Incident at Smithsonian Metro Station

From MPD:

“At about 1445 hours MPD responded for the report of an explosion at the metro station located at 12th and Independence Ave SW. Further investigation revealed a transformer in the metro station had failed, causing some smoke and shutting down one rail. No injuries were reported and after an inspection by the Fire Department, the station was placed back in service, operating on one rail.”

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  • What a terrible mid-day delay. I was stuck at Federal Triangle for half an hour, with zero communication about what was going on. Another stellar day for Metro!

    • Besides the inconveniences, this is what bothers me most about Metro. It’s a tired, crowded system that will take years more of work to fix, and I’m ok with that. No transit system is perfect, and delays happen. But when they can’t even relay basic information, that’s really just outright dangerous.

  • I was there when it happened. It was pretty scary. I think at first people thought there were gunshots or we’d hit something or someone. At first, people were ducking for cover or running onto the train. As soon as it was clear there wasn’t a crazy person running around, I got off the train and left the station. When I got off, the station was pretty smokey and there was no communication, even just telling people to stay calm. Very disappointing.

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