Helluva Way to Wake Up Vol. 3


A reader writes:

“At least three cars relieved of there tires overnight on 3800 and 3900 blocks of Macomb street N.W. Crazy. The lug nuts were the only thing left. The cars were left in bricks. This two blocks from the police precinct.”

Ed. Note: Sadly this is not the first or second time we’ve seen a scene like this.

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  • Very shitty way to wake up. At least no one was hurt though.

    • Though if it were my car, I’d be much happier to wake up and find one of the would-be thieves pinned under the thing.

  • At least they had respect for the car.

  • Phew, good thing I left my Range Rover in the garage this morning!

    • At first glance I thought, why would anybody want to steal rims off of a Ford Explorer? I

      • At first glance I thought it was a hearse!

      • Funny – the coincidence in design is more than uncanny. Ford Motor Company owned the brand from 2000-2008, and had access to all of their design roadmaps. They also owned Aston Martin during the same time (roughly). You can see quite a few Aston references (most notably the grill) in their current lineup of cars/sedans.

  • 3 cars? Damn. That’s probably at least $15K worth of rims and tires, if they came from luxury automobiles.
    What surprises me is that they had enough uninterrupted time to do it. They must have been on the block for at least an hour.

    • You’d be surprised. I doubt they were sitting there manually cranking jacks and lugs. Could easy pull up with a power lift and cordless lug nut loosener to strip these down, maybe 10 min a car.

      • I assume you’re referring to a cordless impact driver? Those are NOISY… But yeah, I agree they could do this very quickly. Probably 5 mins/car

      • ah

        +1. I can change the wheels on my car (snow to summer and vv) in 30 minutes, using just the jack that comes with the car and a manual wrench.

        If I had a team of folks to do it it would be a lot quicker.

        Loosen bolts on each wheel with car on ground – you can even do that while hiding in bushes for dogwalkers. Then jack ’em up and pull wheels off in 30 seconds each.

    • High speed jack + cordless impact wrench = probably less than ~2 minutes/car.

  • I live down the street – on Monday night I walked by and the car was being detailed by one of those come to your home services. Too bad it’s all spiffed up with nowhere to go!

    • Hmm… I wonder if someone who works at the detailing company is doing a business of stealing car wheels/tires/rims on the side.

      • ah

        One hardly needs to detail the car to identify it as ripe for picking . . . just drive through the neighborhood.

        • Right, but this reminds me of stories (and probably some urban myths) you hear about people who have someone doing work in their house, and that person comes back later to steal the TVs or whatnot they saw when they were working there.
          And there is probably a decent amount of overlap between “people who have detailing services come to their homes” and “people who have expensive rims/tires/etc.”, right?

  • GiantSquid

    The wheels were stolen, not just the tires. Probably after the rims. Sadly, why wheel locks were invented.

    • Wheel locks can be defeated rather easily. They just slow down the process ever so slightly. There are keys floating around out there (tire services and some tow companies use them). It would be a little loud but they can be circumvented with a chisel as well. I have had my rims stolen with locks.

      • Just wondering, what kind of locks did you have?

        Not Gorilla Locks, I’d imagine.

        • They were McGard. Gorilla Locks can be had as well, one can use a socket and a rubber mallet for either. Like The Club or Chapman ignition locks crooks are always going to find a way around. It’s just about making it a little more difficult.

  • Not just tires, the rims too. Some rims cost big bucks.

    • ah

      Well the sender of the email to PoP also said “there” not “their”, in addition to misusing “tires” to mean “wheels”, with PoP even getting in on the bad grammar action in the intro (“a readers write”). Coffee everyone!

  • Not for nothing, but that is a tough neighborhood 😉

  • Wake up feeling “tired”? (ba dum bump, ching!).

  • There goes the neighborhood.

  • I blame cyclists. Trying to get cars off the roads by any means necessary.

    • that’s a range rover…….those rims are expensive……

    • I bet they didn’t even stop at the stop sign at the end of the street while fleeing the scene…

      Seriously, that sucks for these folks.

  • i dont know anything about stealing tires/rims/etc, but are the brick put under there to help them steal the rest of the tires after they take one? if not, i’ve always been surprised that they wouldn’t just plop the car on the ground.

    • think about it for a minute. how would you pull a tire off without otherwise supporting the car?

    • You’d be able to get the wheel off while it’s up on the jack but if you plop the car on the ground you won’t be able to get the jack out to steal the next wheel.

  • Fortunately most of these losses should be covered by homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance.

  • They had to have been driving a van or box truck to be able to haul 4 rims/tires for RR.

  • The car in the picture was up on blocks like this around 6:30pm on the 15th when I drove by. So this had to have been done during the daylight for the pictured car. I thought it was an odd scene but didn’t think anything of it.

  • To put this in perspective, this happened to a neighbor of mine in a pretty leafy Fairfax County subdivision, too.

  • That is right in front of Laura Logan’s house…may even be her car. I also can’t believe that it happened so close to the Second District MPD station and they didn’t see/hear.

  • A Land Rover was also stripped of its wheels earlier this year in Mclean Gardens around the corner….

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