Journeys Outside DC – Old Ox Brewery


“Dear PoPville,

Last Saturday I was bicycling the W & OD trail and at the 25.5 mile mark (44652 Guilford Drive, Ashburn, VA) I saw a sign on the side of the trail pointing to the “Old Ox” brewpub. I figured “how bad can it be if it serves beer,” so I rode in and saw a warehouse space that’s been converted into a beer garden style pub and brewery. The place was full and just about everyone there arrived on a bike. Beer was not awful – the staff was great.”

Anyone else ever been? They’re having a party next Saturday:


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  • I wonder if they’re occupying the former Old Dominion brewery/brewpub space, which I believe was also on Guilford Drive. Years ago, that place was great. I used to take home growlers of some superb stuff there. Their beers went way downhill after the change in ownership, though.

  • justinbc

    $1 per ounce to drink it on premise, ouch that’s steep!

  • Seems like a compromise to my normal 109 mile bike ride to and from Catoctin distillery and Magnolia Mill in Purcellville. This should be a nice easy 55 mile RT ride with a slight downhill grade for the buzzed ride home. Granted, I’d have to stop at Galaxy Hut on the way back, so the last 2.5 miles home would be done moderately blitzed.

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