Holy Garden Haul 2014 Vol. 2

Photo by PoPville flickr user elleno1975

Props to elleno1975 for this great haul from 15th and U Street, NW.

If you have a great haul, beautiful tomato or something like that, send an email and a couple photos to princeofpetworth(at)gmail with your neighborhood and garden haul in the subject line and I’ll pick a few winners a week (free PoPville t-shirt or tote bag.)

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Hey gardeners, I volunteer to take any surplus tomatoes off your hands.
    So envious of the beautiful hauls.

  • Wow, looks great!

  • Nice!

  • Somewhat related PSA: Don’t steal your neighbor’s tomatoes. Some jerk picked all of mine off my back porch. It’s a dick move. If you want home grown tomatoes, you can raise them from seeds, transplant them, and carefully tend them for a few months. Or make friends with a gardener. Or go to the freakin farmers market. So many options that don’t involve being an ass!

  • These hauls are so awesome! But, how do people deal with the rats? Aren’t gardens like heaven for a city rat, attracting them to your home in the multitudes??? And, your neighbor’s? I don’t know about this…

    • austindc

      For tomatoes, you can pick them just as they start to turn red and then let them ripen in your home. That is how we save our tomatoes from thieves (rodents and humans) in our garden.

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