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  • wow! do you have any tips? we have a half share in a garden on VA ave, but we’ve only been able to grow 3-4 “big boy” tomatoes, maybe an heirloom and a bunch of tiny, cherry tomatoes.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Wow! I see some of my favorite tomatoes (the ugly ones)! Those little yellow guys make excellent spaghetti sauce. Now I’m hungry!

  • Beautiful. Props!

  • OMG!! OP please share your secrets!!! Did you used any fertilizer, compost, special soil, etc? Mine are doing just kind of meh…

  • I’ll reply on behalf of my wife who grew these beauties. In total I think she planted over 20 tomato plants this years across 8-10 varieties. We have five organic raised beds in our backyard filled with compost and Leaf Grow. The tomatoes are planted in these beds in addition to cucumbers, squash, peas, peppers, kale, collards, lettuce, various herbs, and a lot more. She fertilizes the garden with fertilizer “tea” obtained from our Bokashi composting system. The raised beds are also on an automatic watering system so they get water every morning for 13 minutes to prevent forgetful minds from negatively impacting the garden. That and copious sunshine bring us lots of delicious veggies. Good luck with your gardens everyone! Thanks for the positive comments.

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