Good Deal or Not? “Professionally remodeled Row House” edition

2615 Sherman Avenue Northwest

This house is located at 2615 Sherman Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Professionally remodeled Row House in the Heart of Columbia Heights with convenient access Columbia Heights and U Street Metro stops. Open concept, modern updates and finishes, incredible kitchen, hardwood floors, balcony off master suite, one off street parking space, fully finished basement w/kitchenette and front & back entrances – income potential. Go and Show anytime”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $649,000.

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  • BLahhhhh…but it’s still a deal because of the sqft.

  • What’s the fascination with those sinks that look like someone just set a bowl on the counter?

    • I really don’t like that style of sinks at all. Every time I see it I just want to pick it up and move it. UGH.

    • Although I like the way they look, it would need to be wiped dry, probably with windex, EVERY time to look nice.

    • Curious whether one could stand at that sink and wash their hands. Looks like the toilet is right up against it almost.

  • justinbc

    If I were trying to sell this place I honestly would have offered to replace my neighbors bright blue chain link fence to make the sale that much easier. A few hundred bucks at contractor cost is nothing compared to someone having to potentially look at that thing every day.

    • Somehow I didn’t even notice (!) the fence in the main photo, but yes — that’s a good idea.
      What I was thinking when I looked at the main photo was that it looks like the neighbors on the left have overgrown weeds, and whoever buys the house will have to deal with that and other lameassedness. If I were the agent, I would’ve had those weeds pulled out.

  • -10 points for tiling the balcony. wtf?

  • Not impressed, it looks very much like builder grade and not a good use of space.

  • “The heart of Columbia Heights”? This seems more like the edge of Columbia Heights.

  • This will be snapped up in a hurry.

  • Sherman is a really busy street, even after the street renovation. For that much you could find a similar house on a much quieter block.

  • SusanRH

    This will go in no time and will go for over asking. It may be be the nicest house, but it is a very good deal, it has a basement and parking

  • Not the greatest flip or the fanciest house but it’s a great location. Good deal

  • “Professionally done” = flipper who had Home Depot do the work. Nothing special. Being a snob about the neighbors = cheap shot.

  • Professionally versus unprofessionally?

  • As someone who lives in basically the same house (just a different one up the block that is now a 2 bedroom), I’m curious about this one… it looks as though the 4th bedroom is in the basement, with the one-window mini-room constituting the 3rd bedroom. It definitely sold as a 3b in Dec. 2013 for $399,999, but they gutted it totally. It makes me a little sad to think about all the beautiful, old woodwork that went in a dumpster – I would have taken it!

  • i think it will settle at 695

  • I like renovated row houses, and even like the open concept first floor in some, but I hate: front doors that looks cheap and not at like an original door on the house would be, ditto for all the interior doors, recessed lighting in ceiling, forced air heat, stupid vessel sink, ugly generic granite countertops, poorly designed kitchen with stove pushed up against a wall, ubiquitous overhang counter for seating, which just interferes with the space for a dining table in a not so wide row house, and ugly cheap stair bannister. Sad to hear there was woodwork intact that was ripped out. Guess I’ll have to find a wreck to restore my way. Can’t ever see buying one of these cheap flip jobs that don’t respect the old houses.

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