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  • I pass this one on my way to work every day and wonder why no one has flipped it.

    • I suspect major foundation issues based upon the plentiful cracks to the exterior, but I’m no expert.

  • We inquired about buying it a few years ago when we rented just across the street. The owner would not take less than a million. I don’t think anyone lives there, it got damaged in the earthquake (you can see a lot of the cracks that opened up in the pictures), and every month it gets in worse condition. Pretty sad.

  • I live across the street and it gives me the creeps! It would be awesome to see someone renovate it.

  • I pass by this house on a regular basis and it seems to be completely vacant… such a shame. Has DCRA reclassified this property as vacant yet? Maybe that will encourage the owner to let go.

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