GSA Releases Shortlist of 3 Options for New FBI Consolidated Headquarters


From GSA:

“A joint panel of the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has concluded site evaluations for the new FBI Headquarters and has identified three sites as potential locations.

The potential sites for a new consolidated headquarters for the FBI are:

•Greenbelt – A portion of the site known as the Greenbelt Metro Station located near the intersection of Interstates 95/495 and Exit 24 (Greenbelt Station) in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

•Landover – The site known as the former Landover Mall located near the intersection of Interstates 95/495 and MD 202 in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

•Springfield – The site known as the GSA Franconia Warehouse Complex located near the intersection of Interstate 95 and Franconia Road in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Next Steps

GSA will conduct National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reviews on each the three sites, which includes opportunities for public comment. During the NEPA review, GSA will initiate the first of a two-phase Request For Proposal (RFP) seeking qualified developers. The second phase includes the solicitation of development proposals from qualified developers identified in the first phase.”


From Congresswoman Norton:

“Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), a senior member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management, today released the following statement upon being informed of the General Services Administration’s (GSA) shortlist of potential sites for the new Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) headquarters. The shortlist includes the Greenbelt Metro Station Site and Landover Mall Site in Prince George’s County, MD, and the GSA Springfield/Franconia Warehouse Complex in Fairfax County, VA.

“There had been prior indications that the District’s site would not be selected for the new FBI headquarters. Nevertheless, we take considerable comfort in knowing that at last the current FBI headquarters site is now ripe to bring new jobs and revenue to the District of Columbia. The District alone, among those competing, could not lose in the FBI headquarters selection process. Considering the 6.7 acres that will soon become available in the District at the current headquarters site and the groundbreaking of the Trump Hotel at the Old Post Office building last week, the opportunity to redevelop the Hoover Building site is an occasion for joyful anticipation and for getting to work on the further transformation of Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Last week, Norton attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the historic Old Post Office building at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave NW, where construction will begin to convert the inside of the iconic, 114-year-old building into a luxury hotel. A Norton bill, the Old Post Office Building Redevelopment Act of 2008, required the redevelopment of the building, which will further add to the transformation of the Pennsylvania Avenue corridor.”

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  • jim_ed

    Good, the absurd idea of putting it at the Old Soldiers Home is dead. I can go back to not giving a crap about where the FBI lands.

    • gotryit

      I second that, and add the absurd idea of putting it in the former Walter Reed site to your list.

      • +1. Relieved that it won’t be in either location.

      • I don’t think that putting it at Walter Reed is all that absurd really. What’s the thinking there? It’s a secure site, lots of property, in the Beltway, walkable from metro…

    • Those site choices were both ideas at the Federal level. The District itself only half-heartedly offered up Poplar Point, knowing full well it is likely going to go to Maryland.

    • seriously, that idea was insane. i don’t even think it met all the criteria (within two miles of the beltway??) so i knew it wouldn’t actually be shortlisted, but still ridiculous.

      PG county leadership is probably quite pleased!

  • Yes. Double Yes. Please leave Pennsylvania Avenue. Thank you.

  • Something of this scale in terms of size and security level doesn’t belong downtown, anyway.

  • I may be out on a limb here….but I’ve learned to appreciate the Brutalist architecture

    • Hope – wish – they keep it, especially after the razing of the brutalist Christian Science church at 16th and I. An office building built around it with a big courtyard or enclosed atrium of glass would have been an interesting integration.

    • Kill it with fire! Well, okay, so that clearly won’t work, but I don’t think there’s a(ny) chance that DC will redevelop this building as-is given the extremely high land value. Besides, there’s plenty of horrific brutalist architecture just south of the mall for all to enjoy.

    • There is no way they will save it. It is literally falling apart. Concrete slabs crumbling so much that they had to install nets. I recommend you really come down, walk around it, and look closely. It’s horrible.

      You can reminisce with pictures of it. Or go to Boston and visit City Hall if you need your fill. But please, please tear down this horrifying thing.

      • This is really the problem. I actually like the building (I don’t like most brutalist structures), but It has to go because it is falling down.

  • Sucks for anyone who lives in MD (if VA is selected) and vice versa.

  • I hate that building the sidewalk in front is a no mans land on Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • don’t let the door hit ya in the rear

  • Missed opportunity for Walter Reed or Soldiers home. Look how much ATF HQ has anchored NOMA in terms of both safety and customers from outside of DC spending money on lunch, etc.

    At least if the Landover site is picked, Lerner will make a boatload and can use the money for some more expensive free agents to push the Nats over the top!

    • Yeah but look how poorly ATF is actually integrated into the surrounding area as a place to walk by/through/on sidewalks, with no street-level life, etc.

      • Mostly agree, but they did at least add space at the corner of 2nd and Florida NE for retail, where the Five Guys and other sandwich shops are located.

  • Accountering

    As long as Mikulski is head of appropriations, this thing is going to Greenbelt. If she can’t pull this for MD (with a likely better site in Greenbelt available anyways) she should lose her job instantly.

    • The problem is most of these types of organizations have found their way to Virginia and FBI already has a strong presence there with Quantico. NSA, CIA, etc. etc. I get spreading the love, but there is probably some efficiency having to deal with just one state.

      • What’s that wonderful quote about the DC boom? Something like “Maryland got the life sciences and Virginia got the death sciences.”

      • brookland_rez

        NSA is in MD, near Ft Meade. Which is why Greenbelt makes the most sense for FBI.

  • This is not good for the district. We loose the FBI, lost Homeland Security, IntelSat, definitely not good!

    • You think it’s bad when something that actually brings in tax dollars will likely replace it? You’re crazy.

    • Homeland Security is still in the District; its new HQ is being built at St Elizabeths.

  • I wish it came to the Old Soldiers home. I was ready to rent my basement out to some workers and eventually the whole house. We would’ve had more Police in the neighborhood. Glad they didn’t go to Walter Reed the city has a great plan for that site. I read an article saying GSA wanted to develop a portion of Old Soldiers home in the past with a grocery store, retail and homes. That would be awesom! One can only dream…

  • tonyr

    The Penn. Ave. site would be perfect for the DC United stadium.

  • Please don’t build it near Springfield/Interstate 95. The traffic there is already a nightmare 24 hours a day.

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