Good Deal or Not? “over-sized windows with great views” edition

437 New York Avenue Northwest

This unit is located at 437 New York Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Luxurious sixth floor unit located within the historic Yale Stream building is a large 1 bedroom and 1 bath condo that includes a washer & dryer, fully equipped gourmet kitchen, dishwasher, and microwave/range hood. Condo has over-sized windows with great views of the cities skyline. The building includes: roof top swimming pool, billiards lounge located in building, and gym.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $465,000 ($958 $458(?) monthly fee.)

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  • There is no way that that unit has a $958 monthly fee. I live in a larger unit in this building (and the fees are based on sq ft) and my fees are much less. It’s probably $458.

  • you’ve got to be kidding….right?! that monthly fee! though I must admit, I’d kill for a pool

  • A very ordinary unit in a very expensive building. It’s telling that there aren’t many pics of the unit itself. The gym may be very nice but it and esp. the pool are long-term money pits for buildings–joining a good gym and finding a better priced unit are not difficult.

  • Maybe the camera angles somehow don’t do it justice but that looks much smaller than 750 square feet to me. I’d guess 600. I remember looking at a very similar unit last year that was slightly under 600.

  • Was the first photo in the listing taken from a moving vehicle? And what’s with the crooked photos of the exterior? Come on.

  • I’m lucky I bought at the bottom of the market in a transitional neighborhood, of course I’ll never be able to move. I just can’t wrap my head around what people are paying for property (and condo fees). I mean this place is small.

    Are there really that many people in this city that make that much money?

    • Until DC reaches the point where population stops growing by 500-1,000 per month, demand continues to out pace supply and prices will rise. And yes, plenty of people can afford this place. And lots of the people who can afford it are the ones moving into DC in 2014 and likely beyond.

    • I am lucky I am rich and do not have to live in transitional neighborhoods or brag about timing the market.

      • Not bragging at all, it really was luck. Good on you for being rich, especially if it was self-made. I’m a fan of capitalism. I’m just always amazed by what people get for the money.

  • I would not relish being right across from the Cap Crossing development for the next few years. Not to mention the fact that you can still get an entire row house for this price in some neighborhoods. The things that people do for granite countertops…

    • ??? This is on NY Ave. It is all nice condo and apartment buildings, plus the Sweetgreen, Chipotle, “Sexy Safeway” (I learned that yesterday). This is not across from Capitol Crossing. Are those other neighborhoods as walkable to downtown/Chinatown/Logan as this one? Do they have the same amenities? I think this is a bit more than granite countertops….

    • You cannot get an entire row house for under 500k in THIS neighborhood. Please compare fungible goods.

      • Eponymous said you can get a row house in “some neighborhoods” not this one. And he’s right, you can.

  • FWIW I live in this building and think it’s great. The HOA/board are strict and on the ball, but in a good way. It’s mostly well kept and the people are nice/social. It’s also very pet friendly which is great for us. The pool is a blast on most weekends.

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