Good Deal or Not? “Gardeners get ready for empty pallet for landscaping” edition

1353 Maryland Avenue Northeast

This house is located at 1353 Maryland Avenue, Northeast. The listing says:

“Excellent workmanship bests describes this well lighted-sun lit 3br or 2br-den total rehab by Atel Development, which includes 2br and full bath on upper floor, half bath, laundry, and clean-crisp kitchen on main floor, front & rear walk out on lower level with full bath and small bedroom or den.Gardeners get ready for empty pallet for landscaping-patio opportunity in front fenced yard.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $759,000.

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  • Well that’s a new one. I guess “gardening opportunity” sounds better than “we couldn’t be bothered to sod the yard after flipping this house.”

    • justinbc

      Apparently they will be leaving a pallet of something for the buyers!

    • You’d think they could at least put down mulch for appearance purposes. They’d better hope this sells immediately, because if it doesn’t, that sizable “landscaping opportunity” will be sprouting weeds.

    • Some people may not want sod. I’m sure that is something that can easily be asked for a credit for in the contract. That definitely should not be a deal breaker.

      • maxwell smart

        plus it gives the owner the opportunity to do whatever they want – put in a patio, landscape how they please. Granted, established landscaping would be nice but maybe there wasn’t anything worth saving to begin with?

  • yeah, that’s just lazy

  • That was fast, the shell was for sale in February for $475

    • I saw that as well. That is a “nice” size profit though I have no idea how much the improvements cost.

      I bet this sells for over asking.

  • Yikes. I think they meant “blank canvas,” not “empty palette” (and they didn’t spell “palette” correctly anyway).

  • justinbc

    Those little sitting rooms at the front of houses of this shape, does anyone ever use them? I’m curious of folks who have them in their homes. We looked at a couple places with a similar layout and we just anticipated never having a need / reason to do so, so it just seemed like wasted square footage.

    • In this case you’d use it, it’s the only place to have a couch.

    • We don’t have one, but I presume it could be useful for a coat rack or such. With that said, I agree that it seems like wasted space.

      • Just saw the reply above – I presumed you were talking about a sitting space upon entry. It seems like the room with the couch is indeed their living room.

        • I assumed he was asking about the “bay” at the front, which in this house is the only place to have a living room unless you want to turn one of the upstairs bedrooms into one (or have the teeny table in the hallway (?) as the only dining space). In this house the stairs pretty much end at the front door, so there’s no “sitting room” space there (though in the larger row houses there sometimes is).

          • Update: What I thought was a second small table in a hallway is just the only dining table. It’s got a runner in some pics and no runner in others so I thought it was 2 different tables.

          • justinbc

            Yeah, perhaps this house isn’t the best example, but it’s the bay section that I’m referring to. I often see like 2 small chairs or a plant stand or something in them, and it just seems like such a waste (although I love the look from the exterior).

          • Yeah it looks like kind of an awkward layout- no real dining room and very small living room. I was confused by the pics at first too.

        • I’ve always wanted a bay window. I would either put in a window seat or put an overstuffed chair or chaise lounge in it. It would be the perfect reading nook.

  • For what its worth the sod thing is not just lazy. To increase the odds of success, sod really has to be planted in the fall or spring. In this heat, it would need near constant watering to survive. No sense holding up the house sale over it. I presume they couldn’t have done it earlier because of the construction.

    • They could’ve put down mulch and planted a few shrubs — there’s no excuse for presenting it as a bare dirt yard.

      • There may be no excuse, but in this market in that location, I suspect there is no real cost to not just leaving it as bare ground.

      • I admit my eyesight is not the best, but it looks like mulch to me as well as there being a couple of shrubs along the front walkway.

  • Good deal, landscaping or no landscaping.

  • dis color burn my eyes. much brighter in real life.

  • I first read the subject as some sort of pinterest-type pallet project, a la: Oops.

  • That manhole-looking thing in the yard makes me wonder. Are yards likely to have that, or is it a situation where the developer is trying to make “public parking” seem like land that’s available for the owner’s exclusive use? That was an issue (with a homeowner, not developer) elsewhere on the hill:

    • justinbc

      It’s used by the water company to get access to your meter, we have one in our front yard which is elevated and clearly never public parking.

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