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  • Interesting that DC Harvest says it’s opening this summer. I live a block from there and haven’t seen any movement . I was starting to wonder if it was still happening. I hope it does soon!
    Digging Micho’s new signage!

  • It’s safe to assume that Micho’s will have patio seating, right?

  • can’t wait for these places to open

  • justinbc

    It seems like that end of H is mostly all restaurant focused, they could use a couple nice straight up bars.

  • I found the menu for Micho’s online. It looks great! It’s “chipotle style” for $7.50. Step 1 – choose white or wheat bread or bowl. Step 2 – Pick a Meat (chicken/lamb/beef shawarma, chicken kabob or kafta, or veggies). Step 3 – Pick toppings (lettuce, tomato, turnips, cucumbers, parsley, mint, onion, jalapeno). Step 4 – Pick your spread (garlic, hummus, tazaiki, tahini). Sides are $4.50 and are the usual Mediterranean dishes. They serve beer, margarita and sangria. Date cookies and baklava for dessert.

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