“H Street Hipsters™: My Geico insurance agent has a beard and a tattoo. Meh.”


“Dear PoPville,

I came across this today near 10th & G St NE. Posted on the door of an abandoned house. I thought it rather perfect. It reads, “H Street Hipsters™: My Geico insurance agent has a beard and a tattoo. Meh.”

I really needed the laugh just then. Thanks to whomever posted it.”

Ed. Note: I admit I had to have OP explain it to me…”Just everybody streaming by the house here (I live nearby) is now sporting a beard and a tattoo, is my guess. And I mean everybody. Do you think this is unique to H Street or is it a city wide, or Nationwide, trend? I guess we may get our clue from the J Crew catalog perhaps? The corporatizing of hipsterdom perhaps?”

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  • just looks like prejudice, stereotyping, and narrow mindedness to me.

  • I dont think I understand. What tone is the “meh” supposed to give?

  • Wings-of-Pastrami

    My beard and tattoo just saved me 15% on hipster insurance.

  • Being hipster is so over.

    • was the cliche hipster (when you see one you know) ever really in? I always am shocked with how cliche people can get. Its like ok you have the bread….but then you also have the plaid, the skinny jeans, the leather boots, the hipster backpack (herseil seems to be the popular one, is that how its spelled?). I mean common…new age hispter is one or two of these items MAX

      • Well, the person who posted it must not have been a true H Street hipster (otherwise he’d be biking everywhere and not need car insurance).

    • its actually just what normal is these days.

  • sounds like a weak attempt at humor that even the OP can’t fully explain. Meh.

  • I don’t get it and it doesn’t sounds like anyone else (including OP) does either.

  • *Refreshes page hoping for new comments to shed light on this nonsense*

  • I don’t get it??

  • I get it, but I don’t understand why you’d post it on your door. This is the something you casually mention to your friends at a bar, or post on Twitter with a clever hashtag.

  • This is like when somebody laughs at something they clearly didn’t understand in conversation. Awkward for everybody involved. Hey PoP here’s something I think might be funny? Maybe?

  • The thing that is truly baffling is that the person must have viewed their insurance agent in the flesh at some point. When does that ever happen (especially with Geico)??

  • Did DC hipsters even exist? I think you have to go to Baltimore to see the remnants.

  • Being bearded and tattooed makes me a hipster now? I remember when everyone said it made me grunge.

  • Tweeting observations is so over. The thing now is to tape them to your door. #tape #door #yolo

  • It’s bad when you have to explain a joke. When you explain it, and people still don’t get it? Ooof.

  • Follow-up – is the the modern day equivalent of “I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac”?

  • justinbc

    Good thing I don’t have a tattoo, apparently some people would mistake me for a dreaded hipster! Oh noes!

  • Not all, but a lot of people that use the word hipster, dont understand what one is, or think that anything outside of their norm is so weird and “hipster” You see tons of people with beards and tattoos and they are punk, metal, beer geeks, bike guys, lawyers probably..you name it. Its just funny when people call out hipsters – are they supposed to be jocks or preps or society normal like everyone else? Look at hipsters in Willimasburg that have on 8 different colors of neon, Umbro shorts and three haircuts into one.

  • If it’s the house that I’m thinking of, this isn’t the first time they’ve had hipster-related jokes taped to their door. Except past ones have been funnier.

  • hipster has been so overused and wrongly used in recent years. being hip used to mean being different. if you look the same as everyone else, you are trendy, not hip. things like beards, tattoos, skinny jeans, etc may have started out as hipster, but now it’s just a look taken over by trendy millennials. if you’re in your 30’s or 40’s, you might have started off as hip.

    • The term “Hipster” was used in the 1960s too. It’s a recycled term. Proving that, as folks note above, styles come in and out of fashion, and back again.

  • I don’t think GEICO has agents. Pretty sure you buy direct from the company.

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