Dupont (tourists, long timers, new comers, transients ). To imply that only people who know nothing about the city live and eat there is absurd.

          • I didn’t say only transients live in Dupont. But you have to admit there’s more of them there than most other parts of the city.

    • Same. I lived in the area for years and never set foot in La Tomate. The consensus seems to be that that was a good decision.

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