Indecent Exposure Incidents Reported in Columbia Heights/Park View

“Dear PoPville,

There is a guy going around exposing himself on the 700 block of Kenyon between Sherman and Georgia Ave. I’ve seen him do it once personally and then this morning while on my way to work, a girl came up to me while she was walking her dog and told me a guy just did it to her. I tried to get a picture of him, but I wasn’t fast enough and he rode away on a bike. From what I did see though, he looked like the same guy I saw exposing himself about a week ago in an alleyway near the intersection of Sherman on Kenyon and this occurred on the street in the same area (actually right across from Chavez Charter School…so that adds to the ick factor). He’s hispanic, about 5’6″, he was wearing a blue t-shirt today. Those are unfortunately all the details I have. Both incidents have occurred in the morning before 8 AM.

Just thought people should be aware and if you see anything like this to contact MPD.”

Ed. Note: MPD has been notified about these particular incidents.

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  • Dear PoP – can you please dig through your archives? I recall a man doing this from an apartment building on 14th (between Columbia and Harvard) not too long ago. Perhaps the same guy can’t keep his member in his pants?

  • Another vote for a better mental healthcare system in this city.

  • What the hell is going on in Columbia Heights..

    • The usual shit. Nothing new here.

      • Nah.. not the usual.

        • if you have a guy exposing himself every year it sets a pattern of predictable behavior therefore becoming a common occurrence

        • Considering there are two links above to similar incidents (from different dudes), I’d say the facts show otherwise.

          • The CH issues I was referring to aren’t limited to this particular event, the Coupe’ incident from this morning, or the handful of other posts over the past 5-6 days for that matter.

            The summer time answer is actually a better one than saying that this is the usual, because it is not. As someone else mentioned below, CH is going through a rough patch.

            Also, not interested in hearing how long you’ve lived in this neighborhood, how it’s actually gotten better etc.

          • its a cesspool. Hide your kids Hide your wife

          • Keep in mind Columbia heights is one of the largest neighborhoods by area and population. It is far from perfect but you are likely to hear about more incidents than say a Le Droit or Bloomingdale

      • Summer time, and the livin’ is sleeeeeeeazy

  • What is it about this area that guys can’t keep their pants zipped up? I think there was a flasher on this same block and its vicinity a year or so ago.

  • Man, Columbia Heights is going through a perceived rough spot in the last few weeks.

  • There’s a guy I’ve seen on the block a couple times, the last time was just a few months ago, masterbating in the alley pretty close to the street on Kenyon near Sherman; I saw him easily as I was walking by. The prior time was 3-4 years ago in the alley, doing the same thing while sitting against my neighbor’s fence (scared the shit out of me when I took my trash cans out). My roommates have also reported seeing him a couple times. Fits the description noted here, though I’ve never been approached by him, I just run into him standing there gettin’ on with his business. Also a little on the overweight side? He’s practically our block mascot at this point.

  • This happened to me as well a few weeks ago around 8am walking down Columbia between 13th and 11th. He was also on a bike, fondling himself, as he rode towards me down the street.

  • This happened to last winter and I believe it was this guy ( Happened when I was taking a 6am run. He was at the bus stop on Georgia and Irving (the covered one) and was wearing a trench coat. I was stopped at the light, looking for cars, when he opened his coat revealing his ensemble – a half shirt and nothing else. Just a half shirt and a penis. Scared the crap of me, so I bolted down the road. Oh memories.

  • Several years ago, I was walking from Adams Morgan to Meridian Hill Park for the July 4th fireworks. There was a Hispanic guy sitting in a bus shelter on the 1600 block of Columbia Road making his, um, own personal fireworks. I am still skeeved out when I think about it.

  • This sounds exactly like the guy who flashed my roommate and me at the intersection of Michigan Ave NE/Irving. We reported it–hispanic man, on a bike. Tsked at us and, yup! There it was. Interesting thing to do surrounded by churches.

  • This sounds like the same guy who exposed himself to me this last February between 13th and 11th and Irving.

    Glad somebody reported him, because I, stupidly, did not.

  • Sparta

    This is the exact description of the Latino guy on a bike seen several times exposing himself last year in Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park.

    Can’t find the post, but PoP had it here.

  • Two of my friends on two separate occasions encountered a Hispanic guy on a bike masturbating/exposing himself to them before 8 am in this same area last summer… I guess he’s back.

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