“High End” Liquor Store, Gallagher & Graham Fine Spirits, Coming to 12th and U St, NW this October

photo 2
1939 12th Street, NW

From a press release:

“Gallagher & Graham Fine Spirits are pleased to announce that they have reached a preliminary agreement with the owner of 1939 12th Street to open an upscale liquor store to serve the needs of the growing U Street Neighborhood. The group filed paperwork with ABRA in late June to open a Class A store and hopes to open its doors in early October.

Gallagher & Graham plans to specialize in craft beers, organic wines and selectively distilled spirits in addition to the staples. “We will carry a few of the name brands but really want to allow Washingtonians to sample some of the great products coming out of this region.” Said Tucker Gallagher, longtime U Street resident.

Gallagher, formerly in corporate marketing, has teamed up with his cousin, John Graham, a newly minted MBA with a focus in entrepreneurship. They are excited for the challenge of serving a changing neighborhood.

Mr. Gallagher came up with the idea while shopping for a dinner party: “The area east of 14th lacks a store where you can buy a fine wine for dinner, a decent craft beer to watch the game or a top shelf liquor to make cocktails. We want to be the first and only stop when U street resident are stocking their bars and wine cellars.”

In addition to serving the needs of the average customer, the duo hope to benefit from the recent trend in artisan products: “We want to help educate our customers about what they are drinking as well as introduce them to new brands. The craft spirit industry has really taken off in recent years and small batch products are in many cases better than the name brands people are familiar with.” added Graham.

“U Street has changed dramatically in the past 10 years and our neighbors are demanding more refined products for a cultivated palate.” Gallagher said “We look forward to providing a variety of quality products for the inquisitive gourmet.”

The store, to be located at 1939 12th Street, hopes to open in October upon approval of ABRA and input from local groups.”

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looking north toward U Street

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  • “selectively distilled spirits”… nothing like a badly worded press release.

  • Sounds a lot like Batch 13, which is around 4-5 blocks away. I have to wonder if two “high end” liquor stores can survive in the same area. I see a lot of dusty bottles and beers past their drink-by date every time I’m in Batch 13.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      hahaha no – they’re not really that close to each other. But if you insist, I believe, yes the area can support two.

      • Yeah, this area is actually pretty hard up for a decent liquor store. Currently you have to go to rather run down (and not cheap) spots at either 7th and U or 14th and U. Neither has a great beer selection, and the upscale beer/wine spot doesn’t carry liquor.

        I can see this doing quite well if they stock and price to compensate for that.

        • +1.
          I live around the corner from here and the nearest liquor store is a hike, overpriced, and sub-par quality. Will definitely hit this up.
          This retails space has been empty for over 3 years. I have no idea how the developer is recouping their money. This building also still has multiple empty units – for over 3 years. WTF?

      • justinbc

        If there’s one business you almost never see go out of business, it’s a liquor store.

        • That’s because there are few businesses with such a combination of high profit margin and constant demand. A license for a liquor store is a license to print money.

    • Batch 13 is consistently busy in the evenings.

  • well, the nimby’s on wallach were saying how much they wanted new retail…

  • I’ve been trying to find various aperitifs around town with out any luck. Any recommendations on where to buy? Specifically was looking for Nonino and Nocello.

  • It’s a shame that the area doesn’t get a Calvert-Woodley type liquor store that sells high end stuff but also gets volume for things people want at a good price. Just more high end pretense for people who don’t really know better but think they do.

  • “Gallagher & Graham Fine Spirits are pleased to announce that they ….”

    This mess of writing certainly makes me need a drink. Amusing how they not only screwed up the subject/verb in the first five words, but also personified a business by calling it “they.”

    • Gallagher and Graham are their names. Ya just need to calm down bud.

      • Actually, in British English, it is proper to refer to a company (and country) as a plural (e.g., Germany win the World Cup!). Maybe they’re just trying to be pretentious.

  • “John Graham, a newly minted MBA with a focus in entrepreneurship”

    Oh…that must be whats been wrong with the area. The newly minted MBA is here to save the day. We are all saved!

    • “Guys, I studied entrepreneurship, so I know what I’m doing. This liquor store will make money.” – JG

    • I’m not usually a GROUCHY CRANK, but…

      Entrepreneurship is soooo the “underwater basket weaving” of Business School majors.


      I’m sure they’ll do fine. If not, dude’s got a bright future ahead of him in corporate middle management somewhere.

  • Where is everyone being up in arms about another liquor store poisoning the community?

    • I live a block down 12th from here and I’m looking forward to it!

    • Maybe because it’s high-end? You know ‘high-end’ booze is fine, it’s 40’s that ruin the neighborhood

    • Is this a serious question, or are you just trolling? Surely you’ve noticed that high-end liquor stores in upscale neighborhoods tend to have a rather different effect than low-end liquor stores in struggling neighborhoods.

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