Holy Garden Haul Vol. 13, 14, and 15


“Pulled this from my garden in Brookland”


“Select produce from my vegetable garden in Hill East”


“Awesome garden haul from 12th and G SE!”

If you have a great haul, beautiful tomato or something like that, send an email and a couple photos to princeofpetworth(at)gmail with your neighborhood and garden haul in the subject line and I’ll pick a few winners a week (free PoPville t-shirt or tote bag.)

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  • PSA for burgeoning city gardeners: Yes, your zucchini will grow to be enormous and you will be so impressed with yourself. But the skin will be hard, the flesh soft and watery, and the taste mediocre. Don’t wait until you have the terrible mess above, pick when they’re at about 6 inches. They regrow additional fruit, so you should harvest 2-3 times a week at peak season. You can also harvest the blossoms just as they begin to open.

  • pablo .raw

    I vote to make the first photo the Popville Caption Contest photo of next week.

  • Ha! Something in the water in Brookland! We’ve pulled a few like that. And I agree with the first commenter about huge zucchini not being ideal, but we’ve had it happen when we’ve been out of town or one hid under the massive leaves.

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