Happy 2nd Anniversary to Kangaroo Boxing Club – Celebrate Sunday with Smoked suckling pigs, whole smoked goat and more


Happy 2 year anniversary to KBC!

“We are excited to host our 2nd Anniversary Party! This year we will have 2 seatings. Our menu will include: Smoked suckling pigs, whole smoked goat, duck platter with Confit, breast bacon and pate. We will also serve a variety of sides plus deserts with surprise chef specials as a thank you to our customers! Each ticket will also get 3 drink tickets good for wine or beer.”

You can buy tickets to the 5-7:30pm Sunday seating here or the 8-10:30pm Sunday seating here

3410 11th Street, NW

Remember Acquario:

3410 11th Street, NW in 2012

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  • Are they still planning to add a second floor?

    • I was going to ask the same thing! Anyone know whatever happened to that?

      • Yes, we are definitely working on that! We, unfortunately, got held up pretty bad by DCRA and had to change a lot of the design around. The new plan is to start construction in Late February/Early March and be open in time for summer. *FINGERS CROSSED*

  • Me and the bros wouldn’t miss this for anything. I’m wondering what smoked goat tastes like, though. I’ve had some amazing goat dishes, and some bad ones. Looking forward to tasting this one.

  • KBC is a bright spot even among the super duper excellent DC eating scene. I love me some pretentious small-plates as much as the next guy, but the city also needs more spots like this. Maybe I’m just Midwestern.

    • Love this place. Wish they would open up a similar concept (doesn’t have to be BBQ!) in Petworth.
      Congrats guys on 2 years!

  • What is the purpose of showing the “before” photo? It’s not like it was a blighted building or a non-functional space. While that restaurant may not have been popular with the bros, it was a legitimate community business. No progress here, just a change in businesses, attracting different clientele.

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