Great News for Shawarma Fans – Micho’s Grill Soft Opens on H Street

500 H Street, NE

Micho’s Lebanese Grill has soft opened on H Street in the former Nouveau Fleur Florist space at the corner of 5th and H. The early reaction on twitter has been extremely positive – @TyGiordano‘s sentiment was expressed by many:

“The verdict: lamb/beef shawarma and Micho’s wraps = delicious! We’re definitely returning to @michosgrill soon! Welcome to the neighborhood!”

As a fellow shawarma fan – can’t wait to take a taste. Anyone else get an early bite?

On Saturday you’ll be able to see their full menu here.

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  • Happy to hear of their arrival and looking forward to trying Micho’s food and seeing the quality of their ingredients. There is nothing better than something simple, like Shawarma, done well. I have to say it is a relief to see new and clean/ sanitary-looking businesses open on H. There are several food places in the strip on H between 5th and 10th that are incredibly un-enticing, not to mention the loitering out the front. With Micho’s and Poboy Jim’s opening, at least we have two good additions. Yay!

    • Sounds like you’re judging more than the food…

      • Yes. Unapologetically yes. I live nearby and every clean-looking food place, that takes pride in its presentation and food, is a terrific addition to the street. Just sayin’…

  • Shawafel is a couple blocks down and excellent. Is there really that much demand?

    • These places pop up everywhere just like pizza shops, because they’re simple to operate and the profit margins are good. It’s pretty pricey compared to what you’d pay for the same meal elsewhere in the world, or even in the US.

    • justinbc

      They are 8 blocks apart. I get what you’re saying, but it’s not exactly close either for the people who live down on this end of H. I doubt they will hurt each other in terms of competition.

    • This place has alcohol and a patio. As someone who lives on the west end of H, I love Shawafel, but I rarely would actually walk that distance just to go there. I would order delivery, but that gets pricy. I’m very excited to have this just a block from my house!

  • Their crispy cauliflower and falafel are really good. They also have beer on tap and a patio.

  • Its only 3 blocks from me. And while Shawafel is good – its take out. This is a sit-down place.

    Can’t wait to try it!

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