Good Deal or Not? “sun porch has an evening view of the landing patterns for the National Airport” edition

52 Milmarson Place Northwest

This house is located at 52 Milmarson Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“This home has a skyline view of Washington National Cathedral! The sun porch has an evening view of the landing patterns for the National Airport. The fireworks are amazing from the roof! This home is filled with traditional charm, including h/w throughout, wood burning FP, original glass door knobs and a basement that you can totally renovate! Two metro stations are within walking distance.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $599,000.

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  • I love it! Beautiful wood, quaint kitchen, and so much space! I don’t know the neighborhood very well, but the price looks reasonable (to crazy low) for what you get.

  • “The fireworks are amazing from the roof!”

    Translation: Borrow your neighbors [email protected] ladder, risk your life (not to mention the roof itself), and you can kinda make out the fireworks. Kinda like heat lightning.

    • At least in one of the photos, it looked like they were on the flat roof of the enclosed porch. Not sure if all of them were from that roof, though.

  • Odd National Airport lure aside, i would give this place a serious look if I were in the market.

  • I love this block – it’s a one-way unit block and the streets all around are pretty nice stand-alone houses. Some need work like this one, but a lot have been maintained really well. I wish I had the money to buy this one and fix it up over the years.

  • Farragut

    What is the definition of “walking distance”?

    The two Metro stations that I assume the listing speak of are 0.9 and 1.3 miles away by foot…

    • Less than a mile is definitely walking distance.

      • I think we had this discussion before a while back… people’s definitions of “walking distance” vary, but I think 0.9 miles and 1.3 miles are pushing it.

  • Excellent. Some of us enjoy plane spotting.

  • justinbc

    Once you’ve seen the National Cathedral once, what’s the point? It’s not going to turn into Optimus Prime and walk off or anything.

  • NO. for that price, over a mile from a metro and in a neighborhood that is nice but has limited shops or attractions, I would expect at least some of the following:

    * nicely finished basement with its own bathroom, ideally eligible with very little work to become a legal rental
    * central air
    * exceptional landscaping (this is nice, but I mean deck, terraces, flowerbeds, etc.)
    * over 1500 square feet
    * a 4th bedroom
    * renovated kitchen
    * attached garage

    And even then, it would be overpriced. 112 Rittenhouse seems like a good comp; it sold in similar condition to this one for $415 last October, got heavily renovated, and has sat on the market at $569 for months.

    • Two other renovated stand alone homes in the area have sold for far more in the last year. 315 Madison for close to $700k. One on Longfellow for $620k. It might be a little high, but I think it will go for at least $575k.
      Some of us like not being in the middle of shops and attractions. You can sleep with the windows open, there aren’t any rats around, you never have to fight for parking. There is an awesome playground with water features on 3rd street in Manor Park and an evening stroll to Takoma Park for dinner is quite pleasant from here.

      • I agree that some people are happy further from metro, and I am happy living in an area without a ton of shopping, myself.

        315 Madison NW looks to be 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and over 1700 sf. So I’m not sure it’s comparable (I also couldn’t see a sale more recently than 2008, when it sold for $288). Apologies if you meant NE, but I didn’t see anything there either.

        Someone might buy it, and it is adorable and has nice woodwork, but I think there are better deals. I would sooner go for 6707 5TH St which is much closer to the metro, on a larger lot, and already has central air and a finished basement. It’s not as cute on the outside but would need a lot less work to be nice inside.

        • I just saw 317 madison and am guessing that’s what you meant. It’s really lovely. 1900 square feet, with a fully finished basement, a 2 car garage, central air, and brand new kitchen and 3.5 baths. And it sold with all that last November for $355 a sf, while this one is listed for $432/sf.

  • I love this neighborhood! Yes, this is a huge stretch saying that two metro stations are within walking distance, but Fort Totten is actually quite close. The best amenities are the parks nearby – Ft. Slocum especially and proximity to Kennedy Street. I’d say it’s a great deal for all that house, but whoever buys it should prepare for long-term investments in the kitchen / mechanical system areas (i.e. no central air conditioning system.) Manor Park rocks.

  • For the money I’d rather get something a bit nicer in Hillcrest– as far as these remote corners of DC go that one’s a little more convenient IMO.

  • If there’s an opposite of staging…this house is it! I love the B&W (?) TV in the small bedroom.

    I personally have become a big fan of Takoma DC – some nice space. If your kids are in the charter school system, there are several good one nearby.

  • If it weren’t for school boundary issues, I would snap this up in a heartbeat.

  • Whoa — I think that’s the original 1928 sink in the kitchen. No wonder there’s only one photo of the kitchen and it comes at the very end.
    IMO, they would have been better off not including the parking space photos that show the CINDER BLOCKS lining the parking space. Yikes.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I love it!

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