How to Make a Bad Pop Up Worse – Paint it Aquamarine


“Dear PoPville,

I felt it was my duty to share with the PoP community the “new construction” on my block. “New construction” as it literally was just the front facade of a house. Many of us on the block were eager to have the blight of the block disappear, however now I miss the 4 foot high weeds.”

Old photo from 2011 via google maps

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  • I actually like it. Looks better than the one next door. Does every house have to be taupe or cream or lightish gray or grayish green and all those other flip colors.

    • maxwell smart

      +1. Much better then the dusty rose or whatever you want to call the color it was before. They should plant a lot of yellow flowers out front to compliment the teal.

      • I like it. Nice pop-up with the Adamesque window, and the color gives it some bounce. Much better than the brownish dump next door.

  • So the color is obviously horrible but I actually don’t think the pop-up is that bad. There are a lot worse

  • Okay, the color is crazy, but as popups go, I kinda like it–matches the height of the neighbor, and has a cool window.

  • Loooooooove it

  • It’s better than the pop-up next door (though that doesn’t say much). I agree that the color is too bright.

  • That color is terrible, but on the bright side this pop up is now more in line with the pop up next door?

  • Ugh. You’re right. They somehow almost managed to make it WORSE. Now those of us who bus commute on the G2 will have to look at that horror every damn day.

  • I can dig it.

  • Pop up window is great! Colors remind me of Cuba!

  • Looks better than before. The hovels next door don’t help, however.

  • Nope, that looks great.

  • Meh, looks bright and fun to me. Definitely an improvement.

  • I don’t think the color is that bad. And the pop-up is nicer than the brown house pop up next door.

  • That. Looks. Awful.

  • I actually like the color. That 1990’s tract home window, on the other hand…

  • I am from New Orleans and like bright colors on houses. Saying that this color wouldn’t register there at all particularly if they added a third color for some details, but here in DC, that color is a bit out there. I suspect it will turn some off from going inside because they will wonder at the flipper who chose this and what he/she did on the inside.

    I think I like the idea of the windows on pop better than the execution.

  • Other than the color, I don’t really see what’s wrong with it, not the best popup I’ve seen, but imo acceptable and far, far from the worse. Just look at the awful vinyl and cinderblock special next door for what not to do.

  • What a happy looking house! I love it!

  • I hate the window on the popup..does NOT go with the style of house at all….This color looks great but ONLY on homes in keys/Caribbean. .
    Hate it

  • I like it too. Popus are tacky. A normal color makes them look worse. Aquamarine suits its character.

  • Is there no way to hide those hideous electric meters?

  • I don’t like that pretentious arched window at the top (don’t call it Palladian) but I rather enjoy the turquoise color. Colorwise washington is so dowdy and dull. Fun to see someone take a chance on something different for a change. I guess the downside would be the need to maintain it. I think bright colors fade faster in the stress of sun, rain and urban grime, so it would look pretty bad 5 years hence. Dowdy colors are low maintenance.

    • Ha, was just going to say that I HATE that cheesy palladian window. Color is a bit much, but I could handle it if they didn’t go cheap/cheesy and as someone else mentioned 1990s Toll Brothers homes on the windows.

    • I love the arched window on the pop-up floor!

  • I love it, now get the rest of the street to update theirs! “I hate my neighbors house color”…first world problem…

  • As far as popups go, it’s not that bad. I agree that style window doesn’t go with the rest of the house and it looks out of place. I think the color wouldn’t be AS bad if they had at least added another color to the trim for contrast and perhaps put a nicer door with some architectural details around it. It looks slapped together and dumpy as is.

  • I actually really like it 🙂

  • It’s just paint – it will mellow over time.

  • I’ve just finished clutching my pearls – the horror that is paint and improvement.
    The best part of living in a city is diversity. This color isn’t bad, the pop-up is fine -but that front entry could use a little something to jazz it up.

  • I really like it… popup style, color. All looks great. Once they get some plantings in, and distract from the meter, this one will look great!

  • I like it. I like natural brick better, but as paint colors go, this one’s nice.

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