Good Deal or Not? “pristine views of the Anacostia River” edition

DC8410099 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 1352 L Street, Southeast. The listing says:

“1352 L St SE is a elegant Capitol Hill row home was COMPLETELY renovated in 2014, is located just blocks from the restaurants of Barracks Row, Harris Teeter, Potomac Ave Metro, and offers quick access to 295 and 395, along with pristine views of the Anacostia River. Open floor plan including a gourmet kitchen boasting granite countertops, stainless steel appliances”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $589,900.

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  • justinbc

    That’s really high $/sqft for a place that’s not actually in Capitol Hill.

    • justinbc, you seem to post a lot about the “correct” borders of Capitol Hill with some authority. I live on this street and I definitely feel like I’m on the Hill. What’s your source for saying this isn’t on the Hill? This is definitely outside the historic district, but that district doesn’t define the absolute limits of the neighborhood itself. Not intended as a criticism, just curious…

      • Location Roughly bounded by Virginia Ave., SE., S. Capitol St., F St. NE., and 14th Sts. SE & NE; and Roughly bounded by 7th St. NE, I-295, M St. SE and 11th St. SE
        Washington, D.C.
        Coordinates 38°53′23″N 77°00′40″WCoordinates: 38°53′23″N 77°00′40″W
        NRHP Reference # 76002127 (original)
        03000585 (increase

        • So this house is definitely on Capitol Hill, in that case. justinbc, care to weigh in?

          • I don’t think this house is. Its south of the southern boundary listed above.

          • Isn’t the southern boundary M Street SE, as listed above? This house is on L St SE.

          • justinbc

            You’re reading it slightly wrong. See my post below (once the link gets approved). It’s not a regular boundary, with juts in an out in multiple places. I’m not saying it’s a perfect structure and that somehow crossing the boundary is like stepping into contaminated wastelands, but there is a defined region that this neighborhood encompasses, and this specific address does not fall within that. Even PoPville classifies it as Barney Circle (which I also don’t believe to be technically correct, based on several sources, but it’s about as close to one as the other, seemingly falling within neither).

      • justinbc

        I don’t really care if people colloquially refer to their neighborhood as Capitol Hill, as it seems you do, but when real estate agents try to take advantage of uninformed people by falsely listing things such as this it’s quite disingenuous and deserves to be pointed out. Google “Capitol Hill map” and virtually any reputable source you can find will exclude this address.

        • I dunno…I did a Google search and the only sources I can find are basically the same real estate sites that you just claimed are unreliable. But when Hill Rag, The Hill is Home, Capitol Hill Corner, and dozens of Capitol Hill community groups include homes as far as 14th Street and beyond within their boundaries, then I think it’s fair to say this is Capitol Hill.

          • justinbc

            Google itself doesn’t include it, and neither does the citation above from Wiki. As I said, you may “feel” like it is, but that doesn’t make it so. The difference is that you doing so hurts nobody, but a real estate agent doing so may cost a buyer thousands of dollars.

        • Capitol Hill used to end at Eastern Market. It has spread with gentrification.
          I regularly hear people downtown refer to anything on this side of town as Cap Hill/H Street. Neighborhoods are defined by realtors and the public perception of those that don’t live there. Don’t feel bad for the buyers.

    • I live/own near Eastern Market and don’t really care if someone wants to call this area Capitol Hill or not. I’d probaby call it Capitol Hill myself becase I’m not sure what else to call it.
      That said, it is kind of crazy how big the Capitol Hill area is, compared with other neighborhoods, and how different all the different sub-sections of Capitol Hill are. But really, anyone who buys this thinking it’s equivalent to living around Eastern Market, or Union Staon, or Lincoln Park, or H Street, shouldn’t be buying in the first place. It’s not very hard to do a little bit of research on your own before blindly choosing to live in a place based on the general perception of a neighborhood the listing claims it’s in. Even within the same small neighborhood the living experience varies a lot block by block.

  • GiantSquid

    WHY does the backsplash in the kitchen go all the way up the wall?

  • The kitchen backsplash, particularly with that granite, is very unappealing to me. This price seems high, given that the place is a snug 2 br, not a spacious one and there is no parking unless I missed it.

    • The listing says “garage” but it’s not in any of the photos and it doesn’t look like one would fit in that backyard. Even if a place has a garage, I’ve noticed that most aren’t shown in listing photos. Why is that?

      • The lot is big enough for a garage. It’s almost 1600 square feet. The house probably takes up around 500 of those square feet. The backyard picture probably shows around 300 square feet. There is alley access.

        All signed point to a garage/carport/parking space (not that you need it anyway, street parking is not an issue)

      • There’s definitely a garage. Not sure why it’s not in the pictures.

  • it was purchased for $100k in February. aside from that, who would pay that much to live there in such a tiny space. the fact that it is spread over two levels probably makes it feel even smaller.

    • I don’t know, I once lived in a tiny tiny house, that seemed a lot bigger than the larger apartment I’d moved from b/c it was on 2 levels. Makes different functions (sleeping, living) seem more separate.

    • The prior sale could have been one person buying out another. For example, when a couple gets divorced, or several kids inherit their parent’s house and some are reimbursed for their shares so one kid can take over the deed. Or it could’ve been a descendant paying back a reverse mortgage after a parent died, a refinancing/home equity loan, etc.

      It doesn’t mean the place was only worth $100k a few months ago. It could be that, but probably not.

    • Yeah, when I refinanced, Zillow showed my last home sale as being $120k on my $600k house. So, sometimes really low sale prices like that aren’t an actual sale, per se.

    • Yeah, even if it was a shell I’d have a hard time seeing how this could have gone for only $100k 5 months ago. I’m pretty sure the lot alone is worth at least $200k.

  • Seeing this listing just rekindled my anger towards DDOT and their desire to rebuild the Southeast/Barney Circle Freeway instead of just integrating the land between this street and the river/Water St. back into the street grid while extending the Virginia Avenue Tunnel.

    • Yeah, that’s the other issue with this house – Anacostia River views is a nice way of saying “faces out into the current construction pit/eventual SE Boulefreeway.”

    • Actually the DC Office of Planning is responding to DDOT’s ridiculousness by building a small area plan for the former SE Freeway land. The proposals should be released sometime this week or next, and based on the discussions at the meetings so far, I suspect at least one of the proposals will involve reconnecting the grid. Kudos to ANC 6B and Tommy Wells for holding DDOT’s feet to the fire over this.

      • This is great news! Of course there’s zero communication from the AWI or DDOT about this, but I’m glad the ANC is doing this.

      • Oh wow, that’s great! Does that mean I could walk up 12th Street from my work at 12th and M instead of having to go through the pedestrian nightmare that is 11th and M? That would make my commute so much better.

  • There’s a garage listed in the tags, although not picture. Also, I share an alley with this house, and I’m about 99% sure that this is the one which just built a brand new garage.

    (Price seems high to me, but I won’t complain about houses in my neighborhood increasing in price.)

  • 840 square feet for a 2BR is tiny. Even for Cap Hill this price seems high.

    • justinbc

      Especially for a 2 level 2BR. At least in a ranch style home you’re not wasting space on the stairwell.

    • Especially when it’s NOT Cap Hill unless you’re a realitor trying to prey on the uninformed

    • Well, my tiny 2 bedroom at 8th and Independence would sell for around $900k these days. This part of Capitol Hill (or not) is less attractive but not really that far away. I could see it going for list price because there aren’t a lot of houses in the area that you can get for such a low price.

  • great backyard space, but over half a million for something with only one shower, no tub? eh… nice place, but not a ‘good deal’

    • I have a tub that I’ve yet to use. Shower all day erryday.

      • My house has a jacuzzi tub and I want to replace it with a walk-in shower. We never use ours either, and it’s a pain to keep clean, and hard for elderly guests to step into.

        • i don’t know how you take baths, but i’ve never found a tub to be any more maintenance than a shower. it’s still a negative. don’t remodel. it’s make it harder for you to sell.

          • It’s the tub material. You can never really get it clean. And the jacuzzi jets always get scummy. And the caulking between the tub and the wall is always getting moldy. I think it would be much easier to have an all-tile shower stall like the walls around the tub. I hardly have to clean that part at all.

          • No tub is a big problem for people with babies. Places that have shower-only are essentially excluding potential buyers with small children. If you are concerned about resale, it is a bad idea.

          • Well, my house has a lot of stairs too. I’m not sure it would appeal to people with small children regardless of whether it has a tub or not.

          • justinbc

            “don’t remodel. it’s make it harder for you to sell.”
            This concept is ridiculous. Don’t be comfortable in your own home on the off chance you decide to move some day!

    • With you-no tubs in the house is a dealbreaker. I need my bubble baths!

  • Why the hell don’t they have pics of the “pristine views of the Anacostia”? That seems like a huge selling point.
    I do love all the skylights. Great way to get more light into the house.

    • Just go look at Streetview. There may be a view of the Anacostia but literally it overlooks the highway and by overlooks I mean you can throw a rock and hit a car. I don’t care if this is on “The Hill” and block from Eastern Market that price is too high. People are going to go look at it – maybe – and go “almost $600,000 to live? on the highway?!? no way1” Yes someone will pay to live there but anyone who pays half a million to do so is an idiot to deserves to loose their money.

      • And it’s close to the housing projects too. Although I haven’t heard of any problems there lately, those buildings are an eyesore and there are a lot of loiterers. I wouldn’t feel that great walking around there after dark.

  • How is there no cabinet over the OTR microwave? That looks wildly unsafe. Especially when all 30lbs comes crashing down on the gas burners. That could be quite the explosion. But for $590k, i’d expect some fireworks.

  • Way overpriced. That’s the equivalent of renting for nearly $3k/month, which no one in their right mind would pay for a small 2BR in that location.

  • Whoa Lord, that backsplash makes my eyes hurt.

  • I predict this house will sell for $525,000. It may sound crazy but face it: supply is low, and people want to live on Capitol Hill!

  • I hate those backsplashes. As much as I love the Property Brothers (*swoon*), I blame them for perpetuating this ugly trend. I can’t wait until it dies.

  • I was in that neighborhood over the weekend–the view probably also comes with freeway noise. the neighborhood is definitely on the upgrade with some rough spots here and there, which make me think the price is too high.

    The backsplash is really ugly and that particular the combo has become a total cliche. they made clever use of the kitchen space, they should have avoided such a cliched backdrop–between that and the stainless appliances, this will look like its era in a bad way.

    The bedrooms do look small and the whole thing seems a little claustrophobic, but I’m assuming it could be built out. I wonder if the skylight is a legacy (they turn up in houses where you don’t expect them). I can’t imagine a more useless accessory–they eventually leak and are usually places where they’re impossible to clean.

    • I work a couple blocks away and I don’t think the noise is a problem at all. But it’s definitely ugly, and not very pedestrian friendly.

    • quite contrary, skylights are absolutely crucial in rowhouses because they let in light that is otherwise hard to come by because you can’t have windows on the sides.

  • A couple things to hate:

    1. Kitchen: As others have mentioned, the backsplash and microwave are awful. How about the positioning of the sink and dishwasher? You cannot have the dishwasher open while standing at the sink (due also to veing jammed by the range). I absolutely detest the corner sinks.

    2. Living next to a pop-up. Yuck.

    Not a good deal in my book, yet this will probably close in the 550-575 range…

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