Good Deal or Not? “custom wine bar with Lalique glass panels” edition

DC8399779 - Exterior (Front)

This unit is located at 700 New Hampshire Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Extraordinary “On-The-Point” unit at Watergate South with 3,250 sf of interior space plus full wrap-around balcony. Unit has been configured to allow for exceptional entertaining and living space while taking advantage of the spectacular views found from every floor-to-ceiling window. Other features include custom wine bar with Lalique glass panels, wine storage, Siematic kitchen, 3 car pkg.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $3,400,000 ($6,517 monthly fee.)

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  • am I reading that right? $6,517 monthly fee? Holy moly

  • Emmaleigh504

    I want it as is, furniture and everything!

  • Hands down the ugliest building in DC…I say tear it down and rebuild with a cool architectural design.

  • $6,517 monthly fee
    $767,564 annual tax

    WHAT?!?! Someone please help me understand.

  • Can I lalique that for you?

  • Now I know why I feel so depressed and bored living in Petworth. Jeeze that place has some nice views! But for $6500/month fees, I’d want champagne in the pool!

    • there is a high level of service in the watergate, and the building requires a ton of maintenance. that’s why the condo fee is so high.

      • A little over 2$/sq ft is above average, but still not very high for a full service coop in NY. The price/sq ft is more surprising. Do coops go for over 1k/sq ft in DC?

        • In the DC co-op world there is the Watergate and then there is everything else… prices and monthly fees are both often outrageous for Watergate listings. There are few co-ops in DC that correspond to the Manhattan idea of co-ops (exclusive living for wealthy people). Most DC co-ops are of the poor/middle class variety.

          • Thanks. And FYI, coops are the norm in NY. It is the rare condos, with correspondingly dearer prices, that are exclusive. Coops keep out investors and often vacation homes, keeping prices down.

          • Actually co-ops in DC probably are 3 tiered–“Best Address” buildings that rival many in NYC (the Ontario, for example), simple low end buildings with few amenities that either were built as co-ops long ago or were converted in the 80s to help lower income people gain equity and stabilize neighborhoods (some of these were in gentrifying areas like Adams-Morgan and became more middle class) , and then you have the buildings in SW which are somewhere in the middle and have being trying to bring themselves into the present but charge outrageous fees.

  • 3.4 Mil and all you get is a galley kitchen? No thanks. The building has great views, but I have never seen a place in there that was worth the cost (especially when you include the outrageous (even after taxes are subtracted) fees).

  • Fitzgerald: The rich are not like you and me.
    Hemingway: Yeah, they have a lot more money.
    But seriously, this place is very nice. I love the color, detailing, views, and Persian rugs galore. Their piano tuner must hate the location of that grand, though. Not ideal to place a piano next to windows like that. Wonder if it is for show- I’ve met people who keep grands, and no one in the family could play to save their life.

  • The bidet alone is worth $400k.

  • The inside is very nice, but I wouldn’t want to pay 3.4 mill for the privilege of living in a building whose exterior looks like it has a fungal infection (those hideous balconies! the graying concrete!)

  • Holy mauve. Criminey you’d have to rip out everything and start all over. Just hideous. Also, is one of the bathrooms carpeted???

  • That is a lot of money for a place where the kitchen and baths are going to have to be updated…..

    And I hate bides in bathrooms in the US it always just screams pretentious to me.

  • What is up with the glass-enclosed toilet?

  • The fees on all of the Watergate units are crazy high. And they’re nice, sure. But the building is really dated and it’s in kind of an isolated area without much close by. I would take my (imaginary) millions elsewhere.

    • fees on the watergate are crazy high because the building requires extremely expensive maintenance. I used to work in the 600 new hampshire avenue building and they were constantly doing major structural repairs. It was built with some sort of newfangled technology where the building is held together with some sort of tensioning system that cantilevers it in some fashion, but which is endlessly wearing down and being replaced. that and the multiple people at each front desk 24/7 add up.

      • Yikes, that sounds like an endless parade of special assessments/fee increases. No thank you. Thanks for confirming my suspicions about the Watergate being a money pit.

  • Do George, Weezie and Florence live next door?

  • Carpeted bathroom AND a bidet??? COUNT ME IN.

  • Nice apartment, but the common areas are not in great shape and the exterior has been poorly maintained for years. Someday those fees will become unsustainable and the place will indeed be torn down and replaced. The complex really isn’t attractive enough to survive on its historical significance alone.

  • The 1980s called and their want their interior design back. Awful. The views are outstanding though.

  • Well worth it for not having to worry about a package thief!

  • Nice to know that three mill gets you a carpeted, glassed-in poopin’ and rinsin’ box.

  • Helloooo 1980s. Looks like Laura Ashley was the interior decorator.

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