Celebrate the coming Streetcar on H Street by riding in a Pedicab

Photo by PoPville flickr user Miki J.

From a press release:

“H Street Main Street, in conjunction with H Street Corridor businesses, will host “Streetcar Stroll and Roll” events on Saturday, July 26 and Saturday, August 23 from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. to promote the upcoming launch of the District’s first streetcar line and highlight the development of the H Street NE Corridor and it’s vibrant businesses.

A number of streetcar style decorated pedicabs will provide the public with free rides along the H Street Corridor from the Union Station to Maryland Ave. NE—the route of the upcoming H/Benning DC Streetcar line. While enjoying the pedicab rides, participants are encouraged to visit H Street NE businesses, restaurants and bars, enjoy displays from local artists that will be featured along the corridor and experience the neighborhood’s unique atmosphere.

“The H Street Corridor has really undergone a dramatic transformation over the last decade and we’re excited the streetcar line will open soon, making travel to H Street NE even easier for District-area residents and tourists,” said Anwar Saleem, Executive Director of H Street Main Street. “H Street NE has so much to offer—exceptional food, shopping and entertainment—and we hope that the public will take advantage of these events and explore the area.”

The H/Benning line will be the first segment of the DC Streetcar system running 2.4 miles along H Street NE and serving residents, businesses, commuters and visitors between Union Station on the west and the Anacostia River on the east. Eventually, the H/Benning segment will be just one piece of the overall One City Line that will cross the city east to west from beyond the Anacostia River all the way to the Georgetown waterfront and facilitate easy travel to the H Street Corridor and other areas of the District.

In addition to celebrating the upcoming launch of the streetcars and the evolution of the H Street Corridor, the July 26 Streetcar Stroll and Roll will mark the grand opening of seven new H Street NE businesses:

· Art By The Glazz, 407 H Street, NE
· Halftime Sports Bar, 1427 H Street NE
· H Street Organic Market, 806 H Street, NE (Great Streets Grant Recipient)
· Island Dyes, 331 H Street NE
· Micho’s Lebanese Grill , 500 H Street, NE
· Po Boy Jim, 709 H Street, NE
· The Pursuit – Wine Bar & Grill , 1421 H Street NE

The events will take place on Saturday, July 26 and Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. along the route of the upcoming DC Streetcar line. The cabs will take passengers from Union Station to Maryland Ave. NE and back at no charge.”

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  • What, no rickshaws?

  • All that hype and no opening date?

  • clevelanddave

    Vast, huge money pit, these streetcars will be IMHO. They’ll also be redundant, with so many alternative modes of transportation available, including, to a (very) limited degree all those pedicabs. BTW, I would think that the streetcars would compete with pedicabs and take away their business, as well as get in their way as they try to cross the tracks.

  • Well, it’s technically not the first streetcar.

  • Really? This is what we’ve come to? They’ve just given up on the possibility of the streetcars ever arriving and are replacing them with pedicabs…at least they can go around the double parked cars.

    • Seriously. What the hell is this? I’m excited for the new businesses that are opening/have opened and I will definitely check them out as I live on H St, but trying to placate us by offering free pedicab rides in lieu of the actual streetcar is pretty insulting.

  • brookland_rez

    Instead of celebrating the “upcoming launch” how about just launching it already?

  • justinbc

    Ignoring the streetcar part, I find it hilarious that several of these businesses that are having their “Grand Opening” have actually been open for months. All they need now is a huge plastic banner that will stay up for years alerting us that they’re open.

  • Don’t we already have enough BS hindrances on H St. already making my commute exponentially worse week by week. This is going to be a disaster. All we need now is for a two pedicabs or a pedicab and a cab or a bike and a cab or a pedicab and a bike…to be side by side all the way down H st while I am trying to get somewhere before the reckoning.

    This is so stupid.

    • I am assuming they are allowed to each have their own lane and if you get one in each lane, you can’t go around them. Not a good look.

      • justinbc

        Yes, like any other bike they are “allowed” to be in any lane of traffic not specifically forbidden to them. It would be incredibly dickish for them to ride side by side, especially when trying to promote people wanting to come to H Street, but I suppose it could happen.

    • What are you talking about? These are two events, occurring on Saturday afternoons that are several weeks apart. What does that have to do with your commute getting worse week-to-week? Are you talking about the streetcar in general? I would suggest you find a new commuting route if the streetcar causes you so much anguish.

      • Relax. My fault I read it as it being a month long. With that said, if this is successful, what prevents more pedicabs from filling the streets of H St.? The streetcar won’t cause me any anguish as I used to live in Boston and Mpls so I am familiar with how it works, the other drivers are more of my concern when it comes to that.

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